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::^u ^ 



Pfovided by P£c , 

«» Lib™^ <rf Co„,«. ^'Of. 









OIL Inteniive Course Series 3 


Dialogues, Drills, Exercises, 
Vocabulaty. aod Grammar 





r ./ 

Tvst Published 

October 1980 

i ^ 


/ -. r 1 


'J. 7^. 

O Centnl lutituM of Indian Lantuigw. 

Prict: Rl45 

Fubliilad It the Centnl Inttitute of Indian Languagu, 

Manaaagmgntri. Mr»te 570006 by D. P. Fattanayak, 

IJinctot, and Printed at M/S Alok Fiabha Ptintcn, 

CttttKk 753008. Oiiaaa. 

v/unB,> i.»uua, uiwa. do z, i ^jOOglC 



EomjR's NOTe «a 







3. Teacher-student introduction 
2. About the new teacher 


3. Revised Lessoa 


4. Test Lesson 


5. The teacher and the student meet on 

th* way 41 

6. In a market place 


7. Buying vegetable 


8. Revised Lesson 


9. Test Lesson 


la In the family 


IL Calling on a friend 


12. NaujhtyBubul 


13. Dipak's family histot/ 


14> Revised Lesson 



16. Undectmet 


17. In Mysore 





18. In the iitcbea 


19. Father brin^ boots 


20. Telcgtam peon in the villagr 


21. Revised Lesson 


22 Oathetdeplione 


23. About some purchases 


24. In the cinema hall' 


25 Nandan Xanan zoo 


26. Revised Lesson 


27. In the eve of Bihu 


28 Remote past days 


29. Hazaiiba had been to cloth- store 


30 A stormy weather 


31. Revised Lesson 


32. Stj Sankardev 


33. An accident 


34. Old Bhubaneswar 


35. Abinash was in love with Joya 


36. Revised Lesson 


37. Ram killed Ravan 


38. Hazaritji's proposed visit to Puri 


39. Bubul Minn's reactirai 


40. The father has to deliver a lecture 


41. Revised Lesson 


42. Prime Minister's visit 


43. To visit the temple of Lord Jagannatha 


44. The Kamakhya temple 



45. An ex-trainee meets Mr. Hazarika 666 

46. Mr. Hazatika's proposed Assam tout 681 

47. Revised Lesson 695 

48. River Brahmaputra 704 

i U 49. How do the children spend of f time 709 

50. The grandfather came 726 

51, About Minu's uncle j] 743 
5Z Revised Lesson 755 
53 A folk talc 77O 

I J 54. Assam 775 

55. How to go to Gauhati and Kamakhya 793 

56. Fire Brigade 809 

57. Revised Lesson g23 
5a Chilika e35 

1 ^ 59. Having returned from Kashmir 639 

60. Assam flood 352 

61. With the children in the evening S65 

62. Revised Lesson 577 

63. About the sports ^35 

10 64. If Prasanta also had been to Assam 

65. Picnic 

66. The servant escaped ggj 

67. Revised Lesson 93^ 

68. Magic ^^ 

1 4 69. Bubul's reaction on Assam visit 954 
70. In Rangpur. the ancient capital of Assam^^^,^^^. 
71 Mr. Hazarika with his students '' 9t^ 



72. Travelling hi DarjoIiiV 989 

73. A circus lOOl 

15 74. In search of a servant 1008 

73. Servant's daily work 1021 

76. A gold-chain lost 1028 

77. Asking for a loan 1041 
7a Kamal Kumar 1058 



The Centtal Institute of Indian Languages was set up 
on the 17th July. 1969 with a view to assisting and co-ordina- 
ting the development of Indiao languages. Yhe Institute 
was tharged with this responsibility of sierving as a nucleus 
to bring together all the research and literary out-put from 
the various linguistic streams to a common head and narrow- 
ing the gap between basic researdi and developmental research 
in the fields of languages and linguistics in India. 

The Institute and its five Regional Language Centres 
are thus engaged in research and teaching, which lead to the 
publication of a wide-ranging variety of materials. Prepara- 
tion of materials designed for teaching/learning at different 
levels and suited to specific needs is one of the major areas 
of interest of the Institute. Basic research relating to the 
acquisition of language and study of language in its manifold 
psycho-sodal relations constitute another broad range of its 
interest. The publications will include materials produced 
by the members of the staff of the Central Institute of 
Indian Languages and its Regional Language Centres and 
associated scholars from Universities and Institutions, both 
Indian and forego. 

The Central Institute at Indian languages has initiated 
a Basic Course Series in majcff Indian languages to provide 
suitable and comprehensive material for learning and 
teaching the language concerned for Indians. In a language 
teaching situation, the teacher is expected to combine the 
roles of a psycho-linguist, socio- linguist, linguist, language 
pedagogue, a creator of materials, a literary critic and a 
testing and evaluation expert. Most of his competences are 
naturally reflected in the materials, which simultaneously 
are graded from simple to complex, known to the unknown 
and contrived to the natural. This is a very difficult task; 
After reseatdi and experimentation we have come out with 
more questions than answers at each stage of the materiaL 
For example, how basic is basic? What is grading? ^o7^!^' 

9t J Ait Intensive Coarss iA As^mef 

ttray can linginstic and cultural matter be gracXed? Is quiestioit, 
vith which most learning begins, ampler thaa statement? 
How does one move from a purely language based compe- 
tence to creating literary sensibilities? How does one build 
into the material conceptual prose? How are lessons to be 
presented? Should the translated discourse structure be made 
to lode similar to the original discourse structure? Questi{m» 
such as these have been answered differently hy Afferent 
teachers and researches. This search is a ontinuiiig [&eno- 
menon. Therefore, these materiaU represent our unfinished 
education in this area. 

The format for the basic course is the result of a 
consensus arrived at by the lecturers and Principals of the 
five Regional Centres of the Institute engaged in the 
teaching of major Indian languages. This is the product of 
almost eight years of teaching and reaeardi. This format is 
flexible and has left much scope for individual authors to 
iiinovate. If these courses help the desirous to leatn and 
stimulate those interested in applied linguistics, with ^}ecial 
reference to the teaching of Indian languages as second/foreign 
languages^ then the Institute would feel rewarded. 

I congratulate the teachers, the trainees, the supervisors- 
atid the press and publication people who have brought out 
the publication in a creditable manner. 

VeU P^itLiOwia pAttOHAiftUc 

:y Google 

Editor** Note 

The Intensive Course Series aims at imparting mainly 
a proficiency in the listening and speaking skills of the langii" 
age learnt The learning materials are presented in the script 
of the language throughout. In the beginning several lessons a^' 
presented in Devanagari as a prop. The books under this seriis 
■do not provide the learners with an introduction to the script 
of the language. However, the traditional alphabetic chart of 
the concerned language is given at the beginning ot the book. 
In addition, the learners are expected to master the script of 
the language before they actually use the lessons of the Intea- 
^ive Course. For ttiis they are advised to use Script Bopks and 
Copy Books published by the Central Institute of Indian 
Languages in its CIIL-KVS Series. 

Language teaching, in some sense is an artifidal acti- 
vity. It requires breaking the global language into, at times, 
«ven arbitrary units. The books in this series are no excep- 
tion to this inevitable consequence of the model followed. 
This was, however, borne in mind all throu^ to keep the 
artificial element under control. 

Each Language learning manual in the Intensive Course 
Seriescovers the 'basic" structures, pf, that language used for 
•certain identified topics of common intetttf. Lessons are 
generally presented ui ttiie form of conversations. These lessons 
are grouped under various units. 

The variables for the choice of dialect through which the 
■materials are presented, the methods for the administration of 
exercises and drills in the class, and other tips for both the 
teacher and the learner would be found in the series. It should 
be emi^iasized here that the Intensive Course Series is an 
integral part of the scheme of language't:eaching of the Regio- 
nal Language Centres of the Central Institute of Indian 
Languages. Books in the Intermediate Course Series and the 
Advanced Course Series are an extension of the books pabli- 
shed under tiw Intensive Course Series. 



An Intensive Course in Assamese is intended for teach- 
ing Assamese as a secood/ioreiga language. 

I am fai^y indeli^ed to Di. D. P. Pattanayak for bis 
omstant encouragement and valuable suggestions. I am also 
indebted to Dc M. S. Thifumalai who guided me in i^eparing 
the manuscrqit in its earlier form and who later took the 
pain of editing the same. 

I am thankftd to my colleagues Mr. T. K Goswami and 
Miss Bhamati Devi for offering constructive criticism and 
valuable suggestions at different stages. 

Of many people who have helped me d^ermine the 
content and organisation of the boc^ I would like to express 
my thanks to several batches of students in Assamese in 
Eastern R^ional Language Centre on whom the materials 
were tested and who have been responsible for many 

Finally, I would like to express my thanks to Sri 

I^unindra Dutta Baruah for expert typing, the propiietor and 

-> staff of Alok Prabha Printers, Cuttat^ for excellent printings 

! and the Deputy Director and the Soffof the pobHcatioD 

Unit ctf CHL for co-ordinatfe g pumiiig awl pulliLatiuii . 


.y Google 


Language learning is a very complex activity. Its 
■succrss is largely determined by the method, nedium, material 
and the mstivatioa ai the leimer. The highly organised 
currictdnra and planning show^ the way to achieve the educa- 
<iom1 goal with case and n^dtty- 

The present Irttenswt Course emphasises the listening 
:and speaking profeaency oi the learners of the Standard 
Colloqiiial Assamese in the basic course stage of the Regional 
Laniiaage Trainii^ Prograrame of Central Institute c(f Indian 
Languages. This is a companion to Other volumes such as the 
Phonetic Reader, the Script Boob, the Hindi Assamese Common 
Vocahalary and sewral other reading and writing materials 
envisaged by the Central Institute of Indian Languages. 

The Assamese language training programme of Central 
Institute of Indian Languages is of the duration of 10 months 
-which comprises of 1100 dock hours- The Basic Course has 
about 450 clock hours of instruction with primary em{^sis 
on the spoken lai^uage. The present Intensive Course covers 
300 hours of intensive instruaion in the basic course stage. 
While preparing this, a sequence ot four basic steps, namely 
presentdtion, explanation, repetition and teansfer has been 
followed, and the following main and sub-objectives as set 
out by Central Institute of Indian Languages for the basic 
courses in different Indian Languages have been kept in view. 

1. To perceive and reproduce the sounds and their meaning 
f ul sequence. 

Sub-objectivei : 

(a) to identify the sounds in their meaningful sequence. 

<b) to discriminate the sounds in their meaningful seque* 

nee, and 
(c) to orally reproduce the sounds in meaningful sequence* 

2. To be able to form sentoice orally from given patterns 
and lexical items. 

;> f An Interuivt Coarse In Assameas 

3. To be able ta ccjnversc with the teacher and with fellow 
trainees on specified topics under contrtJIed situations. 

4. To be able to narrate specified events and topics orally- 

5. To be able to read simple and graded pass^es- 
Snb-o^ectivBS ; 

(a) to be able to recognise ths letters of the alphabet in 

isolation and in sequence. 
^b) to be able to comE^ehend passage containing simple 

6. To be able to write simple sentences and gxiided composi- 
tions on specified topics. 

Sub objectives : 

(a) to be able to write letters, words and simple sentenceF, 

(b) to be able to write ^ided compositions on specified 

Of the above objectives, the present Intensive Course is 
based on the objectives 2 to 5. Other objectives have also 
been partly covered as there can'cbc any water-ti^t separa- 
tion between thf se. This book covers 300 clock hours of the 
basic course and the rest of the instructional hours are devoted 
for such items as script teaching, practice in language labora- 
tory, reading etc. The teachable hems have been carefully 
graded considering the various factors like proceeding from 
the simple to the complex, from the known to the unknown 
and presenting only the content relevant to the user etc. This 
book can be very profitably used also as a text book for any 
generalised second language A^amese course, and with some 
care, even as a semi-insttuftional material. 

There are atleast 3 principles which characterise an 
Intensive Course. These are (i) complete concentration on 
one purpose, (ii) high degree of curriculum organisation and 
planning, and (iii) the seperation of the functions of teaching, 
and drilling. The first principle entails upon the leamei that 

Introduction I vi 

he concentrates on the learning task, and on the teacher and 
the matetial producer that they present the learning material 
in a systematic and consistent minner taking one step at a time 
and concentrating, wherever possible, on one structure at a 
time. The second principle advocates a high degree -of organi- 
sation and meticulous planning. As the allocated time is 
precious and valuable. the careful planning of what,is reqpiied 
by the student is indespensible. The selection and gradation 
of the linguistic patterns and the presentation adopted in this 
volume will certainly facilitate the learner to acquire the 
language rapidly. With regard to the third principle, there is a 
strong belief that the teacher who is responsible for intro- 
ducing patterns, alone can perform the function of ,drillii^ 
better. But some scholars feel that it is inadvisable to have 
the same teacher for both the functions. They hold the opinion 
that to ensure the optimum fulfilment of teaching and drill- 
ing there should be a seperation of responsibilities. Althou^- 
this principle has no direct relevance to the preparation of 
instuctional matetial as such, the teachable patterns in this 
volume covered in the body of the lesson, whueas the drills 
and exercises are presented seperately after theNxxly of the 
les on. 

A few books have been written and published for tea-' 
cbing and learning Assamese as a second language 'or as a 
foreign language. They are Assamese Tutor by Parcsh 
Chandra Deva Sarma. 1967, A guide to Assamese by Nirmale- 
swar Sarma, l^il63, Assamese Self Taught by Bidhu Bhusan 
Dasgupta, and Assamese for All by Dr. Mukunda Madhab 
Sarma. In addition to these, AIR, Gauhati also used to broad- 
cast Assamese lessons for some time. The present work takes 
into account the merits of the above and differs from these in 
terms of selection, gradation and presentation. It is not possi- 
ble to teach the whole of the language m any course or to 
cover the structures of the whole of the language in any 
single book. A material producer, therefore, has to carefully 
arrive at decisions as regards 

xiij An Intensive Course In Assamese 

(i) which dialect has to be taught, 

(ii) which legister (genetally the language variety used 
hy vaiious professional groups) has to be focused, 

(iii) to what extent the standard colloquial has to be 
taught, and 

(iv) how much familiarity with the written language is 
to be established- 
Above all. he should decide as to 
(v) What are the linguistic items to be taught, and 
(vi) what shall the vocabulary load be. 

As language is a social activity, the utterances learned 
and produced should be 'acceptable' and 'appropriate' to the 
behaviour patterns of the community in which it is spoken- 
The criterion of 'appropriateness' in most of the materials has 
not been adequately considered. Overreliance on the dectlon- 
ary usages an^ traditional grammer makes the materials 
artificial. Secondly, gradation « -aaothw i ni f Br tmt criterion 
that has been ignorned in the existing materi^s. Most of the 
available materials do not pay adequate attention to grada- 
tion. After selection, the linguistic items should be carefully 
graded. Related items should go together. Simple matters 
precede and difficult matters follow. Vocabulary load also 
has to be accordingly distributed : known/familiar words 
earlier and unknown words later. There shall be planned 
reperition of the previously introduced items and vocabulary 
before new items and vocabulary are introduced in the new 
lesson. The present work attempts to follow the principle of 
gradation to a great extent. Thirdly, presentation is the most 
improtant factor about which the inresent work is very much 
concerned. The linguistic items and the required vocabulary 
have been built in into dialogues in each lesson in such a way 
that the situation itself makes the meaning clear. The learners 

Introduaion / xiii 

can rightly apply their guesswork and infer the meaning, and 
in some cases, however, the teacher will be requued to help 
the learners by demonstration and explanation. 

The present work gives due weightagc to pattern 
practice and drills. Various kinds of drills, such is repetition 
drill, build-up drill, substitution drill, variation drill, trans- 
formation drill, expansion drill, contraction drill aie 
presented after every dialogue. Drills would give additional 
practice to establish the patterns introduced through the 
dialogues of the lesson as habit. Research condiuted shows 
that any item repeated several times is easily memorised. 

Pattern practice and dialogue alone will not be sufficient 
to meet the needs of the learners in communication. "Activi- 
ties such as pattern practice, dialogues, questions, answers are 
'pretend* language learning activities." Jakobvits, 1972). This 
does not mean that these 'pretend' activities would not have 
any impact on the process of language learning. It depends 
upon how far these conversational transactions ace 'real* and 
'authentic'. It is obvious tbat the class-room can't be a real 
conversational setting for all purposes. Hence it is quite 
imperative on the pact of the material producer to provide 
the learners with ranversational rules or the communicative 
rules of the speech community whose language is being learnt 
The present work tries to overcome this problem by providing 
theleam^TS with many diftcent types of conversations in 
natural setting and also by giving various kinds of drills. 

With regard to the teaching method adopted, the 
Central Institute of Indian Languages is higily convinced 
by theory and experience that no single method can explain 
and guide second language learning as a developmental process. 
The complexity of language teaching can be met only with 
flexible and manysided procedures and techniques. There- 
fore, an integration of many procedures into a method is 
highly appreciated. In this way our approach is eclectic which 
is open to all valuable suffiestions from different methods. 

xtp I At InttTuipg Course in Assames 

Unlike other instructional materials the present book 
uses Assamese Script foT the presentation of the lessons from 
the beginning to the end. Roman transcription has not been 
given. However, Devanagari transliteration has been given up 
to lesson 10- This will help the learners to read the materials 
till they become conversant with the Assamese alphabet 
as there is almost one to one correspondance between the 
Assamese and Devanagari alphabet. In many cases, there are 
variations between the pronunciation of words and their spell- 
ing in Assamese script, and, therefore, the presence of a teacher 
or some help from a tutor who would model the pronunciation 
for the learners is ess^tial. The use of Assamese script in a 
composite course like this will enable the learners to read the 
written materials fluently at a later stage. Our experience 
shows that mastery of the script can be achieved within lO 
dock-hours. After having learnt the script in 10 clock hours in 
10 days the learners are able to read the material in Assamese 
script without Devanagari transliteration. No effort has been 
made in this book to establish the phoneme-grapheme corres- 
pondences as there is a sepaiate Phonetic Reader for this 
purpose. However, the general pronunciation rules have to be 
given by the teacher wherever necessary. 

The equivalent Engll^ translation of each sentence ui 
the dialogue is also given. This English might sound strange 
at places as it is designed mainly to represent the Assamese 
smicture without destroying tbe meaning of the dialogue. 

This Intensive Course consists of 15 Units which are 
further sub-divided into 7d lessons. A Unit is designed in 
such a T3y that it covers a group of related grammatical 
patterns of a major grammatical structure. This is further 
divided into several teachable patterns spread over the 
component lessons of that Unit. Each Usson covers at lease 
one of the structural patterns of a major grammatical structure 
focused in that Unit In other w(»ds, while each lesson 
Ipthises on a structural pattern, the Unit focuses on a group of 

IntroduObm f xf 

related structural patterns that form a simple major gramma- 
tical structure. Each lesson; in turn, has five components, 
namely (i) Dialogue/Narration (only a few lessons are in the 
form of narration), fii) Drills, (iii) Exercises, (iv) Vocabulary 
and (v) Grammatical Notes. A few lessons contain the sixth 
compcment namely (vi) Cultural Notes. Each dialogue presents 
a meaningful situation with the introduction of two or three 
teachable patterns. As the number of lesson increases the 
patterns are remforced in the subsequent lessons However, 
other following components such as drills, exercises, gramma- 
tical notes etc. focus only on those specific new patterns that 
are introduced in each lesson. Depending on the need of the 
class the teacher may carry on drilling the previously intro- 
duced patterns. The drills are immediately followed by 
different kinds of exercises. This is a selected learning activity 
that is guided by clear and adequate instructions. The exer- 
cises in Intensive Course are carefully organised to develop 
the learner's reperCoiie of performance strategies. Since each 
exercise presupposes a certain amount of knowledge of lingui- 
stic rules, the exercises immediately follow the structural 
drills where the linguistic rules are practised and consolidated. 
Each lesson has a number of exercises that are intimately 
connected with the structure introduced. 

The vocabulary items of each lesson are listed separately 
according to their order of occurrence in the dialogue. This 
includes only the items that occur for the first time. The 
^ngl^ equivalent is given against each item. This meaning 
is confined to the context of reference in the dialogue. That 
is, the shades ol meaning and other relevant informations 
of the use of an item are not given in the present work. How- 
ever, the teacher has the liberty of bringing the various uses 
of a vocabulary wherever felt necessary. The selection of the 
vocabulary items is largely determined by the choice of wide 
variety of situations in which the learners are likely to partici- 
pate. In order to have an equitable distribution, the Recall 
Vocabulary (semantically classified) which is likely to be 

xvi I An Intennve Coursa in Assam«M 

published by CIIL has been kept in view. Besides, the Hindi-. 
Assamese Common Vocabulary (under publication) may also 
be referred to. It is inevitable that the similarity and diffe- 
rence in terms of form and meaning of the vocabulary of the 
target language and the mother tongue of the learner are 
likely to help or hamper acquiring the vocabulary of the 
target language. The approximate number of vocabulary 
covered in this Intensive Course is 2500. 

The grammatical explanations presented in this book are 
structural in nature. The aim is to cater the needs of the 
teacher. The explanations shill also be of help to the learners 
in understanding the structures after prolonged absence or 
interrupti<Hi. In case, the grammatical behaviour of a parti- 
cular structure is spread over more ttian one lesson, necessary 
references have been made in the grammatical notes. 

Conscious efforts ha ve been made to familiarise the 
learners with the cultural back^ound of the people who 
speak the language. The ancient heritage of Assamese, impor- 
tant personalities like Sri Sankardeva, holy places like the 
Kamakhya temple, natural beauty of Assam. ge<^aphical 
characteristics like the river Brahmaputra, the way of living 
of the common peo{4 etc. have well been illustrated. Besides, 
the beauty and peculiarity of places like Kashmir and Mysore 
are also given due imponance. Therefore, some lessons 
contain cultural notes, which, however, have been attempted 
to be made brief. Fhe teacher may explain them in the 
target language within the limited struaure uking resort to 
other relevant sources alsa 

The following instructkms will be found useful by the 

1. The teacher ^ould always bear in mind that a good 
method is comprehensive and eclectic. The valuable 
suggestions from different methods may be used when- 
ever the situation demands; 

liitroJacHm f xvi( 

K Aa(Qi$itioin of good pronunciation fortns an important 
(»Tt of language learning. The teacher should make the 
learner to acquire the capacity to recognize the varioos 
■speech sounds aad produce them in isolatioa as well as 
in sequence. The phonetic drills in the Assamese 
i'Aonettc Reader may be used for developiag effective 
ipronundatton. The meaniag of the words may be ignored 
at this stage. 

3. The problem soands may "be described. That is, the 
aiticolatory description of a problem sound is a power- 
ful prop. Facial diagrams can also be used The contrast- 
ing pairs of the problem sounds should be administered 
fcT drills. 

4. Tlw script sliould be taught ^maltaaeoosly with 
pMtems. To get a mast^y over the orthography, the 
teacher should develop automatic association between 
written forms and speech sounds, Devaaagari script 
may be used fot reading until the learners mister the 
Assamese saipt. 

5. Tlfte learnos may be sivea some ^cpUnatton in legatdl 
to the <Jiacritic marks juid special symbols used in 
Devaiugari versioa- 

6. It is assu«ed tbAt there will be a concartent script 
teaching class ev^yday. Hence the teacher may illustra- 
te the letters introduced in the scti^ class with words 
and phrases taken from the struaures inttoduced. 

7. The dialogues in this course ate highly situation centred. 
Before presenting' the dialogue the teacher should prepare 
the students to understand the patterns to be introduced. 
This can be done with the revision of the earlier lessons. 
As the dialogues are mostly related to each other this 
ground work can be done easily and successfully. 

xvtit / An Intmsive Coarse tn Asaamae 

8. In ihtioducmg the paftem, the Ceadier should proncrancp 
each sentence first, followed l^ eithcx a diocal or kidi' 
▼idud lepetitioii of the ninr. 

9. The teaciiet macy bring many more contexCs to teach the 
structures involved Thus, a couimumcatire operation 
of the language in use may be brot^t to the class room^ 

10, Discourage the students frcm the habit of over- relying 
on translation for coittprehensicn. Makethe students to 
think in Assamese as soon as possible- In the class room 
make a minimam use o^f a language other than Assamese- 

2L When new words arc introduced special attention 
should be paul by the teacher to their correct pronuncia- 
tion before they are used in the patterns. 

12. A brief explanation on the similarities and differences 
of the patterns introduced in the lesson with reference 
to the learner's mother tongue may be given by the 
teacheri provided he has a complete n^astecy over the 
learner's mother tongue. 

13. In administering the drill the teadier should not slow 
down his natural speed. 

14. The intonation pattern of each sentence as found in 
covetsation diould be maintained when it is given in 
isolation for drilling. 

15. The teacher should not mimic the learner's mispioun- 

16. Many of the exetcises may also be administered orally. 
The teacher should always remember that the exercises 
should be used for written task, only after the oral 
administration is over. 

6aroiuctifm*J xix 

jSrT, The grammar teaching is necessary to impart the know- 
ledge of the basic structural principles. The stcuctuies 
snust be described as non-technically as passible. 

JIsS In teaching grammar, the learner must be taught the 
terminology which will act as a convenient system of 
reference £oc the ezplantion. Being an adult and already 
-educated, the learner may not have much difficulty in 
learaing cotain technical terms and understanding the 
■uitalanguage we use. 

19l T^e learner need not be compelled to memorize the 
jrammarical rules. He learns many things by analogs 
and analysis Moreover, the drills and exercises are 
organised in such a way as to impose a particular 
grammatical rule indurecdy. 

20. The internal and external sandhi should be explained 
adequately. This may be represented in the form of 
mles as the learner is likely to be familiar with sandhi 
rules of his mother tongue. 

21. The teacher should supply the learners with additional 
cultural notes wherever found necessary. 

22. Testing is an essential ii^edient in any teaching 
situation. The teacher should undertake the preparation 
of skill-wise tests. The testing techniques such as trans- 
lation» dictation, composition, multiple choice items^ 
short answer items, etc. should be used in the classroom. 
Careful analysis on the part of the teacher is highly 
expected in preparing and scoring test irems. 

Z3. The teacher should use audio-visual aids wherever 
necessary These have to be pt^red by the teacher 
following the materials to be presented in jthe class. 
These may include picture cardst wall pictures, flannel 

sxlAn Intensive Coarse In Assamese 

f>oater and cot outs, psppees^ film, stmf^r fa^Rs; r«ccr4^ 
filmsv television and so on. 

24r Eadi lesson is: potential enough for the teacher to> pie^ 
pate supple men taiy materials. 

For die sake of rearfy- reference, the structares pmented 
m tkis Inten»ve Coatse are appended l>clow :■ 


Lemaa StrucCuiv 





>» Jl»a f>i»» 1 


N(poss.) + N+N(locJ 

omv^ «ciii*»w»» 


(Repsat i.2l 





N (BOflt. 1 P, tlCfl, & ■- 

hott. oi 2 P + Adv.) 
+V lVi«s. Suople* 



N(a«. lPrhon,& 
m-bon.ot 2PJ + N+V 
tpf es. Simp.) 

«n*tiii» t* «iKi t 


N(f>l.|Mss) +N + N 
(inttriogat »«) 
K(acc.)+N»ntm.' + 

CM* fsfst Hwi «T»I^f»fK 


(Bltndiog of 9. 6, 7) 



Id 10 N {pass, n-hoii. erf *!«< *tc^ «»iW 6lft I 

2&3P) +N+V (imp.) 

11 N (vocj+Ntoom. n'hon. ^, s^lWlftt 

of 2P+V(imp.) , , , 


Introduction I xxi 

Unit lessoB Struclura lUustration 

III 12 N+(Adv.)+N+V (nega- ?ynh» «1W yi"! 

live of Pres. simp.^ ^W' I 

13 N(poss.)+N (kinship) + «n CT*51W 4W f=lf*iw 
N+V (inttiro. ncg.) CT ? 

14 (Blending ot 10, 11, 
12 & 13) 

15 - 

IV 16 (N)+N(dat.) +D+N («») i5li>l .s>B Bl*rwl 

+ V (Pres perfect) ^fe»t I 

17 N (nom.) +N (poss.) f'fSn EfW*)* 
N+V (Pies, perfect.) f»|JiW I 

18 N+N+V(ncg.of Pies »» Ws "Ht ift 1 

19 N+N (intr. Pron.) V «lraf»*ft^l»? 
(Pres. oont.) 

20 (N)+N(Ioc)+Adv.+V ^f*1PI <?(1CT CHW bl 
(imp. in Pres.) "•!»» I 

21 (Blending of 16-20) 

22 — 

V 23 (AdT.)+N+N (pl.)+V »* «nipl 6*CTW^ 

(Past. Simp.) ^t^OT a 1 

24 N+N(num.)+V{intran. Pl**l JWW laR El*m I 
in Past simple) 

25 N (poss.)+N (kinsfaip)+ C3IW ^Itwu^W fts 
V (neg of Past simple) -ilfwl t 

26 (Blendmg of 23-25) 

27 — 

VI 2b N(IocJ+N+V(pastp£t.) 3r^s^^3^t^^;^^j^l^<,.,, 

xxii i An Intensive Course in Assamese 

Unit Lesson Structure llluttration 

29 N(Poss)H-N (kinship) + «l5^ clJlCTW 5CTW 
N+V (-Wending toots ^Ifin t^V" I 
in Past perfect) 

30 N + Adv.+V roots with 'a?C»WC«<tl»l"i»i I 
-w in penultimate in 

Past perfect) 

31 (Blending of 28-30) 

32 — 

VII 33 N-l-(Adv.)+N(dat.1+V snfii ijs'sal 'nt'1 Wft 

(Past continuous) wlfeOTl' I 

34 Nrdat.)+(Adv.)+N+V spf^JlOTl WTO cfi 
(neg, of Past perfect) ^^ ^5T ^f»s( I 

35 N+{Adv.)+N+V (J54 CW^* fSftns f» 
(Interr. and neg. of Past 1*1 Itfsi i 

36 (Blending of 33-35) 

37 — 

VIII 38 (AdT.)-HN+tdafcl+Verb ^l^td "llftl TjiR"! "HI I 

Future, (interro.) 

39 N (2Pnon-hon.)-HAdv. «« snf» ^[sitJl llt^ 
-l-N(dat.)+V (Fututel, CT=im» 

V (Pres.) 

40 N-FN (loc.)/Adv -fN+ csc'R 3ts JiSt ^«t 

V (Future compulsion) fr^ fl^^A I 

41 (Blending of '38-40) 

42 — 

IX 43 N-hN-HV (infinitive) -V "Itfil a?^ UTI^ wt>I 

(Present perfect) "(tfttfl I 

44 N+N+V (infinitive) ^^*l?n OI?W ftfl 

-V (Past) *1W «lfi»fii>I I 

Da i-M;AjlX)gie 

Unit lesson Structure II 

IX 45 N+N+V (infinitive^ cs4 "I" 

-V (Present, Past and 

46 (Adv) + N+N+V(inf.) «W sty 
-V (Future) 

47 (Repeat 43,44,4:, 46) 

48 - 

X 49 N+N(Accusative)+ >l« n^l 

Adv,+V (causative in 

50 N+N (Acai.)+ Verbal c»Ksiiili! 
noun -Verb 

N+N+V (Causative in s? m f 
Past, Future and interro- 
gative, negative) 

51 N(d)+N(d) (comparison) Jitim 


52 (Repeat 49,50.51) 

53 — 

XI 54 N(loc.)+N+V (Passive; «lfinrt 

55 N(AbI.)+N+V adio- cvt^ -^ 
matic Passive) 

56 Verbal Noun+V »n^1 •w 

57 (Repeat 54,55,56) 

58 — 

XII 59 N+N(Verbal Noun)+ ^O^Mi 
V (conjunctive-i)+N + V 


xxiv I Ah latmsive Course In Asiamese 

Uoit LeiMn Structure Illustration 

XII 60 N+N+V (conjunctive wtf' wratw^^us 

-4ra H-N+V) ^tft'i w»s JsSb I 

61 N+V (conjunctivct^JTS ^ mi J{'wm ittp 

+ N+N+V nin wfic^f i 

62 (Repeat 59.60,61) 

63 - 

XIII 64 N+V conditional) ^ft CTIltftw a^ »t»I 

N+V (Past conditional) ?"<tta^ 

65 N+V 'conjunctive «tP5 *C1 cw ^ftpicsi 

-(^ W ) + N+V (negative I'^ctt^ij I 

of Past conditional ) 
66. N+N + V (finite) N+N »» ?ft wtt»ll'W 'tflf- 

+V (Past conditional) cfrai wt^^ (» »fl[«l- 

67 (Repeat 64,65^6) 
63 - 

cfcw 1 

XIV 69 N+N+V+Embedded s* JlliR tl"» ^f«"f ■ 
sentence ^direct speech) "«wi*l*i C81^ C*c^ 

BtfsW »" 

70 N+N+V+Embedded <rtc» rfR(» st«l»« c^CT 
Sentence (Indirect w\^^ "St^f c^ij 
Speech) «,lfi,%n , 

71 N+N+V(finite)+N mt^n t«r CW «^« 
+ N + V (Present, Future) (<l») »<ct ,aSt CTlwf i 

72 (Repeat 69.70,71( 

73 — 

XV 74 (N)+K+V+V (conjunct «» Bt*^ .9S1 petft 
-«)cn+(N)+N+ V «fwc>l«^»»pm«t 

(Passive) ^ I 


tnuvduetion / xxm 

Unit Lesson 






N + (Adv.) +N+V-V 
(f inate) + conjurct + 
N+V (finite) N+ 
Verbal noun+N+ 

N loc +N(gen.)+N 
+V-V (idiomatic) 

•aft felted ft* c?W 
WHS CTM 'SIM ^t'i 

^1« I 



Chitnis. Bijaya (I979> An Intensive^ Coursff in MaratKr^ 
Published by CIIL. Mysore 

Dueta ISaraah, P. N. (in press) Assamese Phonetic Reader. 

Pattanayakv D. F. (1972) Conversational Oriya, PublishctJ 
by Mis. S. PattaDayak, Mysore- 
(1969) Intensive Hindi, Course {Drills) 
Published by American Institute of 
Indian Studies. 

Rajaa^ra S. (1979) An Intensive Coarse in Tamil, Publishoi 
by CIIL, Mysore. 

Sarma,Mukunda Madbav Assamese for All 

Satma Nkmaleswar (1963) A Guide to Assamese. 

.y Google 



Ablative case 


Accusative case 














feminine gender 




■Genitive case 








Instrumental case 






masculine gender 

nor. hon. 

























causative verbstem 


Assamese Alphabet 


















































Unit I : Lesson - 1 
Teacfan- -Student Introduction 


^T»t^ wn 1 



' H44W»K fl^ffw I 


: H*l'*M t st^ ^«H 


Namaskar. I (am) a 


: H*(«>K 1 ?H ^5R 


f^* 1 (?w=mi 

My name (is) 

fti^* 1 'ft^ -nT 

9aif1i «t»f^»t 1 


Stil^^lSlft^ 1 

Ifft c»n ? 

Who (are) you T 



rt jiBii sta 1 


I (am) a student. 


m >!3R«|ISI 

CS1W in «*I1 

My name (is^ Prabin 

Ifft? sfW 1^ 

Choudhuri. I (am) 

C^f[ 1 It Six??] 

Oriya student. 

sia 1 

^0 1 If ^Mi 



PWI Jl»iW) 


; (to another person) 

•lt<lf=C*t=I ? 

Who (are) you 


(V^ Hai«™^ wigPi 

(more-hon.) ? 


( 1 ) 


x\': 1'^ ' ~' . , ;'i An Intensive Course 

S=Pft »t>l ; I^^^OMI^ I Smt. Das : I (am) a clerk. 

C^l^ ^]M IHu^ My name (is' Smt. 

?lh^ nil P"' ' Dipika Das. 

. ,, ti'5 S"E' 
5 I ilWtJ. 55119 I ■" 

SI? ^®H,fiS**'V' 

..,.s.?*?i'^''...' ". ■■■ 

c=n^ iw 3 a^»f^5t»f^f 1 1 


ft I sit Jm^ s1a I 

SI? ^91 sta I 

( 2 ) 

Digitized Oy 


In Assamise 

sit Sf^l itH I 

»itifs< ofm » 
»■ I lit jm^ c^^^ I 

BuiU-up Drill 

^^•m ar-ni i 
» I Pw* 

cm sua a «?ii <wrfa»i i 

8 I ^S|^« ppw 

sit "Pi^rtl ftf f I 
« I wa 
^ CTta T 

( 3 ) Dis,.zodB,Google 

An Intensive Course 

4 1 »t3l 

1* i»1 Sin I 

Variation Drill 

1* ^»^ ««* I 

■I? JlBift ct^ll I 
SabstitatioD Drill 

( 4 ) 


/« Assamese 

ill^t^ 5Wfl«l 1 


=i«B? cstif?! 1 


sil^ (til 1 

< 1 (?) ?? JBii fllf* 1 


it >iis« ra 1 


Hi iSSR CTIffi 1 

(«i; n? JlK^ fitVT 1 


5iB%t ■aw 1^» 1 


(6^5^ .iias? f^-w 1 

« 1 csi^ =ilii 3 a?ii 5i»fi*i 1 

3 aUt cs\^ 

CTti =im 3 «#ii cri^fi 1 

Sura) ^f<i»t «w 

CTI^ IW SsfSl ?tPlfl HM 1 

8 1 (?) 1* 'im^ piw? 1 


Hi Sfipl fvvf 1 

(<i) 5^ iJifRt ita 1 


^ i*!^ sfa I 

< 5 ) 


An Intensii/e Course 

(11 SI? 1*1^ f't'f* I 

cEtjfi v^m ft** I 
«ifii 'Mist ft'w I 

« I "jfti C»t!| ? 

Integration Drill 

it? J]»il ^1^ f-w* I 

it^lfsi Jam "m^ ft*» I 

Queiti0n>Re«ponBe Drill 
( 6 ) 


In Assamese 


1- Fill in the blanks. ^ .; 

W 't fW?l - 

(1 ^li... f 

(1) ..>'''..,... ...C^WT 

(1 fllPflitrt Sim ^..T..) 

2. Substitute the underlined words by the words given i 

( 7 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

An /ntensiPe'CtfujJj* ■ ■ 

cart— 'my' 


» 1 "WS^ 


? 1 IWH 


el I? 

T m 



« 1 am 


*i iJiJW 


1 1 ^ 

'you* (less hon.)' 

b- 1 C*1SI 


SI ra 


^' 1 S%t 


■>•> 1 W1>Ifsi 

'you* (more hon) 

i< 1 CV^ 


Notes on grammatical & Cultural points 

^^^ a term of formal greeting. 

1% : first person singular personal pronoun. Its genitive 

form is fmor] (?it^ I 
^ second person less honorific personal pronoun, 

used to address youngers by olders. Its genitive 

form is [tomar] Cit^^ I 

( 8 ) 

Digitized OyGOOgIC 

"it^f^ ; second person more honorific personal pronoun, 
used to address olders by youngers, superiors by 
juniors. Its genitive form is Taponar] itC^lfH^ I 

vilW*l : ifKiii^, meaning 'one'+wi, a definitive used after 
human masculine nouns, oaw^t may occur either 
before or after a human noun. This usage will be 
illustrated in later lessons. 

There are some other definitives in Assa- 
mese. Their uses are mor^^logically conditicnaed, 
as such, their uses should be observed carefully. 
The use of these definitives will be illustrated 

il^t^t : It means the Assamese language as well as the 
Assamese people. 

^fogt It also means the Oriya language as well as the 

Oriya people. 

f 9 ; 


Unlt-1 : 

Lesson - 


About the 

new Teacher 


cw a*ii, cK«f5 en '^' 

r Dipa 

Hallo Prabin, who 


: |i sxX aaa ^v' 1, 

(is) he (hon.) T 


: rapra itsw r»pR 1 


He (is) our teacher. 


1 wW HtHH W\^f 1 


f»5^ PW» 1 

Dipa : 

What (subject) 's 



teacher ? 


C«C« »OTfl5t(^) ftfS 


He (is) Assamese 


&^?T nwit'n (T) %^^ 1 


escrow =ii!i 3 «i?t<i 

His name (is) Sri 

il^ am sit vHf 1 


5T«f^^ 1 



Sit . 

raws »'» 5155 t 


He (is a) man of 


a^r! »'l JIT^^ ? 

which place ? 


racy« «i>iii^ 11155 1 


He (is a) man of 


: a«rr nwi^ mws. ' 


^ «RS|^ ^^1?1§l3 1 

(His) home (is) at 

sR nam a'l^^^l 1 


ffscfM ^ imi^ 

His residence (is) 

^^< ^ ^I*TK 

near ours. 

( 10 ) 



Qui home (is) 
at Satyanagai 

Where (is) yours 
(non-hon ) ? 

My home (is) at 

Repedtton Drill 

i 1 S^ Sifti I 

« I CSlIt IP'H f'.^f 1 

(.tim tpiw 1»iw^ I 

^5^ f^f^ ? 

CK'ra «i>i*?t f^CT? 1 
( U ) 


An Intensive Course 

taws WW^ !|t«15 I 

i> I imm M T5J SIW5 I 

im^ w 15SI ii'Rs ] 

c 12 ; 


Build-up Drill 

8 I f»W» 

C^^f^ «I»I^t f^^W 1 

^1 I'm aswfts I 

( 13 ) 


An Intensive Coutse 

A 1 Ji^j n^m 

"io 1 ^'5 ? 

SubstitutioD Drill 

i I (S^' <Siti% C^C^ C*tii«l' » 

^ I (») C^SCtfS «l1ilt^ 1»PMs 1 

(^) C^C^ "BttUT^ f«fq|RF I 

1^5^ 5ta? 

8 I C8W5 «Pfflt5t fiW? I 

( 14 ) 

.y Google 

'» Assamese 

3 5wf^t "Mtai f^^ I 

4 I C!C*5^ SHI 9 fl^l 5!af^*1 I 

fipf? Kin sflii a a?|<i ;taft?t I 

(1) C5W5 ^'^ SH55 t 

•» I raws J!mm ms? 1 


1^ mi iffl^ I 

< 15 ) 


An Inlensive Course 

(1) C3Cm^ ^.t 11si« «6^P! I 

«i5;a ■ 

(1) CTH 1^ »IC«IW S11^« I 
CT11 SR S15J ill^S I 
C»« 51^ S5I5lgl3 I 

Expansion Drill 

( 16 ) 


In Assamesi 

ComricHoo Dril^ 

J I 05W1 1MH f^^» I 

(?) C5C15 «W>n5t I 
(1) C«C^« fWf I 

o I call's «w^ 1195 I 
Ciscrai'i'w I 

iDletration Drill 

CBcira ^atili 5wf^«i «ni?t?iif fii»* 1 

Qaestioa Reipooie Drill 

iSfSt— C«9|3 [»1S| «' ! 

( 17 ) L.o,,zodB,Google 

An Intensive Course 

5«^ — c^i'ra «ii5?t^ fH«p» I 

raws vs\i f»w» I 
«W— wtsi^ fif»¥ t»I=i 1' ♦ 

®«a— mts^ Pit* 5a?li 5laf^»t r 

*«^— «cii5 'i^liii^ f»;if» I 
av— «ni^ flT* c»fl ? 

( 08 ) 


In Assamese 

sn— ^5t»ft?t^ ^^ *'« ? 

era— ^?twf%*rt ^^t V^ t 

iSWll^ ^ JTSJ sflTS I 

Variatloa Dritl 

csc*5 amfm f*w* t 

C^IVS «}»T^51 f»PP*Ii 1 

< 19 ) 

Digitized Oy 


An Intensive Course 

SI? Sivbfll St3 I 

1 Fill up the blanks. 

i I s «ifiMr«i^*i 

^ t «t*i>?i*ii f^i? 1 

-o I ^W^BlSl^l^ I 

8 I 35l»ft»W *'a ? 

ff I c«c«ra sjwSt^ sil^ t 

2. Give short replies. 

« I aih^ ^^ ''s r 

( 20 ) 


In Assanum 

3. Substitute the underlined words by the appropriate 
form of the words given in the parenthesis. 

> I %tJ!ft*i sisT? Pwjt I ( sta, c^^i^ ) 

< I %i»ft»i gitfu t ftf? I ( Sf^w, snuN ) 

o I c^t«ra^imi sSlswf^t I ( c«c«f5, ■sW^ ftT* ) 

8 I ram !« Vs } ( vr^ i|!if, iraj =in wwSl ) 

« I cscis^ ??i ^nnH «BTO 1 ( ^ ) 


«1^1 'prabeen, a proper name' 

rac 'he (more hon.)' 

^W^ 'our' 

t*^ 'of what" 

''^ 'of which place' ? 

'W 'man' 

"TO, asWft, ) Assam, Gauhati, Asoknagar, 
"WWiliR, S-Satyanacar. 

^ 'home, house' 

"I 'residence' 

w^ 'near'! 

«? 'you' 

'''S 'wherein' 

( 21 ) 

Digitized Oy 


An Intensive Course 

Notes on Grammatical & Cultural points 

C5^ : a vocative term, used to address youngers in non- 
honorific sense. The corresoponding less-honorific 
and more-honorific forms are cf^J and csf=f i 

1* : This is used explctively after an interrogative pro- 
noun in an intimate sense. This is also used in 
making positive response, meaning 'yes'. 

(^zm : Third person singular more-honorific personal 
pronoun. It corresponds to the 2nd personal pronoun 
«tt*3f5f I Its genitive form is C^C'^^ I 

f^5? Genitive form of f«5-, a pronoun 'non-human) 
meaning 'what thing', f^^-haj no independent use. 

^'^ : Genitive form of ^-', a pronoun meaning 'of which 
place'. *-' has no independent use. 

=f'« : The locative form of .*'- I 

11*1^ : Genitive form of ^m\ ^^H~ fgenitive suf£ix.-«i^ i 

«B^3: ^6^- + locative suffix-«ra+emphasis marker-Lii | 
«B^«, without the emphatic-ii. is a perfectly correct 

'^*tt^ : Genitive form of the 1st personal plural pronoun 
«lti^, meaning 'we', ^fsi-takes the oblique form 
in «lliil-before genitive suffix^^^ is added to. 
Thus tlit^ is constructed. 

( 22 ) 

Digitized OyGOOgIC 

It is a general feature in Assamese that the initial 
%-oi all case-suffixes is lost when added to stems 
ending in voweL 

Assamese manifests 3 ranks in the 2nd person ; 

^T^=i is used in more-honorific, ^ in honorific 

and ^ in non-honorific sense to address the hearer. 

This distinction is important in social context. 

* 23 ) DigitizedOyGOOgIC 

Unit 1 

Lesson— 3 


Revised Lesson 

I (am) a teacher. 
I (am) Assamese teacher. 

»» Sfest pa 1 
H! ?r^r SIS 1 

I (am) Oriya student. 
I (am) a clerk. 

1 ?f5 C»tS? 

Who (are) you (hon.) ? 

Who (are) you (morc-hon )? 

Who (is) he (more-hon.)? 

St WW r 

Who (am) I ? 
Who (are) we ? 

My name (is) Sri Ptadip 

( 24 ) 


Your (Hon. 
Prabin Choui 
His (more-he 
Sri Pradip H: 
Your (mor€ 
(is) Srjmati E 

8 I C^l^ TtJIH t*1^* I 

^(T ipn^ fir w I 
gftr «'t mgs ? 

He (more-hi 

He (is a) mar 

Hazarike (i 

He (is a) m 
place ? 
You (hon.) (a 
which place ? 

Our home (i 

His (morc-hc 

at Gauhati. 

His (more-ho 
(is) nearby. 

( 25 ) 

.y Google 

Am /nfennve Coarse 


Where (is) your(non-hon.) 

*t It «'a 1. 


rsw^ ^ »'s » 

Where (is) your (hon ) 

*Wt ^ f's ? 

home ? 

Repetition Drill 

»1 H^iOTSlflpW 1 

S? .aSR f^W* 1 

? 1 S|? ®a^ 5Wlf^«1 1 

sft StJWW 51»'^*t 1 

o 1 1^ «PW^9t PW^ 1 

51% «w*rmi f"wv I 

8 1 Jt^^f^^ta 1 

51^ %^V\ 5Ta 1 

(t 1 ii^ jm^ c^m* 1 


* 1 f|5| <:»l=i ? 

•jft c^lHT 

( 26 > . r-,.,,M„ 

1 1 lllfil CW ? 

« 1 csm^ ills a^i cst%^ I 

i« I cK'fm Its SI a?li 5r»F^»l i 
csws^ Its Sa#1i «ta!N*t I 

in I (!5c«ra itst^ f»l^» I 

CKfS smW ft** I 

# p7 \ DigitizedOydOOQiC 

An Intensiire Course 

t^Ci^ afflux HI*;? I 
^b- I (M.'^'S ^*% nigs ? 

t 28 ) 

.y Google 

/n Assamese 

Svbf.itution Drill 

i I (t) H* 1«^ its : 
^fil -1^^ 4T31 I 

It W ! 

8 1 (?l« =iW %£|^<1 5t»fi^t I 

( 29 ) 


An Intensive Course 

1 (5) c»c*5 'wm^ Ht* I 
c^pra sj^eH f^^* I 
capfs ?ifli f^T* I 

(51) C5C^« Illfl^ f"W* I 

ijt Cb)^ •ita« hw* I 
« I caws ^> 1155 ? 

lift ^*^ IttR ? 
( 30 ) 


/n Assamese 

iDteiration Drill 

( 31 ) L.O.Z Ob;, Google 

An Intensive Course 

^ I ^ft fic^i'v^^ sTa t ^^ It's) =i?k3 I 

Queatittii-RMponse Dritl 

%«1— !lt J»ra SB I 

•il'jfii •sm^ fif » I 
Wi— wi^t r«P»» c»tt t 

( 32 ) Li,o,izodB,Google 

Sal— ^ swfjpft "wfBit f"Hf» 

S^— "Plto flT^I =111 S?( iSlfll 5t«lf<*t I 

Sot— s|f|<t, ^, i|!s, aiiTS I 

( 33 ) 



An Course 

j^ 5t»ft*t f«i fir* « 

S'iil— cwra will !lt55 I 


'Uft 'we' 

^^* 'a place name' 

( 34 ; 


In Assamesn 

Un1t-I : Lesson— 4 
Test Lesson 

«raift^iT fir?* I ?l«l?i 

ira*K W^ I ?t«?!^ 

^^ ft^ ^r*i$ I 

flip ^ ^^u ^a^lt siJiiff 
cuk ^ 'raj ^iTs I 

Sri Pradip Hazarika 

(is) Assamese teacher. He 

(is a) man of Assam. His 

home (is) at Gauhatj in Assam. 

His mother tongue (is) 


Tripti (is) Hindi typist. 

Her mother tongue (is) (Drijra. 

I Her home (is) at SweMdnagar 
I in Bhubaneswar. 
Her office (is) at Laxmisagar. 

My residence (is) at Satyanagar. 
Where (is) your residence ? 

( 35 ) 

v. ^-~iooQlc 

(^ *ffW CSaR 'Q'WS I 
C*Irt sift 1^"4lW5 I 

An /nterwii'e Cwwja 

My pen (is) on (the) table, 

WKeie (is) your (non-hon.) pen ? 

My name (is) Biswajit. 

What (is) your (hon.) name ? 

My umbrella (is) near (the) 


Where (is) your umbrella ? 

1. Fill in the blanks using the cues given in the parenthe; 
as in the model given below : 

Model : ^ ?rwf^^t f^'W I (Assamese) 

(^) c«c«5«r*w^ I (man) 

i^) (3f»ra^ «^51^ I (home) 

(1) «rf^ i^»lliW5 I (her) 

(^) C5t^ c*i»1 «*W8 I (pen) 

(«) CS^n ^ ? (wherein) 

15) CTW f^r^^s I (name) 

(S) CTH *Tf% 55r^^ I (near) 

( 36 ) 

.y Google 

2. Fill in the blanks by the appropriate form of the given 
pronouns : 

(*) S!?! TSI SI'WS I SI?) 

(«1) ^!t »'S t (^fi) 

M IB f* ? f«tl<lf=i) 

W) iiiif^M •wJftit I (c!c«ra) 

(«) Tf sj'CT'WS 1 WS) 

3. Fill in the blanks by using the possessive forms of the 
nouns given : 

(*) c>sc«ra^ ^ <asl5t6l i («>ra) 

(1) c» '5t "ifnrwis 1 (f ?c=i'W) 

(1) tsm 'ffW's I (CSS) 

Is) 'jfa ^Sf^ I ( ft ift ) 

4. Replace the underlined words by the appropriate forms 
of the new words given ; 

(») CSr^^ ^ ^Tt5Tftl<5 I ("SUffl) 

(1) «t^ ^ "Jl^ira^fTO I ^?rail?) 
ft) PIH WM CTW «»Rre I («E1) 
(«) P5IT rfe l?HW -W»15 I (5»rt) 

( 37 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

An Intensive Coarse 

5. Combine the words fiom Col. B with the possessive 
forms of the words from Col. A. 

Col. A. 

Col. B. 





















6. Transform the following statements into questions by 
using who, or wherein in place of some words. The 
words/phrases underlined shall be the key woids/phrases 
in the answers. 

W ocfs^ sin ^sfm swft^t i 
(I) «it^ siw ^irsi iiiJi i 

(e) CW1 *5p lOTwywa I 
(6) CTtI =(« «#li I 

( 38 ) ,^1 


f5) !5H^ iii!i 52L' 

7. Answer the questions. 

ft) a 5Wfx*t *'^ st«!5 ? 
(1) itlfs *'1 S1I55 ? 

(6) a 5i«ft*« w *'« ? 

(») CSl^ ^"Jl ^"^ ? 
(») CTH ftfe *'« t 
W) CTI^ IN f* T 

(^) C^^t^ «« ft ! 


f^ 'what' 

5ti« 'umbrella' 

/ QQ \ DigitizedOydOOQiC 

An Intensive Course 


'a place name' 






upside, on' 




'a place name' 


'mother tongue' 






*a proper name' 

( 40 ) 


In Assamese 

Unit II : Lesson— 5 
The Teach er and Student Meet on the Way 


: iPl^WsW-rai 


: NamaskarSir. 


: inwiK fi^Ri^ 1 

: ^v^^\ 


: Namaskar. 


: How are you ? 

: B? w^ «n«it 1 


: I am well. 

How are you ? 

: Sim WW ssnre't 1 


: I am aUo well. 

Where (are) you 
go(ing) ? 


: >l?"OTWt»I >lt>5 1 

: Jif ^3ma maf i 
^ ^tfl cilst t 

Teacher : 

: 1 (am) go(ing) to 

Where (are) you 
go (ing) ? 


: SI^ cfebHt;*! SIt4 1 


41 ) 

: I (am) go(mg) to 

DO ,-,i;,Oooali 

An Intensive Coursa 

: («1¥ c»t»t C6t=i) wt^fl Teachtr 
: (IW «t5T '^1^) ^3ing 

: (Well tell please) 
which (is) short- 
cut to market. 

Ctts^S C»te 1 Student 

Shoit-cut road 
(is) that. 

That is market 

Rapetilion Drill 

» 1 «|1.J^ c»CT "IIW t 

•"•Jft CCS IW • 

* 1 >t? attl list 1 

1* »tCT«llrfl( 
ifil CTR llit ♦ 

8 1 son ■mm «iirit i 
inn WOT itci 1 1 

( 42 ) 


tn Assumase 

11 '^^ CTir T 

'jft ^ei cnaT T 

1* cirabs '(t^ I 
» I swrt^ cflsmi! c*i!reSi ; 

'wN^pi CIlHfliU C^I'rtTSt t 

(.•IIS11? c»(tcSt pilii 19R I 

Build-U|> DiUI 

«ii<ift c*pi ires ? 

( 43 ) 



1? WTiei ^rat I 
^BtWPl west I 

81 «W» 

ti «n J 


^•1^ C*na^ C*^at5l ? 

^ I V1^ 1 

( 44 ) 


Jn Asjamtsf 

i I »» Wot wits 1 I 

int «tw 'tst i 

VariatioD Drill 

*(lt"IH(rt CVWT 

< 45 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

Anintensitre Course 

C^'st'J I 

8 I 5m WCT ? 

6« C«CT ItH ? 
QuettioQ RetpoDie Drill 


( 46 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 



- irat «tCT "itrft 1 

vm «tt»i wics't 1 


• »ii<jrii »iBi <it5 ? 

■n-jl^ »t»i 11? t 


- >l* Wllisi 1{^ 1 

»J^ IWl^ ^^ I 


■ "jfsi^ciWT 

^fsi ^ (TJlfll t 


- S* C^Biltfl «« J 

1* cfeatfl 1t« f 


iwHtffi C'tt'ilffi CTt^cfel t 

Wtltn Cfl^Rl^ C^T^t^ T 


mtl^ Willi* cddi 1 

1Wlt*l C*tR^ Clk^ 1 


t^hH«i WH T 

C?1^<H WN? 

< 47 > 


An /Mauf M CowM 

6l: vtv*^* C*L^ 1 

tis: r»!^tt «|ei I 

1- Fill up the Uanks. 

(•) W^c«« ♦ 

W ^ •^ ? 

W ^«t(?! ? 

( 4a ) DigmzedOyGOOgle 

2. Substitute the underlined words by the ones given 
in the parenthesis 

(1) pfl«p ^n I pnS, c^=i) 

ro ismt^ c^spn* ciRtSt ? (c^i, <«) 

3. Attach the correct forms from the column B to the 
forms from column A. 

Col. A Col. B 

wn (St 

4. Complete the following piece of conversation. 

(*) n% ^Bfl^^ ^■s I ^ ^t^l CTat ? 
(ti) w^ 114 

(») OTWbi cm=iilS (Tite I As'^i'i (WRtS cfllcSt ? 
(1) CIWH pte I 


^«trt 'market' 




'way, path, road' 



( 49 ) Diai.zodBjGoOgle 

An Intensive Course 


'straight, short-cut' 


'I am' 


'you (hon.) are' 


'you (more-hon.) are' 


'you (hon.) go' 


'you (more-hon.) go' 





Notes on Grammatical & Cultural points 

1. The veibs in this lesson are in the present indefinite. 
When two persons meet on the way and one asks where 
the other is going, generally the present indefinite, not 
the present continuous, is used in Assamese. 

2. The personal suffixes used in this tense are : 

1st P. {sg -)-pl.) -4 

non-hon. -i 

2nd P. (sg. + pi.) hon. -«ir 

more-hon. -*fl 

3rd P. {sg. -I- pi.) -^ 

3. Verb stems ending in -1 or -«it take oblique forms ending 
in -'S when personal suffix -it is added; Jl occurs as a glide 
in betwe'en -« and -^ eg : »iT-}-»l1>C^?1; «lT+«lt>(?fl^ 1 

( 50 ) r- 1 

Digitized OyGOOgIC 

4. -c6t and -»R arc definitives. When some noJn or pronoun 
is required to the mentioned definitely, such definitives 
are added. Some nouns (and the pronouns referring to 
nounsl take C^; some other nouns (also pronouns) take 
-^ I Tlie following examples may be seen ; 


'the pen' 


'the book* 


'the house' 


'the table' 


'the shirt* 


'the wall' 


'the day' 


'the door' 


'the mind' 


'the saree' 


'the poem' 


'the novel* 


'the scng' 


'the letter' 

Demonstrative Pronouns referring to the nouns would 
take -dt or -'R depending upon the choice of the 
nouns, eg : 

c^c§t *pm, pf)«H f*«t»t, 

C*IT^^ Pftc^, T?\^ «fW 1 

5. The sentence in the parenthesis does not confirm to the 
pattern introduced in this lesson. Since the context 
demands, this sentence is introduced here. 

No effort should be made to explain the sentoice 
here. The students have to wait till lesson no. IL 

( 51 ) 

.y Google 

.An /ntauiM Cam* 

Unit II : Lesson -6 


tsft 5t^^, .^1^ Mr. Hazarika 

: Hallow Sir. is 

it RadhaharsiT ? 

59, Jlf^C^t ^W- Salesman 

: Yes. it is die 

What (do) you 

1^; ?I»f^*J 

cm* g^^siT^ ^c*fH Mr. Hazarika 

: I want some 

ftr crafts 

pieces of 
clothes. On 
which direc- 
tion (are) the 
cloth-stores ? 


^Tft ^W "Cft^^ Saleanan : 

What type of 


you (arc) 

ft: ?T»P(*[ : 

I (am) look- 

^•Mf^tt : 

( 52 > 

(ing) for warm 

C»t»W ftBlo'l I cloth's store. 

^3f*t : ci^ipi ^m ^tc^t^^ Salesman : This is the 

$%IH 1 store. 

ft: ?1«f^ : ^« CT^CT® C*tt51* Mr. Hazarika ; Arc (there) 
6l: ^raftw ; ara 5ftJ« 'imn ready-made 

ITre c=l ? garments avail- 

Hi* S ? =*!« ' 

ftcaroi : W, artcs I Salesman : Yes, (there) 

fvf m : t.v, oi* { are 

Repetitioo Drill 

( 53 ) L,„z.„„Coogle 

Am htrmmnv Ctmm 

{3!** 5«aw^ ^Ip^ ^TCI I 

♦TCWf CTWHl*!* C**'f1I^ ? 

( 54 ) r- 1 

Digitized OyGOOgIC 

Substitudon Drill 


csm* r» TCI t 

cscafs* f* aTCT ! 
fl: 5Wft*t* 

jrfli* ft ijn ? 
8 I (») Pit* 5«nsilH »in« I1CT I 

(TitT 5*HitT!i ft^H PlTtt ) 

i?n? 5»ii!im "11^ aim i 

( 55 ) 


Am Intensifs Course 

(3ItT ^11^ 'IS «W I 

a? gafflnti? *rc*ll^ ftBIC^f I 
« I W lllpl CTI3 WWW fisic^ » 


«It<lf=l C*W C5Wt fnttCT t 


« I »? 1151 »1CT« ffll«l= f'StCT* I 


»( ins ^tt»it« cclnl tow" 
( 56 ) 


Expaniion Drill 

8 I m, IKS I 

( 57 ) L.o,,zodB,Google 

An Inttnsive Colas* 
Conlnciion Drill 

< I est* i'^iu im »int^ ncn i 
<?it» 5<R 5nii *n»m SUM i 

c»i* 5<B 'Rs *tcfm ntcn I 

Queitiu-Reaiionie Drill 

^(Tww f* mil » 

( 58 ) 


In Assamese 

Sw- tyat 5<is"Hs ittM^ 11CT I 

( 59 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

l!^«KI • 

( 60 ) " 

Jn Assamese 

ft Wsi^t WIS OTWR P5W t 

s«^ - h: 5wft«* ^nn incite cbw^ f«n i 

fill «1»ft*tl 'm *1W« CTl^l ftMCT I 

c>i? ww»iii^ sin fr t 


1 Fill up the blanks. 

{* ^it*iw^ — — ltd * 

(«> cm* 5 ?sw iipi 1 

(1) «l*'W5«l=i firaliBilcii 

(«) (WpiTt* l^ii ^w^ 1 

( 61 ; 


An InttnnPt Caurae 

2. Substimte the underlined words in the given sentence by 
the words in the btacfcec. Make necessary changes. 

(S) cm^ 5<^ f*!5f^ etTCT I ( f^BTCTT" ) 

3. Complete the following axiversatioD. 

^ I <*pa — «ra ^Rt ittt 1 «T55 c^fspra cttet* ttcs ct t 
*«^ — 


^\5?tlt 'sir. gentleman*. 

^, (^ *this* 

WH»H "a name of a market* 

W *jes, is* 

'WcTHt* (<^r^) 'you (bon.) in accusative* 

ffCt 'need* 

( 62 ) DigitizedOyGOOglC 

In Assamese 

cut? {<n^ 





'cloth, garment' 


*on which side ? 


'1 search for' 


'you (more-hon.) search for' 




'well then' 



Notes on Grammatical and Cultural points 

i I c?!^ — It is a term of address, used in more honorific 
sense. It is also used to make pauses by the 
native speakeis when the next sentence does not 
come to the mind readily. 

^ r •J\%, Ci? — ^Both are demonstrative pronouns, meaning 'this*. 
•s\t is proximate and c*i? is obviative. ^a? is used 
to refer to things or articles in front of the speaker 
and ci^ to refer to remote ones. -^ is also used 
as a 3rd personal (feminine) pronoun. 

These always take definitives-*^, -VI eta 
depending upon the requirement of nouns, as 
shown in the notes in Lesson No. 3. 

I 63 ) 


An lntensiv$ Courst 

Numerals also take such definitives depending 
upon the requirement of the nouns reffered to. 
But Ji*>^-and 5?>5-when definitives arc added 
to. eg; Ji^^, j\^, 5«i3|, 5^ I 

meaning 'need' is an irregular verb root. Its 
inflection is restricted to 3rd rerson in all the 
tenses- It does not take a personal prcuioun or a 
noun as the nominative, eg: 

CT^ffitCI 'Ineed' 

^C*lt^ »TtCt 'need cloth' 

(?n? ^WK sitW *I need cloth* 

Accusative case-suffix : 

The case-suffix for the accusative in Assamese 
-^ or-«if I -^ is added to the vowel ending 
nouns whereas -«R« is added to both consonant 
ending nouns and pergonal pronouns. 

The following personal pronouns ending in 
vowel take oblique shapes in -« before the 
accusative case suffix is added. 

( 64 ) DigmzedOyGOOgle 

In AssiUHeat 

>b I Plural suffix4<9 : 

This plural suffix is added to nouns and demonst- 
ratives in non-honorific sense This can also be 
added to all kinship nouns in both hon. and non> 
hon. senses. 

s I Use of the verb '9^'' 'be' : 

This is the 3rd person present tense verbal form 
of the vcrbroot 'be' It is used as a copula. While 
tutning such sentences into interrogative or 
negative* the verb "W' appears, c g; 

^ '■ -"It^ : This is an approximation marker. It is added to 
the combination of numeral+definitive, or to 
interrogative + definitive 

( 65 ) DigmzedOyGOOgle 

An /iittffutM Coursa 

Unit II I 

Lesson —7 

Buying Vegetablca 


; 'dw, "(k*, 'rai 


; Come on I 


cheap sales. 

iialT 1 atoi WI 

Gourd, brinjal. 

aw, ^isn, WIS 

potato and 
pumpkin at 


cheap rate. 

U: fT»ft*l : C5^T, "n^f c*f» Mr. Hazaxika : Hallow, how 
i^^. ^iFsrfim : ^, m^ kfn much potato 

f^v\^ ? per kg. ? 


; iS^CT^ C'ftf tflfe*t 


: (The cost o£) 


: ^\ix ^ "Ca^ 

these are 


Rs.1-20 per 

fw 1 4l»*te >!ew 

kg. (The cost 


of) those 


Rs i-3a 

fil: #lwft*t 

: »lt^ c^twMIM 

Mr. Hazalika 

: What ahout 


5n« Hhi^Iu 

( 66 ) 


/n Assamese 


the gourd and 




: 51tSf c^fa! <»t^ Salesman 

: (The cost of) 


gourd is SO 

'IT'', Sran: 

per k g Take 

W7\ 1 Hl(<4>^ 

coconut Sir, 

««* 6H, CTW BW - 

Rs. 3-50 per 

51^ ^n, ^ ^ 

f«rii>»i 1 


fiifest r 

fil: 5t«l^»1 

: 11^ sftEpfWi, snS Mr. Hazarika 

; Give me 5 

fti: ^ra 1^1 

: "igqt^fea^ ara 

k g. potato 

1 k.g gourd, 

f»OTt 1W =11^^51 

3 kg. brinjal 


5T^ felt 1 irw 
differ ft^ 1^ 

and 4 coconut 
Reduce (the) 

SIW ?5i» „t 1 

price a little. 

i$R«'re qr 1 

» 1 ^iw, It?*, w wt^ 1 

itw, ire^, "rat w^ 1 

( 67 ) 


An Intmsivi Cowu 

4 1 ^^ ipra •It's, OT«^, ^. cww I 

»RIt IW^ •lt'8, CTC«^, '^t'J^ C'tWt^t I 

« ( cwt, ^t»n c'fr f^iH T 

owl, 11^ c*ftf f^i^rt^ t 

41 CT^C^W ^afe^ tw I 

H I V^ C^9 »Ht •ftst, OTOTN •WM I 
•ift^ C^fil ^1^ •ftpT, CTOMW •fWM I 

^t¥^tfTw 5tft%t finrt I 

< ® ^ DigitizedOyGOOgIC 

In Assamttt 

Sobidnidmi Drill 

i I »rat w^ •fl'i, cw^, 11^, c^tCTW I 

»raf iw^ CPW I 
^ I cwt, ^f^ c^ftr f%^ T 


cwt, »n^ c^fr f^H ? 

< 69 ) DigitizedOyGOOgIC 

An tnUnsiM Covrs* 
(1) jfe!« P^ "^5*1 ftl I 

8 1 ^ tM^^i^n^ ^K^ ? 

t 1 (*) 51lS^ C*f» It^ 'ffiH I 

OTSi'T^ C«f« «*t^ *ft5l I 
C«CT1^^ C^ftl '0'^ "fel I 

(«) fl!*^ c»fa 'W'^ i?st I 
81t§^ c»fe I'H •tlst 1 

(I) SIlfrFl »!■« 6m I 

( 70 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

'" Assamese 

CT»I B1CT 5lfl S»( c 
OT't SW •tiB 6»t I 

dut 5tt^ fill S»1 1 

b- I (») ql« Jlfiiwt 1*51 I 

mS jiBt lim I 

» 1 HW mm »it^ W I 

mil ^iw »:it» CTt»i t 
n\i vem *iit* liBif I 

1 Drill 

» I (») cw, "din c^fii ftifw » 
( 7X ) 


An Intensive Course 
CCT, Jllc^ 11^ C»l« f»11»l t 

C?1t, J1»CS« 11^ C»1» f*«ts ! 
(I) C«t, TOWS Wsp «!» f^lH t 

csm, OTWs J!*ci' "t^ i:'f» f'"'' ' 
c«i, »W5 Ji*rw «il=i» c»f» f»>it=t ? 

sflS OTpntf^ iiw^ c'fi ppni t 

«1 (7MtBlCTf«f5|S«l 

( 72 ) 

Digitized Oy 


In Assamtn 

iltl^^M Bin »|511 Vk* m I 

1 1 ro«»iipim 'm^ ? 

rf OTiSiiiCTw mvf\ ? 

Cootraction Drill 

^ I 1^ 5f^« eit^S c^t€*I1 «fl^ WCTt^ I 

SRST W5 ai1^ C^«ill I 

*1'3t iT^ ffll^ (?irein I 
* I C5^, ^^l^ Cftf f^lll ? 

Ifl^ CfW f*'!!'! ? 

*^^ C^fW f^lR T 

< 73 ) 


An /ntetuiiv Court* 

81 »H^ CTft «It^ *t?5t I 

»it^ ^T^*l^ I 

m^ «(t^ *i?5ti 

8Tt^ lilf^PTt tNt I 

(TH "I'm ^iit^ w 1 

( 74 ) 

.y Google 

Word-order Ghaatfiag Drill 

"rat ^»w, "^i?*, nT?* i 
1^ wl^, ^i«*, ^w J 

8 1 atftvn CTN1 6W W=i5»1 1 
=itf5|»»^ Btc^ f^^S»t wit I 


( 75 ) * 

Ah Imatnpt Caase 

Q nwlin j R «i| i Mn Drill 

*«»— ^^ C*fr ^S»l f*1 1 

-^* c*fti *fi5»l ^ I 

afl — C'K^f eft f^^ ? 

tsl— OCB^n C»fi« "WX IfeT I 
CTStW C*f« •WH ffct I 

mi— 'tSM c*fii 1*"it=i ? 

HS^ «f» C»ft felH J 
S«1— »ItSl C*f* IP^ •«Bt I 

•itS^ ctSi if^t iSn I 
( 76 ) 


In Assamese 

S^— "tPwW (TlWt 61CT f«l^ ?»1 1 
sit^W <7I1^ BtC^ 1%f^ S»t I 

as— f»w CTfti laS^i ft^ ? 
f*5^ w^ '«6»i ftn r 

•iln^^ c»f« JlS*1 fsM I 
4W— ff«^ »f» 'ispl-l ♦l?6! J 

f«s^ c^ ♦iwn i?6t J 

*^— PBPd^ CTf« 1»M 1?61 1 
C^«^^ wftf *WM 'ftBT t 

<sM— 1%w c«fti »rt "tot I 

■ ft^ C*l% 'It'^ itst » 


An Intmtsiiie Ccufst 

SW— BtS^ «ft »lrfr itBt I 
!»Sl c*ft 11* 1*61 I 

a«— f^«^ <w« KCT feft 5»t » 

*B^— =nft»«n CTtTt 5I« fsfil 8* I 

=itf%»»n am sw Wii i»i i 

^5^ — ^5tll^t^ ^q^tl Bl^lW, CTC«^ p8(*(l*f*f sflCt I 

( 78 ) HoilzodByGOOgle 



1. Fill up the blanks : 

(*) »it^ *11*p c»%« I 

(1) Sllftsfsi^ 6W fs's %« I 

(1) tSW 'rat IW! «ll^C'l«=I1 I 

W CTssrt »n(iM 1»E1 I 

(6) C«tPlWt .ilftCTt fit5t I 

2. Substitute the underlined words by the words given 
in brackets ; 

W) (?i*CTW e^( g j5^ Ph I (5?, f^fii, nf^, •tTs, 
(1) WIS TOCTtl ^m 11:^ ! ( =ltft?!l, c^tpn^, ad^, 

S'^M. ^^, ^wi ) 
( 79 ) Diai.zodcGoogle 

An Intensivs Course 

11^, CT» ) 

(6) m^ "sm ^sit^ «1 1 ( cwjt, fBiit ) 

3. Give short answer — 

(¥) ^itsji c»f« <iiS»t fipi, Jii^ "tt^ I sitij^ "rai (3 itS 


(«1) mSi c^st «i1^t, ««ini ffM I 11^ isl (3 
(1) n«Pi»l* SI'S crt c»f» niPt » 


Irt* 'you (more hon.) come' 

■W^ 'you ( -do- ) take' 

fiRIT 'you C hon. ) give' 

W 'you (-do-) take, catch, hold on" 

1^ 'cheap* 

^ 'rate' 

1lS '^urd' 

C^=rt 'brinjar 

»lt»l, 'potato' 

( 80 ) 

Diai.zodB, Google 

-In Assamese 





PPfi? (^OTt) 

















■3J (three and half)' 









Grammatica] Notes 

"^tW : ^1^ 'come'+2nd person (imperative)-«l7 I 
■•IW : 1- •receive' + 2nd person (impetative)- 

'W> -«v I In case of verb stems ending 

in vowel -^ or -'(T, 

-«!*> -«* I t[ -•w>f|«i 

ft -1»>ftW 

Da i-M;,OoOgle 

4 81 ) 

An Intensive Cot^st' 

The genitive (as well as the other case suffixes) are the 
terminal suffixes in the word formation in Assamese, 
The suffixes for marking number, gender etc would be 
first added to the noun . stems (including pronouns) and 
then the genitive suffix and other case suffixes would be 
added eg: 

C^^ or c^tn means 'pair'. This is used to mean the articles 
or objects which are usually referred to, counted or sold 
in terms of pairs — 

C^ is also used as definitive. 
^t^^-CTt^ = ^ft=¥sn;^^ "the pair of cocoanuts* 

5^-CTt?=5$pJt'( 'the pair of eyes' 

55sjt-CTt^=55*iTc^ 'the Spectacles' 

.y Google 

( 62 ) 

Unit II : Lesson— 8 
Reviaed Lesson 

RblWI 1 

8 1 tiiH4i6 cnkSt I rf»H WW I •jft'ipi* ^«m^ .1 pS'b mo 

s I m^, sitsi, cfttiWCT, if!c^=[p( cf* ftit=i ? 
»• 1 Ji»wm wfti *S^ 1W1 1 

BtWt ft* 1 Miftw sTOT 5W I ,, I Google 

/ CO 1 

An Imensiva Comm- 
RepMidon Drill 

« I SI* 5WH 5f tttt^i cirW^ fiblMl I 

.y Google 


>8 1 ^rt^ »tf^, cwii, c^tpn^ lies f 

CTt^ ?<PR1=I VtWI^ BfW I 


An Intensive Course 

^f I la^Rm C*f«r >il5»t I't'M I 
•simm c*fw laS^ •»« I 

P5WW fit iHpi r 

Subttitution DriU 

5 1 "l^aCT^rfll 

5f5 .. 

5ft aid «t»t ? 

(•86 ) . 

Jft Asaamese 


05C«1U5 'Wt TtPIt^ OTt^t^ fiFWl 


•■ Digitized OyV^iOOyiL 



'^^bi it'sr 


•a*^ istwin crWi I 

>a*^i *tt»ltiinmi 
*fl^1 11% CVfCTtHI IWtl I 


In Ajsamest 

CPtj^ 5<t=Rt^ ^tWtf 5ITW I 

•n^ CTlw f*>n=i f 

w^ ivt ^T cm I 

( 89 t Diai.zodBjGoogle 

Am Intemive Qjutm 
ODestioD-Reaponse Drill 

few— %t«R*l «c>l5hf f>PRr ( 

?&5^— «ift<i cF)5^ ^feiT ?ta > 
afii ce^jft $%t 6t3 • 


fes^— 35t»ft« aHI^ Itlf I 

S«^— SstSl^W ^ SWIS i CUMit^ W ^«I Ills ( 

ftswft* on lies » 

4fa— ^ift^t ^ ^5 ? 

< 91, > 


An Intensive Coma 

%w— SwipRt wtitsi m I 

aim — c5c*5 CTt^ ^BH^ ^5 ? 

cw — ?t8f1%^T^ f^ 'ltd ? 

i»— cft^TO «c=i ettwf litre » 

f 92 > 

In Assamesi 

a"!— TOWS »II^ CTfi! ftsiW t 

WW5 ^m^ c^fSt f*w=i » 

*«^— WflTS "H^ CTf* '«S*1 fii I 
Wl^** It^ CTfif iil6^ fk^ I 

( 93 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

Am Intensive Course 

Unit II : Lesson -9 
Test Lesson ^ 

cfic^ ^\ 1* *1'^ I That is a small boy. ' 

^I'^cSl Hi ^"fts Tbe boy goes to school at 

^ 9lt*l ^ra 1 «r? ^I'S 10 O'clock. No body is with 

^ni API I ml ail 

C^*?t =rt? I =51* 5^1 ^i°i- He needs six post cards, 

C*lt^*l^, iraSl t^WS seven inland letters and nine 

It^ =iSl ^>J ^1n I envelopes. 

lire =Bi «w aril I 

ft .4^1 ^5^*^^5 clWla ' ^13 C^lc^.^ He enters into a post-office. 

fii mi B5«i ati™ I ara ^wtc 

f>fCTI 5«l«f6fSf!lW 1 .' re <he) buys these hingsX 

fe^ 1 5«ii f%& raa I 

5IPI ntl ft^ c^# «^ I (He) writes two letters. Soon 

Wt^ Nfe "ftg^ I 

«rt -1^ prat? silCT r he posts letteis. He gets thirsty. 

fil <a^ 615 ott*H5 (?\tm I He enters into a tea-stall. 

fff "l^R ^I^ <{l*l«W ^t«W I 

( 94 ) 


In Assemese 

»n^ stfii I f^3 5t5 -^t^n I (He) drinks water. But he 

(does) not take tea. For he 
*Ri ?rsc ?wra T^^ ^T? I (does) not have money in 

hand. Now, on the way he 

5t5l «(^ C^^^ *IC? I meets Rina. Both read in 

5^ire«Mqitaq?l class 8th. He always stands 

ft, „,.„ :^.,a^ ,„.„ _.„ .A™, fe,>- first in the class. Rina stands 
ra ^I^ Moira SPW 5^ I flOTT reaw 

59 1 f»RC^ Etc? 5R ^15 "? ?! *fi5 I 2nd. They reach school at 

10 O'clock. (The) mistress 

ilp(n f*re "3^ 1^ ^c? I 

^[^ ffl^a^ JRH ^ 1 loves them. She is their 

C3« ft? '3' ^??Twt f"Wfgil I 

WriWa^ f.R^ Wist , E"*!'^'' »''"^- 

c»9 ^ s^filWl I She is very affectionate. 


1. Change into questions : 
(^ ) c^m Jwi^ I W «ti wS, OTSsir, c«lpiw «itt5 i (t) wsrft^w 

(6) 113 CTfOTS CmSl* ill* I 

Da i-M;AjlX)gle 

t 95 ) 

An Intensive Cowsa 

2. Change into negative : 

W ^StT 9It« ?W ^IC? I (^) I'^C^^ 51^5 'fel «(TC* I (t) ft Ftf 
(5) CTK 51^ ^Hll 'RlCS I 

3. Give die accusitive form of the following pionouns : 

(V) "rtt!^, (^) lit, (1) ft, (^) ^?, («; c^^3, (5) "rtfif, (») Ti^, 
(«f) ^ (^J ft?*^ I 

4. Select appropriate forms from both the columns to ob i 
correct phrases ; 

Col. I 
























5. Give the plural fotms o£ the following : 

f*3W, Jit, on^B, iR, <Mm\, OTtiti dtsw. ^•V' 
I'm I 

( 96 } 


6. Fill up the blanks with appropriate forms of the words in 
paienthesis : 

i 1 Jl^ f*SM I ( ^ ) 

^ I cscw tw* I ( ^tft ) 

e I >« *■» » ( s^ ) 

8 1 ^ *'« ? ( CSWS ) 

e I wfw fwH ? ( •n* ) 

7. Strike out the inapplicable words : 

8 I itTfii ^ftw »!«» / mm I 

8. Frame thirty sentences from the table given below. Make 
necessary dianges in the form of the wordf/stems : 
















< » ) 


An tntMuive C6w9e 

9. Below ate a few questions on the left. There are a few 
answers on the right Tick out the right answers : 
(f) 5|'^[?t C»C=I ? (1) f* (^) 51CT 

W art iTO c*tH Its t (^) ^it iits (i) c^cm It* I ■ 

W) 1il f* f»PI t (i) C«tTfe*t« ft) ftl^ 

W f»i ft ctt^ *CT » (^) fift *) cii$!n* 
(«) »N ^ PW5 >itci ? (1) »!'^c6w (^) ^-m 

(61 Bft CTl«1i« ft f» 115 J (i) 5t« (*) 11?t 

(s) ft5<a» c»iCT "m ^CT J (1) *lit? ft) ■qtow 

(9) CTH ^^ >«iiraW ? (i) Pwfijft (5.) 51'^cSt I 

10. Give short replies on the basis of the information in the I 

above lesson. 

(t) WT WS f>l f^ f* »w ? 
TO 51? 011*1^ ft PP ^CT ? 
(«) iral« fil ^^ ?RI tH » 
(5) "51^ 51^5^ *(^ «finE (3 T 
(S) ^llt C*W C«f^ 1C? » 
(«) (5S|%! pttil ««|i| 55 t 
(50 ft« IJJ (3?5»W ^^51 115 t 
M 1jh"i51 ^at* f^WMl C^ ? 
(*) CS'S CW ! 



In Assamese 










■ S 





'post card* 




'Inland card' 




'post office' 








'soon, at the same time' 







615 Cli1»11 





'for, because' 




'paisa, mone7' 

■ 4?^^ 

'this time' 

( 99 ) 



^t^ ^ 













'elder sister, mistress' 

i?sr ^s^ 










( 1^ ) 

Unit III : Lesson— 10 
In The Family 

ft: ?1»1%^ 

Mr Hazarika : Hallow, please 
take and keep 
the vegeta- 

Mrs Hazarika : What (things) 
arc (dure) ? 

: ^iV% C^CTI, Mr. Hazarika : Potato, bri- 

; m^, ki^, njal, tender 

c^lnJi C«fb «W ladies -finger 

'^WA ^t^ vn and ripe 

•WT «rfV5T I papaya. 

Mrs. Hazarika : No rice ? 

Mr> Hazuika 

: No, today 
{ffice of rice 
is much. And 
listen. Call 
on the boys. 
Let diem sec 

{ loi ) 


An InUnsive CoarM 

^R ^ C5t»ltC*T# 

the pairs of 

their shirts 
and pants. 

1^C55 ?wf^»t 

: ^, Jl^m «it5 1 

Mrs. Hazarika 

Minu, come 

ft^^ ^i3ifi*i 

^, ^psi^ W^ 1 

this side. 

Look at your 
pairs of clo- 


: Of^ ftsf, 5T4 I 


: Papa, give (mc) 


: ^^aift^n, "^fA* 

I (wUDsec. . 

ft: ?1^f^^t 

: (ST, CT, <* 1 «I1^ 

Mr. Hazarika 

: Well take and 

Pi: ^wf^ 

: ^, ^, T 1 vm 

keep. And 

«H 1 (?tH *UL^ 

listen. Fetch 

a cup of milk 
for me. 

5 1 <XV, fsWTCBtH, »f!5^f«lt^ Ctm 1 

CW, pirtelt, fSsHi^ «W • 

I L.a.-z=cB,Gooijle 

( 102 ) * 

<l ^f*'*!*? 

« I 5tSn =11? f 

t 1 ift, "Itfil Bifew ^ 11=1 1 

fiRiW row d^ C»feTO 51«* I 

< 103 ) 

An Itaeniivt Count 

^'W ^IC^ C^¥^ 5T|* I 

■a. I CSl, (3,11 

en, PI, 1 1 

5-0 I ^¥ ««, pit' Wtl J1*M 11^ 11^ I 
^¥ 0=), CW? fWI 'StM 1t^ "m I 


(^ ^ CBl^ I 

( Wf 7 -"'Google 

Im Assamtit 

•it^, OTsm, cfW»i wfs •«* •(•t «S«I I 

i\f I 

»«V *«^ CT^^il 6)ft I 

r 105 ; 

An Intensive Course 
ii I 6t4 I 

51 I (St, d 1 

C5t, d, 1 I 

>s 1 IW I 

(SH »WI AfW 11^^ «IW I 
SabKttotion Drill 

> I (?) (sv, fSrat csi=i, tiEftPift ew I 
am, w^spi, iisfiiPifsi pmi i 


H) sm, firat cspi, "iBMSlfsi cl«t i 


(»^, (?IC6PI, ItsfflWsi 1 I 

W 05<t llS^Wa WW 1 ' ' 

i.n zjcB.Google 
« 106 > 

«r, •it$Sir«if=i slit I 


^ I (*) f* f* "lira t 
(I) f* ft ins ? 

« I 61S1 It? » 


WS=lt sit* r 

8 1 iitiii Bifeif ^ <m { 
wtfii nsf^n ^ wts I 

"itf* nwt^t^ =« m^ 1 


•itfw snft*»n w <tii( 1 

( 107 ) 


An Imenstvs Comae 

♦ 1 (*J Win OT»iw6 (xtm^ Et«» I 

"mtK CtflW* C^?H el's* I 

' I (») %, JI?<K!?) W|» I 

( 109 ) DigitizedOyGOOglC 

In AjsanuM 

, *I5, 1'tolOT It r 
►• I «VM wtrm cfiipi sift I 

W*W TIPM CT^ c=ift I 


» I CI|S«t ftjt, 51^ I 



«S«1 ftW, "IICTt*! 

oi*si ftst, ft^l 
*• I W «1, <3, >( I 


Cfl, CT51I 
est, W, CT I 

W oi, PI, « I 

( 109 ) 


Am IntmsiM Cmarte 

*t9, PI, 1 1 

>i I W »ll¥ 01 I 


ii 1 W citi Wci -flTit il4*^ it^ r 

CT*m 7WI ^*w w^f list I 

a5i»fif»f» ^wpt >iww it<rw *5i » 

(«t) om *^i la*^ it^ ^s I 

.: . , .Google 

In AMomeae 


CTff *tni i4»w 11^ w I 

Expanilon Drill 

ItB^ f^ ft «11C5 t 
*tl5i»lft ft ^1« ? 

W ft ft Its f 

«ra ft ft m* I 
«t« ft ft ^cs t 

W5 E1%»I sn* ? 

»i •nftfiSm^wi 
I Ul ) 


Am Imum^ite Ccni* 

8 r f'av^ vtrtn c^<4 ei«# i 

ft« w ^w viptw c*%« Rw t 
1 1 K^\^v9 ^m 1 

0^ fra, ^ si4 1 

( HZ ) 

:y Google 

/ft Astamua 

C»1, PWl I 

cm, CTmi I 

5 t (?It? ft^ ^^»l ?11^ •It'* I 

GootracUon Drill 

* I lift BI?«« « »« I 
6Hn< 11 iti"i I 

n'r^ Href I 

» I '^m *t»w at«H Elft I 
( 113 ) 


An Inlensive CiHii i 

(1) !${i5? »tpW Btfl 1 
'■I Ctt, <7J, « I 

Quesdon-Respoose Drill 

^, 51^ ^ 1 
W ^tH, Pl^^I ^1T5 I 

•ItW> BtSsi ^ttt I 

( 114 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

S»~ »tC1« C^t«B »11 » 

^ic^^ c^lii jTi^iIw I 

5t« *W fltCT ? 

6K ft: ?1»ft»1» ntCI I 
«ra— ft: st»ft*t* Cf% *<1 '«^^ iflPI t 

ft: 5Wf'«t* «t »11 11^^ 1W » 

*s^— ft: swftfi* j>fn n^ 5mt i 

ft: «wS»W Jlifll 5|KW 51W I 


1. Fill up the blanks by choosing the appropriate words given 
in the brackets : 

( 115 ) HoilzodByGoOgle 

An Intensive Course 

(I) 51%»I sit* 1 («W1, SM, ill) 

(i) fiifai *t(7(i^ c^^^r* 5t«? I («i*^i;^, ^rs, ^^Y 

(i) «lw »tt»il^ cttii stfk I (jS, «it<jft, s») 

(«) fim, Bi« I (iilfi, ^fii, 's*, !i», life) 

(») — — CT, 1 1 (cw, ?l%, «*, SW 

(s) <?M «wi >«ti 515 "nsi (itiPi, cw, «*) 

2. Substitute the underlined words by the words given in 
brackets ; 

(«i) Wh ttcw (?rt«H SI'S* I (C5W, 5t, ft?fl 

(1) utw »tt«tW C»^»R Elft I (Srt. CSM^) 

W i«t¥ttsr 'tis I (It, 5t, csi) 

(S) C«t^ «1^C1 Jl»t»l 5t« V\1 I f%<St»l, *!W, slt^W) 

3. Change the underlined words to give opposite sense ; 

(•0 6t^=it?i 

(1) ^filBI%^^«vftill 

W ^ts, ^ii^'Wo'i ^tl I 

(«) ^ (?I I 

( U6 ) 


In Assamese 


rsRrt csm 

'please (you, hon take' 


'the vegetables' 


'(you, hon.) keep' 


'what (things)' 




'is not, has not' 




•much, high, very' 




'you (non-hon.) listen' 


'you (hon.) listen' 


•boys, sons' 


'you (call)' 


'them (non-hon)' 


'shirt and pant' 


■let (them) look, you (more-hon. 


'you (non-hon.) come' 


'your (non-hon.)' 


'come and see* 


'I see' 


'you (non-hon ) take' 


'you (non-hon.) keep' 

< 117 ) 


An Intensive Coursi 


'you (non hon.) bring' 


'a cup of 






'ladies finger' 





Grammatical Notes 

1. To express the imperative (2nd p. non-honorific) 

the bare nounestems arc used in Assamese, eg. 

2 -C5tsf' : Added to the verbal forms in 2nd person impeiative, 
it adds politeness or softness to the request or 
command made. 

3. 1% ^ : f% alone means 'what'. When reduplicated, it gives 
plural sense to what is referred to by 'what*. Thus 
other interrogaive pronouns may also be used 
reduplicated to give plural sense. 

4 ^t? : It is an irregular verb; it remains unchanged for all 

5. ^ : This plural suffix is used- ( i ) after kinship terms 
including ( 51*^1 ) 'boy' and ( csiTt^ ) 'girl*, (ii) other 

( 118 ) 

.y Google 

In Assamese 

human nouns and pronouns in non-hon. senie and 
(iii) class nouns (animals and birds) used to refer 
to human in abusive terms. 

e\'^\9 !5 here is used in approximate plural sense 
It does not mean a number of sons or boys but 
son(s +daughtcr(s). or boy(s) -t-girl(s). 

6. PtfJ! : 5T+ft!<^f^ coming', taken together etf? means 

'come and see', thus C?ft means 'come and give', 
oft means 'come and take'. This -ft again is added 
to verb ^- "go" to give ^ft l 

7. t*j^»l : <fl<*il*+^H I Thus other nouns used as unit of 

measurment may take ^ of «iiv, 5- of 5^ and f^f^, 
bTI^ etc to denote the number of units. 
8 *lCTt1^C?*f^ : It is the corresponding plural form of 
^rntta I Thus, other nouns, followed by defi- 
nitives, may be pluraliscd by inserting -c*?- in 
between the nounstem and the definitive. 

( 119 ; DigitizedOyGOOgle 

An Intensive Course 

Unit III : Lesson -II 
Calling on a Friend 

ft: ?lwft^1 : ?5fi, ^-^VS^ I Mr. Hazarika : Bubul, listen 

^ : f« CB^ ? Bubul : What papa ? 

ft: ^Wf^^t : 'P*^ ^^ ^1^ Mr. Hazarika : Phukan uncle's 
U^<.^^ ^o"se you 


'njl : ftC'flw'SW, flSta1*M Bubul : (I) know papa. 

ftvtw, ^'racSt I On (the) other 

side of the 

tree, the 3rd 


ft: ^twftft . ^iCBt^ ^, ^1* Mr. Hazarika : Go please, 
utf««tti(t'l I Bubul. Call 

on (your) 

^9 : 5511 ?, KCTt CsW Mimi : Wait BubuL 

goCing) with 

( 120 ) 


In Assamese 

f«l; Stwf^^l : ^ sn^I^ 1 "it *re I Mr. Hazarika , 



Minu, don't 
go. You read. 
And Bubul, 
listen. You 
don't make 
delay. Don't 
enter any- 
where on (the 

(I) won't 

enter papa. 
Sister, keep 
seeCing) me 
from the gate- 
way. Dcm't go 

Repctitioo Drill 
( 221 ) 

.y Google 

An Intensive Course 


.( 122 ) ^ 


BuUd-np Drill 

J 1 

0=ltBt=l 1 

^fl, ^S^CBIH 1 



ff wS^st ! 


feilCT t 

^^ 1b=( ct ? 

^^ ^^tS\ fs^ ct ? 

^[^ «fir^n ^=(t^ fts^CT? 



S<?ft B*5t I 

« 1 


I*l*l*lt«l ^^iltw J 

^scan*11^ fJl^c^ ^^t^ ! 




■^N^ snfs «it5(bl 1 

^^^ ^l5* 'Ht^ 11^ 1 

^1C6H, ^^^^ W^ ^f^ ^*lbt 




?3fi », 11« 1 

?3?n, icst *« 1 

( 123 ) 


An Intensive Course 


fm stiffs I 
S> I IB 

io I CI 

Sufaatitution Drill 

(I) ^51, 0=it5t=I I 

( 024 ) 


ft ^IwS ? 

»?=! 5«1 'W6f IN <?I » 
(1) ^^=1 ^1W ^^tSl fl^ C=I ? 



»rt*t«*st I 

' 125 ) Dia,i,zodB,Google 

An Intensive Course 

<iti6Tsi .afii, ^rtT mfe «ii=ii^ I 
(1) flwi 0^, •^^» vh "itiiti I 

II SHI *« I 

^5C?t *t! I 

( 126 ) r- T 

In AsMomtse 




< 127 ) 


An Intensive Comil 

(1) =a*w® cw* i^Fm »ffl 61? i*wt I 
=n?w'S ^_;iBW t^r^f »nt 5t? iw I 
^SbS, afiw ♦isf'n •111 61? «tw I 

1 (sf ) !il*CT%, *^»1 awflt 1 


^<mS ?t»iwi 5iwf^ 1 

(1) ^Ipfe, iWal I 


iftwS, s(tfwl 1 


^^cHs, ^f?^ 1 


^l^wi, plPrn 1 


^ftoHs, ^^ 1 


( 128 J 

In Assamese' 

ExiMntton Drill 

s I v^A ^5W ^^t fc=i (a t 

(3W»J«' '^'1 Uf" "iSi ft' 13 1 

csH/'W '^ ^^1^ 1?l^' w^t 1w (?H 

i;»=i ^jt^ ^tSt fccft OT^ I 

^^^ ^rt <nc5t fsrit u^ I 
e 1 ^ a<rft I 

5l5 «t siwft 1 

jRi »s =iiitr? 1 

8 1 

«* «HW si*(%f» 1 

»t ^#3 1»p iJTftft I 

«? <1^ •flsi si»ftft 1 

« 1 

^i^ »'c«i lalCTWft 1 

^ ^§^ Vc^ CTlCTtJftft i 

( 129 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

An IntatKve Courtt 

^ I «!c»* pit* 5ft "I1»t I 

1^ I ^lilt's, *^'t*t ^WJt I 

^I^S, ^ft *t^*t ^H^ t 
Gonlraolioii Drill 

1 I 9»il MIT? ^C5l ftil PI ? 

*. I ^rsm wi, «t*w ntfis "H^ I 

( 130 ) L., z=c,,Google 

/« Assamese 

(1) 1^^^* Itfis at=itl I 

Variation Drill 

» I (cam) i^m «^rti fCT n t 

( Pl« ) l^^rt ^^ ftsi CT f 
< I ( CTH ) otSsW *51>lc6t ft=t CT » 

( OT^ ) wSw^ ^jracSt fR est ? 
( 131 ) 


i^\ An Intensiit Courst 

Ttansformatioii Drill from NefatiTe to Afrirmilire 

Tranifbrniatioii Drill from Affirmatire to NeiatWe 

* I W", \^« ^iSt (Et CI t 
W' 15"^ '''^ ft=l (3 ? 

« 1 ft:<l «*5t I 

i J 

( 132 ) „,„„„,Google 

Queitiea-RetpooM Drill 

■an— \'^c>i f^^s^ w ftpi CT ? 

'Ss^ - 5?, ^W »_*=i^ ^ ftpl I 

ant— "^jit ''^*" =ilf« iti W ! 

(•I) =1W, ^tl *^*=I» Itfe IIP I 
1«l, ' sw » ?=If Itfe IW 1 

( 133 ) LiioiizodBjGoogle 

An Intensive Coiau 

finjj— ^g?i ;ilfefs c*ItH19 (>I ? 

?[59i ^tfe« CTtiiTg CI 7 

^■^SH SI* ttC* C=l » 

59, *5C3 61? !|tCf I 
«I9- ^5 <n5 PI ? 

^^^-- ^5 5?111g I 

sl5 snini I 


1. Fill up the blanks :— 

(') U? 0=IC6t=I I 

( 134 ) 


In Aj3am*se 

2. Substitute the underlined words by the words in the 
brackets : — 

(1) IliSW ^^m I («lt5, *1, El, C) 

W) t^l ■• ' (""'' ''?• ""l' 

(«) <S* 1^ I (f«) 

3. Give reply : — 

W ?!=fi ?J»w c»ta » 
(I) !l»ft»t n^n ctPi t 

(1) "fl? Ufi^ c*li ? 

(s) 53f5i ii? *CT w r 
(5) ^ ^1^ cirara c^ ? 
ft) ?^» 31CT 61? «nc* » 

4. Turn into negative : — 

(*) 1* 5t4 c«*5t I 
W *tWS 115 I 

( 135 ) Dia,i,zodB,Google 

An Intensive Comse 

(«) 'WSS C1W 1 

(5) 15» It 1 

5. Turn into asscrative : 

(?) '5? =(»ftft 1 

W tftcuS JWfet 1 

(t) fii <ntiit ftfea 1 


!ii5 i^ti r 

(is) HS 5t5 stl>«« 1 



'(your, non-hoa) uncle* 


'(you, non-hon.) know' 


'I know' 


'please (you, non-hon.) go* 


'(you, non-hon.) call on' 


'(you, non-hon.) wait' 


"(you, hon.) will go' 


'do not go' 


'you (non-hon.)' 


'(you, non-hon.) read' 


'(you, non-hon.) listen' 




'do not make (you, non-hon )' 


'do not enter (you, non-honj' 


'I won't enter' 

( 136 ) 


In Assatmst 


'cider sister' 


'(you, hon.) keep seeing 




Grammatical Notes 

: «^t 'uncle + ^, a marker to show kinship rela- 
tion with 2nd person honorific 'gft + genetive 

Inflection of the kinship terms for jiersons 
(allocation) is a peculiarity in Assamese. The 
hare kinship noun is used in vocative and it 
shows its relation with 1st person. To show 
relations with different persons the following 
markers are added : 

{non-honorific -^ / -^^^ i 
less honorific -^"/-'^'I' 
more honorific - ^ / -iP^ i 
3rd person -^ / -ifl* I 

',. -'f, -'f occur after -«tt ending kinship 
nouns, -^^, -^^1 -lil^ elsewhere. 

«5R^ : «PlM +accufative-«I* I 

^^ ^aitt ; ittf^il^ is a compound verb, meaning 'call on'. 
^ meaning 'going* is added to it expletively. 
Taken together, the whole formation means 
'go and call on'. ^ may also be added to the 
verb Tt 'go' eg. ^t 'go' 

( 137 ) D.g.tzedOyGOOgIC 

An Intensive Court* 

iWft : It is a negative form of the imperative verb 

form ^ I To form the negative of the verb 
form (present simple, past simple & future 
simple) in Assamese ^i is prefixed of which the 
syllable nucleus -^ is assimilated with the 
vowel of the initial syllable of the verb. 

The negative forms of the imperative verbal 
formations in Assamese end in-l?)^^, (which is 
a Future tense marker) to which peraonal 
suffixes of the Future tense are added. 
Thus : 

For details of future tense formation and their 
negative construction please refer to Lesson 
38 to 42. 
6. Bl^lt^t : 5T^-i(t^-Brt I To express the continuity of action 
•i is added to the main verbstem and the 
auxiliary «(T^ occurs as the second component. 
The tense and person markers are added to the 
second component. 

7- ^^fflWl : ^*I whereto +C^t i ^tnc^t occurs only in nega- 
tive constructions, and where the related verbstem 
is ^-'go' «fR- 'come' or, *6t- 'send'. 

8. ^'P5f : ''"S wherein +« I This also occurs in the nega- 

tive constructions only as ^b'lC^ I 

( 138 ) L... .Ooogle 

Unit III I Lesson -12 
Naughty Bubul 

1^: ?tifft^ : ^ *cTc« sitcw Mr. Hazarika : Bubul does 

not go to 


times. His 
physique, in 
most of the 
times, does 
not keep well. 
So I donot tell 
him anything. 
(Rather (I ask 
him to sleep.) 
But he does 
not listen. 

ft: ^^R 

t c«t»itceiU* "St* Jic*t Mr. Phukan 
5^ hli I 

( 139 ) 

You do not 
say him any- 
thing. (You) 
never scold. 
So, he becomes 
so much 



An InUKsivt Caurta 

fit: swf^l ; Jrti i fn ^f^51 vt Tvlr. Hazarika . Yes. He now 
5^ CSis I ■31PC^ becomes very 

dit*l S1S1CT I nau^ty. (He) 

docs not know 
anything (of 
what is) good 
{and what is) 

Repetition Drill 

^1 5^ HtXi' ''^l' "? ^^ '^^ ' 

55=1 ^1^ mc» 'ij^ =iW9 I 

C*|t^W ^ «T» .ilC^ s?*« I 
8 1 'Wt ^ "^T^^ *« I 

( 140 ) DigitizedOyGOOglC 

^^. ft lilf^gT ^ ^ t*C5 I 

'«ipi c^t vflc^T srwiw 1 

Build up Drill 

^^ Ht9 JtiOT \Slt5I sft^ I 

( 141 ) DigitizedOyGOOgle 

An Jntensiye CouTsa 

III 31^4 I 

II? ^z^ =t*« I 

i?rt^tp n* %Pf lit*' 'I'-s I 

llf^si ?«' I 

«? Ilftsti 'ia I 


fn *<«t 5^c=i I 
ft? f>i ««(t ^K^ I 


csintpitc* <sim (?itc*w I 

ft5§i«! I 
fil ?ilt^5^t5W I 

pica Pi tiin 5$ ^ I 
( 142 ) 

z=c B.Google 

In Astamese 

•^r, ft « gS tscs I 
i« I trnv I 

ft ^tfftC^ 

ft JlC»t SWtPI I 

ft sm (Tin Jiw =it»tc=i I 

Subttitutioa Drill 

i 1 tip) g^ii Sites S11CW ^^^ff^t^ sn^ I 

^1 !11t» tC '»^lt»l =itffil I 


ft mc» sitcx ■»^')%»i =iW5 1 
aali Jitcai iic» ^^nti ^t*i i 

( 143 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

An fnlensiiv Course 

(^) 7^ n^P 5T» "^^eitei =1^11 1 
5^ »'.CSr snc» ^ eit^l ^C 1 

(71?*t^r^ SI? £,Uff *»»«* 1 

( l-H ) D.g.tzodCyGOOgIC 

In Assamese 

« I (*) (jBtnttmc* w^ .awt (?itc«ut i 

'jft at* ■aw (?ilc*W I 
(1) wnpiti* 's[f ~stM cxc^m I 


raiitwtc* ■at*! ftfsfl I 
( 145 ) 


An Intmiive Course 

Word-Order Chflngioii Drill 

i I ^3»i itOT sira "s^iitti !iws I 

1TC«f flew ^551 ^^fflt^ ^t9 t 

SHW IIW ^ ■J^eftfl =1TO9 I 

« I piNc^ 1* "SI* law lifa 1 
8 1 ft? Pi ^T 5<SCT I 

( 146 ) 


In Aisamest 

fi f*a wt 90C3 1 

sf* cswipnw •awl ctIctw i 

GontrflcUon Drill 

^ I «H It «tra wti inttt* I 
^^ It "StCT =tt<(tw I 

«1^ »tt "WOT siNIW I 

pi?^»R !it .aw it^S I 
( W ) 


An launsive Coursi 

8 1 ff ? fs »«ti "rscii I 

ft? ft 5^W I 

« I (CTf%»e) lift 

(CfhvW) t^l I 


ill ft <sta cth (i»ceit) fen 1 



! J Affirmftt'iTe to NejatiTe 

I ! i I ^J?l fll^ Wc5t fepl I 


'1 -{.148 ) D,z=oB,Google 

In Assamaa 

^a liit^ ^cSt fiftt=i I 

^«f%5W 5|<TC5r 

^JOT f^'SW illro I 

( 1*9 > DB.zoas.Google 

An Intensive Course 
Question-Respoase Drill 

^SR It C*C=i "UK ? 
few— ^H^ Tl "5151 ^^ I 
^551^ It 'St^ sroi 1 

^^sn It »itf»»if*i WW itc? d I 

fe«— 11^, 1551^ 11 am stpi =iiitc^ I 

sti, ^^ iH atra wpi iiitt^i I 

«f9_ fil ?stt «51 « ? 

1il »<<t «PI CI » 
Ssn— fi| ^It «recsi I 

ef^— ^ai c^pi t^ t 

( 150 ) 


/it Assamese 

era— i_3,si WW »ti» 's ti^ iii^j pif» ; 
=i,?_5i into strta ^^sit»i iiW5 CTf% » 

%S^— .iir / W, ^_^^^S! IlltSI >IW -f^ itW5 I 
•i«I / CT, ^^^^>1 ntw iHOT \5lt«l HW? I 

?5C=i f'ti OCT ca f 
few— 5a / ^^T, «^^ w ^^1 iSCT ) 
«5 / Jir, ^^\Pi ^it OCT I 

em— a^_c»l <8lsi CiW f5CT CT t 

V^a?*' "sti <;^ few CT ? 

( 151 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

An Iniensive Course 


1. Fill up the blanks with appropriate words from the 
brackets : 

(») i[<ic^ I (^_^^ t*i, ^ ^ ?i, ^ 1 n?) 

ft) "Si?! c^t lic^ fttew I (f^o, t*i, ^) 

(«) 15t^ -SttCT '®tt1 11^* 1 (tl. ittCT, Ht^) 

2 Transform the following sentences (as indicated) : 

(t) ^^ Blew HtCW ^^51^ Sfl^ I ?fe?tbW) 

3. Give replies 'as indicated) to the following questions : 

(qt Hit* ^^a^ffi* fip^ *5P( T (wi^B* N^) 

4 Use the pairs of words in sentences : 

(^) 0^M : C*1^t«. (D) .act : f*^, 
(1) «nc» *f1C^ : •£ftCT, i%) (M'ftC^Vf '• cst^twt*, 
(€) ^? : CICT 1 

< 152 ) DigitizedOyGOOgIC 

/« Assamese 





* word/speech' 






*he (non-hon.V 


"his (non^hon )' 


'him (noa-hon.)* 


'you (honorific ; plural)* 






■bad, unfair' 






'very often' 




'so much* 












f 153 ) 



An Intensive Cause 


■does not go' 


'does not remain* 


'( I ) donot say' 


'does not listen' 

l[^ ?« 

'moves around' 


'yo-J (equ ) do not say' 


'you (equ.)do not scold 


'iias become' 


'does not know' 

Verbal forms, less the 
initial syllable, have 
been introduced ear- 
lier. Here, the negative 
formations are intro- 

Notes on Grammatical and Cultural Points 

Further illustrations of negative formations arc given 
in this lesson. Verbs are in present tense, indefinite 
aspect and indicative mood. 

/tumi/bccomes /tomalok./ in the plural. Likewise/apuni/ 
becomes/a ponalok-/ The /-e/ in /tomaloke/ is the nomi- 
native sutfix, used only when the verb is transitive. 
Its use may further be illustrated like this : 

( i ) Nouns and pronouns ending in conconant take the 
nominative suffix -^; ^jc^l sit«fftl I c^t*ltOTTC^ 

( 154 ) 


(ii) In case of nouns ending in -1 or -11 the nomi- 
native suffix takes the form -? ( CTR : fks^ 'ttTi, 

(iii^ In case of -^ ending nouns, the nominative suffix 
takes the form -CT i (M^ : ^fkm «flg ^i^T^ ^ I 

(iv) In case of -^ ending nouns, the nominative suffix 
takes the form -C5 I C^C^l ; flgtfl t15 I I^C? *1CB I 

(v) Pronouns ending in vowels do not take any suffix 
in the nominative. 

^f%f W is a verb-compound. It is formed following the 
principle illustrated below : 

-% is added to the principal verbjtem; the auxi- 
liary occurs as the 2nd component, to which the 
personal suffixes are added to. 

Digitized OyGOOgle 

t 155 ) 


Unit III : Lesson— 13 
Oipak s Fmanify Hlliafy 

f^ : <^«l C5«t mtti\ ^ JXcak -. Li not it Dda 
Ct PlianMCy? 

WW* . *ft, .aS« cs»! T*:^ Doctor : No, it is lut D<fa 

99 1 ^^^ CSV I>f4« I Ffaannacy. It is Deka 

«ft ^"W 9* p ♦ «^ Clime Are yoo not 

•^S SfiH^wftr sins CT ? Dipak ? IDo n't you 

^^:i5CT«*^«lft^^CTCT » doEogineerinfinow? 

(Docs yom) dder- 

btotbcxnot {xactice 


*h» : W I T^Pl ?*iSbS» Dipak : Yes. Do joa Itnow 
v^ C^?carvc«C=^4 dder brother ?Hov 

fK4 * (do) you know me ? 

c;«f : atcAm^iCSJc>n Doctor = I (am your) &tiiet'< 

«4r 4^ Cf r CSS «1^ fncnd. Docs he not 

^Ipl «p« SiSk* tsrt^ ? talk about mc 7 

(Does) be not write 

article now a days ? 

#h» :^t'iC***:?*^- Dipak : No, (he does) not 
«1^ »Sn CiRM I write. Father does 

( 1% ) 


fn Asseaneat 

'WW* WP. I C»« not see by ey« now 

^5 1 C^. ^, on» not W by ears too. 

'*^^"' He now a days 

(does) not come out 
(of house) much. I 
need a medicine for 

RepetitiiHi Drill 

lit, ca^ (J5« V1*1?l >TOI I 
• I ><I*«H CWt &fil» I 

■a^^i cam &fsw I 

^ jjy J D„.zo,.,Google 

An Inttniitfe Couril 

55, ittlfil !(*t*wS* Bid C=(f» » 

>" I C!« CTrt «t W5 CI » 

P5« CTft ^t srol (?I ? 
« I =11*, fsife<l I C^^ 1t^»t15l 5^5^ COW I 

=n*, f=if*K«i I o#5ft infw^tP: 6?c^ C1W11 1 

( 158 ) ' 

In Assamese 

(J59 jfin ^J^ ^ifi^iisi (3tii» I 
« r c5«> *tnfl ctW Ji6t ^ sitPi I 

c<s«^ fl^CT £511^ Ji8i d^ jnti I 
Substitutioa Drill 

pflii cb\i*I m«^ =ra c=i ? 

* I =il*, Jl|<R <S5^ ^^(^ ,,, I 
si«. Jl^ c®*t "ft*t^ ^^ I 

-ait, jS<r c®»i ipif]5t I 

< 159 » , 

An Intensive Course 


«* mnt^ SRI CT ? 

«$« '^'(THT ST55 CT T 

8 1 (!f ) 3^ Jilwa ^pRtfts TO (3 r 

(1) «i oifar STO CT t 

Liai-z=c B.Google 
( 160 ) 


I I est* C^pii* (K=( ? 


( 161 ) 


Am lMt€iuiim CmaH 

► 1* OfsT^^ »^ I 

» I C5-9 a!^ WT Wl(3 • 

CT^IC? CT? *^ 5?^ C' ? 
^^(lCTC"tt^ VttspWCTt 
^?W^^ CBt^ »«IT a^ :^ ? 

cict:! .afwt ■aw fiiftc» c*f» » 
CSCTCS j%t »f»st Fiftc caf=» t 
c^W* •afwiT %*tajM ^^ic< caf^ ? 

r 162 ) 

Diai.zodB, Google 

la Asaamrit 

11*, =TO5I 

11*. 5<SPI I 

aft, csnrwi 
5* I oiS«ft »nf»»ift sji^ cTOir«( I 


58 I CSS> »mi Cit? ^6t ^f sltCI I 


«S<5t^ *l^i CTi* >a%t dii( 5iW I 

( 163 ) L.o,,zodB,Google 

An Jnteniive Cmasi 

cuScsn !itw CT1* 'iifet mt fltci I 
c»^5if ^^^ pit^ ■m^ f«^*i 5itw I 


wSst^ ^(S CTW isiit cctm »itci I 

Tmnifoimotioa Drill 

(a) To Affirmative Interrogative : 

( 164 ) Li,o,izodB,Google 

/n Asfamefe 

■ft 1 Jt^iKC^ 'OTT5if^ ^^tn tyi ? 
« ! C®« (?ItT ^»f1 =t*9 <:h ? 

c«s cm »<ll « « f 
6 I Itl ft1*lW I 

!?, 1^1 I 

«4 WW OR I 

< 165 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

An Intensive Cmru 

(b) To Negative Assertive : 

«* ^l* Its I 

81 W5 (SW ^tt =m CT ? 

( 166 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

C^Q C*I1^ ^"fl ="? I 

Questieo-RMpooM Drill 

«, ^|s|!i C5»1 »t4tM I 

(1) =»«, Ji?isi cs»t w<iPt =m I 

1??, ia^<« esft »rtl^ i>i5 1 

( 167 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

An Intensive Couru 

55, s» *firfii9ir^( to^ 

55, **litHtfl 'Q^tfflfe *CT I 
(1) ^*, »^*WH -m^fi si^CT I 

S«i— {f) 55, il astral* <itrf I 

55, 1^ »»tC5^ »ipn I 

(1) i«, 1^ ^'flnn* i[t«tpi"t I 
ift, i^.f ^nc55* =iHitt=tt I 

( 168 ) „,„.„.,Google 

(1) It?, (;«« itfii'ufn am f«f«Ki i 
cuSsft «rt%*tfa 6n« caw cif» J 

M) ift, mSsft »itf"<ftf" 63[t^ CTC1 1 

Expaniioo Drill 

aft, C#5f% ft^lM I 

ait, oiS«it "nSi^ffii WiM I 


An Intensive Couiie 

espies ^HIC* 5ISC=1 I 

capita «i!i9i*tr?i ^etw *;?5C=r i 

■it csn cif*5«^ ^ I 


1. Replace the underlined words by the correct form of the new 
words given in the parenthesis : 

(1) ^^ira^l ^^tnfe a^CT CT » (ftT*«) 

(s) ««> *wt iw* Ji?t 4^i( snra I (^•tt, f>i) 
2. Turn into negative : 

< 170 ) 


3. Turn into negative question using interrogative marker 
C=l or (?rf* : 

(1) 51?ft?tS fv<ft'i\ *C^ I 

(s) sSs sia I 

C«) •lt<lfs »1l1>» fKI I 
(6) SI? CS»t ^iSl fe^"' I 

4. Give negative reply : 

H wilful «W f*i[«l (a » 

(1) ij* sil^l 15 (?I » 

(«) '0tt BJt^ OT1 (?l ? 
5 Give affirmative reply : 

(') v\'}pi "f«n f9 CT ? 

( 171 ) 


An Intensive Course 

6. Add the correct forms from the right to the forms in the 
left to obtain correct phrase ■ 

Col. A 

Col. B 
















' <H 



'a surname' 








'(your) elder brother' 


'legal practice' 


'you (hon.) know' 




'(your) father)' 




'now a days' 

( 172 ) 


Iti Assameu 




with eyes' 


'with cars' 




'too much' 


'does not come out' 




( 173 ) 

Art Intensive Co'vx 

Unit III 1 Lesson -14 
Revised Lesson 

•0151 I Cl|*!1 fro I PlI* SlSIl*! 1 

* I ?I5, oil^w It? I mm 

»ic«m c»?«n 6tft I 

«l, CT, I I !?l5 w=l I 
^ •pin =(*p|(^ I ^65 

^'x^i CllPlWf^ I 
« I f* f» •roi ! BiSfl ill* 1 

8 I (fta«) fJitwf »mtt «*«B 61«» I 
« 1 ftw" Oi*«l I SCSI ^■s I c=iiOTW4 aSw I 

* I ^i niw HTc» ^«it"i ^wa I 

( 174 ) * 

ISP 5$ J«5 I fs\ -Btsi COT 

psiiipitt* w* >aw citc«m I cT^ts iRift I 

csi OKI «it =i»9<:i ? raa »itf»*tf»i it^ fsiftrct a ; 
*?ra^t «^e'Ps i|^H CH t Jills cs« fiW 15a (3 ! 

s? ifl1fsi5?M ? «S tfsNtf^ =115 l?I ? 

Repetidoo Drill 

5 I C»^l, fast, Itefsifilfsi citSI I 
«1t, fsiSt, 1t5fefiirii PtWt I 

«1» om, 1 ^I5«? =l|i5l I 

« I c«^ fim, 5t« I 

0f^9t f(f51, 51« I 

< 175 ) 


An Intensive Count 

8 I «1to%, CTl* Bl?<n*l I 

* I ?I5!, J^W? It? I 

1 1 i5?i5i *idm c*?<i=i 5ifi p 

WW ^PIW C=f?«Pi 6lft I 

(SI, (3, «( f 

s I ^ «i, csm *W1 .aw»i 515 WB I 

^ «1, (Tim »«C1 'I'll 615 111 I 

15f? ^t^U itist^ I 

( 176 ) —Google 

In Asiaviaat 

15* *PW l^^ft^ I 
^« 1 ^1?15 ^'P5t CTlWWift 1 

?fis ^W C"llCT11tft I 

( 177 ) 


An Intensive Coursi 

!.. I fUs'cJ fts'w 'K'fl' '»**' ^^' ' 

ftavs fts's^ *tC1W (?f*«R 6I«^ I 

ftcsTt c«*»t I 

^« I 5C5li^« 1 

HOT ^ ' 
*8 I (?I*<IP 1* I'M I 

^4 I ^ into sCT ^^itfl ""*' ' 

^ mOT iw fj^ 11^ I 

■st^ in arc? itti it"W i 

{ 178 > Diai.zodBjGoogle 

In Assamese 

^v I PICT 61 tsta 5^ Jsts i 

Substitution Drill 

«ft, ItBlsiri'il ftlw I 

<w, ^ttnrtf«i|5i PI I 

<5^ ^IWrt CT^spl PI 1 

( 179 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

An Inlensife Course 



si'^t-atafflla* ctiai i 

< rrat, »it<jfj| ^"CTt =iwRt I 
i^^UsS, it ?^p« =itit4 I 

( 180 ) Diai.zodBjGoOgIc 

In Assamtse 


^, ci^^ffi 11^ i' 


^3^, CI^C^ 61 ! 

ft I <5?%^ ^lt*ll^ C^^^lil tlfs I 


c^inl^ r^sslil C*^^=T CBlatft 1 

csttw f?5W c»^ii c><ratf5 1 

* I %, «=>, CTW »rtn la^ll 615 "B 1 


•flB, It, PIH *^(?l >a^W 615 1111 I 

CwS'iM ?1^ 

^9, *, CKSsW ^WW JI^M 615 «n=i I 


*7. It, a^'^n «iCT Ji.^« 615 13 1 

( 181 ) DigilzodByGOOgle 

An Inttrtsive CoutS) 

^J«, <5il!Bt=I, CT^SSI^ mfe »i|=lh I 
53JI, watBIsi, ^ttam* mis «llatl I 

& I fjR*^^ ^Tmi C^lta 5t«? I 

iIIh ftcaf oi^t I 
( 182 ) 


«Ilft l^-Q CW^ I 

v^ <?dpiwt4 cuS* I 


•itR cslpi«t4 It I 

ii I ^ IIItB s1c» "V^ '■'*' ' 

^jsi ato f^i" 'Win I 

*i5 aits "i^^ tB I 
^4 1 1^ w 5^ ^re I 

^iw *ii sad I 

( 183 ) 


An Intemive Coxuse 

( 184 ) 


Unit lit ; Lesson— 15 

Grand Mother with Test I esson the Servant 
and Grand Children 

«1^^1 : C5^' f'f5^5 ! ^%f*tt!( Grand Mother : Hallow Kuhi- 
«itst5l=i I ita-^lBif'isilsp ram ! Come this side. • 

siHPps]^ -Witt I (?i^^ (The) utensils arc in 

Cfltl I ^^ «itii« ii?5iT- the bathroom. Go 

9 «* ^\f\ I ^ w ^5tc« and wash (—clean) 

*l5*f5 I fJl? c« ^ft- these. Before that, call 

9i^r.»(ia« I 3it^ «?i on the children. Let 

fil«t5C§T c*i I ^C^sicsi them study (=read) 

<?*' I here. Let them wash 

their feet and hands. 

And hold on. Take the 

glasstumbler. Clean 


? f^W : fS* ^ICS ^^ I ^t Kuhiram : All right grand- 

•It^ : f¥ ^1 

mother. I (am) going 
(to) tell them. You sit on 
the chair. I have some- 
thing (to tell). 

Grand Mother : What is that ? 

( 135 ) 


An Intensive Course 

^*fs^ln : (TiWb^'^15^ I ■s.r.9.\ Kuliram : My wife (is) ilL 

sn«l5. iiffra I sS wifw (Does) not eat or 

wtc^eit^T ^s\ ^§ take anything. I (am) 

^^^ I go(ing) home in (the) 

after-noon today 

grand mother. 

'^\s\ : :«t^ ^ I wsips cB^st- G. M. 

well, go (then). 
Before (that), tell 
father ( = house head). 
Do the work soon. 


: n* Biif^ fsl^t^T 'fttS' I Bubul 

I won't write today 
grand mother. I now 
read holy-tales. 

G. M. 

Well, read. Don't do 
nuisance Don't shout 

^^ : si% ^l^at si*1tB1 ll^^st I Minu : I won't read now, 
SI? ^aw ^Wt ^irft I ^ grand mother. I write 

>il1^5t ^ (?ittR5T CT T an essay. Don't you 

read epics ? 

^1^ : ^* Ji^ <a^ ^ 5l« I G. M. : Yes, I now read epics. 
^C5 ^ *IBt ^^ I You do writ(ing) and 


( 186 ) 


/n Astamtse 


1. Give short replies ; 

(1) *Ji^TO t^^ra*^ c«' 1 

(1) V^OT «lli«1W «W5 ^ ¥C1 ? 

(1) «l5ra "ittsstw «6^ f» *« » 

(«) «l1»3tc* ftr *R J 

(6) ItaRlCT fi»lt» *'3 IhS ? 

2. Strike out the inapplicable phrase : 

(1) itira sistts's^ c«tti / ''Jl / tst^ I 
(i) «* «JsT <iti / ««fe / ?'Sl I 
(1) s* ftW6i6l wts I c=i / fflj^t I 

3 Fill in the gaps : 

(») 'SH s^siWa* »tl I 

(«i) it Jifwt iw" I 

(1) fsifSJuftfi I 

W 1* ^it fit^f I 

(s) •if^ iw lawm 13 f 

(E) w'rs ^ *i?1 I 

4 Turn into negative : 

( 187 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

/ An lytiensive Couth 

(1) CTW C1^ 15^ I 
(1) ^rtfilft CTtasftcn « I 
(q) 51^ i«i«)ii »F=n fncf 1 1 
'"■> («) finscSt w I 

5. Turn into affirmative : 

If) h-^vi st<! at«5 I 
("I) iBtiSlbf ftftcffllifii I 

(t) ^fil >afs5f ijfif (altElSt CT t 

(') »* 5^ =i»ftfi I 

6. Add -bl to the verbs in the sentences : 

(n) slats's? « I 

(1) ft»I1Ertl (S I 

(^) !i» »«ttc8l if 4 I 

(«) ^ S* <1B I 

(f) 35 ra ^"H 151 f^i 

7. Provide the subject pronoun in the blanks : 

(') csm finittEtsi, CEW I 

(1) »w tsm I 

(t) qififtst ft5t Et« I 

W ^<m mtnm CT^ Btft I 

(«) st ^tpw 1=1 f I 

( 188 ) L,,,zoaB,Google 

f 5) |ill«« »1C1ff C»i^il Bt9» I 

(S) (StCTWS «SW I 

(») »«ft 55R I 

W C»f55t« iR*t I 

(«>) 5l«^S* I 

(6) mn 5^ 1 '' 

8. Make the following imperative sentences more polite by 

adding appropriate particles : 

(1) ^*wS CTt* 51^<IW I 
(1) SI, dl 

(8) ^tlt*! IWII I 

(5) «n<tr»I B#I5! 15* 1 

(») sts^ fsiftwr^ft I 

9. Transform the following sentences into negative : 

(») a'^w"s» arat I 

(>i) (sSst fif5I I 

(1) ^ ia??rti II* I 

(6) WW ^!mi w^tii { 

ft) ft «W I 

( 189 ) DiailizodByGOOgle 

An /nlnuiw Courn 

10. Turn the following sentences into affirmative : 

if) ^ittuS, IM^ I 

W ^? siWlfs I 

(5) cMt« =Hf 1 1 
(5) >i^ <sw =I»« I 


11. Complete the following derivations m the model of the I 
first two : 

W 51 '(tcSt : sf'I C*tSl I 

(I) ^tl'H^'R : fKia Cft'C I 

11) S155W : 

W fVst<nl=i : 

(«) ItTw^ltil : 

(E) fll^Rftl : 

(() il^lLBl : 

(») wrt<B 

W) CTt»t5(>H : 

(•») ^c5t : 


12 Reproduce the sentences by replacing the appropiate words 
by those given in the brackets ; 

"I) Tl^pf^ CI'* 51? »«t»t t i^^^. "91%, f?. flfl*, <tl**) 

i^) vjiv\ atcw >ttc» "? '^^ ^^^n I (i't( iicf , c*f^«, ^l) 

(5) Bt%«I^ ^ Ut^ I (*tC*im, "^^^ *(t5^, =llftw) 
13. Choose the appropriate one out of the three choices given : 


*^fe?t5j *a proper name' 

Ji^flW 'this side* 

»n"^^ 'utensils' 

^f^^n 'bathroom* 

wtl 'go and wash/clean' 

litC^ 'previously, before' 

*i^ 'children' 

l913 'here' 

( 191 ) 


An Intensive Courst 


'hand and feet' 


'grand mother' 


'(I) go and teir 


'you (hon.) sit' 








' fairy tales, holy talcs* 






'don t shout* 




'book m general, epics with 

reference to old people' 


'writing and reading' 

( 192 ) 


Unit IV: Lesson -16 
Uncle Comes 

f«*|^ (^t^t^W (?itmw^) : . ^if^, Bipul (Minu's uncle) : Elder 
^t^ *^ ^tCS ? sister. where has 

Minu gone ? 

ftcro aff»^*l : ^^ <5^5 I Mrs. Hazarika : She has slept. 

ft^fff : ^ sl^si ^fl^»PI Bipul : I have brought a cycle 

5ftc4»l «ftf^C5l I for her. Look at it 

CSiatW, C«tsit^ please, (if itl is up 

15^ ^?C5 C ? to your choice ? 

fnC55 5t"ft*t : ■a^t, sM ^;^ Mrs. Hazarika ; Yes, very fine 
5I^«1 1 ^ f^^t^l cycle. How much cost 

facs ? has (he) taken ? 

fii^81 : Ji"1 JlTstsit^ ??1 1 Bipul : One hundred ninety 

seven rupees. 

fJiCW ^»f^*l : "^V^ t^ «firil5 t Mrs. Hazarika : What have 

(you) brought for 

ft«3jl : 'Bltei Jill CT^^« Bipul : (I) have brought a 

wfs)»T I fl f^ baby car for him. 

^f^ V What has he done ? 

( 193 ) /-I 

' DigitizedOyGOOgIC 

An Intentive Coursa 

fkm ?lwft*t : f»l« 'Q^c? I ^f« Mrs. Hazarika : He also has 
^^55 ^5C* =159 I slept. It is late night 


U^ : Ji?t, ^feiT f tf^ Bipul : Yes. It is late night 

^S'S ^c? ! f^^- indeed. What has 

OfW f* ^tf ? brother-in-law dcme ? 

Cart's ?ll%^ Has be gone outside ., 

hc5 Clf^ ? 

few^Wft^; «iWt, r»lW(.<M Mrs. Hazarika : Yes, (your) | 

liWif *pw^ =d%fe brother-in-law has | 

fbf^ *t1§ fel^ got a part-time work in 

'ftst *IttC5 I the night shift of a 


Repeddon Drill 

> I ^^w^, ift5 ^si i'ns T 

=^Iot^, ^ ^t»i brc? ? 

H^ 'St^ <£l^ 6t^^ •ttf^Ctt I 

f 194 ) n \ 

Digitized OyGOOgle 

In Aasftmese 

C6raiC5t=I, C5ISM »IE=5 ttCS « » 

m\ ^ "pln 5i?cw 1 

« 1 

HlH fJpJlH f*]C5 t 

^ f%*111 1^ ? 

1 1 

^jeitei f^ ^tf^% t 

^^tn r» «t|sis t 

b* 1 

wt»i 4« c^r^w^ »itN«f 1 

6i ff ifPus ? 

i« I flf^ 55« bstf H?9 I 

Itfe ^5« isM =WI I 
>i I JW, ^tfs ^?3 id I 

jm, Itfs ^?« isR I 
( 195 ) 


An Intttuive Ccwst 

i< f fj-iww r» »r?ts » 

J« I Ctf 5 ^tft^^si tics csif* ? 

Build up Drill 

*t? »t»l 2iw » 
^fei|%, ^ *t«l bltl ! 

e 1 llfest r 

1* ilfsinrt I 

1^ 51^iWl ^fsiCSt I 

1* 31?bl 4^ 5fe*!l Itftw"' I 

( 196 ) 


In Assamei* 

8 1 



(55151^ -IPII tsiS (3 » 

■aSw (TStW It^i W C=i t 

« 1 

6T?C^»1 1 

5^5llcfl i 

^ 55l5t 5f?C^ 1 

■m\, ^ i?w Bfew 1 



f* "nfst? ? 

T5f^ fif snpjs r 

1 1 

itl^ro' 1 

Caft«« "ItfilB* 1 

>a?<|ii caft^M "nfinf i 

<51!?1 ^*«W (?lft»W WtfilWt" 1 




ft ft »ftre r 


155 1 


nfe ^1 iw 1 

^ ^^ ^C^ SR5 1 

< 197 ) 


An Intensive Coutu 

!• I «lfs tits I 

Itfs Wpiftfil his I 

<m, -iifsm ftps stcsfifsi i5« I 

fsswtst^ ilXil »ceiM ill?? f5»,8« »I!| tfes I 

SulMtitlitioo Drill 

> I ^5 ^ tits f 

'St* ^^81 bta ? 
•Hji »^ bia 1 

( 198 ) 


In Aitameie 



^ tsfes I 


o I W rt «rtt»i A^«!? 6itci «ilf=iai I 

>l* Sl^ J1»«H l^Sf H «ilf=l»f I 


1? «1*i51 .4*1=1 fifisll »11%«r I 
( 199 ) 


An Intensive Covtu 

■I* isftti 5W BttfW »i1fscst I 

1^ <5t^C»l f«fs<n EttWl SRlfilKr I 
(1) Sl^ Wtbl Jlllil BftWil «ilfpiWt" I 

si^ ^^ffitel >il?<R 5t^c*si 'JtfSlcWt I 

ft9Wt=I, ia*1si CSW^ IPS 5«5 C=l ? 
(1) CBWC5H, >fl?*l t^W IB"? i«CS CT t 

( 200 ) D,s,.zodB,Google 

In Assamese 

5ICB!=I, ■sH'm C«H <16=S bc5 CT » 

'Sit*' t* «r'a^ ? 
?lltl ft N» • 

«> I ft ft ^ftcs ! 
^?OT ft ^ftts T 
*I5H ft *f>l» T 

"i I Jifeia ^ifs ^1^ i«i i'.i I 

( 201 ) 

Am inttnsivt Cmtrtt 

Word-Order Chan(in< Drill 

^Itpf^, ^ ^t?\ biW ? 

% »^ i'w, ^*:«% » 

1* wftn Ji*»B 5Hc»a «tfelt I 

« J^t 51»l»»l I 
61*t»"1 'n l^ I 
f»S|WC« J«'i "^^ 11*5 fw 55 »ti •«*» > 

tail ^^Hi 11*5 ftv,55 ^H *il*th I 

Expaotitfa Drill 

lSw%, il? »t»1 ilM ? 

•ii?w^, ^5 *bi £tc5 en » 

C5U1C5t1, CTW^ IBH J«« CI f 
tWICbH, 5ftt»»l<R wnn »l5«f 55W (?l f 

( 202 > a 

In Atsam0u 

8 I >«"! insW.^ 8»I I 

5pit«i «5 f« itfiswi ? 
<l«i It* jjfi ?nii is*ti| I 

1 I 11 1^ 5tSc»1 I 

Cuauaotion Drill 

5 I !r?t«S "fl? »{•! Jin ! 
(») w»m% »t5i iiM t 
iiIctS *t»i bits t 
W *l? »tfl bw t 
^ ^t*! bire ? 

( 203 ) ""'" 


An Intensive Couru 

« I cstattEts, wts« •re's ^s <a t 
cwiH •tc'i ins c^ ? 
cum iwi t»is c^ ? 

« I «lt»l Jill rfa»t1 »ltfsit»r I 

•sm cstl^l^ ilfsicsf I 

1 ^11^ ^5^ ^C5 ^5 I 

(*) ^ife bro 15? I 

Vfi JtCS 15? I 

( 204 ) 


In Assamese 

(1) ^ifJJ Wi C5» i 

Coniunctioo Drill 

1 I 1? «lS«l ^lli 61^W llfStS! 1 1)lt JKIIX^ft^W llfsCSI I 

sit «l?t9I Jl?t^ 51?C*«I «i1^ Wt*I -flsJ*! Clta*H Iffflcsl' I 

it «tli«I Jitll B1?C»!1 «)W littn Jl'lil C^fifrt Itfiisr I 
^ I «!S ISftS I fl« fStK I 

«1? 11* fJI «tC6 I 

wt «n* ^ tstcs I 

Questien'Reaponte Drill 

( 205 ) 


An Intmiivt,Coutit 

*a^- *l9t»l ;S*WI 51»Rfl .Itlswr I 

( 206 ) LiioiizodBjGoogle 

In Assamese 

««— wSatw *l5t»i ft «iirscs ! 

Da I i.Oooale 

( 207 ) 

An IntmAife Cmtru 

1. FUl in the blanks with the appropriate forms (in.present 
perfect) of the verb roots given in the brackets : 

i I utt I .J.) 

< I irw ftvi" ? (1-) 

« I im "t^ I (W-' 

8 1 1* Ji?<H eiftwi 1 cr*i-) 

It I 'JSJiti f' ' (f^'-t 

2. Provide the appropriate pronominal subject to the 
sentences below : 

« ; HIH fif SH "HfstS J 

8 t l?^tl f^ "ttf*I* ? 

3. Sudstitate the underlined words by the words given : 

» I ^ftwS, »W »tfl bus t (lJi*5t, ^t) 
* I aft «lcs I (fJi, ^, ^i, «^, w) 

gp^, (71*) 
8 1 fi| fr *ftC! ? (^^1 n. ^5, cuS*, W. "HMH) 

( 208 ) 

In Aisamese 

4. Give the rrefcnt inc'efmite tense forms of the verbs 
underlined : 

i i 

WW3 *J«1 Ji-CB ? 

; 1 

w* 9»ce 1 

* 1 

s? ^la ettt*" itfaw' i 


f>l f^ »faa r 

<t 1 

inn r«ta faa t 

Turn the following sentence into inteiro^tive 

i 1 

«i* «*« 1 

< 1 

BtSttWi ^V 1 

« 1 

iifsiwi 1 

8 J 

iM^ 'mi "iKf 1 







'baby car' 




'(he) has (one' 


'(he) has slept' 


'(D have brought' 

( 209 ) 


An /ntonjive Cowr» 


*plcase see, look' 


'for her' 


'for him' 


*he also- 




'fine, beautiful' 






'cider sister's husband* 







The formation of the present perfect verbs is introduced 
here. The rule of formation is as follows : 

Verbroot+^^+the personal suffix used in the present 


* Diai.zodBjGoogle 

2. As a rule, the vcrbstem ending in -9 and -ii> -^ and I 
respectively : 

C=(-|-t5,+ il>f=iCft 

3. '*Rfl' here is confirmative, not negative. It confirms a 
positive statement. 

4. ^«i is the destinational dative case-suffix. Its use has 
been illustiated before. Students should note that a sentt- 
nee like ^Wtt*! ^« *ftcs is not a natural one. The normal 
sentence shall be ^W^ ^UV\ ^53 ^f'TCS t 

( 211 ) r- 1 


An Intensive Course 

Unit IV: Lesson — 17 
In Mysore 

ctW »ral5^ yn\ *WJ 1^ fffCS l From last ' week, summer 

^♦r,^ &H* ^ _ _ « _* vacation has begun. RatuI 

Rinti have come to Mysore 

Wt»l «nfes I lieiCfl 1'^ ■»'« with (their) mother and fath- 

^^ there. One day they have 

f'^^W-n^lstWTOI ^Itfl jo„^„ Chamundi temple. 
^>C^ "J^TCft I ^^ cflftH j Hr i^*j?gt Rinti has bought a sandal- 

s«„ , ,-.«„_ _. „ jk s elephant. Ratul has taken 

photographs Another day 
JlS I Wjn li™ sil«!? Wfsts I (they) have gene to Brindaban 

^ifiSIS ItalS sire f'|!IR swts garden. Kavery has flown near 
Brindaban. Many people have 
llfsiei f>f|5tx «^a Sftcsi come there. Stairccascs are (there) 
^f'lsl^ ^5 *J'^ «ncs I sflsil i" the garden. Various type of 
„„, ..^ „ f thees are there. Varied colou- 

* led flowers are blooming. 
l&B I •ns'la CTlam «ltre l Springs are (there) in water. 
1=fOTIC5 18^=1 ^0} »f»IC? I Iftcw Everywhere light is burning 
The environment has become 
■ic-lcxist J«« I ^i^ff^ « lively. Ratul Rinti have felt 
«lt=ilt Itftre 1 ^=ty happy. 

Repetition Drill 

> I (sra t«i5^ 1^1 IRS ^ fiiw I 

Wat i«l5^ •HI fn ^ fesi 

' ^^^ ' Diai.zodBjGoogle 

W^l ll!"!! >lt«i5 •llfa« I 
?lfi6ra 1^^ Biles J 

( 2U ) 


An Intensive, Coma 

>< I wfiBf! ^55 l^^jfi «itC5 I 
IS I =lWt OT« IS WW I 

ij I *tt^ (?P1?W »lt» I 

ifeW 'KItPlW i5CS I 

( 214 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

/n Asstanesn 

iiyi f»#i •nsui Btfmt I 

SubcHlntioB Drill 

5 I Wat >i«w I'l Jwr ^ fills I 
(?<ut »rats>i »wi fti ^. ^ 1 


Ws m» «1[*l« bits ISl'Slt'l "Iftt* I 


fite It* ^iTn\ ^ c^t^snin 5fl» i 

iwmns w'a «'« ^fits I 

Ivitfl ^w 

>»»^itta ^^tfl (*iflt*i ^ftts I 

< 215 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

An InUnsive Count 

vtn jfiis[ w^fi i^tsi ^ I 

* t 5?»1^^ ^U'it'f ^:^ ^ ^'KS I 

^?»^ *rei w^i^ b btw I 

f 216 ) ^1 

Diai.zodB, Google 

sjttiSn wv aula c^ iire i 

•(•St !!«^ US I 

ilfims aial «»«i ii» wts I 

< 217 ) D,s,.zodB,Google 

An tnimiive Cotnsi 


TronsfoTtnatioa Drill (To InterrognttTe) 

OTJi >iai« 1^ 535 ^ fin cs ♦ 

c^5i usis' *w 111 ^ lire CI r 
^i5»! fifS 51T !iiEi»^ sura "nfets c-i » 

( 218 ) „,-„„,Google 


ftfl> C5 wai n*t Witts CT f • 

^BflM *lCTt^ *C^ bl ^ 3 f 

< 219 ) 


Ar\ Intensive Ccutm 

Qaestioa-Respoaie Drill 

c*^i •!>« 'wi 111 5* fro ? 
( 220 > 



■2M— C54c«t* »i«i »ifl bits ! 

C54P1I* *t»I 'ftfl hoi ? 

CS&1W 6n;«^? "It* ?«wt»i ills ( 
•era— ^fSts f* f=» "nfits ? 

f(f*01 f* (f "ifes » 
*«1— f^^O PHii^ «tst «iipics ( 

f^^ra 6ai« f i#| •iif^ts I 
««— ?W^ii« f* f* lies ? 

%«1- fW^ifS llfiRt, <J«(*t, IS, CFHW lies I 

^■iii^=i« ^ifir , tyii, IS, c*rt«t iiw. i 

( 221 ) r- T 

Diai.zodB, Google 

An InUntiv* CowM 

4H- ?»1?il^ iftc?"! C*PII»I ? 

®W- 5W?ai if^FW SOItllel I 

^iji ft^f wti iifsice t 
%«^— ^rfi\ fifS^ «i|ii>B flifire I 

Vft ftfS^ sniffl »iifics I 

,ii Sai - W'*l yifi^'n ^tcxc^ tfl bict I 

*tt^?l ^^^ »tc?i;^ ^ bw I 


.i lategrolion Drill 

( 222 ) 


/r Aiiatiusf 

c»&fii» ■atxii 6H9"iti »af si;ii jS* 5=ifi"t»i Jits i 

o I ?iPrsi!5 <i<jtt lire I ^if«Ri!5 IS mtt\ v^ts ctw^i ^t« i 

iris's i^^.is ll^CWlW wcs I 


1. Transform into questions by using question word WH, f^ 
^■«, *t«i, C^W in pkce of the underlined words : 

(») ^t J»l ftfS 51*^ 5ITO WfttS ! 

(1) JiN Fj;^ it^ti bw 1 

W ?lilW^ flCCT *tC^ if JlC5 I 


An Intensive Course 

(e) aifinis flt^lS aits I 

te) ifscw 8C-H1I1S1 «C5 I 

(») ^^fl ft^^ waif slfilB I 

2 Substitute the underlined words by the appropriate forms 
of the new words given the right. 

(*) »1jw wta>s iHflK I (st c»S<SI, f») 

(X) ifcj^ »c=ctWSI i>H I {^r^lit, ^c8t) 

(1) m^vi fcSi ^sits I (5") 

(^) w?>i iflwi si?5 5iir«» 1 »i^i-Buti1>, sa «t\) 

(«) U^ mf*^ 115 wrsw drts', ^?piS) 

3. Fill up the blanks ; — 

{»; CTW iglw lit ^ ft* I 

W f»5!iR oftilSn iiipics 1 

(i) ft^ni i?«ftn 1 

W ant 516 •IKS I 

(«) It ^t ipfncs I 

(5) It** •It:? I 

IS) ilt>i lift I 

(«r) q^pitti "iaa. i 

W) •it'i'O »nfTO I 

( 224 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

Ill Assamese 

i Combine form both the columns and obtain the corrci.1 
phrase : 

Col A 

Col, B 



^iil mi^ 


I* 5 «« 




6 "n 




5. Change the verb into present indefinite. 

(») !il» ^tw»1 nt"S lifes 1 
W Jiftit 611^ n'mt^ lies I 
W) it^w ftSi 'Jf^cs I 

(1) Sitfl II^I 1195 ^iftcs I 

(SI iltsi nist ^f*rcs I 
(6) i?it' " »w mfucs I 
(s* filts «"ct»i Sftcs 1 

6. Qiange the verbs into present perfect. 

(») wftini I's «'i! "fj* I 
W 5mf^»t* »t(?iH r*p( I 

(1) ^1^ W^ 9t%1 CTtW 1 

( 225 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

An Inten^ve Coursa 

Grammatical Notes 

1. The use of pr. sent perfect verb forms in ?»^ + personal 
markers is reinforced in this lesson. Although the verb 
form in -^5^ +personal marker generally expresses *'com- 
pletive" or "perfective" aspect, at times, it expresses the 
"progressive'' or "im perfective" aspect of the verb. Note 
the following : 

^sitpi =ftfj"C5 also means «fit^ ^!ft sitC5 "coming down" 

«^*t!«i ^cs „ ,, 'Q'Ht*! ®fe sftis "going up" 

Pitts ^%? „ „ 5iT|g afsi isni% "light is burning" 

ilisff 5(if5ic6 „ „ itii'if sitf^ lies '"feeling happy" 

2 ^«tT<^* "colaur"+ ?=l I It is an adjective. It means 

3. «it5lC5<«J1^^+ ■<J\ ; so »Wifl1w<»l?CPit+-'il I 

Both the words 11^ and i**? take -Jl in the nominative 
whether the verb is transitive ornot. When inflected for 
other cases, this -^ is added to the case-suffix. 

*t^Wt-j-acc. -'*4--il>'i*WtC'* I 
„ -l-gen -^+-^>1^Wtl^l 

( 226 ) 

Digitized OyGOOgIC 

Cultural Notes 

I- WfS^ : Just a few kiloTietres away from Mysore city 
there is a hill. On the top of the hill there is a 
temple named Chamundi (=Kali). This is a place 
of tourists' attraction People can go there l?y road. 

2 ^*ff1^^ : Just about 12 kms. away from Mysore city there 
is a garden tailed Brindaban garden. From a dam on 
the river Kavery limited quantum of water has 
been channalised to a different tanks in lower 
level There is a foot bridge over the main tank. 
A ^rden has been developed in different levels 
of the tank. Water has been being sprinkled thro- 
ugh pipe-aprings The flower plants, trees, the 
water tanks and the springs have been illumina- 
nated. Thousands of viitors come to the garden 
in the evening. 

3. B^=W vS\ . My ore is famous for sandal handicraft. ^^''^ ?t^ 
means an elephant made of sandal wood. 




'summer vacation' 


'(one's) father' 


'city ot Mysore' 




'here and there' 

( 227 ) 


An Intensive Course 


'sandal elephant* 




'has taken* 


'by the side of 




'(has) come' 






'has come down' 


'has grown up* 



^lal 3^^ 

'of various types' 


'multi coloured' 


'has bloomed' 


'pipe- springs 




'has burned' 







( 228 ) 


In Assamese 

Unit IV : Lesson— 18 
in The Kitchen 

U: 5t«l1^*t : <s^, fv^i ^ts\ Mr. Hazarika : Where has 
^ ? Bipul gone ? 

ftlSB ?Tflj^T : t*l ^^C^t c^1?T Mrs. Hazarika : He has not 

^ I ^ <9^ I gone anywhere- He has 

itftf *rt? ^ f*?t slept Have (you) brou- 

«llf^t5 CH ? ght something flike) 

fish etc. 

\9: «l»ft^ : iHg «i5t =11^, «!ai Mr. Hazarika : (I) have not 
sil;il5 «ttfiii:^T" I brought fish, but a little 

"sta t5C5 C^i^ T meat. Is rice ready ? 

fsK6 9t»f^^t 

f^: 9l»ft*T 

t^6 ?lwf^*t 

Mrs Hazarika ; Only rice 
and Dal are ready.(I)havc 
put the curry (on pan). 
How much meat (you) 
have brought ? 

Mr. Hazarika : (I) have not 
brought much. (I) have 
brought only one k g. 

Mrs. Hazarika : Have (you) 
given the 
Bipul's friend ? 

( 229 ) 


An Intensive CourM 

fii: 5laf^«t : «':5', «i? %t I Mr. Hazarika : Oh, no. ( I 
(^ife^t ^^9 shall send Bubul in mcr- 

»Fii? fm) ^ ning). Has Bubul slept 7 

ta6«Wft»t : W"'!'? itre. Mrf. Hazaiika : Bubul is rca- 
1%^ Cimt il1» ! ding. Bubul has not 


ft; SWpRt : ro« «1« "rtw Mr. Hazarika : Has Bubul 
C=l^ 7 eaten rice ? 

ftws ?1«r'*t : ^^C51« C»IW atS, Mis Hazarika : Bubul also has 
sl«i«« c«t51 It* I not eaten, Minu also 

has not eaten. 

Repetition Drill 

ft ^t^RI ClUt It* I 

■0 I Itfff lis ifS ff ^ ^feS 3 ? 

Itfai 11? ifS M ItfHtS CH T 
( 230 ) 


In Assameses 

8 1 ais "rat St*, "m*! >it<Jic« "^iSnf i 

SIS 1=11 111, ifll ilw? "itfiicsf I 
sra JsK cifsf » 

®I« ^ts CTf* ! 
e I c^w iiifti II* «l« i«s I 

c*?a ififsi HT »l« iscs I 

w»«1 «5l5tS 1 1 

A I oft lit 111, !tt3 .a(*c»it itfiitsi I 

<sf» lilt sitl, ira Jiftcit iifttsi' I 
•>• t fH<p^ ^Bil* «i5^sBt fcs (3 » 

ft>j»i^ itjaii* >i^^ fes CT t 
>i I «i*, =it| fro I 

( 231 ) 


A« Intsnsiv* Course 

1* 1 ?1CT if? WW, CIH" Silt I 

jiyi «la cf 5t =il? I 

BuUd-op Diili 

»ta bits ? 

< I CTW stt 1 

8 I ^tftff CT ? 

f«l ii^ts c^ ? 

■IK "JiS ftt itfJnsjcii t 

< I im =115 , 
>rf "Ht =11* I 

( 232 ) 


In AjJomeM 

« 1 


^wi merc? ^^fW t 

»I1W V^l ^, «W*1 Ht^JlC? 1tf%CfT t 

^ 1 


ftmst wfsra t 



i?fs lit 1t» 1 

» 1 


aifrpit "itfacst 1 

S13 iiif»c»rt ^fiwi 1 

»• 1 



mf»i "ht »i<5 i«n 1 

cw ffift "n^ wt^ i^it 1 

i» 1 


WT"*! WtCH* 1 



^^(.ui firc? CI ? 

^^wi^ «R^t6T fks CI T 

l<*lfl^ ^5^4 «l^^ fitCB C^ T 





( 233 ) 

An Intensive Cmu 

i4 I C".H1 ill? I 

i1 I «R5 CI » 

if 1 C«l«1 '1? 

^;5f5i« drat sits, 5l5W« c<iW sit* 1 

Substitution Drill 

(1) cw, fiif'^'' ^* ' 
cw, % '^'i ^is ' 
( 234 ) 

,,z=c B.Google 

Inks' amete 


(S^, c«^ ^ bit^ ? 


sm, i5il *tfl bus ! 


^fl ^tflW (Wit =il? I 

*I5 *t^WI CT5I ill? I 
(I) ffl ^taW «t»l lit I 

U wnt»l C^t 't? I 
« I W ft tsSw I 

( 235 ) 


An IntenshM Coiase 


*!?«*« I 
\^ ^^ ^ 

^81 ^W ^ «^ I 

in) fii is»cs I 
ftnfef I 

ft iiftu I 
8 I (*)«n6i "US "ijS ft?t iiPw CT ? 

«nfii "in >n?i ft« *fiiw cH T 

( 236 ) 


11* "ns <i(S r»* "Hits CT ? 
« ( nn Win =ii», W11 its^w itfaw' i 

(?i^ •nn idt, liiSt fnSnw iiftcr* i 

f^<5M lilt «!?, iw »timc« llf^R* I 

51? ^^ ^, wit *f*t« ^i^resT I 
» I ns^ mfti ii¥ sts ^B I 

s I awiil wIcsT I 

«t8 <W^(*I I 
<|tl»l«tt« 1 

< 237 ) 


An Intensive Course 

SI pift lilt ii», 5ta ^r»C5it ilfell I 
c^fs «Ht Si*, sia sfewt wtpirft I 

c?f5 I'll sift, ma fs|i[ftc«n "itfiiret i 

•>' I «*, sit* fW I 

«ll, 111 Itl I 
sit* fit 

«rft, It? *m I 

«[ll, ill* IBt I 

>i I ^^ ife ^n>, «w It* I 

?t«|C5 Ife IlK, C1U) =11* I 

^^ iffe «iU8, cim 11* I 

01*151* ift '»itt!, ciir 11* I 


( 238 ) 


13C1 Bt5 lltCIS CI t 

^Jtfl >fft" 1t?C6 CI » 

W ^5ti SIS <ii^s c^ ? 

#l?tl ■ ' 

JI5CS at? <clScs 3 ? 

^? «1<5 "flftS C=I t 

cbSws 'sre ti?cs « ? 

^SCK* ■ 

^i^tww «t^ "H^c? c*t ? 

V« i (») ^lOTS c«l«t sift, ?l«iC5« C>ltJI =it* I 

wn at? 

?^j?i« ciw =il*, *l^j« cfllm sit* I 

ji^ca* fw 11*, ?l5ta« ftiit 51* I 

W Y,^w« cf 11*, ^15W« cirat =ii» I 
c»n?i« C<M1 =(1* I 

( 239 ) LiioiizodBjGoogle 

An Intensive Course 

Word-Order Cl<'insin« Drill 

fl ^W ilt* WSI I 

m lis «itfw f»^ wifiH (?i r 

lis '1* lit I 

Its sn?.^=ii ( 

8 I Vp\ ItWIK It'ltft I 

^r^iiR ^•I'l ^ifiwf I 

« 1 "US lit ii4, "W it^iK ^:^ 

«BH >It?1CT lift W1 , It! Wit =n? 
^Vt 1t?^t» ^ftlSt , It? ^^ 11% 

t 240 ) L,B,zo«.,Google 

n Assamtst 

* I eft 1st =rt. 113 -aftcil »!1%wt I 
«tj jife»n «tf=wl, cfs "It II* I 

st5 ^f«5it iirsic^t, c'ft isn =1* I 

<i«t5t n« i%«i^ fro c» r 

«ttt firat =11? I 

«t*t, fw It* I 
» I ?s;«ts C«H1 =t1*, *9Ka ciwt T? I 

*tWS« <W5t =11*, ^38 Cllill Utt I 

*?w« c«itat 11*, WPi« Mai lit . 
Expgntion Drill 

> I CW1, ft^ ^ hw » 

f 241 ) 


An Intnstve Cowji 

cW, fill .a^ft% ^tfl hc5 ? 

^ 1 5ts Wfl !]fS I 

l») »* IIU «R1 ^1* I 

1* t? WiT at* I 
(1) i*si?^JK»twaisn*i 

It in ^ i9C»t «Ht ift I 

(1) !|» «!f» JUS <3jS ^awf i=rt itt i 

it «itf^ ats ifS *w lit lit r 
« I I'll ItWB «ttf5|ctt I 


8 1 r»»iw «(trHtfe ? 

W 1t3l PPIW aitficS t 

( 242 ) 

Digitized Oy 


'« AMsamest 

1 1 ofj im "lit I 

tt;^ cfii "Rt =ift 1 
frm 3fs «i=rt siH i 

«[tt, "mtfei =n^ fist I 

yj«« SI'S wnt 11^ I 

GontrAotion Drill 

i . CW, \5»I ^t^ Sto ? 

( 243 ) Dia,i,zodB,Google 

An Inttnsive Loiirst 

f^ d f^ 't? I 

NctfadTe to AffimurtiTe 

fil *^t^1 (Stat ^ I 
«tt»i 'SWt ""Tt =n^ I 
pff »ist =n% I 

pft ttfsTOt I 

QiKstIon.Re*i)oaBe Drill 

1^1fi ?ifl bus ? 

( 244 ) L.onz=cB,GoOgle 

In Assameits 

a>8 — fl«i ^n tite ' 

^9 »ti i'lcs t 
S«^— *t5 wwbi bus ■ 

5I9 TOUtfl JlCS I 

em— "usi tstre (sf^ ♦ 

. ^^'^51 ctn af^ ? 
©w— in*, \i^ ciim ^tt I 

II?, W»I M91 =11* 

^1^ SICT llfitcs (3 ; 

S«^— Jwt, iR>i •mi iifiicst I 

>«U 1131 »BM «llfs|W1 I 

. in I'll ilft CTfti t 

( 245 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

An Intensive Course 
S^ - 11*, m! lit lit I 

al*, >I1S 111 111 I 
««— »tt»IW «nl 111 cif* r 

»1M^ WH ail capp t 
fea^— ail, WW «Hi all i 

all, »K^i wal til I 
««— fssm lat all caf* ? 

ft«m «wt all caf^ ? 
S^a— all, f»3ii Wit ail I 

atl, ftisii lat ail i 
en— ft'pa '^a^ ««at$t ta ca t 

ft^^ ^5«a!f «mcSi fes ca ? 
'S^ — all, ft*|^^ i^«a^ »wtUl finit all r 

all, ft«5tia if»a» iwtSt ftw at* i 
4i'S— ?!p^ ^*ta* ^Biac^ fi(i5 ca ? 

55?H a^a* ^eiatSl fircs ca t 
( 246 ) 


/n AssaiMU 

L Fill up the blanks — 

(I) WCTt «W =tH, 111 eiit wflRt 1 

(1) \1^ flPl Ills, 161 I 

TO >iCT "ml IIS I 

(s) 4\«iH cim =nt, \_'jn c<nr hi* i 

2 Substitute the underlined words by the words in the 
brackets : — 

(1) U ^wt wut =ttt I («lS, i^^fi, ^*, *I5) 

(1) V".^ ■*" '"'™ ^t* ' '■'^' ^' **^' ?'^) 

(n) vi^iw i^aMT« wc6t files CT ? (cii*st, Ut, m. ^toS) 

(«) cm, S-pi »in hcs t (Bf%, cw, ft: fl»fi*t/ 

3. Turn into negative : — 

( 247 ) 

An Inteniwe ottrit 

(5) 515 »nfar ? 
(«) 5* sra <iiStn't I 

(6) C5ICXS fest Hits I 

4. Give answer in full sentence ; — 

(1) f i»ri>t» wwrtt ta (?i ? 

ft) *19K 5tS ««« CT t 

5. Use the following pairs of words in sentences : - 

»t51 : »tl»t ; fJI : fl« ; <1?tS : It* «tre ; 

Vocabulary Study 

'has not gone* 




'fish etc.' 


'anything, something' 


'have/has not brought 

248 ) L,,-ZC;,0( 




'one kilogram' 


'flit nd' 




'has given* 

*ff5 lis 

'is reading* 

^W =it? 

'has not slept' 




'has/have eaten' 


'has/have not eaten' 






'(1) have put on the pan' 

Grammatical Notes 

1. »twt : »t« -l-cvt; this occurs only in negative construc- 
tion. The use of CP after place-name standing in 
ralation of destination to the verb is common, 
eg: f't ^ffiC» s"W9 "He does not go there". The 
further addition of -« to C^ gives negative force 
resulting in the loss of -Ji of C* ; That is 

2. init T^ : ^5+^1 51^ I In the formation of negative of -^^^ 
ending verbs, -it is added to the verbstem (in 
which case the -H of the preceding syllabic of 

( 249 ) u„..,.^,oogie 

An Intensive Courst 

the verbstem changes to «t and is followed by 
the negative particle ^rt? i Verbstem +"iT +511? 
construction holds good for all the 3 persons. 

3. =rt% 1^1 : Although generally the negative particle =iit 

follows the principal verb as in fif^I 't^ in collo- 
quial speech, of coarse, the reverse order (^ ffRft) 
is very frequent and common. 

4. i|R*lR : Cfi is the restrictive emphasis marker. When 

added to any words in the sentence, it restricts 
the involvement of the action of the verb to 
that particular word and a sense of excluding 
other similar things is automatically expressed. 
S1WC5 ill^C^ means '1 have brought meat only, 
Cnot anything of the like.)' 

5. silW llf^rcttW - means *1 have brought only meat, (not cooked, 
nor done anything of this sort-.' Here the restri- 
ction is Oil the verb. 

6. ^ : Tatsama words like ^, ^"fl, 3t, etc donot change 

while showing relations with different persons. 

CTI^ ^ / ^^ / ^ 'l 
C5M ^ / "^ / ^ I 

csTiit^ ^ / "^t^ / a^ 1 

7. nfP 'ttR : »t?+^ «ltC5 I To express the continuity of the 

action -I is added to the main verbstem and is 

, ( 250 ) Di3iz.i,.»^700gie 

followed by the inflected forms of veibstem ^ 
for person and tense Thus we get : 

■v\~t «flS-« : I am eating 
f»l<-^ ^W~4 : I am writing 
f-^>^* 'flff-Q : I am saying 

It is to be noted that unless the action is conti- 
nuing at the time of saying or reffering to, such 
formations are not used. 

Previously ''it^T was considered as the com- 
bination of «iTt+«itC<e! I Currently, formations in 
-^ express that (i) the work is just completed, 
(ii) the work is continuing. But the formation 
in -t+ Its exclusively exprcfses that the work 
is continuing. The-^ + «ttf type is highly 
frequent to express continuity than -^ type e g. : 

11^1 : I have eaten (someLimc I am eating) 
^ t "tclt : I am eating 

Nouns and pronouns other than s^. «lfii, ^. ^jfit, wi^jfsT, 
1^1, W^, >&% c^^ take -£ in the nominative when the verb 
is transitive. This 'Si>% after nOuns ending in lil or 'ft I 

( 251 ) 

.y Google 

An Intensive Couru 

Unit IV: Lesson — 19 
Father Brings Books 

ft: s»ft*t : ?J« *!?. «lrs ft Mr. Hazarika : Bubul, Minu, 

Snf : wtfil dfii ^i,t Both : We are play- 

iJ*^ I ing papa. 

fs:5l»ft^:?l ««» ^^, Mr. Hazarika: I have brought 
=rj1 f*SI1 »IIfsTOl I new books for you. 

m :=fwc»i6lil? Both : Where papa? 

ft:51«rW:^fflp,l^|„C5„ Mr. Hazarika : Here, take 

llfira) ^ I ,i,t^ (then,, xhis is your 

^5» lfl! 1 :stCT Sahitya path This is 

^ in OT I Minu's arithmetics. You 

11^? I S551 f^» wash your hands and 

•nft^KI feet. Be ready. Your 
teacher is coming. 

llf : It 'tis. =nt5f Bubul : I won't read today. 

OlSsl CT« <flf« I ^„ feeling feverish. 

^"" : ft «llft fit=ipsi Minu: He has not read in 

•ret "irt CT««t I ft the day also, papa. He 

f 252 ) , r~ 1 

Dion kdc, Google 

C'lfn «rtC5 I "®t^ ^^ is playing. He has not 

Sk =iit I fl f^ got temperature. He has 

^^CE 1 told lie 

ft:?twft«t : c?^, f%-5^3 f« Mr. Hazarika: Hallow, what 

^fr ^rl5l t are you doing inside 7 

ftc55 ?Taff^^ : btcti ft-') I Mrs. Hazarika : (I) am going, 

fit ?1«I^ : ^ ^ C"! iif» ft^^ Mr. Hazarika : Has not Bubul 

IFI ^tt C*if^ - ? read in the day time? 

1flt*ie C^f^T =it^ I (He) has not gone to 

w^ fJI fffW U^^ school too. What is he 

f^ ^f^ qtCf ? doing at home for the 
whole of the day ? 

Repetition Drill 

i I ??91, ^, «tC5 f? »f5 1115 ? 

^;?5t, ^, «tP5 1% ^f^ «itf T 

^ I «tlft CX^ «t1c|T OT^ I 

( 253 ) D.g.tzedOyGOOgIC 

An Tntsnsive Count 

* I i«t»R ft^ ^if-ra I 

^ I »4«^ f^»* itf* lies I 

ssfe^ hT* «nft •IKS I 
■it itf" iiirf c^«t I 

54 1 1ii 11^ fiRt«t let !rt? mSat I 
{ 254 ) "'= 


« I f^ C<cf»I IIS 1 

ft c«if»i artcj I 
i« I !5W »i Sji sirt ciiSst ( 

«H »^ Sii ?it CT%sl ) 

^8 1 ft f"HI J»C5 I 

ft ftp ^re I 

R^t, rw5<3 f* fft IIP 
»> I WS ft ftil^ ftilcSl f* ^ slttS ? 

^^ ft f^^ (TRtifT f* «ft ams T 

Build-up Drill 

5 1 f r< «it! T 

f* !fft WIS ? 

<!tra f* ^ Its r 

^ I C>lft llCSt I 

•nft c>if»i ^ttit I 

( 255 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

Ah Intenstvt Coiau 

« I Wtfttft I 

SI »•«? 
« 1 CTi 
t I Clll 

mm Btft »t« cut I 
1 1 « 

(Sfe >II^5 I 

k- I wfi irt? F 

f5t»T lift ItH J 

»i vtm \ 

1% =l«R6f I 

11% ^^ HtCBt" I 

< 256 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

^ ^n itftre I 

6i «itfif ftsrcst m vt I 
ft 7ft «itt5 r • ' 

ft ^fii fw^ fiwit ft ^ «iits ! 

' SniMtttiitioil Drill 

?^» ^"S «$P5 ft 'ft ^? ? 

c^i<t^%*, 'Btr? ft ,^ ^ t 

^ft C"l^ ItZ^ (?T^5T I 

(. 257 .) 


An Intensive Cotvat 

^^OTW.^t^ 1? C^ffl <H1:iT Cf^T I 
JI% ^51^ ^KC^ ^^ f^'SM ItftC^f ( 

( 258 ) 

.y Google 

tii^^it 'st^ ^t^^ Its I 
'Si^'f cs^^\^ Jfift^ tr^ i 

^^ TIT ^ «ft ?t!5 CIT I 
V-P' "^^ ^^ 'Bff 5t« CMt) 

"55^ Tit? O? «ttl I 

{ 259 ) Digitized Oy Google 

An littatlivt Cmru 

1? itfi (?ic«!if 1 

(1) ft Ci|f5| ^K? 1 
:_ ( 260 ) 


InAsiameu * ' 

fJI ftf* ^Irt! 1 

•If? . 

ft •ttfe'^tl?! 

iil wsfTSitai?!' 




^tlt^ w^ ^ ^ 1 


fn^ V ^ 1 

«i ftif>wb>wi' 


^ ftst ^#re.;i 1 


^JWflW^CS 1 


^Ml^ft^^^ts 1 

i8l W fwSTS 1^ »Pt «m(tt 


fwsia r» »ft nts J 

.-. "'«. :, . 

f»3T« 1% ^ '^C* ? 

(^) fW5^ f^ ^ft «ttsl T 

( 261 ) 


An Intensive Comu 

Tranformatioa Vrill 

(a) Affirmative to Negative : 

5 1 sit sts^ Tmi ftsn iife?f I 
1* "SliSf *ww 1^M ^=it itt I 

^ I «t»^ ftr* «itfire I 

el PIW '.^ »,^ llPtcS I 
CTW w/ ""^ 5111 I1t I 

8 1 m^tt^ suPiK I 

PlU >Bt« lit ift I 

» I •iit'K cm if^ I 

(b) Negative to Positive : 
J I st llSl 1*lc?l' I 

{ 262 ) Diai.zoaBjGoOgIc 

* I Pi fpiral »iCit =ilS I 
fti \fmm •iftis I 

8 I 5t^ »/ %it =irt I 

(c) Affirmative to Interrogative : 

» 1 fllra C^S '^105 I 

1J1?!J! Clffl »lttS df* T 

f-nf ^fe iits cf% ? 

8 I fl C^ft ItC! 1 

fil Cilf»l ItCS Rf* ? 

(d) Present Continuous to Present Perfect ; 
i I sirs ft ^ »itt ? 

5. 1 atfii (?!fii 'XtiTt m^«t I 

•nfii c>if»it»t fflSsi I 
« I <5t«^ ppw ««ft »n« I 

( 263 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

An Intensive Course 

8 I f»iST5 f* ^ JlUt t 

(e) Present Perfect to Present Continuous : 

J I >i* »lfB(St I 

41 (sm ^ ^ itfiits r 

Expaasioo Drill 

i I *'15t «*St f 

^t* tt^* l ■-' ' 

8 1 (jirt ",1 »/ mfro I 

(■264 )-■■'' a 

to I fti ^^ c^w ^ I 

QaestSon-RapooH Drill 

at— ^^ ^s f* »ft "na V 
^ silSCJ f» *f^ Its ♦ 

^ *I«1K C<(Pl Ittf I 
CH^lt* PlJ*t81 f*^5H «(|1h(A I 

< 265 ) 


An Intensive Course 

S^ — w^lt* #t^ ^^1 tf*i« iifiire ! 
cuiSiii* *?!» »mt tf-ra lifts I 

5;pif c*cH sufro ? 
iSa^— 5 ? !w ^ ^ !«rics I 

5_5^5^ ^ ^^ mfflts'.i 

am— «^'^0B ftst bTO( cift ? 

^^"^ ^ ^^^ '^^ ^ 

«ttt— c^tw ft^c^ •rot =11% T 

PW ft=it«t ♦ret =11* t 

*w— W' ft'ipst iBt =n* I 

Ijffl fifiirst itPt srt^ I 
en— y^pi ftna •iBt Ht? CTft ?- 

y^ci frfs I5t =rt* cs(f? ! 
( 266 ) 


In Assamese 

«ra— \\5i isR^i Mat =ilt dft t 
V^' ^»it»i CT^l 11^ cif^ T 

&w— Sift, iji^ fsibi (SW1 =nt 1 

=11*, 1^=151 ^Hff (.mm mi i 

Vorifltion Drill 

OM «1n SIW 1 

^1 csrt CTit snpi I 

o 1 aiiw 'Sit fwi »iipi I 

aJli^ It cm itm I 
■aal'W 11 c«t suet t 

< 267 f 


An Inunstve Cours i 
8 I '^^HW ^ ^ Pitta I 

^9ff[^ ^Jpt »ItCT I 

? ^ »i^ ^siH enci I 


1. Add >il1^9l to the foUowing sentences at tlie appropriate 


(*) ^ra f% ^ '^ ? 

(11) 'slca 'af^ »rs w I 
W) »it^?i 

(«) »i? 1»tCBf OT*S3l I 

2. Make one sentence out of eadi pair of sentence : 

(^) C^IC ^5^ TrtCT ft^sM ^f*ict 1 
Cf^IC W*^ *1^CT f*^W Itf^W I 

(n) c*^3ic* ^1^ ^itc^ f^^w ^f^ I 
cs'Sifttw w*^ ^fw "nft^ tti ^tPTcs I 

i 268 ) 

:y Google 

3. Interchange the verb forms in the following senten- 
ces as shown in the model : 

(») ?^sB5ra (Mfs\ atcs I 
(1) ftrianf? «cs,i 

4. Frame questions from the following statements by adding 

some Interrogative markers : 

(*) Sl^te c«ifi lies I 
{i\) •ti'm (jsH itfsw til I 

*s) Jl?i V "^ flffics I 

5 Substitute the underlined words by the words in the 
brackets and produce correct sentences : — 

W 'B^ fr ^f^ ^5 T ('S^. WIVIWI*, ^"ipT, ft, ^;^) 

(<l) "nfii «fii »i'[f 1 1 W. 'jfii, 'sSa, flits, «t*, ?!?) 

(1) !^ Jfl^S I (<!», ^ft, Ifjlsi, ?l«i, ?^) 

(^) islai fJTf^ «nf? 11a (W. w*«l. It, ^toiS) 


( 269 ) " 

An Intensive Coarst 

6. Expand the following sentences by choosing the appro- 
priate words from the right : 

(?) ¥<5T C»*5t t 

tt^^ if-ra 

(I) *91 .CT 1 


(1) ft C>lfn 11W 1 


W JtC^I, ^1 1 

ftsra 1ii=ic8l 

(S) 11q 5 1 

^i^ liifeflt 



'(you, n-hon ) are doing' 


'(he) is doing' 


'(wc) are playing' 

«f=i «iite 

'(he) is playing' 






'where is it' 


'here is it' 

jflft^i »tti 





,'f ot' 




'you (n-hon ) wash' 




'is coming' 

( 270 ) 











'have gone/am going* 


'the whole day' , 

Grammatical Notes 

L Use of the continuous aspect of the present tense is again 
illustrated here. This formation is used only when the 
action of the veib is actually continuing (see. gramm. note 
of the preceding lesson). Its construction is as follows : 

Verbstem +% followed by auxiliary vs. 115+per.onal 
suffixes, eg: 

1st cwi +t +«rt5^+4> c^(f3i«itC%T 

r c«f5! + ^ + wtf^ + «i> (^f^ «tl? 

2nd < cwi + I + •ftS,+ «it> C«l^ Itfti 

3rd OW + ^ + ^9 +JI > cil^ ^m 

2. In the genitive formations, which is marked by -«tf ^, the 
pronouns take some oblique shapes as follows : 

Digitized OyGOOglC 

( 271 ; 

An Intensive Couth 

"jfit > C5W-+^ >C5tJlt^ 

3. '^'^ : It is an extended form of »^ i It is used in intimate 
reference in the sense "where is it". 

4 •Mi : It is the extended iorm of J^. It is used in intimate 
reference in the sense "here it is". 
Thus c»ft> crat, c»rl> ^rl^ i 

5. brc^K^): This perfect formation literally means that 'the 
going is complete' But, in usage, it is wed to 
respond even before 'the going starts' in the sense 
that 'going' may be considered as if completed. 

Digitized OyGoOgIC 

< 272 ) 

In Assamese 

Unit iV : Lesson— 20 
Tel^ram Peon in the Village 

f*tw : C^ «1^ ! •l^^ Peon : Hallow brother ! 

C5^ ^ C^IM- Which side is the 

f*fCH ? Putali Deka's house ? 

^'^ : C^5t T^<^ C^m ? Boy : Which Putali Deka ? 

^tW 1I'«|5rt Madhab, the village- 

SJ^Ira* T bead's sister ? 

fifflai : lirtT, ii*[»I^ in-^^ Peon : Yes, Putali Deka of 

•j;^ ? Madhupur village. 

fl*^ : Jllf^N tt^w I Boy : Go on by this way. On 

eft C*^OSt^ the right side of this 

dtt*tW 55«Jt§T I turning, the forth one. 

tm^t : tt^fPt ^« «rcs Peon : Is the village-head in 

CT ? home ? 

tflV^ f^W : ^ ' ^C*(r5 ^ A woman : No, be is cleaning 

g¥f7 ^ffi I (the grasses in) the 

f»RR : •fB^ CS^t ^'^ Peon : Is not Putali Deka in 

^Xw T home ? 

An Intennve Coiirst 

fS(^TS\ ■T^ : ^ I ^C31 Pt?- The woman : No, she is also 
Vt^ Qttv ^ in the back side catch- 

«nt5 1 (t« «Til^^j ing fish. (To send 

BT^Mt&ie ^? I message) the servant 

fjiQ *T?i^9 ?15J is also not here. He is 

^t «tC5 I also ploughing in fidi 

f*RR : «tt^tf=T ^'ij ^ t Peon : You arc probably 

wfc^ 5wn I «w«pn^ weaving ? Just for a 

»iT5 f»^ I w'^ while, please come. 

>il^ «t% ^t^ I (There) is a telegtam. 

Take (it). 

f«Wr5t <t^ : ^ ^'S \? *W The woman : I have not been 

snt I Jt? *tTT5 being weaving. I have 

ClWtcft I ffR entered into the kit- 

CTWW 1 B'ft chai. I can't receive. 

W5 ^5|*M^ ^1^ (Please) keep sitting in 

«n*^ I ^ «OT the drawing room. I 

^^ I am sending message: 

■ Drill 

^ I CftH «i^^ cs^i ? 

C'fH ^^ C5^ T 

Digitized OyGoOgle 

< 274 ) 

In Assamese 

• ] jm, 1%^ v^ '^ (35^ I 

t- 1 =il*, CKICa ^^ 5*fsf IOCS I 

It?, «tiw fiwrti Btt* ^ lit? I 

( 275 ) 


An Intsrmve Cotnx 

fjis 'Wfs wn ^ft Hits I 

•»l »11<jfs( if !5 ?J wit! «Wt 1 

ififi <5f « ?tr wits f^ I 

1*"W|st "Its fel» I 
>8 I JKB Sl> Wits, 11«W I 

iff I ^ 8R c*(talt^r I 

>» I <lt if 3 =1^ "W =11% I 

i1 I It »l»5 (TlWIfeit I 

1% 1115 flw^t I 

( 276 ) 


i I C«1f S1^, <J^ C5*W ^ c^fe J 
4 I Cftii <5^ C5»t ? 


CTta <ht CiSft t 


StW 11^^ WltW I 

( 277 ) 


An Itttmsive Couru 


pit c^tPtdii c>if fHia anpitst ] 

pit c^feSw cif f*iw WlncSt I 
cstwa «f s ^iS Its I 

C5;«IP5 if? itn 1 

( 278 ) 


In Asumes* 

•> I !S1W PiSf tCT Bit* ^ ilni I 

atrat 'nwira ait* ^ »itis i 
► 1 «ni1si afs ^t lies 5^5it I 

»m»ram its frot 1 

Its •m»B ^ »(i»f I 
Ji<w lift •ncs, m<w I 


''W ftiSW 11R, ^1<W P 


( 279 ) 

An Intensive Comsi 


JI«R f^RM IW, SIS' 1 


it.'m »6i4 1 






»itft i^ >i4 1 


>l* «f S ^ <W itl^ 1 



Addidoo DiiU 



> 1 

•a^fHw h iw^ 1 


•WW1 Its fiRI* £611 I 

B'l1 1^ I^TWII <ff «lt*» C611 I 

(M Add— «B1 1 

'mf^ w'B J! vm ?'it 1 
^ I (ii •wt»3 sin «* »mi I 

1>! •wt'a 5i»w^ lire wm 1 

»i? »it» ^ •nos tm 1 

« I C5PIW 1*1 f*f* ^t* I 

( 281 ) 


An InUTisive Course 

c^tc^ ^t^ 5^f^ «r1C5 ^i^iT I 

1 1 15^ 'n^^ •j^ I 
15^ it4^ •I^ I 
^1*3? ii4i "a^ I 

Trcnafonnadon Drill 

(a) Negative 


5* <flira CTmRt iii? . 

(b) Interrogative 

•1* <IW fStS CI ? 

( 283 ) 


^i» InteHive Cou'S* 

c^'ftcSiT cif fHpi S'ftSt CTf» T 

cscfus arl?r g¥f% utis C=^^ ? 
C5c<ra ^ 5¥f^ ^xa ctI^ * 

* I ^SR 5t> ItW I 

laipf <5r> «ncs CTf^ T 
ifl^ ^> «rtw <?i1V ? 

(c) Affirmative 

^t «W *ltOT* 1 

*Rt SR •ttCTt'l 
^ I <|I^ CS^ f5 ^ CHf* T 

( 284 ) 

:y Google 

•JfSrfl CS»1 ^TO Witt <?lf» ? 
QuMtioii-Retponse Drill 

IjB^t 05*« "n >is;15 1l5« I 
< t 'p't slw^ CWI t 

« I fitm ^ c»t»tSt ? 

1t4^< ^ g»f» IKS I 

J ,g- J DigitizedOyGOOglC 

An Intenstvt Course 

cn^cStw ♦wti<5 Wii^ Its I 

^tt, fsntsmfiBi isi'ss ^^t <i?it 11? ( 

sn», fe^t»i«f*n ^'<5 \? T»t Sift r 
w- 1 c«4ft *ft« t 

L Fill in the blanis :— 

( 286 ) Digi.zodBjGoOgle 

(I) <p!tr >it<fw 1 

W) F5C10 at<^ ItCS I 

W «'C5i fi»wci ait* iits I 

(51 fti •MH3 ?rei stra I 

(«) IW »W It** I 

2. Replace the underlined word by the correct form of the 
new words given in parenthesis- 
es) <Jwfl^ W Clflftpl ? (C^liiftP!. »'«) 

W TO1 "its t? *K I W?, WB^lt, ift) 
(1) ft wnfll Ills I (bK<l5l,«W6. m'SIW) 

'«) Itlfii »Bn»w ^ <llf » I (jft ,«?, 15«) 

3. Replace the underlined verb phrase by one-word verb. 
Don't change the tense : 

(<l) l^^t^ sp?ta !5f 3 ^% WTW I 
(f ) 61«l8lH «W ^llglCT I 

( 287 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

An Inteastve Course 

{«i ^ »itir5 piwt wdc^T I 

(s) ^t^ ^fs <n^^ i 

4. Form verbs from the following vetbstems in the model 
given below and use in sentences. 

) Verb root +?+auxiliary it^ +personal suffii 


(6) ^^- 



CO fsx- 

(») «- 

W O'- 


(« it- 


5. Combine the words from 

both the columns and obtain 

the correct phrase. 

















( 288 ) DigitzedOyOOOgIC 

!n Assamtae 





6. Give short reply : 

(») «> wtfl «iita t 

(I) It^ljl ws iltf (3 T 

W feMl>sl«^^M <sf « ^jS itt? CT ? 

(^1 ra4 <si"«« Vf<<is <?i ? 

(«) BI^C^ f» ^ WC5 


Grammatical Notes 

1. The present continuous aspect of the verb is reinforced 
here. At the same time. Present continuous in Imperrative 
mood is also introduced here. Rule of the formation of 
the present continuous is as follows : 

Verbroot + ■^+auxiliary »ns,+Pcrsonal suffix for 
present indefinite. As noted earlier verbstems in -^ and 
-fl > -^ and -? respectively; (this -? again is lost by 
haplology when conjunctive -^ is added to.) 

* - * sif , -4 > 11* vxii I 
ppf - * "US -« > fiif^ wit^i I 

C"lt> «-t •ltS->il> vt WC! I 
W> fH - * W15->£1> ^ «lla( I 


( 289 ) 

^n Intensipt Courst 

2. In the formation of present continuous in Imperative 
mood, sJt^ occurs in lieu of itf^ to which imperative per- 
sonal suffixes are add to. 

Example : Vt >^'-% «t!'F-«r? >bl «rtv^ ' 

3. ^^ : Its addition to the asscrative sentences adds the 
sense of *probablity.' 

4. Words referring to direction take -<^ in the locative. 

Examples : (?rf'f^--fl> c^l^ i 

Cultural Notes 

«f« : It refers to loom. In Assam, almost every family posse- 
sses at least one bandloom. Every woman, as a matter 
of practice, has to weave domestic clothes in these 
looms. They even weave mosquito-net, dhoti, bed- 
sheet, blanket etc. . Some families possess power-loom 
,_ which they use for mass production or commercial 

«lt^ : A kind of fishing trap made of bamboo. In village 
areas, even college-going girls catch fish by using this 


wi?^ 'Hallow brother, used to addrsss young ones' 

( 290 } 

*J^ 05^ 

'a Matoe' 




'name of a village' 
*ri^t side' 


"compound of the house' 



^* ^ft 

'catching fish by using a 
bamboo trap' 


'cleaning ground by spade* 


. loom* 


aittle, a whae* 






*you (hon.) keep* 



^sitting house* 
*a while' 



< 291 ) 


An Intensive Comte 

Unit IV: Lesson— 21 

1 1 ^feiiS, ?I5 ^ he? ? sft o^ I Pi ft ^ftw » Jil%n itf^ 
i5« iscf =OT I mx ftin f5i« ? »nfw -in "jS f^ ^f^ i?t! 
f^'j^n ^^=1^ Trtc^ %f c^ ? *j^^ ^« «nt5 CT ? 

^ I ^ ^b»l >i3ts(ir blJt*»l ^fsiC^t I ^ffl til^ w?l*rt «l|ptt»l I 

iK^ 11a ^f*pii iifJic^i I 1? 1113 ijiHttc^t I 

el i«t W I^t 5ltW51 1 lf|5 IS"! mstlt^ S5Ft 1 5 Spl^ tt«^ ^p*l 

8 I ft »Jerc*i CTO1 11? uns •Bt 11? I i1?^ CTfit "Ht n* I 
n^ cust 11* 1 ^55»i sra pim nt i «mc6i fen n? i jjw 

^1t« N-lt*! *T5t IT? I 55^ ^5^31« <sW n^ I 

1 1 atra f» *ft »ns t 

* I Itft wftl "stTC^T CT^ I 
1 I f««TO f^ ^ft list ! 

*• I ft c>ifi "idis I "s^ Pw» lift 115! I ft ft fPi itn t WPi 
•ife *cs I wpira ^ 5^ wtts I mm wibf ^ iro i ft 
«1»Bi? 11W I "tt^ft <5f« 'j! lire nf» t 

a I ^« »ft ?ra cw I ^ >ii^ I 

5- 1 pim ^1 ^ itfics I 

ii 1 >«?fiw fei "n*? I s'n 113 •w'wi ^^ <twf I 

( 292 ) L.o,,zodc,Googlc 

Repetitioa Drill 

> I 'll^tH'S, ^ ^t^ ^tC5 ? 

^?W5, ^ ^51 bm ? 

ft f? ^%» t 
8 1 ^tf« ^^ ^«C5 T5T1 1 

Itfe ^S}S isci 155 I 
« I m ftsltl fttS T 

itfti >it5 'jft f«t •nftts CI t 
1 1 fiijn ^jwsi^ iiroijt fifcs CT ? 

fi-jept ^f«=i^ >(i«cSl fiRS CI t 

\'^c^ il? «ntf I 

< 293 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

An Intensive Count 

a 1 sil mit^ ^t^ ^%i4v\ vdTmi] I 

^ 'm^ 'st'Vi «'«c^ 'flWt 1 

5» 1 

^sit^i *a^ c^^t^ ^tf^t?t 1 

«t^ ^w c^«^ "nfitt^t 1 


>il?'i sfla ail^Ftsil *i1t^tll ( 

sRji sua ^al^t «nfatsi i 


jm, ^-^^ 6ife^5i 1 

*ii^, ^^ 5^5t Bi^t**i r 


litsi i«n "irat^ 5^ 1 

>iti Jii >il«t5ibH S»t 1 


ft 'fifipfr onm it* i 

ft ^tiCTt CTO1 sn* 1 


■lis •ni 11* t 

>ns«ralstt« 1 


1t\^ C^ 'Rt 11* 1 

ItW (?lff «Rt Ht I 

( 29J ) 


/n Aisamese 

%v 1 lica 'BIS c>iw lit 1 

*• I ^»i 11^ fmnsi <i5t Slit I 

"M^tJI «ltf» ftTSt 1?t It? I 

*> I ^^^ ^ijtn (W5t =11* 1 
\^^n ^51^81 (TiW *n* I 

^« I <«ifi c<i|5i •nntt otfest I 

l«W5 Ff <^ »ii5i t 
f 295 ) 


An Intensive Cown 

Ml ft (?tf5| "IttS I 

ft ClfSl 11C« I 
»e I 55i« ft»» ^ft '«W I 

^11 ft fif ^ Wfc! ? 

ft ft! »ft vm ? 

ib' I «tr5 aft ?ra (?(t I 

<55C5Sft ?t<5 Oft ( 

«" I yn^ ^ ^ »itftw 1 

ft ?teRl% ^tf I 
ll'SJ^BI^ 5t^ g^ft sits I 


( 296 J * 

In Atmmtss 

«8 I ^<R 1SI> »nt5, 1t»W I 

«l 1* IWs C>lW?Oft I 

"1* 1113 CTfll^t I 

el I 'Stfttsi h «tt?^ I 

«*• I B"^ ^5 ^ <(1»^ I 

5'fl ^13 ^ "tt^f 1 

Subititution Drill 

i I 'rtcH^, fl*i ^ei ^»l;5 ? 

^toS, ft ^ bice » 

< 297 ) 


An Jntnutiw Cgum 


aificn Of ^fK tns T 
a?W ft <«* «(tis t 
«?W ft wft Ills t 
^ ft pifSi ^S t 

^ 298 > DigitizedOyGoOgle 

in Ajsameat 


mftiti f^ ? 

Tti f^ili ^^5 ? 

IT? UnI 

«11ii Its 1WI put »itfej CI t 

»itf»i "W •iieft ^ "tfiof CI r 


"ml* iH iiBf»i f*it wtfisit CI » 

"W IIB^ fl^t 11^ CI ? 
« 1 fl'pl =lf«R* «B"H8t fro CI t 

fi<jw( CK^W "i"iit?l (iw c=t f 


{1^1 igiH* imSt Pro CI J 

( 299 ) 


An Intensive Ceursa 

1 1 ^ ^3T?i if? 'ttas t 

^5 ■ ' 


CblS.'TlH (?(f»I Its t 
„ H "ft «t^ Jl^«^ cftwi «ltftrft I 



ntfula iflftcnt 'nf'ic^ I -;. 

•w itsft ma sfrol «itfiic^ I 

IV' ^^ ^^ ^ ' 
V-K* ^tn CTW ^^ I ' 

'^ +lj*^ffi c^W =11% I 
bits- ' ■ 

'^i^ei ^t-^t*! biff I 
>5 I >i* iflw c'ft »Rt =i« I 

■- ft ItW CTfe ^=|I sift I 

< 301 ) 


An Intensive CmaU 

?ft iw dft Mm iit I 

"jfji snw ctS P«n sn* i 


^ itw (sfe f»tt I 

>^ 1 ^OT wre WW lit I 

■Jft ata «« lit I 
faait «15 c>ital =il% i 


»o I itfi dfti iftcf T I 


ft d^ 11D8 r 

( 302 ) Diai.zodBjGoOgIc 

>8 1 «ts^ fvw^ itft «rt« 1 
^^ ^ ^ Its 1 

«* ^ISt 5t« (Jit I 

( 303 ) 


Am Intensive Cinttii 

MlHItflt* 11^ (sm I 

xm ■ ' 

Tronfontfatioa UrS 1) 

(a) To negative 
i 1 Sfi O^ I 

( 304 ; 


Jifen ^fs «iai =ift I 

.aftut rfe C5HI sH I 

a I Slit al^t^l 51?C*si ^ntsiclt I 

«t «llt»I StStWI I'll »1? 1 

■ntfl Jir»i8ii Silt iiti I 

( 305 ) Diai.zodBjGoOgle 

An Intensive Ceurie 

si ♦Ills c*iw«i =n? I 

V I "ItfS C<lfei Wlt^t I 

^f« cxfii <l4t s(H I 

ft Cllfl l^ ijtt I 

fJI C«* <Wt It? I 

( 306 ) 

In Assamese 

im^ Hf » 11*5 i»i Sit? I 
^JPl <ifB x* *^ I 

^^W *tf5 'Wl HI? I 

1«W«t? sf^ <(»t at? 1 
^8 I ^« ^ I 

( 307 ) 

Digitized Oy 


Ah Intensive Comom 
am ^ Sit aft 1 

(b) To Interrogative 
> I '51* »t?* ^I» WHS I 

<8t» »ti» ^1 W1H M » 
31t Bit* ^* «ItC5 C=I » 

1 1 . ^< fw^ iir? mx I 

^1^ f"W» ^It? tics CT ? 

»*w fw* «nft «iiM CI J 
8 t ^*w5^ «mt8T ftw =?t? r 

< 308 ) _ .. 


53^ (?(i5t ai^ c^r* * 
53J1 cflat 11? cift ? 

1 1 »ni «fs lit ait I 

st!^ c^fe »pt al? wf? r 

•iCT c^f« •HI at* caft ? 
f I i(ia •«"i •iraiai^ i 

^a Ji"i alsHl-M caf% ? 
IIS ^91 "iwat^ caf? T 

Expansion Drill 

i-i Jir, « j^ 6ftc*5i I 

( 309 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

An Intensive Comsi 

^ I Sl5 1=11 ift I 
W »ltf» i|1s 1=11 sfl* I 

nfti >m lat It? I 
(<i) ill« n? sfls 1=lt 'It* I 

Ufa n^ sts I'd =fft I 
5 1 i?=i i?tm =n? I 

t^fjf 1^5^« 1^ ^f^ 1W 1 

( 310 ) Li,o,izodB,Google 

In Asiamest 

<5iC^ iU'wit "Sf^ 51^ Cft t 

Wfti 1W •ItE^ f»at "itStS CI t 

Digitized Oy 

( 311 ; 


An Intensive Course 

Unit IV : Lesson -20 

ftW5 C^f^ : ais\', 40-1^^ I 11? Mrs. Reddy ; Hallow, 50321. 


n? Ji^i 15=1 ^9\t^ 

I am Mr s. Reddy speak- 

Safia Aunt, namaskar. I am 
Safia. Is Bijaya doing 
embroidery ? I have 
brought a new design- 

ftwB C'^ : f^si^^ ^^ ^ffl f*t Mrs. Reddy : Bijayai is not 

11? I ^1^ =**U5*^ 
»1^ ^91 W15 =n I 

doing embroidaiy. She 
is knitting (her) elder 
brother's sweater. Do 
come bring(ing> your 
new design tomorrow. 


fe^ «nc* C*1^OT^ I Safia : All right aunt. Brother- 
fBstwn c^tW^ in-law wants uncle. Is 

ftgt^f 1 C5C1? he sleeping ? 

fJiC65 nf®5 : c'RlC'tU^ ^^ «f^ Mrs. Reddy : (Your) imde 
sit? I lii^ta ^tST^ has not been sleeping, 

^tt^ llW. I ^ vf^ Just now has gone tcw- 

( 312 ) 


"W* c»? I 1^ iT^^ ards roadside. You hold 

f^^ I on please I am calling 


'^WT^ : evil, 5^91 <?if* ? Rehman : Who (is speaking) 

Are you Saf ia 7 

efw : 55 C*I5tPffe I 1991 Safia : Yes uncle. Now, I am 

5^ f^«W%* fHcti I giving to brother-in-law. 

f^TOf* ! K^ ^% Brother-in-law ! hold on 

C*I5TOTC5 C^s( please, uncle has taken 

^C* ' the phone 


1. Combine words from both the columns and form the 
conect phrase showing kinship relations : 

Col. A ' Col. B . 















: blanks: 

f) — 

— afen ^»wi 1 

( 313 ) 



An fntenswe CcWK 

CO bf*?:? T« jfsi ^1 

(s) «wiSi 3^:c«i ^ ^5 1 

(S) fsTOlS, W1 1 

3, Fill in the blanks with the proper foim of the words in 
the btackets : 

(») f! "Jl«l «TCS I (?l*lt, CTfe9t) 

W CTm itis 1 (fssroS, 'pi, at?) 

(«) "( 1 tw oi? 1 («?, ets) 

(«) 'Straw 5cjs™ sfS siiis I W-n, ?lfa, 11) 

(«) «» wiw I (CT^t, >ii#lmS, oiSst, (St5*l) 

4. Give short replies : 

W c»tt=i*fi5&t^1t»» 

(1) CWR ant c6(«iwB tSw t 

(1) c»tii scaSi^ s'ft «tcs ? 

«) el^RW (?i5lmtw «? IK* <?i » 

(S) Wt^ ^?t^ »!iei JtU t 

(«) cwroaw wit «fTO CT ? 

(w) «"3l> »lt cS^wtt t^ T 

(1) 6f>ra? wtt ift ^tw n ♦ 

(#) ftiw erfss Bfinw c»H T 

( 314 ) 


tn AsMmeae 

(S) f?; CfeS 5f5?H CT * 

5. Add the politeness marker — CT? ! 

(?) s» «r^ 1H I 

(1) <s? vflfM' c>tt I 

6. Substitute the underlined words by the appropriate forms 
of the words given in the parenthesis, and maintain 

<») iitwS, >fK[ »?H Jin » (ill, B?s, 1^, f\m^, "fti*) 

W mt «Sis I (at, !fl5. fif ») 

(1) ffl f* »r^K ? (»it-, 15-, v[i-, ft-) 

P) •nft cxfi •nwi I (f-, T-, «ri5., »»., 61.) 

7. Use appropriate pronominal forms for the underlined 

W arSpiS, sil5 »t^ ^IS ' 

W S^TCHS, SIS »K"I t«I oillsst C ! 

(1) C5(» 515*^1, <I«C6I '»» CI ? 

W ^fn»l« »irt« I 


An Intensive Coitu 
(B) ^a »IW lit Its "Itrfl ! 

8. Turn intra negative : 

(») aft ru c«t I 

(1) *l»fl isftsi bits I 
(T) =1* «^:St feit I 
(S) ijfil ^ifar I 

9. Use appropriate definitives in the blank spaces, 

(») El*p»l sn J^lilt 1 

(I) ^t!»l — _ omt I 

W f »t«l I'l ? 

(«) 7>iii firat I 

(5) 01^ »« f»a« ? 

10. Transform in the model given ; 

Model : S» «ITftcs1 > lit «nR «ItC#1 I 

W «% JifOTt f* ^s ? > 
(1) 51CBI fiii« >lfjts I > 

W fe lafeiii Ola I > , 

(«) ft f^sit| efts i> 

( 316 ) Dia,„zodB,Google 

/ft AlsatruM 

11. Turn into affirmative : 

W) l^ «IW *l stfl 1=11 11* I 

(1) nit ^^ <?im it I 

(1) "fWH Itf* filiirB •151 m 1 
(1) ^ft 5llt*«l «Rt sift I 

(s) IS? «i«t5i fimS I ' 

12. Use the following paits of words/phrases in sentences : 

(») ^tl : »tnt»1, , (1) 'St : Wl, 
(51) Jl«ia : v9»«c«, (H) ft : f» f», 

(1) CT« 1W- : C»1» 1"!- I 

13. Give short replies : 

(») 5^ Jif!55t ft *f% ins ? 

(1) ^in fwB nm cMlw "itlHw » 

W ?i«fi»»l» iw fvni ulin r 

(0 f»H<5 fines r»f^^ f* ^^ Ills t 

f6) ^^11 •nf" ^sitn biw CT ? 

(«) \^^« c^Pi mftCT t 

(X) VH fw» wtft lies f 

(1) oifw «)« ^mv tKf t 

( 317 ) DiailizodByGOOgle 

An Intensive Course 

Unit V : Lesson— 23 

U: 5?R : ISW? SWfiw l Mr. Phukan : Namaskar Haza- 

ll^f^ t^^ ^f' rika. Are you doing 

1TC6 C'lf* ? something ? 

fl: a»ft^ : It*, '? -aw *f' Mr. Hazarika : No. I am not 

f>l: sj^ : 55, 'nf'UBl' I 

doing anything Come 
(on), telj, what is the 
matier ? Did you bring 
chairs and tables yesrer 

day 7 

Mr. Phukan : Yes, (I) brought 

Mr. Hazarikd : How much 
price did (he take ? 

f*I; ^^=R ; (^^ 5*^^^^ few Mr. Phukan ; The cane chairs 

6»lt^ i ^-Swm at the rate of Rs 30-CO 

»15fia"t ^tt* I cuff each. The wooden ones 

«« ^ StI I Rs. 35 00 each Tiie table 

is at Rs. 20-00. 

fl. slafftft : W C^fs 1t« I »H Mr- Hazarika : (He) took too 
W1»t^^ 1^1 f^siW T much. From whose shop 

did you buy ? 

( 318 > 


fii: V 9^ : ^infffTei^ c^t^**^ Mr. Phukan : (I) bought from 
si^t f<pfRt3i' ! Ramlal's shop. 

fk: «]»ft^ : c^ itt*1'HT? ^^t* Mr . Hazarika : He cheated 
^fsTcei I you too much. 

^ : ^tttf^ »1^ sftttlll- Minu : Uncle, did you see 

CSTtC* fBcaiii 5tC«i « ? picture yesterday ? 

fii; ^^^^ : ^' 5lc=Ti* I ^$C^ '^ Mr. Fhukan : Yes, (we) saw. 
f\i^\^' 5iff[ c^ft * Did you see 'Ghar- 


^ : vf\^ c^ial Jftf^ Minu : We went to Sriya 

^5ltfl IPlf I tf»? yesterday. (But we did 

fNs? 11*iK«f ) s^lrs not get ticket). Manja 

ca*a llW I ■■ and others got in black. 

Repedtion Drill 

«n*)fi( f^^T *ft «iicf c^if^ ? 

( 319 ) DigitizedOyGOOgIC 

An Intensive Comae 

t 1 ^ «(IlHwr t 

s5, »itr=ipn" I 

5» I « eft 'W I 

5^ 1 'W CTI^H^ ♦Ml f^f^ ? 
*^ OfWw mi f=fflC»l ? 

r 320 ) 


/m AsMuitese 

i^ I lute's C3I«« *tlC^ I 

Bvild-iip DriU 

r«i ^ff Tts cif* ! 

SPft 1»I ill* I 

( 321 ) Dis,.zodB,Google 

An Intensive Cc^ursa 

ni -ilC*1 ^f^ sf*! ^ I 
sttt, "it J1C»I ^fl 'Wt ift t 
e I *«» I 

WIS*, f* «R^ ^«^ I 
8 I wlfitpi est ! 

^ I fai"l ?*tbf I 

5*1«W fel 8*lt* I 
CTO^ 6*lwm fat 5*it» > 

( 322 ) 


Wiitm' I 

^ISSItW "HI f»fsiC5fl' I 

^«Wf (?it*i=i^ •w f»fittir I 

BtCflCT t 

«tra '^wmK 5ifSi (3 ? 

lift c^iat^ifc %it!i iot" 4 

ra« iipiRt* ifita I 
cs« iicira* cult* ifitw 

•ItFI 1 

TOjSra lira I 


( 323 ) 


Ai» nIctMJM Cow jc 

SvbstUulion Drill 

51 «(1^(h f*?t ^ «1t5 CTf^ T 

5iaft»H f^ »f>I «W C=lft t 
«*>CT f»« ^ 1TO CTf=f t 

* I (') =n*, it «m ^ >m ^ I 

II?, ^tfii «*t ff=l Wf ^ I 


^iTft «*! ^ «w sn* 1 

Sfi .sc*i »ft "Wl 11? 1 

W 1? OCT! *ft «W1 11? I 
1? «»t •iS "W Ht I 


1? 'Wfl W« >wi It? 1 
e I W «»«¥ ft *n *« 1 

iw, ft IW *9» I 

( 324 ) 

Digitized Oy 



(1) tt*^. ft l^ *«^ I 

«it?t, r* «m c*at i 


c I 55, •ntsicqf 1 


( 325 ) * 

An Intensive Cairie 

(I) Bts ftmat* Bltsi f 

CT51 cwcim fan Sfit* i 
k- 1 CWPW jfi 6*1 I 

» I ^ c^ sitn I 

« !M 5ICS1 I 


( 325 ) L,,zo,.,Google 

C54 m^ ^^* ^ftts] I 

>» I lift (Wat^tfi 3l5to iprt' I 

( 327 ) ° 


An /nteniwd Cowu 


Ezpannoo Drill 

55, 5^ ItfJl «lSc»Il' I 

B#[C?t^ (Tin f^'ll'lt* «K»1 t 

( 328 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

6*tcw< III" =n c<fi( icfli 

lP#rt«tH Iftt ^ cfs WOT I 
Cootriottoa Drill 

( 329 > 


An /ntffuiM Cavu 

Tranfonnatioa Urill 

(a) Affirmative to Negative. 
i 1 «ItT[fil 1^ ^ aitlS I 

«it*lfH ^flC«t 'ft <(*t ^\% I 

^•|t% i«^ 'Fft «W ^ I 

ift <JSt^ ^ "W ^ft I 
spf \£^\ ^ «W ^ I 

( 330 ) 


In Assamese 

'^ B1* ^ft 'W 'Tt^ 1 

8 I ?3c«i •ifi itcs I 

gjOT *fft "(^ =lft 1 

*«!H fSlfil «|»t sn* I 
» I flics t«lf*l W1C5 1 

PlJw crt*! IT 1t% 1 

(b) Affirmative to Interrogative. 
^ 1 c^!5* b^wK^ f3^ S^lt* »il?i I 

( 331 ) ^ 

All tntauive Cm 

w <3f« >ic»i 13ft T 
« rt« Id pift ! 

T«rUt:oB Drill 
5 1 ftm Tft ■mm f 

■^Wl »ft Wt >lft » 

■ilCTI ^ft <Wt ill* ? 

( 332 ) 

In Assam ttt 

8 1 II15 ^ C«f? "IC*! I 

QuMtioa-RwpoaM Drill 

%iS^ - st«fi^ 'ilRT »ft <W1 1ft 1 
WiIitH ■awl »ft 1*t i« I 

( 333 ) L,,,zoaB,Google 

Am ItuemsiMCoint 

fiifl— '^'R c*^^ e^ cw fr^pi ? 

S«— ?,»pl BtftW E* »W •«« CW f*filOT I 

*»!3 Ell^ Rft ^W JPH £»• W>IPI I 
*W— 5<R B*t »lk 1W ^r*l 5<l^ (^W I 

5^ F#( *ti^ ^t¥ 9t^ 5^ ivm 1 

•a>i=i OT« t*t^ uw fwH ? 
ftw — jm^ c^^JW B^ ^ fig«t8^T I 

^>H CTOf B*N <m feiS^i I 

arfl — vflt^lR C^WI B^ I!t^ fWl't* ? 

^™>H W« B*^ »W fa>(S*tt* I 


( 334 ) 

In Assamese 

,2fO_ 9 ^pi 55'^ »(^ 5^ipw «iifsrci T 

V ^¥=1 ^'^ *Rt 5*tpw irftw 7 
^^_ qt^q^ Jit?^ cft^i^ w 6^ CTW «nf^ 1 

^j^pi »rt5^ on^m ^WT p* CTW itrHw I 

%5^— ffW ^ erf* ICT I 

fiftt— »tt5H '^'^ ^f'iCl Cfft T 

»n?w ^j^^i^ ^lOT CTt% T 

^— ??, ilt?W V^V if'ICT 1 

( 335 ) DigitizedOyGOOglC 

An 7nttn5ive Comu 


■1 . Frame questions by replacing some words by some interro- 
gative words of which reply would be the following 
'statements* ; 

(») «t«lft*ft ft^ »ft *ttf I 

W » "t^ »tft "ftB"!? 5*tP>» fi»'siC!1 1 
(e) (TWR' 111 jW^t SIW I 

2. Complete the transformation. 

W «it^ fip« ^fes > •nt!* ft" »^ "iw 1 

wtft '>ii?rei > 

^^ ^ ^%c* > i 

a?lCTife» > 

ft f^ «tft «(tn« > 

^^w ft^ ^f5f «itc^ > 

*I9CJ 1*!lt If? 11H > 

«(ifii Jifen c>if»i 'snt^ > 

fft -iifsTO ^ft «n§T > 

(1) P?l tWUM Itf^OT CT > 5^ C»»C'l^ "HflCt 13 » 
ItSCS^^iflPI > 

( 336 ) w,-z.„.,>.,cx)gie 

in Asamnae 

^ C^f^ SU1 ' > ..^ -. 

pn>w f r^5»ls tiOT I > 

M, wifawi't > 

3. Fill up thr blanks with appropriate temporal words. 

(11) V^^W 5^ CTafC^t^ ITfax^ 1 

(1) 5^5P5 — — Cilf*l ^C5 ? 

(S) f^*=I 5Iaf^»W 5l^j!l •HR I 

4. Mark the sentences with which t? can be used and rewrite 
them using it in right places. 

.^) JiSi ci^N mi jf^s^t I 

(«) c6tsiw^ we^i in* ctSwh if»e?t fsitn ( 

(6 WW *!i cstm I 

5- Substitute the underlined words by the words in the 


f 337 ; o 

An fnleunM Cswit 

ai^wci or tflWwc^ i^lt^ frt 1 
firf^-f4 or liiWH^^ H«5*lt# 1 
4. C^Stt^ is Ac adverbial form of Cflt I Thus we get : 
«W+^-«Plt* 'well' 

'^+t*-W^ 'too much, badly' 

5* Assamese does not have a case suffix for the ablative. To 
express the ablative, the noiinstem is fiist inflected for the 
genitive which is follwed by a i)05t-position *nt e{ : 

^>^^ •Wl 'from home* 

^>^5H «flt 'from school' 

^->^5T^ •Wt *from here' 

( 340 ) DigitizedOyGoOgle 

Unit IV ; Lesson —20 

^•tt : i2|^*t, *(?fe «t« *t?l t^ ? Dipa : Prabin. where did 

you go the day be- 
for e yesterday ? 

«I?t*l : «tlft I'fJ ^*t^ IWi' I Frabin : We went to Cuttack 
•spfn ^*!?l5t C^^U the day before yester- 

BtCTi' I day- W^ saw an 

Assamese film. 

?W : ^!^t f^ ftf? Bi«I Dipa : What picture is now 
atro Cl T showing ? 

■srftl : lafelt 5^1 efsi «ilt5 I Prabin : Now, Mukuta is 

^fJi 5Twr fF^^'? f^**! I showing. We saw 

C»l^^f»iQt5 5^511 =Sik Mik Bijuli'. 

*rv^ I^R^ *ttr , fs^ That (film) ran foe 

^i*^ I CT?^ *tf»i 1'fft I eleven weeks. From 

I'tftfl feppit 9fl3 c^tf the fifth week, rush 

•ItfllH^C^ Off»}Cwf I reduced. That WMit 

yesterday. That day 

(we) saw your sister 

in-law also In the 

cinema hall. 

^ : 5(ctK *i1« ^m ^fsi « ? Dipa : Did (you) talk with 

(my) sister-in-law ? 

( 341 ) D3 zM,v.K)0^le 

An Interuipe Coarx 

«tftt : i' 9Wf I =n:^ff=»? «TW» Ptabin : Yes, (wc) talked, 

mf^ I C^' ^^^ SffW I (Your) sistei-in-law 

csc^ «rat*tl C"l^'W'5V t (beiself) called on us 

«(ein flips? i'5v I She, of course, did 

not stay on tUl the 

end. (She) went 

little early. 

^fT : «ef^ C3T^ Ct=! Pitfiter r Dipa : How did yoa feel 

about the picture ? 

<£t^«I i ^ am sitf^M^i I f*^ iW Prabin : (It) was very good 
?^« f*Wl5f ^•l But (my) mother did 

-l^ti^si I not like the film so 


Repetition Drill 

( 342 ) D,3rzM,V.TOO^ie 

/« AsaamiK 

8 1 <sfm f* sfi sfi mix en ? 

« I <AfS9\ 5^ Sftl lies I 

* I CT^W JllM >iat5 Sfill I 

C«|S«I^ 4?rt "I«I5 Sfwi I 

fifipit fsc=i"il 55fs caw sre^infRt wpitif I 

( 343 ) «-o".Google 


BuUd on Dlill 

afii, 'Wit »t»i tf" T 

« I 6tCTf I 

ji« "w^si fepw 6twi' I 

8 I Sfei Its 

f* 5ft Ffii "His ? 

( 344 ) 


Jifen ft «f? 6r»i wlcs cT t 



C>l?1il Jl^^ laH 6f51II I 

OTfxdf I 

ftism S5ia raw irfra^*! Bf>ipii' i 

( 345 ) ".--.Google 

An InUnsivt Course 
in) liifegl f* ^ Bf^i wiffi cat I 

^fj| BtCBlf ^J^ I 

^1 flc^ enra *^ 5t*» cH I 

( 348 ) D.gitzedOyGOOgIC 

1', siCiitOTi lilt* *OT I 

C«H ^IM *PI 

caw ^« aiiw I 

caw ^"lt« ^ I 
i> 1 cwra ISCU Ol^ei =W'»I I 

5W «Wt*l) C^^ =l^'51 I 
»1W 1I1CS 11(5»\ I 

( 349 ) 


A» tnUtitwe CoMK 

i8 I « istsi JltfJlBI I 


Expulsion Drill 

( 350 ) 

Digitized Oy 


In Assamese 

^^ 's*!^ ^fUe^ Blcn' I 

(?lt «ft<« *1ftl lf>I I 


( 351 ) 

An Intensive CowM 

TraBfortnatioB Drill 

(a) Affirmative to Negative 

lafisB IJW BfJl l^t ^? I 

^afeit ?j»i 6& wt sn? I 


( 352 ) 

7r Assamese 

^r»f ft^t^ f^^ei iiW[?lf I 

C^<R Vt{»l »ll'91 ( 

OSt^ Vin^ 5?^n:9I I D,g,tzedOyGOOgIC 

Am /nimmv Cttnm 

C5W5 'WITS »ra'»i I 

(b) To Negative Question. 

ifrirt »pra wn srafii n ? 
jft«isi •« sn»iifi»i CT ? 

( 354 ) "^ 


(c) Negative to Affirmative. 

^1 dfeKI I 

QvMtioa-Reiponte Drill 

«rfM trfe *i»l I'l » 


cs*— afltl latTO f» *fei ? 

S«^— alto »«« '««i ftpw Btn 1 

«M— alflll CflS'H Sfi EHIJ 

a^iw Mr*i*^ ft^^'R stpi I 
afl — liifeit MI»i+^ f^f^i 5fri ^c5 CT ? 

"ilfelT fb^M I*tpt 5pl •IH5 C^ T 
*M— .afen fr)fSl^,fi^ Eft "Wt =lft I 

iflfwrt fNJ5w^t?q;_ft sft <t*t "ift I 

4fert ^ sf» eft ^tc5 ? 

•ufast I3t«1 iS Eft wtw I 
( 356 ) 


««— sf^w aifli^ c»c=i »nf* t 

few— fft<H 4i#M^ sm >itft«i I 

< 357 ) 


An tnteashie Cwrj* 

»fwi #his bRis (S j 

Bft«la ifMtS C6«l ai» 1 
fiW— "ft^*! fepmt c^fegT Ptcei t 

lirfTPt fec^^ C*f%51 POT ? 

Sa^— aalCT fe<i»t •wft bot i 

«#tt1 feptm •Hft 5IOT 1 


1. Fal up the blanks with appropriate temporal words in 
the tight. 

(') 53OT ^a^" Sf^ 5T1?I I 

(I) al9 »1^ 155, »lfpi I 

(1) <l»[^ It 1IOT WW I 

(Si "H^l — *- ^W^*1 ^tK I 

(«) *I9W iff <i»i =n? I 

2. Substitute the underlined words by the ones given in the 
brackets and maintain correctness- 

( 358 ) 


(») vifx Tiffl fe«!it am' I ( (J54 wffit, 1*, ft, 'jrfii ) 
H) jifest ft »ft "HIS " ( c»t^, *'a, cti ) 

(^) ^54 iw itf^i I ( ^ft, ^, ^sl^, c^tiitwt* ) 
(«) »f^«i=t an c^ enftsi ? ( ^, mipi, f>i, sstt ) 

3. Choosing words form both the columns obtain the correct 
phrase. Make necessary changes. 

Col. A Col. B 

«* aril 

«*•! IT* 

4. Provide appropriate subjects to the following sentences : 

(I) 4<i=! f Bcn wt»n' I 

TO "W 111P5? 1'»I F 

5. Frame questions from the following statements : 

( 359 ) 


An Inten site Cnrn 
(I) ftips .<Nsi few EKn I 

(i) ftpnt ws 6lw» orpifif I 

(«) ?J«1«B BWl I 

6. Ttansfotm as suggested : 

(1) «lfli «™t«i 'fi H -01- ) 

(1) c»# an »1t« gfiOT I ( -.^- ) 

(fl) slw csw c*c^ "tfit ? ( f»^ rtsts ) 

(«) BWI »W5 !«T «ffl t1 1 ( M ^Tfl, «! "raw ^IWJt (OTliW 



day before yesterday' 


you (non-hon. wcot' 



•4W fKiim 

*a cinema' 


picture, film' 






ran, continued' ,^;„Og|g 



. . -» 

/h Assamese 


So much' 



SN "11% 

*is continuing (showing)' 


'pearl, a title of a film' 

ft^/ Ji* f^fil 

'a film title, meaning 
bright lightning' 



fcc^^ *5I 

'cinema hall' 






'you (non-hon.) talked' 


'called on' 




*of course' 




'did not wait* 


'before, previously' 

Grammatical Notes 

Simple past tense, introduced in the previous lesson, is 
reinforced here. 

1, Verbal agreement with 2nd person non-honorific and 
3rd person is shown in this lesson* (See grammatical 
notes incorporated in the previous lessiHi). To repeat 
again, they are : 

( 361 ) 

.y Google 

An Inttnsivt Cotase 

'\ non-hon. -% 
2nd person I ^^ _^ 

J more-hon. -4, 'St 

3rd person -ifl, -fS [-4 is used with tran- 

sitive verb stems, 
■ a with intransi- 
tive verbstems.] 

eg. m^-(-^s!^+ -J]>Jrt^C»l but 1-'-}-PI,+ ^>il'ei 
Pt- + -9I^+-ii|>B1t5I but ^- + 51 +-^>5'^ 

In the formation of the negative of verbs of simple 
p3st tense, the rule for the formation of negative 
of simple present operates. That is, s^- (=r-f«l)is 
prefixed to the fully inflected verbal formatons and 
-^ of ^- is assimilated with the vowel of the initial 
syllabic of the verb; eg. : 

^"^ !(- is a Nominal- Verbal compoimd. It is inflected 
like the simple verbstem. 

To show relation with 2nd person (non-hon) -^, or 
-^^ is added to the kinship nouns, subject to the 
omdition that the former occurs after -«tt ending 
kinship nouns, the latter elsewhere. 


( 362 ) 

-tfl? is a paiticle to give stress or emphasis, in filpnt 
the emphasis is on 1t<tCfl^ and in ITT -^"ra-ifl? the 
emphasis is on iTTS I Sometimes -? of -^fl^ is dropped 
The emphasis marker ~J^ or -Jl is very common in 

( 3S3 ) "..-.Google 

^H fnumive Cowm 

Unit V : Lesson— 25 

^ft : CTlat •nt? ^tfil a*«R Mani : We went to Nandan 

^nwT I «ra ^?« «?rt 9% 
?1^it, ^w ffftcsn 1 

Kanan the da; befcre 
yesterday. Wc ate 
picnic there. There 
are many animals in 
the zoo. We saw lioo. 
tiger, bear, deer and 

ift : C«1»(1CfflW 9tS\ Ctf"(^ CT Lani : Did you sec elephant 
^? or not ? 

ift : ifl^, «Ttf»i «t^ OfPlCBjf ( Mani : Yes, wc saw elephant 

We rode on ele[4iants 
toa But we did not 
see ridna Why did 
you not come ? Why 
did you not bring 
your aunt t 

: Aunt is unwelL So 
she did not come to 
picnic- Did you boaid 
on boat? 

< 364 ) 


In Assamett 

aifi : «fSc«n* I **T?c«fC5 f^cw ^ Mani : (Wei boarded. Elder 

mftisi I Wfa 5Hi f*mtC^« 

brother himself took 

iicnf 1 ^513 ffi*i?M «^- 

the oar. We went to 

C?*r.*1 ffiipiiwr (34- 

the other bank of the 

cwit^e fii»[ii» »f»fei 1 

lake ^ (We) also 

-stt^* «a>C^» i«1^« 

met Depakda's sister 

*1W^ ^s'^si 1 wif^ 

there. They also had 

^l»r.^ S^fvSCPtl* i 

picnic there. (Her) 

brother and sister-all 

returned by car. We 

returned by bus. 

Repetition Drill 

i I OT9t *I^fe ^^ ^'^ *\<iH\s\ tc^ I 

(?nr •w'? sifii 11H ^imtfl iot' i 

315 h»fil* "ItPlf I 

« I W5 ws "fRsRi ^(S I 

8 I lift (J|W, ^, »t!I«, «ftlt, ^ftSf OfftPt" I 

^ft |iK5, ^, «B*, «f>I1t, nl^W C^f*CTf I 

( 365 ) L.a.z=,;,Ooogle 

An Intensive Ontru 

t I Mint CI It* 'I'?! Cft^ C^ ? 
* I iflfl, «ltfil 5t^ OTftwf I 

*£nt, «nft 51(5^ o?f«ic«f I 

^i I C^ It CTIt I 

( 366 ) ^ 

/n Assamese 

cmslwi* SB« Sfcit CI It? » 
>8 I »'^tll»B ail vf^m I 

»t»i?c»« 'it stfipi I 

^'b I !5t3 ^fl^fft^ ®=ftC9»C*t fflt ttC^lt' t 

9t« ?(^»im W'>CT*C* sit Ittstt" I 

»s I ci!4c»nc^'e ffffk^ ^ftct I 

ib* • «tCT* «^tni« ^tStra ^c^i:^ Ssf^^r i 
stew «^^ »ntai *tnc^ Ssf^Ji i 

lift ^ICSCT Ssf^OTl' I 

Snbititutioa Drill 

5 I C^5t •Wft tlfJI S|>»^ *l=I=ltl 1C»lf I 

{ 367 ) L.o,,zodB,Google 

An Intensive Cmtrsv 

cm^ *tt5t itfn ^^^ ^n^ts\ v^^ i 
(^^ sflfti «itfii ^i^rt^^ iwT t 

«i «nft ft«, iH 1^*, 5f^^» ^9t5i cfficsn I 
•nf^ ^^'s ?i^ offt^' t 

( 368 ) 

:y Google 

f»a "tfil ft» (?OTriC»lf P 
f*S •ttfil »l^» (SPTplC'lf I 

1 1 (561) tfitofltft f^ itptm ! 


f 369 i " 

Am JnCiuMr Cflvtt 

( 370 ) —Google 


•cut Piw «k mftw I 


( 371 ; * 

An htn^we Com* 

*.» I 9Tc5» s^'lra^ «)itTw *tw:^ fesfw I 

Wt?W «»K9* «l!Tjtra *1C^CT ^Iw I 

**icg* ®c?^ «*i^Tra ^tCTCT Ssf^fl I 
lit* ffS^i* irStt? ^iCTpi ^sfiw ( 

^* ot^* itSit? vrt^w i'«t t 


Digitized OyGoOgle 

( 372 ) 

In Aaiamtsa 

Tnutiformatioii Drill 

(a) To Negative 
> I "Ufa mft vim »liisrt«i uprf i 

«nf>i 1^ =Mi=t »H=ft»i iipif I 

mfil mft SpBil »W!itn =iipif I 

are firfii^ IfrWf I 
«9 1 ^fll fi'5, »tn^, *<P(ill^ CTftc^if I 

lift lilW, WW^f, ^ft5t1 CTOpKlf I 

«ilf>l fin, »W^^, 'ftlll CTOtlSKIl' I 

( 373 ) "'"'■ 


An Intensive Comm 

< I <i«t, «ttft ?t^ fffiRsn I 

<«Wt, ^ifit 5t^ C^fW^Wf I 
«il^, ^'^tft ?1^ CTCfff^fWf t 

CTlTlOTlf ItVB "(felt CT ? 

( 374 ) DigitizedOyGoOglC 

«1BW wflW^p »tCTCT «i«t%»t I 
(b) To Arfirmativfc 

•tfii 'ts ori^* 1 

J 375 J D,„ze...GOOgIe 

An Intensive Coitm 

(c) To Negative + Interrogative. 


t 376 ) 

«in^ s=ftC5» ''«« 5Sf3*i w 7 
4 1 »*tstira fit* 'it iil^!?! I 

(d) To Interrogative (adding Altj 

( 377 ) 

«1CW «^tC5* «l5tt9 ^if^t Wl^ ? 

«!w» dJlw» «nfe1n «iir»fl_c^ H^ ♦ 

(?5W1WtC» ^ta« Sftffit CT ^ ? 

♦ I C59C8IICT f'WS* *fiw I 

( 378 ) 

In Assamese 

OB^OTiw f*i*f5Rt ^^icpt lit *nt t 

Grammatical Notes 

1 As noted earlier, the kinship nouns in Assaiiese change 
according to the person and rank of the pronoun or noun 
with which the relation is shown When the relation has 
to be shown with 3rd person or 2nd person (more-hon.) 
-^ or --a^ is added to the kinship nouns, subject to the 
condition that -^ occurs after -«^ ending kinship nouns, 
-la^ elsewhere Case-suffix, if any, is added to, after the 
kinship nouns aic inflected for personal relationship, eg. : 

I't -5? >^^T*+ Ace .fl«+^fT** I 
Qf\f] -jfx^n^+Acc. -«i^>ct?U5*¥ I 
"«t? -Jiv^>sira» + Acc, ■^*>¥tcg?? I* 
3(c4ji^>H:c:^«»-i-Gen. -^f>?rc^tc9*T • 
CuSai -*^>OT^l^+Gen. -«i^>w5iST« i 

2. In the formation of the negative of simple past verbs 
also, the negative Hi -*!.+ ^} is prefixed to the verbs sub- 
ject to the distant regressive vowel assimilation. In case 
of vowel initial verbs, the ■^oi-'^ is replaced : 

t 379 ) 

.y Google 

An tntenrve Cmm 
Cultural Note 

: It is a natural zoo about 18 kms fiom Bhuban^ 
swar. One can go there either by road or b; 
train. There is a natural lake in the Nandan 
Kanan. There are boating faalities. One can gi 
by boat to the other side of the lake where there 
is a botanical garden. Nandan Kanan is also a 
beautiful picnic spot. 

Vocabulary Study 

( cur ) -Bft 

'the day before yesterday' 

5X1=1 *ft1 

'a name of a zoo' 




















'your (hon.) father's sister' 


'(you) did not bring' 


'physically unwell' 



( 380 ) 




elder brother 






'(1) met' 






'(they) returned' 

/ jgj J DigitizedOyOOOQlC 

An Intensive Courte 

Unit V : Lesson— 26 
Revised Lesson 

4 I ift Jic*t ^ "W vt I st c? »i*t =nS I art lift i»t ^ I 
■jfi rfis 5^1 "tiT SI? I 

^ I •Hfs «t« =fin if" ? spih lira =»«t sft c=i » 

8 I W »ir« "1>lfa 5*Hsan^ «rf=ICfl (3 ! W f»m«t» 1C1 1 *" 
(jfWWWt wtfapi » 

W (34 wtCllatT ^* iflW I iHl 1^ off icn I aca^nc^ wsi* 
Sfej I «tcw s^n* wSlra *ww Ssfsw >i*pit« site 

^1^ I Hflfs 5T^^ ^1^ I ^t?(?fS f»t«Pfsi«t51 CT1«lt91 I 

««ra Bi^c^ o^f^sn* ' ^ift i^tw ?t^3 TV 5(iirs ^cer* i 
1 I (») »ft«B C<5t< CTCT Wfta ? ii'S^ »1ail nf-fe^ c^ia enfW ? 

( 382 ) "..--..Google 

Repetition Drill 

4 I >iS ^c»1 *ft <t»t ait I 

1? JIMT ^f^ 1^51 ^[? ; 
^ I *It IS? flt»l sit? I 

« I »1S sitft sWt 111 1 

w* stfB «i^ aft I 
8 I ?fa 3i"a ^? <i»t aft I 

^fa =51*^ ^ <(»i ai? ( 
t I lafs «tJ !ft»i 11% { 

*M^ ^ts ^«t ift t 

ap^a JW5 wt »ft (?i t 

, qj,- . DigitzcdCyGOOglC 

An Intensive Course 

?f5| fts llfelt ? 

X 1 imf^m^iicii? 

( 384 ) 

In Auameu 

iff I WTH ^ C^H WOT I 

mi '< c'fs "It" I 

41 I raw »1t« sfltl 1 
C!H fits gftpi 1 

>► I »*ife»cs fii;» lit snftOT I 

*TtlmM f«t» ^ "nfiOT f 
is I fifeis fliil wfira I 

<• I (3K>ra «BI1 »l11t» I'ei I 
( 385 ) 


Am InUnsiptCotnse 

SICT* «J1W* ^StCT f tc^c^ Ssfwi 1 

■lflS<5 5t^9 SfS»l I 
«l I «tPl "Rft *S»isi SOT I 

**! fVc=im Bicm I 


( 386 ) 

/it Aasameu 

«* I mim «1'SI SI¥ Sl«3 Sftdf I 
11810 «1* Wt» 1WI SlStm" I 

lift «ra h^* »fe»if I 

»fwi csn WR etthi t 
( 387 ) 


i '■ An Intensivt Count 





'■ Snbftinuion Drill 

■'I i 1 sl JlTJt »ft "W aft I 

;*; "jft 

I ' ^ «»t ^ <pn aft 1 

:^ art 

srt ■aCTi ^ >wi It? I 

<wft»rt Jiwt ^ «w in I 

( 388 ) ^ , 

Diai.zodB, Google 

In Aisamtu 


Qsm^ Jiw ffk wt =11? I 

* I »? c* <wt ?1? I 

«!? t5? <wt sn? I 


*»l?wS <s^ <i*t =it? I 

tjt <s? "Wt "rt? I 

W!f» ct X^t =0? I 


•Bft S? ^t" ll" ? 

tjw ^ ^ijfi ?i»ij ? 



»lfl BIX ftf I'H f 


An Intensitm Coitrat 

81 ''ic^ »fra ^ ?fSi CT T 

C7^ ITS 5Wt ^fw CT T 

c*i?^w^ pura *tt wit CT T 
c*il1w^ ^PfS V"tt ?'»! CT ? 

OSt^tC*Ilt^ dt^ CTN»lt C^ ? 

( 390 ) u,9,:zod.,GOOgIC 

( 391 ) 

.y Google 

An Intensipe Catru 

> 1 11^ ^WCT Mw I 

^W *'TCW TtC^CT ^fe»I I 
'?l?5 »^C5* ^tlfC^ ^«fw I 

1^C«tl« 6^^ '(fell 


( 392 ) 


ii I SIS i?li»wn »?rt5»c»t ira tipit" I 

sra ci5t< s^nt*! flu 1ICW i 
•nun' I 


« 393 ) * 

An intemtM CwrM 

sftxi esww c*pi ntfiw f 


V^l tfia "IM C*^ ntfilsi T 

^iw =n^ fttw ^ «W »lt|iM I 

h.i ,, Ooogle 
f 394 ) '^ 

snfsi v1^^ untile « »'" "irifl I 
iHH ^pra ifl' '^ ^w '"''W I 

TrsniformidOQ Drill 

(a) To Affirmative 
> I >1? JlW »f^ «W ITt I 

■^ f»^ »Pl 1l?t I 

■ft pf?l »ft «nwt I 
* I llfil «t Ifl =tt» i 

wtfil ol "llrtt I 

•nfs «? wirft I 
o I w? snft <i»i =11* I 


( 395 ) 

An Intmstve Count 

8 I ^'Sf^ ^^^*15I1% I 

C5C«f5 t"PltB V»l I 

< 396 ) ^ 

(b^ To Negative 
i 1 C5t>itOTtC* St'?! Orf«Wt I 

f 397 ) DigitzcdCyGOOgIC 

All ffrteMve Comt 

Its •em f^TS* "fffwt I 
V I »ft«H raw «Pi itf^ ? 

;> I , f»l*to fttsf « am mfi»T I 

ExpaotioQ Drill 

> I «1» iltfB <I*T irt I 5lf*ISt I 

^ ^tt'll*!^ =ilf5 "f*t ^1? 1 

«i5 flfist^ Htfe «t»t Htt I 
I 40G » 



* I 1* 4t*l *ft Wl It* I fwsf I 
■it f9»T! 4W1 ^fl "t»t ilH I 

S I HC^HW WfW ItfiKI Ills 

iciticaw iwi» '^irs itfem i 

artcJCT siiiw iwra >nfw«i I 
« 1 iiSira IT'S"! ®l5»i 1 11* sw't 1 

llStra ai« •!!* 5ti^ Sf5»l I 

«> 1 wift i^fi* »ft(?n' 1 =iHiii »isii I 
wiSi as|ii *1=iii3 fH»fa* *ftt«il' i 
"»tf? 5|=B=1 ^w« f»i»fii» ♦ftpif I 

< 401 ) 


An /ntflnJIMCttTt 
Qiie«tioa>Rc«poiHe Drill 

(1) sftwc 1H «PI i»1s#I»I I 

Of— "Sis #5 wflW CT ? 

«1^ ^ C^PtW C^ ? 


( 402 ) t* 

s«f— in*, 'sre *s cTOifipi I 

11?, ssre 51? CTBf<C«l I 

55. sf«tf^ fl^vS TO" I 
(<c) all, sfils ?lfte 5^1 I 

«* SwH sit "Dftra I 
stoS fi»fH»tfl T'l ca t 

ail, silcrt H*ftjftii ^i'«i I 
( 403 ) 


An Intensive Courst 

«« — ^stt^ iiC^^ snra ^5(1 5l?i C5i f *■ 

^51^ src^^^ 511^ ^^ 5f»I c^ ? '' 

feig^— (*) 5?, antil =i:3\c3« 51?!^ ssfT 5C«1* I 

55, Itfs ItaVs" IfS ^<I1 5Wf I 
55, !1? WtCIHll f%=lCiIlS^? nfipif I 

< 404 ) „,„„„,Googlc 

In Assamese 

ail, It IHIW^ tsitBH** nHflWl" I 

s«^— c^^ II "i?<i I (31? »npt iifiwf I 

c^s^ 11 v^i I (3rt ^HW snfitwr I 
as— WW? «*ta#s ^nc' Ss^si of? r 

«tc5* ®if[ni^53 ^TKt^ Ssfw fflf*-? 

( 405 ) "„.o,.,Google 

An Intenstpe Course 

Unit V : Lesson— 27 
IN THE EVE OF BIHU : Test Usson 

Your frock is very 
beautiful indeed. 
Perhaps your father 
gave it on the occas- 
ion of Bihu. 

CTW1 ^f^^BTC? F5^' ftT ^- 
iflicSt ^^13 f5^ *ftpi I 

•pi, OH, ft^t«. ^i^C^I I 

c'sitn vi^n^ 'flc^ I 

Manjula : No. Uncle gave it 
Last Saturday Aunt 
and others have come 
from the city, (You 
know) Aunt stitchei 
it in home. Today 
morning (she) stit- 
ched a trouscr for 
Bhaiti also. Our Aunt 
etc (you know) 
know all works. Last 
night, aunt made 
fried-paddy, made 
fried-rice-ball, fried 
(til-rakc* and 'ghila- 
cake'. Today morning, 
(you know) (she) 
husked ildtten-rice 

( 406 ) 


in Assamese 

also. You sit for a 
while please. 1 (will) 
bring tiffin for you. 
: Hm^ n^ c*i*aiff hc5 Ranju : The cakes have been 

Oft I «(r^ ^ffftifii^ ^^ 


very tasteful, indeed. 
Aad the curd also 
has been very nice 
indeed. You also 
come to our place 
in the) afternoon 
Our elder brother etc, 
also have come on 
Saturday. Elder bro- 
ther himself caught 
the fish for Bihu- 
Eve. One Rohi and 
a Barali was caught 
in the net. (He) caught 
several small fishes 
too. One Singi pun- 
ched in his hand. 
: W CTf? ? ^felt %tq Manjula : is it ? Has(hel 
*t?t5 C=f ? been alright now ? 

Teit Items 

1. Give short answers : 
(i) Narrate what the Aunt prepared in the eve of Bihu 

( 407 ) 

.y Google 

An Intensivt Ccum 

(ii Narrate what Ranju's brother did in the eve of Bihu. 

liii) How is the frock t Who made it ? 

(iv) Who have come from the city ? 

(v) How are the cakes 7 How is the curd ? 

(vi) For whom the Aunt stitched the trouser T 

2. Fill m the blanks : 

(1) 5S5 , JiScSt ^t* fW I 

(1) ^fUft, ,'51 »™ »IR ' 

(S) if^I»OT% "Ipl^in ItfeS I 

3. Fill in the blanks using the ptoper foimsof the wolds 
given : 

if) afwSt c®^ f»i?i c^Pf ? (cuSst, ^fi, lifl) 

(1) won fc5 5a»1il BW I ^>rw, *»ttcil%, »^) 

(1) "(iiiw firea at» itNd I (^*i?kS, nSst, 'sitSi 

ft) (J5W jifem ®in iiScs CT ? (»*I?CT%, (JlSst, «) 

(«) C5t»Pi fiat ®tf»in (?if» ? W, ^i*ctS, i?H 

4. Complete the transformation : 

W an oiS»T > raw wSsi^ 
«■ cirtit > ' 


( 408 ) * 

W) c«i' »sn^w% > 

(II ct^ fl^cuS > 

l«l C"I1^ <^ > 

(s) csn ciSUin > csraM wstpwr i 

(i)C5n»Tini< > 

(») IJ5t»»lll5 > 

(*) *«rtcsc« > 

(«) can sS> > 

5. Turn into interrogative by adding (fi »?t^ ; 

W «» 51^5 SSfti I 

(1) <itwH isf « ^1 vnn I 

W =P«» »t^ C5I1 WI Ifftil I 

(s) »»i?tim faw ait sn^pi i 
(6) ailfti S15 wiftpi I 
(5) **ftPTt5 Bile mficai 1 
(") tfta 9f feitca I 
(aij bf^<ff=i ®lfl ^^ I 

6. Use the pairs in sentences : 

«ft : «^ ; 'SVS : ^*^ ; ^tV : fflt¥ ; ?TW : "Stn 1 

7. Give the opposite and use them in sencences : 


( 4C9 I 

An fnttiwive Cmatt 

P. Chcosc words frcm both the columns and fonn conect 
phtase : 

Col. A Col. B 

»» f^ei 

lit fcsirca 

f"ifsi? fr^i 

9. Add nr*, O*?, Btt^i or ^59 at appropriate [Jace : 

(6l -flfwt «t'3 ^?^ ^ I 

10. Analyse the word at, shown in the model : 

Model : «rc'J^t5C^>at'l+ relative marker -*a«,+noiD. 
suff . + -4 I 


( 410 ) ^ 

rti wSmr* (•) s'5,»t» 

1 1. Expand the sentences : 

(a) BIS f*il1lt» MOT ! 

(1) ^^ Crf^ fflCffl I 

(1) '1 (?IHW JfW (Jit I 

(s) W'^'lft Ittl stfatsi I 

j2. Add the subject noun/pronoun. Use each of the words 
given in the parenthesis : 

(1) ft»it f«ik stftiOT 1 lifi, lO 

(B) iw »w snw <fr<c«i I (i^iSoS, »i^) 
13. Turn into negative : 

W SI? 615 ^Pt «ff»t I 

(I) ?lra cifn ins 1 

(1) OStf^IltS^ftwl 

( 411 ) DiailizodByGOOgle 

An InUnsiihi Comu 

(e) ^^ "51*1 ffitfwi I 
(5) ^f<ifW afen ^ ' 

(lip) OSlillCfflT^ STR^s ^?it » 
14. Frame 10 sentences from the table : 













^fm^ • 








■isra •• 








1 1. Change the persi n of the Pionoun (non-hon. to hon. aiw 
vice- versa). 

(*) •nft tim *i»i ift j 
W) ip'h ITS »« (lii CT t 

( 4i2 ) 


(«) (?l?(C«lWt f*5 atfiwit ? 
(5) (J5t^ 3F?c6t ?» <pl51 "rt I 






*a particle marking intimacy 
and suryrisc' 
'a particle marking politeness' 


' Sunday' 





Iwt^ ^^1, fwtci 





'all works' 


'last night' 
'fried paddy* 


'fried rice' 


'a kind of cake with 

'sesame' inside' 

( 413 ) 


An /nteniiveCoww 


'a kind of cake of round shape' 


'parched raddy pounded' 








'(you) know, used in 

intimate reference' 










'very nice' 





CTl. ^sfl, t^f« 

'different kinds of fish* 





( 414 ) 


Unit VI : Lesson— 28 

*l?r5 'il'^i* IT'S 

^fla^ csratsft wN- 
«l^ *Ht Sll Jtffeei I 


ft Bi»r^^ 

at? II* ^fg^ I 

Mr. Hazarika : Once (upon a 
time) there was a forest. 
Ma.iy tigers lived 
there. (There) was a 
village near the forest. 
Sometimes tigers came 
to (thel village. Tigers 
ate 3 boys of a family. 
(They) killed a girl. 
Then the family shifted 
from there. 

Bubul : Where were you sat 
that time ? 

Mr Hazarika : (Thcire) was. a 
big concrete building 
on (the) other side of 
(the) village. We took 
that on rent. You were 
small (kids) at that 
time (Your) elder 
sister did not go to 

( 415 ) 


An tntenstve Couru 

^ : csfmt ^^ »ft(1^ Bubul : Was Bhanti bom at 

(3 ♦ that time ? 

1^: 5t»f^^ : Ht*, c^Vlt 3ft Mr.Hdzarika : No, She was 
9Hf\ ^fii" t not born at that time. 

^^ : CSWCiiTt* ^^^^gt Bubul : Did you see wild 

1'? wF^^il C^ ? buffalo ? 

ft: 5l^ft*T : 1*. ^ft ^S*tw Ji'cst Mr. Hazarika : Yes, we saw 
fflf'^fetsn' I wild buffalo too 

Repetition Drill 


( 416 ) d 

^ I csfel 1t«|5W W<"W 9f8 bifPI I 

rafeii »t«j«< 31^1^ SfS hSfr I 

i- I lift C1»t?I 3tTI« tsifscsf 1 


( 417 ) 

All Inunsitit Ccwu 

ii I c»f<if5cnf I 

v\f^ cuftftpif P 

1', "HfJi «<W I'm (sWspn i 
csfen »S »'iifw5i p ! 

c5f<MI sfi ant atfpi 1 
ill?, csfen 91* ant ^fw I 

Subttitatioo Drill 

( 420 J L>o,,zoa»,GoOglc 

iflJPRra ^15 liWiT »lN »fTf5?I t 

? I w sra ^s ^^ «nfs5i I 

5T3 ^5^ 5t^ ^fsffl I 

afii'n iFWfs .ail =w« ^fpi I 

f 421 ) L.o,,zodB,Google 

An Intensive Coutse 

site* 1*0 

vat loa i« ii'st'i itWii i 

^c^ >ii»(^ fefw^ (SW^ «nlfs«! I 

« I rafen >it9W^ artist Sft bifs" I 
osfeil >lt9«^ I^H'WI 5ft hSi I 

11^1 mi 

( 422 ) L,,zo«»,Google 

C5t"rc»it* 'Hft »'« "ntsii ? 


( 423 ) "--.Google 

An IntSHsive Course 


C«^ CT%C§t «t^3 blf^l I 

^ (?T?C^ ^sWs bil^^ I 

cstJiicntc^ citc^ ^ft^ ^Iwi I 

CSt^t«11CV ^ CTfi(%Tt CT ? 

( 424 ) —.Google 

In Assamese 

Gontraofion Drill 


( 425 ) 

An Intens^tie iottn* 

«t* cufkfm (?i ? 

«t#l CTf>l1|511 CI ? 

( 4;>6 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

TraasformotiOD DriU 

(a) To other type of past 

TO 1i«t« Itftfl I 

TO^ .iiM^ f^filSt fit «tC5l I 

( 427 ) DigitzedOyGOOgIC 

An Intensare Cam$e 
(b) Affirmative to Negative- 

c*f«5W CTfww <n ttati "tiftfpi CTfti T 

« I ^ICT J1W1 feWl "I'll "iufpi I 

^iOT «1< tsftSi 111 «lt5t*1 dN T 

( 428 ) L,a..i;,Ooogle 

in Assameit 

QuMlioii-RMiionie Drill 

««— 11^ CTfest in4t»i iifiifFi J 

9t^ cfelT 114^81 Itftf^ T 
5Tf«^ 1t4l f»>iw JJS iifii J 

( 429 ) .— ..Google 


An Intmnve CourK 

5tft« Its? ««3 Itlt'] I 
■as— sraf^its «iiiic« *'s •nfti » 

tell— 5Wf^*lj3 ItlM ii«? flic? Itfipl I 

5nift»1*5 miles li«f Pqt^ ilSsi I 
«fS— C5fe5t ^sta c«i ilfiti ? 

la's— 5l»ft»tS ^ft9 ■!'« t»fi%i (a t 
B«ft^ ?51*l« n't orfxfM c? ? 

( 430 ) L»o,izodB,Google 

=itt, 0sfs5t 'SI? Bin irfS»! I 

1. Use the following' words in sentences : 

2 Substitute the underlined words by the words in the 
brackets and maintain the correctness ot the sentences ; 

5 1 f^iwi iifast Wi» WW I (»nip!) 

4 I <S1« ^llca ^^ 11^ «ilf65j I (,ii^t) 
« I m '^fOTI It^tl WfW I (ItW 51CSf) 

( 431 ) 

An tnUnnimComtt 

3. Complete the following transformation : 

i I "«MW 'iWl ?lft ^t%l > «Mra ifliR 5tfi «nis I 

^ ) c»f«31^ ^g tl^t^i ilftfpi> 

« t sn55^f W^ *RT ^ brfs^i > ...■ 

8 I CSWWT^ ■^'3 ^ll^fflt > 

« I ailft 5t^ Wf5|fe«n' > 

4. Chaise the number of the subject noun or pronoun from 
singular to plural and vs,e-versa : 

tf I c5Wt*t* c»f*yt T* «Ttf?«t t 








'many, much' 






"(he) was' 


•0) was- 

( 432 ) 


in Aj»nM 



'you (non-hon.) were' 


'yol (hon ) were' 





t«feS«T c»f«5W 



'of one family' 







s^ tir»5( 



'on the other enJ 




'on rent' 

^■i*nt »■« 

^wHd buffalo* 


'jou (honorific) sa*' 


'(D saw' 

'younger sister. Now a 
<3ays -it becomes a popular 
'was bom"* 

Oramaiatical Notes 

!> Remote past tcnsfe fcffmations ate introduced hete. The 
rule of formation is ; 
V€rbstem+ -%M4" persoftal suffix -4, -?, -"^I, -^. Bat 

< 433 ) 

An Intmstvt Ctmnm 

the verbstems in -«> -S ; vss in -^> -^ (this -^ is 
dropped by haplology when -?f^ is added to. 

tit3f551^-G; ^l^-^fs"-?; 1t-^%I«tT ; tlT-tf*?! -0; 

The personal suffixes used in this tense, as may- 
be seen in the above examples aresame as those of simple 
past, except the 3rd personal suffix. The suffix for the 
3id person is -0, whether the verb is transitive or intran- 

2. Here also ^- forms its oblique base in f- I When -?f»*»^ 
is added to, «i' of i' and ?- of tfe". constitute a diphthong, 
which is written as Z- ("■'^ ). 

3. The vfrbstcm«(5-takes-ti1^(not -^fFi^) in the past to 
which the personal suffixes are added ( -4 for 1st 
peison, •* for 2nd p^ non-hon., -^ for 2nd pt (hon.) and 
-0 for 2nd p (more hon.) as well as for 3rd person. 

4. ^ here means 'family'. Thus -a^ means 'one family', 
5^ means 'two families', and ^tg?^ means 'the &mily. 
already mentioned before' 

5. Words denoting side, direction etc. take -*a in the 
locative, eg. 

^f^-Ji > t^^ 'on the other side* 

( 434 


^^ Ji >nc' 'on this side* 
fjWiPI ■£ > fjRPcsi *on that side' 
iii?g(t5hj)>,ii^iisrcsi 'on this side' 

6. -^ used with «5^3 marks emphasis Thus tsTCS, 
=SC5 etc . 

7. c'%gt^T is used in assertive sentence, whereas 
C^r®9ts is used only in the negative. 

8. wftifS(*I ; In Assaiiese wf^fvi is not a passive verb. (The 

English meaning is likely to confuse the learners). 
It is tormed by adding -t^^-?"^ to the stem »^- 
which is both a nounstem as well as a veibstem. 

t 435 j DigitizedOyGOOgIC 

An tntenstve CaufM 

Unit VI : Lesson— 19 
Hazarika bad been to Cloth Store 

•^ TS if I ^fla^^ 


Mr; Hizanka : Minu's aunt 
weaved two pairs of 
Mekhele-Chadars. (I) 
broujjht both the pairs. 
Minu's riend took one 
pair. The other pair 
(we) kept in the box 
Minu's friend's pair has 
been torn. White ants 
have eaten (away) the 
pair in (the) box. So, (l) 
bought clothes the other 
day. The shofdrecper is 
(a) great cheat. One fri- 
end told (me) later. The 
statement was convinc- 
ing to me. 

: =*tl»n?t"titi1 ft*i1=i Bubul : The pair of clothes 

also was not so 
good. He also dieated 
Phukan sir & others. 
Did you met sirs 7 

( 436 ) 


/■• Assamese 

Bpfto i»T sian ^?n 

15T?W ^^^ Ufwi 

Mr Hazarika : Oh (yes), (I) 
met. He and his daugh- 
ter went there. The 
gicl told interesting 
tales. She enquired about 
you. I told of your ill 
health. Then her face 
became dark. Did you 
take (-wear) clothes 
(-blanket) on (the) 
body ? Did the doctor 
administer injec- 

tion ? 

Repeddoa Drill 

^^ c^j^j:^ ^j?f\^ »TC*(t^ l^f^ t 

S)5 5t5TCTt^ irrsTftCflf I 

( 437 ) «"-.Google 

An InUnsiye Coktm 

swwm fl»5« bi%»rf' r 

( 433 ) 


51 1 crt5t5i\»=flni sw 5»t »«ti t*ft«i i 
c?ut*«#tai sw wt *>r bf 'itfl I 

is ; >iS C5H Jit OTit I& ^ftcn I 

( 439 ) 

An VnttBiiw CowM 

K' I 31?^ 5««H ifjR Jsl^a r 

«1?< 551=1 Sfai (^^ ! 

Boild up Drill 

?W ci^tec* sew CTiit sm l«ff 1 1 
lit graiwt^ alf^feW* I 

( 440 ) 


•n^ipiw ^i»6« J«if«»if I 
«iHc« ■ 

JMI ^fW »W» t*fPl ( 


( 441 ) 

An fnunAM Cotoit 

ififw I 
Cii ififs«i I 

VA^S^ 511 «1I^%511 Cif ? 

ilfssi I 

^? nai nwi ^i^f t'^s« 1 
i*f»wf 1 

<1? ran II C?91 5fei J*f«sil" I 

( 442 ) ^ 

Its »it»it^ tnfEfa p » 

Subidtution Drill 

^^ "iw §iiw csiwit 6m tafefl 1 
■It fsfiiscTO ificn' itfiirscni' I 

f 443 ) 


waww cw^ tlftpn" I 

* I <5ipn»ift ■« ifiics I 

( 444 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

b' I Jiafsi ^^ ♦rt^ bffw I 

i«»1 1^ ItSS t»fffl I 
JWW ItSS tffsq I 

» I (») WWW (?frt fw^ (Sfllfl I 

( 445), LiioiizodBjGoogle 

An Itiiensive Ctmii 

»<inm (j5« fium t«Swi I 

'PIMM ist« firaii tsrsi I 
»sliw wlat^ ftMII tsfsa I 

54 1 stai^tsiftra i«i =»! *«it t*S»i 1 
n'^itSta !W1 5»1 ^tt J^fe'' 1 

( 446 ) L>o,,zoaB,Google 


«ll»StS !R!1 IW »1t t*fel I 

ii^il Jit^airt t*fs5i I 

at ^^ II P5I ^^ i»l»Plf 1 
a? caw 'll tifeat' I 

stlfii fits ^Wrt iafsi (?l J 
*«1? It's ?1t^rt t^fsi w ? 

sH pal Ww « » 

( 447 ) 

An /nttiuaw CoMm 
EziMuisioo Drill 

8 I «1CTmft BtCT Iftc! I 

(=« siwift Jifen aH^ itat I 
'slCTWfc jifan WOT ifes I 
(1) siniift Jits5t few WCTt "ifta I 

*OTWft Jlfelt SW5 wra »lfTO I 

{ 448 ) «--,^;oogle 

M Anamat 

i I J1»=I ^(S *11¥« t^T^T 4 

•S»=I afH I'SJ CT« t^rsl I 
ia»w 5515 •flfs CTt» (|«f((i I 

Varititioa Drill 

QueMnm-RetponM Erill 


< 449 ) 

An Intmtsae Comtt 


( 450 > 

9^«- as?, Jlfxs51 WW •lf«!S ■ 

«?«. •ifm w^H »if«cs I 

^* — CS-W^tars^t? J1»T a»T *«fl t^fpi i 
(S'at=il»^^H ^^ "(SI ^'(l ^M I 

( 451 ) Diai.zodBjGoOgle 

An IntensunCmit 

S«1— 55, 5? HI? *C*I« tsifsCTf I 

53, 51 %S *1C^^ tflflWT* I 

En5«* fli lltfisit C5 » 
•SI'S— al? ^^51^ ^<ll ^fufsffl H ? 

«tt nil »«n ^ftfsa p t 


2. Substitute the underlined words by the words in the 
brackets : 

(II) wtf» 31 SB sitflCS I (Jifelt) 


(5) C5« fi* (s«i^»s?i <51t;«i biM I (It* If rftara, 

(S) <5t»f ^«Wa sfaa ^fsil 1 (c«W, CSH) 

2. Complete the transformation : 

H) fJRCS fifsiit fJratI f»Pirw> 

(1) ^t^9 55t *»ii 1t?f^») > 

(1) 5«H SI«[H t»f»5I > 

3. Form the approptiate 'kinship forms : 

W "fl?' C^ I (8) P5H ^*CT% I 

(1) >(tg^ It I (s) C5« i<\ -"i 

(1) "l^< WSSI (S) <J!H C^fl I 

W *l9^ni I (5) csm^\ I 

(5) (J5IW cist I (1) 0S« CUSst 1 

(6) COTHW =lrt • — I (<5) 51»f(*1^ 51 I 

(») C»1»« cSa I (1) 5t«rt^1^ C»%SI "I 

(•) cstsl^ t" ' W snrft^w c^ i 

W) cstsw ?i*wS... I W) r'ft^Ht" 1 

(«) 0811 1?^ I (1) ft»ft»tt 1^ I 

( 453 ) 


A» tmemsmt Cant 

4. Fill in the blanks : 

(») ^vvm f«ni ^ffsa I (CTi*. am, >i?) 

W (swicf^ em c«) t«s i (g, (sh, "isO 

(1) ^BSf a^ ifffsi I (anSR, CTH, ««) 

TO c«5 ^im ^«^ «iW«a i (c*fm, fiifta. Sife) 

(«) tkM|4fl«'ta TOC «i Jif fw I (fait, «r, ^bo 

(B) cw II P5t f^'si -I (t^Sjpir, i*ff!\, ?Sfsmi'j 

W «'?' ¥«' 'Ski telw 1 (wfsw, CTfir, «f«) 

5. Match the following : 











6. Write the words represented b7 the formula : 

Example : 5- -f- S*+-^^+ Bid personal suff. -*>^ft'l 
(») »+?( +»ei,+ 3rd. p. suff. > 
(X) "l+is.+te.+ Snd p. (n-bon.) su.'f.> 
(•!|) ^+?S^+*;+lst p. soft > 
W) >I+l^+»H^+2nd pi (hon.)suff. > 
(S) 5+^,+^,+ 3rd p. (more hen.) suff. > 

( 434 ) 


te) l^+S^+S5l,+3'd p. (more hon ) suff.> 
(S) fif+Ss+tsH-2nd p. n-hoti.l suff > 

7, Cut the words into meaningful pieces as shown in the 
example : 

Example : ^:»1M^CV> «tc^rt-(:^K-« 

(1) 5ralCTn 
(^1 hfsa 

(5) C5Wft»RIlCT 

(6) t^lteit" 

8. Complete the ttansformation : 

(«) alt ira *niK taics > 

(6) CilW*«t=i »^ ii> 



'one's father's sister' 


'two sets' 


"both the sets' 



455 ) 

An Intensive Cmic 


'a set of lady's gannenf 






'one's friend' 


'the other set' 


'has torn' 




'white ants* 






'has fallen, has broken' 




'that day' 


'very much' 








'the statement, the 



^faith, belief 


'so much 

Jfwt srart 







'on the body' 


( 456 ) 

^1=8*^ 'doctor' 

caftf 'injection* 

^fffe 'you (non-hon.) took* 

^f&C5 'have eaten, cut to pieces* 

Grammatical Notes 

!■ Rfrmotc past tense formation of the verbstems in -'S are 
shown. Besides, the kinship terms in relation to 3td 
person are introduced here. 

When -i%)f^^^is added to -1 ending vcrbstems 
the -^ of the stem and the -t of the verbal suffix form 
the diphthong -i^ eg. : 

personal suffixes are 
added to these forms. 

2, The kinship terms in Assamese are inflected for person. 
To show relation with different persons, different suff- 
ixes are added to as follows : 

In showing relation with Ist person •*• -0 

J non-hon. H^, -if^^ 
hon. -^, JHT 


Lmore-hon. -^, -sfl^ 
-do- 3rd person -^, -^ 


( 457 ) 

An Intensive Coitrte 

-^^-^'. -^ occjr after -it ending stems, ->iiT , -Ji^, -Ji^ 

Examples : 

1st p. *n ^ C^'^ sic^ «tt5 «i5, 

inon-hon sH %v\^ C*»lCW ic^a? "1t?c^^ "t^cw 
hen. ^^} ^W C*!^^ sfC^^t "tl^ca^r "f?tlfl 
more-hon. *t^ ^^t^ 01^5« =iC?tl?^ "tt^cw »I?C^* 
3rd p. ^]^ ^t« c*r^c5* ^^tc5« "tl^ta^ "t?c^? 

Exception : But the Skt. words like ^, f*Ff, sit^, 'st^, 
■5^ etc donot change for person. 

3 Case suffixes etc. are added to tne kinship nouns 
after they are inflected for person; eg. : 

4. The addition of definitives like cSt, ^j C^^ etc- to the 
possesive forms of fhe nouns/pronouns, dropping the 
reference r oun is also permissible For example : 

( 458 ) 

.y Google 

Unit VI : Lesson- 30 

^5 Cfftc'fC^ ^f'lflii I t?^ ^ti^- Wind blew forcibly. Leaves 

vn^ ciftrfjii «w*l 151*1 ^^\*\ of the tree{s) tossed (It) was 

•(ftf^fl I «(T«113 (Tic^ ■5nf3ff5?» I ratnCini' a little. Cloud 

fjq^^s c^^^t? cS!6l^ltffcp| I roared in (the) sky. Frog? 

1«nf^ -sWc? C5C^f*!5tlf^?i ! made noise in (the) tank. 
t!!il^0 C^^r^fl S^i^CTC^ 5l?ra Cows cries in (the) field 
^fBi^i^f^ei I ^tc5 apJilgni Goats shouted. Birds made 
5j?51^ ^*I ^9if*ii I 1lf*i ^^«1 noise in the) branches (of 
Cfflf^feflt 1 I'f^ ^t* f^fs- the trees.) Wind gradually 

fftCsil* ! «Jtiit^ ira ^s. c^c*t9f turned into storm. We ran 

bi^ffi I ^^ W siifitfsq I «itf*i home. We drenched too much, 

flrt^ott t^ ^hf^Ciif I ^t^5lc^ (There) was no sense in our 

•tft^tPf ^f*fifS! I II? nt^li^- bodies. (We) felt too cold We 

ftwf I ftn^RI ITPiIPt ftifiifl I shivered sevetely in cold. For 

«Ittil ^tCIt^ »i*i1t?t5P1T* I ml that, wife scolded. 1 simply 

ifl^ ^? »lf^f^»i 1 «nft ^ smiled Rinti gave towel We 
^l^f^ClT I changed dresses Mother lit 

a fire. We sar close to the 


Repetition Drill 

Digitized OyGOOQiC 

( 459 > ^ 

Ah Intenswt Cow* 

< I ■'m iMM^ i^ft" I 

1W^ *11'«t4W 9»f^ff 8! I 

o I wn »BW sw^i iftft»i 1 

» I Sl«tCT I^W ^Wpj I 

isHflCT "ift^c^ ^f*ft»i [ 

( 460 ) L.onzodB,GOOgle 

in AjMmMS 

^•1 lit Jila tlfef^wf ! 
■ft •!« tl «f«ceif 1 

i* I ftl^tH 1tP115t ftf^a! I 

f^^ra ItWTBl fitf^5( 1 

lift WW "mSftOTf I 

( 461 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

An Inteitiitt Coiuh 

»• t SI* liijit ^ «Wti I 

Bnitd up Drin 

* I eif^si 

»1Mwt^ siftfel I 

«l»l»t »BM TO1 ♦iftf?'! I 
8 I 5Ilf»f«1 I 

« I CS^f^fsPlf I 

( 462 ) 


•rtpi fefefitsf 1 

sitsn^ ira 53^ c=rtc«t3t if fja i 

«itft vm «,<« t* *f*ifttnf 1 

WTatc' ifttw 'f^Fsi ! 
St ttfffsten' I 
ii I cspsfiraUfsn i 

( 463 ) 


An Imtmaivt Cotam 

9^H=f vibtfii'i t 
Mt firfwt 

ftf*» ntpiw Prfitfl » 

Sabtdtutioa Drill 

^srt ^W VPI ^f*»fw I 

W ^tf CTtCTCT ^NfI I 

Digitized OyGOOQiC 

( 464 > 

e I wtt wm W\1 » ftfe»i I 

^>11 '^•M ^"J^l fiffil I 

«IB|1 111 mV^ WtftfP' I 

« I W "lift ^i?i ofllifBit' I 
( 465 ) 


All Intensive Covae 

(51) •nti wt? ntftftpn' i 
wtfi ^1^ *c»i oAfiiKif 1 

1 1 «IHH IIS W5 P1BW ^ftl I 
11IM 11« ^ dtHW W*" I 

( 466 ) 


/n A5jotn«M 

wifii aMT! ^^t^ #f*t%9n' I 

WfS 8I1TO «l5lt* *f»tf|CTt' I 

Wfll SFlTS ^iT*I «B11 #f*lfe5!f I 
<«l) "lift Biro •I1««,t» *ftfe51t' I 


■■ w s«5tR ifi^in ^r^ w I 

sn^c« ifww «i»i •n?f(«i ( 

(1) sn^PI lf?5ICT «f»f8B I 


( 467 ) * 

An Intensive Course 

«ttft *ll3l |lftfe»lf I 


fjitps ma ttfefi»! I 
(^) n^ ilia ltftfsi*if I 

^ Jiia ^fSifswr' I 
( 468 ) 

.y Google 

In Assamese 

sfftra itpTist ftfpi I 
■s^CT iipnn Wsi I 
«i*t5 itpnst iiftf^si I 

«tft CT:«i"t ew^ »wft%iif _ I 
itl ^ <(^M I 

•mil ^ im^fetsir I 

( 469 ; 


An Intensive Course 

EzpaniioD Drill 

( 470 ) D,9„zedOyGOOgIC 

itfi ^i www wtftf»CT' I 
*ifa wift wi;* f«l3fs!?if I 

wfsi ifft wt* fsf^fsprf t 

^?_^13 ^^ «|tfi| iRt? fefafefif I 

^ ^yj I L,„,zo,.,Google 

An Intensait Cohtm 
«#! W1^ ^^ ■♦I^lfewf I 

wtfii mm J^lf Tf«lf5t»if I 
•nft c«fe5t BITS «i* ^f^ifesif i 

«WTO« ir^n pit* ilf5 ^Wpi I 

H^ J)^ sit3 tlftftt^lf I 

( 472 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

in Assamese 

FormatioQ of Ioterro|{atire Seotenee 

'rats CVCSit* ^ffflff 31 t CWt^C^ CT^^ ? 

« ( vm »i«ii w,") iRfsfl I 

CTCIJlt ?^^1 iftfesi J sql tmt Cllft f 

«C'^ '^\1 iftfsi 1 1^*1 ifli l?|f» t 
«it!W f» tsfei ♦ ire srs ciUHUi i^fpi ctP* t 

Da i-M;AjlX)gle 

( 473 ) 

Anintmsive Cowft- 

* r Hi sia liftfscaf i 

CbeitioD-Respoase Drill 

f5i5 «ct4? i^m r 

( 474 ) 

J noiizodBjGoOglc 

Ai Aaaamtu 

S«^— ^w.'ffi 5nifi*i i^t^ cuV^fti 1 

AJPS— «<^11 S|l»f<»t fisfiM c*f* ? 

^w^-ra «taf>t»l fafefpi wf* t 
5«^— «, ?w,TO r»f«t feWfsi I 

55, wi^'ns iVi^m feta'i"! I 

-SRI— ^M« 5T9lf^*H f* t5f^5I ? 

*w— 'OT^'ra 5i«^»w r« W5 direst bifw i 

( 475 ) L.0.ZOC:, Google 

An Intgnsm Coun 

S«^— !i»fw« npMtc^ 5W[ft«i* sf^fen i 
as— fills 5WM f^ ^f^fw ? 

( 476 } HoilzodBjGoOglc 

Varifltion Drill 

«lis« aw sitflM I 
(^) iw* in ilfiM I 


1 Change the following statements into questions by using 
question words. The expression underlined is the 
central answer to the question ; 

(1) fl 31* ^lt* iflW I 

(5) irta 3Wi» f<!fof»C5!l* I , 

(6) 22^ ?f" Wl^ hfsit I 
(S) raN^H 5113 ?f 1 •niw I 

2, Complete the transformation ; 

(*) ras 5f!ifpi > vm ^pi I 

W 18^ »lt3 iftfssi > 

( 477 ) L,,zo«.,Google 

An Intattive Coitra 




'for that 


*fast, forcibly' 




'moved, tossed* 












'(I) tiembled' 




'(I) laughed' 






'cow' ' 




'gradually' " ~! 








'forg cried' 


'birds cried' 




'sat near fire' 



{ 430 ) 


Grammatical Notes 

The same remote past tense formation is reinforced here. 
Here close verbstcro with -'(■ in the penultimate posi'ion 
is taken as it involves little phonetic change. 

1. In the close vcrbstems, the -i- in the penultimate 
position changes to -^'- when -(t)n^ or -($)f&Bi^ verbal 
suffix is added to : 

^^+^f65i = {^^'^ *^ -tn ) ^(qf^si 1 

2. (a) Some adverbs are derived from nouns, adjectives or 

simple adverbs by adding -t? Consonmt ending 
adjectives still remain closed even when -t* is added 
to. eg : 

'^^+t' > '^t' 'very much' 

«Pl^+t*> "St^lf 'well 

(?Rtt + t*> C^lt^ 'badly' 

CVi\+ 1* > cst^t* forcefully' 

ti^f? +i*>«^f*^t? 'severely' 

(b) Some adverbs are derived from nouns by adding- jiCT I 

(3m+iiC^>C«tC^C^ 'forcefully* 
CT^+JIC^ >Mt1W 'fast* 

* -DigmzedOyGOOgle 

Alt Intensive Ccvx 

Of course, such uses are very limited, 
(c) Duplicate use ot some adverbs is . also permisible. 



^S ^H 




3. The subject of "t^sf 'roar', which is an intransitive verb, 
takes nominative case suffix. This is one of the fcw 
exceptions- Similar verbstems. behaving like transitive, 
are -^15 'dance', t^9. 'laugh', ^W 'cry' and c^^^run'. 

Digitized OyGOOQie 

( 482 ) ^ 

Unit VI : Lesson— 31 
Revised Lesson 

C3fe?t «^ ami sjr*8i ci^nc? 5W» CTtiirom i^'si i 
Jititf tW I'll ro» Wsfl I 4W ii^ca 1143 J»fgii I afl?n^ 
•ifjutt' «f»fsi I «i?' i;"iii nf«w isf?" I ait ran *<ii ^Hfe i 

Hjm 111 tflffJl . 51? ^Jf^t ^t fft SFI I 
. 8 I «llf"I (?l*[Sl 'SWS iflfttm' I «', lift SWla CItf«lf6Wf I s^ 

5C5t<i=i >«c»m atf*f«5il' I «isiin ?;«65 hffwf i woi ftfiiit 
»ttW f«ftf?wf f liri lltfl C»\ftf?CT' I mN 5lt* fef%. 

f6pn' I »itf=i »m3 «i^ <(?_{* *rife=ii' I s» sna tifsfesj' i 

«lrfJI VH^ ^\9\ CWN'^C^l* I »1? C5t^ Ml C^51 ^f*J 

i^f^wi" I itSi »icw iHrtlsrai' I itN ^? •jjisfs [Sir' J 

Da i i.Oooale 

( 483 ) 

An Jntmsive Cman 
Repedt'oD Drill 

» I CTfwt !I1?5^ «11»W ^ ttfPI 1 

ofwr =ii«i?a^ aWRl ^ iif^=i 1 


•JO 1 Xlfii »m «5<^i» *Nflc»rf I 

•nw ins sj entsm J^fsn i 

*CT jm^ «nt^ ftfix I 

( 485 ) 

An Intensive CtwM 

C<15ta;^ 51:^ CTWSlt Btw^ t'fe 1 

^= I ifiaa «fH •HS'B bl>fw I 
^»^ ^.9 *its^ X^^ \ 
<i I TO« cum ^liifpi I 

( 416 ) DiailizodByGOOgle 

^8 I st^w ii^^ti:^ jft'ia I 

snitp ifNc^ bffen i 
^{i 1 ^i?^ ^«iiT ^fst^ ^Vi I 

"Sl5^ ^IST ifff^I ^ V" ' 

*4 I cstatf^tasjlcs iw wt ^tt l*!si i 
cr^^ ai^\3 s»t si»1 ^tt t*fw I 

vsn •BH 5^>i_i 1(1(^51 1 

^'Wslm^ fffafw I 

( 487 ) 

An Intemiiv* Cotau 

*? I ^15^ C*t*nt9 tlJltSt^l^f^H I 

«c I sit •af^ ^ iftfen t 

lilt laj^t ^ 'ri'ils!! I 

«liii5 *K»i« Jsifsfi CT r 

I 488 ; 


8 • I lift Cl^CSt ^W5 tsifsClT' I 

8 ^ I «iift WW cirtftfe»il' I 

8* I ^U «*«t <i'wi cirf>ife»n' I 

•Itfs "?* 5'kI Olf«lf5t»lf I 

80 I «iiiii ^^1? »pn^fe?ii' I 

8« I wliIT^ IPS "53 C^tt5W C?1^ I ■ 

•din^ It's 35 (StBrai Jsfw i 
84 1 »<n^ est' f«'5W isfiti I 

81 1 1W1 w w» "itRifgn ( 
( 489 ) 


An InUnsivt Cowu 
Substitution Drill 

area aK» 5tft ii^ifl ssifsfssT i 

alCW slC3f 51^ l5ttfl «ltf5f5W I 

o I c«1^?T at^s^if ^^»(^t ^1^ bll^si t 

C!fj5i snsw-i «ti»«i S15 ifis^i I 

c«f<!5t a-,5»«5i 5it«i»nl 5fS tifssi i 


c«t'S5i !ii?w( ii«^'nt ift "nftf*" i 

( 490 ) 


1S1 IIIC'^ flftftsi 1 

( 491 ) ^ 

Alt Immsiv* Comm 

b- 1 W^ 5JC<H ^flH teflpl I 
<51»1 Sf0 =lM Jsfssi 1 

£ 1 csniifta^ra "W <m *<ii t»f*»i i 

I'lISlW i« i»l *'»l W»i I 

si'rcSlH IW sit TOt IB b»ft»l I 

»* I csntpnt* ?t^ offiiftit c» ? 


csfssw jU 1* »nfsnT I 

i8 I »tf"l dSttt '3W3 Jijfell' 1 

»itf>i ^?c5i »tfl3 infetm' i 


•nN ii#i5i sura tifenf i 

^fn WTO iflt* ^Hfswf I 

^t^ WTO ^^ *f*1%»lf I 

( 493 ) 


An Intensiiv Cows t 


lift wfW-'Ws CTf<(israf I 
It- 1 csn It c^ ifsi Wscit 1 


CSIIH HI CT11 if* 5»fe5lf I 


sifs tipitst >i5it*feaf I 

•nfs ilpitm tafeiif I 
*• I »itf!i ^ "pt'fsca'' I 

« V I inn tR 159 (?ItHW tsfssi I 

cs-ai lis 3« (?iU!Wt ^fw I 

« I Citt ^ 1.1 tuflfSB I 
( 494 ) 



^■S I »«tWl^ C^ll^ Hl'^1 t?ff *t I 

*»Jt^t^ 51^^ f^ld^ ^f*51 I 

Transformiitioa Drill 

(aj To Negative 
5 =l!?PiS "hl'tfl I 

?tit»* Bin =nfsi I 

^t^ feSiSt I'll «Jt llfji I 
«ICT W^St !i'^t c<int itfsi I 

( 4<)3 ) 

An Intmtsiwe CottK 

tilW^ CSWPft f^ It's*! I 

5fi^w CTc^tin ijf^9i 1 

( 496 ) —.Google 

1? J11R1 Wtti wit itfiwl" 1 

wifs «<ti ciri't 1 'fwf 

•llfl ^<tl ClfMl il|!»C511 I 

•nfi «"i^'re f»»i =itls;ii" i 

•lift ?1<I_TO fssi aifswt I 
»^ I m(i »W3 »«,'« J* *r»ifKif I 

•Itfsi •«« <RsW_t^ *1I Itftwt' I 

•nfii •TO <(» «_t* *it iirsmf I 
( 49r ), 


An /ntenjttv Coura 

itft 'tM^ »icaw itfeBi' I 
«nfii *ic*it^ ftzpfi^ iftf^iiT* 1 

»<nw cwi fwn (sW sifisi I 

»1WH dtf f"W1 WSt iltfsl I 

(b) To Intetrogitive. 


( 498 ) Diai.zodBjGoOgIc 

«Wt5 5551^ ^1 ^Vl ' 

psfssi siss^i w^i^I 4fS tifta I 

C5li55' !I15«^ «W1«t Sft h)51 C=lf* ? 
C«fS51 11(55^5 !S1^*t^t ^ tl!^5! C^f« ? 

cislrac* 5i?i« wtn taisfl 1 
c«i«1aw 5OT^ ^ii»ifl biftfl wf» ? 

( 499 ) DigitzedOyGoOQic 

An Intenuve Cmih 

QoettioD-Response Drill 

«, »in« C5N fawn ^f»si I 
as— csiin « »w wfifisi cuff ? 

»!, 1311^ ?^ till 51tfilfs»l I 

as— SI? f» ^ftfsn J 

( 500 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

in Assamtit 

afl— c^irsfuw'if ?«i«H c^t' S'sa ? 
C5 aisflasV ^jwt c«=i hfiii ? 

S««— CStSI'fW'fl' SW1 ifq' ^f«5l I 

C5t5is't»!11' ^"lls slJni Ww I 

as— csf^si ®fS Bfufsi c« ? 

as— ?iffl^iit5 ^ "nfsffi CT » 

( 501 ) 


An Intawve Caursi 

Unit VI : Lesson— 32 
Test Lesson : Sii Sankardeva 

iBFI*!*^ S-i»*wa ^88 ^ t:' Mahapurusa Sri Sankar- 

^RCWiSTS w.'D'^s'' I C5«' 5JTc*l*^ dev was bom iti Batadrava in 
5Uif^« frfi\ ^)^ «i« SHU 1449 AD. His father's name 
TSiJRiTl «ii%3 1 '•?*' ?t 'fia'^ was Kusumbar Bhuya and 
^"fl^/ira ra-QCfllC^ »!^* mother's name Satyasandhya. 
wfltfgn I ffi'^i^wc^ ^ipfca "1** They got Sankara at the boon 
C5^^5 I ^Bl*n* c*«^^C5 "1?^* of Lord Shiva or Shankara. 
^{fl tsifn !Sl«i »c^ ■ Sdnkardeva lost his mother 

in his childhood. Grand 

mother Kher^uti brought up 

i^^^ 5i5»ra«I^CPta f^sj'^? Ar the age of 12 years, 

»f"^^s?i I a* nc?^ *=Bfr!:5 ca€' Sankerdeva started (his 
f^!(i^fi»ji t -iH6*< *'8'S«^ C^e lessons. Master Mahcndxa 
*15I *It? ^4 ^:' *ns=5 Ji'il? *i^ Kandali taught hira. Within 
♦(I«i^ ^C T I one year he finished his 

learning. After that^ he starts 

family life. 
^t ^^'^ C«^' f.^^W At (the age of) 15 years. 

Mi^'pl t csf^SI c^^'' SSI'S C*i«t5 his wife passed away. Then 
mfttsat I C5§ iii«*1 i^it^^ ^=8 he felt very unhappy in his 
^< iS*Ilt*i ^Tf^s^ I l^f^^ "Bi-® mind. He, with agroilpof 
5R^^^ Itt* ^^^^ ilffl>n 'Sf^- followers, went on pilgrimage 
t^et I i!. ^^^ *t1f3 C^S ^'af^ At different places, (he) came 

( 502 ) D,9,zoi:,V.700^ie 

In Assamese 

aiTf^fV" t •Jif^^ 'l'i^^ f^ '2151^ in proximity with the Vais- 

«n^s W.^ ■ hnavitc preachers. After l2 

'^ years, he came back. This time 

he starts preaching Vaishnavism. 
ca4 c*?*"'*^'^ xiiii^ =^5at H^ wrote a number of 

*f*ftei \ silS ^b^l •*f4i5n, religious epics. (He) wrote 
sifSiiHT ft^tssi I 9nt\\H ^f\^ drama, also a:ced. For common 
*nc*i MiUfp*!^-;! *jf< ^i5S«i I ^«- people, >hei wrote bojks for 
iTrat ^BSl »f«f&i I Cfl?C^H5 Nama-Kirtana. (He* composed 
CBQ fiia ^ f(ffs?i I sva ^:%^^ noble-sonis. He gave tuning" to 
»t»I Jl'iacsl »f^f^^ I C5S *Jfi- these (kings) He compiled some 
■BR33 ^^a siij;^i?-ij ■sif) ffpi- Sanskrit-versei. He led the 
fftn I iii>i3Cffa, 1*'^ ^sfffa, ^tfl Nava Vaishnavite movement 
^'wfffi c^Qfl sgit^ silf^fl 1 -is^ in the Eastern India Madhab- 
^e^s- «^'s;i«ia5i*i*f^ffc5i I dev, Anantakandali. Siidhar 

Kandali were bis followers 

He took heavenly abode in 

1968 AD 

Test Items 

1 Give short replies. 

fi) When Sankardeva was born ? 

(ii) Who were his parents ? 

(lii Why he went on pilgrimage ? 

(iv) When he started his lessons and how long did he 

study ? 
(v) How many years he was on pilgrimage ? 


( 503 ) 

An InttniivtCmtru 

(vi) What are his literary contributions ? 
(vii) Who were his followers ? 
(viii) When did hf take heavenly abode ? 
(ix) What did he do in East India ? 
(s) Did he marry ? 

2. Rewrite the whole passage using present indefinite verbs. 

3. Fill in the blanks using words/phrases from the text : 

in) ^w c«4» sts« ^ftPsfl I 

(B) X iRM C!5 fwrtlS *fi<fS1 I 

4. Ex^nd the responses usinj the informations contained in 
the questions : 

W — PsniCfflE* 5t^ «f«l's511 CT t 

— w, 

(<i) _ ate m^n <w iiSfsfii (3 1 

— Sits 

(1) — «CT fsfilSl "I'll Pifsi Clf* ? 

— n 

(^ I — *I51 site* *1tin t^(»!l pf* » 

— 155 Cl€l 

(«) — stwftTt »fl<5 *fll5J| (3f» t 

— =ra, «<i 

( 504 ) '^ 

— ^T 

W — C«^?it ^?wS Btf^fesi CT ? 

— 11?, 35^ 

5. Combining the correct forms of the words from both the 
columns obtain the correct phrase : 

Col A 

1 C0I.B 

















6. Change the verbs into simple past ; 

(*) Its 155 c^am Ssfsn I 
W lift »twi^ jpiftSpif I 

(H) sit 'S^ ^» iftfsi I 

(e) ^ 114^*1 «(lftlvi I 
(5) "l»TOH irf«W ^n I 

( 505 ) 


An IntenrntCwm 

7. Turn into interrogative : 

(«) "imwa "mrrai lyit^l ^%n i 
(1) "ran"« rta? fit *Mm i 

(e) «wic^ ^^^tt9c* af*f5i I 
(5) «t?^ ^'S^i sifrw tsfsn I 

(5) IWS t5I« 5lf5 saf^si I 
(W) ^IWW C591 f«"I isftsi I 

8. Turn into negative : 

(1) f5w ?^ J'*a "tfe"! I 

(1) iwcif« (jf*sw "Hits pRM I 

(^1 «itft dSSt ««!» tsilscsit" I 

ft) >it ^ftfew' 1 

(B) f tMicw sl^a fifsi I 

W) csiaP'I'Hlra ^«n t»fei i 

( 506 > Diai.zodByGOOgle 

In Assamtse 

9. Change into interrogative by using interrogative pronouns 
wludi will elicit the following sentences in reply. The 
word underlined shall be the key word in the reply. 

(1) ft^^ft*^ f^f*! »Tf5T ifq I 
(1) CST^P1t» V^ ^^t^ 1'sll I 

(«) ^ftlst as^-W -SB Btfls) I 
(b) C^C5P» JWrt »1C»lt» t«fPI i 

10, Substitute the underlined words by those given in the 
brackets, and maintain the grammatical correctness. 

(1) «ll<iCT^ci»t s«1« Jiiffeeif I (?wft?l, em, CK«re, c»4) 

( 507 ) 


An Iraensivi Cwrst 

(F) xwn lira »a CT'ceir ^fja i (*fs»i. snfs'j) 

11. Provide subject pronoun at the appropriate places in the 
sentences ; 

(?) m ftsRi* «tii » (5) f*5t Tf^ itp wfti r 

W »« citi»i=t' 'm "nfaw t (») sifs'stm" i 

W BW STO »<lt sfffl PI t (') cBii^^llfii I 

ft) IRCTW «1»6« tlftc^l' I (■*) CflJUfssi I 

(8) 51^ mHm « ! W anfsrai^fw i 

(5) ftpRRsa EHC»1 cificif I 

12. Choose positive rephes : 

(») a?lw »?*« ft »hw t 

(1) 2|#tt^ 51^ SIW Tilt 5'SI (?I t 

(1) 5t«fi^ta cijpit? ♦f^fsfl ? 
W sftii asl-n c*pi iifiii ? 
(si ?w aw it4tfl itfifpi Pif* T 
fe) sw^itra it4« *^ (jiPiftsi PI ? 
(5) 5laft»*5 ^wra *'<! 'nfpi 7 

(W) -^f^ fB^ft^^ ^f»I 5^ «ItC5 CH ? 
PW ^tsift*!^ «lf? mftfpi PI t 

M »it:8i c«4^ Pisii W^ IS . 

(*) ^CT (S«t«it ftfei PI t 

( 508 ) 


In Assamett 

13. Give negative replies to the above questions : 

14. Use the pairs in sentences : ' 

5Tp?rr : Ci(f«(C*i'; <sra : =51B; Ji't'i '■ ^^■, il^TiRra : -il% 1555 ' 

15. Give opposite words, and use them in sentences : 

w^, c^, Ji*, c^fs, c^r^gm c*f^i^ i 

16. Arrange the groups of words m proper order so as to produce 
meaningful sentences : 

(«) *tt^ OTfen tif^pi ^ sf^ *nt «t^ I 

(5) f'pftpjf 5^tl^» ^tWIffR *ni CWt*!^^ *tf^ ^% C^ 1 

(*) *w «i1f^pi *i^^ fji^ Ji5t it4^ I 

( 509 ) r- T 

Digitized OyGOOgle 

An Intemive Coaru 

Unit VII : Lesson -33 

ft: «T«fr^ : ^ft c^sfest ^h\ Mr. 

?ft9| I «nft 'SB^tei 
mf5«l iTft «! 

Hazarika : At that time 
we were coming 
home. (It) was rain- 
ing a little. By that 
time, an accident 
took place. One blind 
man was passii^ 
One motor dashed 
(against) faim. We 
went near (that place) 
Some (people) were 
holding that driver. 
Some were beating 
him. We took the 
blind man to (the) 
hospital Even tben, 
blood was coming (out) 
from his mouth. The 
man was groaning in 

At that time, you 
were going to (the) 
school. We saw you 
from (the) distance. 

( 510 ) 


^^% 5lf5 «ltf¥frt ( 
Jfl5 : "jft ''111^ ^^ ^^ Minu 

'illCll'^C^ 'iff? 
1'Ml C*ff* T 

You weTe talking 
about (the) picnic 
You weie laughing 
after every utterance. 

I You were listening 
to our talk T Were 
you coining by (the) 
ambulance at that 
time ? 

1%: 9l»f^^t ; ifl^, lift -a^tsiI^C' Mr. Hazarika : Yes, we were 
^f* ^fsCflf I coming by the ambu- 


Repetition Drill 

•flwit ^nmt^? bi tifei I 

( 511 ) 

:y Google 

An Intensive CouTM 

Ills «5lt»l hfent" 1 

arasiR 515 c**it «itf55i I 

Build up Diill 

» I 'alf? Wfenf I 

( 512 ) Diai.zodByGoOgle 

wtfs ^^ti lift "itrscsif I 

iifs afist ^it^ Itf? "Ilfesif I 

1ft «lfS5I I 

hit'pi I 

JIM *ini55 h ittst I 

lift Wjpn' I 

•Hf* «E^t»l l^fesif I 
■(ft Itfpll 

f^.iw lift itipi I 
< 513 ) 


An IntenMveComti 

?c«iR ra« Wit? iifsn I 

Subltitutioa Drill 

*itR (J5t* ^ mt afiSlffl I 
«iilii cst» »m •«( wMitii' I 

( 514 ) DiailizodByGOOgle 

8 1 jft 'till =rit oft «nf«»il cif« ! 

« 1 lift csfen wta •lift iifi "itftpif I 

ortft •afeii' 

•nft csl^jt ^<ti ciilft «ntsceif i - 

of"! ""llftl 
•> I (») ftfitt*! 5t«W^^ lift "ilftll I 
ft^^W ll^Wil* lift ^rfsfl I 

f'snpi n'flwT* lift iitSi I 
( 515 ) 


An f itbnjiM Coiirjt 


(«) c«f«5ts csi^ jpK.^ est wift itfii I 
(1) (!5f«5i« raa^ ^ci^ cs» sw^ iiS>i I 

a I (») •n^ww 5f5 c»»t? "itfiin I 

f 516 > Diai.zodBjGoogle 

fn Assamtsa 

.(1) S1«1WPI 5*5 0!*ft sitfssil I 
Variation Drill 

■mi !it9K 5«ii! «#H »itf5!i I 

Ezpoiliioa Drill 

«5tft CSfelT ^^ «ilft 'Jlfesit' I 

"lift c<5l%ffl wm 111 'j^ti lift itl?pif I 
■awii »iw?! bi wifsi I 

r«l.iipt Bt^TBipp cwtnn lift »itfs»i I 

( 517- ) L.o,,zodB,Google 

An InUm^MCaan 

(wfOTts ^\^ ?c«i« 5? crnwH re» sbh^ ■snfe i 

Cantnolion Drill 

> I irR rafijt spi%!i sift "nfeji" I 

wft wiin sift itfeeir' I 
« I csfsste a^ u<ifi OTsi «Bj|} »ii)jsi I 

Transformation Drill 

Past Continuous to Remote Past 

8 1 ft^itc^ w* snft •Itlisi I 
f*5tlc=i «tf ilftlw 1 

( 518 ) Li,o,izodB,Google 

Queitioa-ftetpOQae Drill 

an— Wii suti •nfs iifsi ? 
§w— ft sraft»tS« wt" "lift life! I 

a«— ^16^ f* 5'»1 ? 

en— ^i»wn f* *ft "infFi » 

fe«— siisstiin 5!»i*«H* Kft wtfei I isi* inft »nfei i 

S«^— C«f»5t 51»1^«I?C5 *<|1<I1«[5»i(» W-nlaWtsI 


2 Substitute the underlined words by the words given 
in brackets and maintain coirectnpss : 

W «llft C8(%!lt 1^ »Ill5 'Sltfeaf I Uftw) 

(I) J»R ?1t !|15« bl ttfel I (<(t^, Its. if) 

( 519 ) Dia,i,zodB,Google 

An IntenHviiaiu 

W csif y[» COT »ift iifw I Wt, «ft] 

2. Complete the transformation : 

mU wtfs iifscsn > lift iiftfspii" I 1 

ftxrt itftji > _t 

cwirs *tft «tif^ > I 

?5«fc'C5"«»i'ti'fen> ' 

15lfea !5t* sift «llf5«l > 

'S? ft ^f^ t > 

^ C^^^ ^M%Ht > I 

'S^ d^lff ffft > 

3. Frame questions frnm the following statements by using 
question words. The word underlined is the key word 
in the reply : 

(*) csi *ft csfeit if itfw I 

(1) raft* 1*5 «6^tq t^>I I 

( 520 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

4. Expand the following sentences by adding some temporal 
words : 

5. Use the following pairs of words in sentences : 

c^fm : CTlWa 

: C^felHl 

«EiCHC« : CS^5T 

: C^fssH 

?^ : !I^* 

«IB| ; "STsitT 

1155»sf : Jiai IT?? 



'then, at that time' 

^Tf? «if^!:»if 

*(I) was coming* 

bl ^Tf^g 

*(he) was going' 

<jft wt^?l 

(he) was holding' 


'(he) was coming out' 

CT^f ^ BlTf|5J 

'(hcj was groaning" 


'by this time* 







( 521.) 


An Intenmm Cmu 







^tt n'^s 

'blind man' 








^pain. sorrow* 

^ *pn 

'from distance' 



^stt *tlf% 




Grammatical Notes 

1. In Assamese, except where it is absolutely necessary to 
indicate the actual continuity of the action in past, this 
aspect of the past tense is not used. 

Its formation is the same as that of Present Continu- 
ous. -^ is added to the main verbstem which is followed 
by the inflected forms of the auxiliary verbstem ^- in 
the remote past tense, e g. : 

»ti?-+^ + ^ I ^ I -^ I -^ \ 
^m-+ -t-\- ^ / ^ / ^ / ^ I 

5T- + 4+ 4 I ^ / 4 / ^ I 

( 522 ) 

:y Google 

2. Instrumental is expressed in Assamese by -C - flr'. sh 
and ^- ^'1. Of these, the first three are added to non- 
human nounstems; <^ is added to vowel ending stems 
and -iflC^ to consonant ending ones, -ilf^ occurs as an alterna- 
tive to -iiR but, with less frequency. ^ ^t?t occurs only 
after human nounstems. e.g. : 

sft+ « > sfta, sf<(+iff >®f^c5fi 

( 523 ) 

Diai.zodB, Google 

An intensoK Cairst 

Unit VII : Lesson— 34 

vt^!^ 53C«fP« lilt® i^Wt Previously there was nothing 

atfssi I iHCTI ^fa ^^T f *tl «it^ in the present Bhubaneswar. 

f?i5Rtw nf^' 'snfsPi ' *i^^l^ (There) was only one dense 

C^ 1ii?ra c^f^ ^3^ »i?i =1*^51 1 forest and (the) Lingaraj 

s^v^ fftf^^ E^*tt^ r'^t^l sl%?i I temple. In those days, many 

•tIGtnT f'Pilsj ^M^s si^pVei I pilgrims did not come. (jovt. did 

if^ff^ H'gsra fs'il^lU^^ fsarsi f^^ not take the responsibility of 

^^ ^^ ^'V, f ai, C<it?t ^W the temple. Pandas also did 

C?*n^ HT^s C«wt» '"Itf^f^ei I not trouble much. Beggars alsj 

did not crowd in front cf 

(the) temple. Blind, hump 

backed men, lame men and 

diseased persons also did not 

come much. 

n^^ ^I^CvS ifiSt *1^^ «'ttfc ?l I There was a tank near the 
^ *tl^ C^f^SI-Q 'S'5 t]%fm I temple. Water of that (tank) 
aH5 q^a »t5 ill^si I «tt^ 5? did never dry up. There 
lii^t 5f^t «Tlf5t&ffl I f*? f*!t5 were many tortoises. One or 
C^fe[t« «J51 ^tf^fl I two deers came there. But 

lions did never come. 

«llf^« Jl^C^ 5t1?^ f^^35^ We also did not go to the 
CTtat Htf^PTf I ^t^rif'Tt*! C^hvX deep of the forest. No gcod 

( 524 ) 


fn Assdmtse 

»t»! «?t (SW life I m-sW.m road was at that time (cons- 
^f^W=lt1S=ll tructed) to Khandagiri. (The 

Govt.) have not been cons- 
tructing the bridge. 

Build-up Drill 

i I iitrsii I 

^^H si^tT «It¥ f«l!f^T» sif^ itts^i I 
sdt^ Jl«t^ «K-"n SIT'P fes^w I?H^ Itf^il I 

mifl i^t iifsa I 
c^fs w3t «« sfffim I 

"rf^tfl C^ tlRTS C?f5 Ilttfl «15t ItHn 1 

8 I dim =ilftn I 

( 523 ) 


An Intensive Couu 

fs^ »^! aifssi 1 

^•IT. j»t, c«ii^l« cswH itfirftsi I 

1t«tC5t Sn3J swf^fw I 

it-atrat ftmi Snas si*fifsfl i 

^t^ *I1=IT C*f991« 5«*l?f"sfl I 

•s^ sfrit "Ulifsi I 
( 526 ) 


In Assaineu 

aifss cnst =itfe«r I 

•lifts ^l^tW (?It5l iifsw' I 

lifts Jisnw stfti f»CTtsi pint =iifenf I 

»» I slat iitfsi I 
'Rst kW =nfei I 
®t>i ^W «i5t aifssi 1 
csfjsi ®m ^^t csrai Htfsii i 

58 I ^\h <l»f =rtfS5I I 

ira'iwt'if^mft =ii%ti 

Substitudoa Drill 

i I (*) «^»itsi 'jscsTW^ itlTs -aw ItSl I 


liifsw 55ww« iiiira Jiwt sifil I 

■il* ^sr?l^« 111^5 JIC^ ^Ilf^si I 

(1) ^iii=i ijawwi 111W Jiw itfji I 

( 527 ) Li,o,izodB,Google 

An IntensmCovrk 
^V^ f 5l=TO« (?1* USUI JlWt Itfssi I 

^ 1 1*; mm ja^ hhij «n* fa«i» sM 'nfssi i 
ina liisii? «?^^i wt^ Msi^af if*tf^ "tftn I 

(1) lUtt .a<|i| «1^1I 11^ f«»^19 5f6^ Wfjsi I 


stt«l1 ^1^ sift ai* fsisWB sif><i< »itM I 

»ItCft 01^51 TOU 1!^ *a»^l« nM «('f551 I 
(1) SWI .<l»|it 51111 1W l«S>t51 ll^BI Itfia I 


=nw Jii!i "iiii «it? Ji6i sip55r wiffsi I 
« I (t), sfti^ OT? JiBire c^H mit 1S1 HifsH j 

iH^t^ wfs?t c^fs Its «isl aifeii I 
lH^ «it5ics c^fe iial ist iilfei I 

(1) lf=lf»^ C>l^>ITO5 (Tift iral 1151 tlftl I 

v^'ft^ CT^ lngtB C?r5 sil^ «I?t sitf^ei I 

5l'^ C^51si^ 

W) iflilfel (?1^53 Cl(? It* ISt llS^I I 

( 528 ) 

Diai.zodB, Google 

In Assamele 


*iT«lCTt csi^t ®*ia5 *^ ^lfpi 1 


ifiim itrs Jife <J3?i •itfsi I 

( 529 ) 


An InUniivs Covru 

(1) 's^^ 11^ cffJ5t« 9S»refs5i I 
» I f»g fits i;Tfelt9 isi itfgfl I 

ft? Sftll Cf fS5t« 151 ="M I 

i» I (») itfro sMt^t 5tr« r«Mii W?l iificf I 

itfi« c»f55l« «fi1 fes^Jsi cm silfenf I 
(1) itf«« jnwt 5if« fsra^ti CTUt =ii1«mf I 

irfs^ lii^CTt 5t1^^ ^1^ c^w HiftOTf I 

iif«i« Ji^iw «if^ «6^ citsi •dftwl I 

( 530 ) 

Digitized Oy 


ContraolioD Drill 

> I ^sii fscswa IMPS jiRt =itr5>j I 

< I sKifl Ji>ii( •R1I »rfsi ^* fSw^M "tr-w ItlW I 

illWt •iisi "I^*!! Ilfbsi I 

e I sif^tsi Pit ^IM c^fii «^ 151 =itfw I 

ifxi^i c?re 5ti\ "Rt iiifsi I 
8 1 li^fpw ^fk"? et^iCT (?t«t ^itftsi I 

itatwt *»ra5 ipffff^si I 

( 531 ) 


An /iitnuiveCiMW 

f^ f5K5 151 =nl*a I 
a I irfa« Ji^^i 5ift>r fswtsi 171U1 =nlsCT' 1 

TrsnsformatloB Drill 

(a) Negative to Affirmative 

fstiw? sfttia >i*wt life I 
* I i^'i?\ cH «iit 151 =rf»5i I 

liit^^ "fife's e^inti Mw 1 

8 I <1181C91 fiW=[ SlBS iRiftf^il 1 

•ItSlW 1^* ?»B5 »ft%l I 

« I an lltt C»fi!5I« 5Sf l^feX I 
^ *11^ (Tf fe5W «*ltf^ I 

» I (SR? C»f35t« ISI tt Vl I 

** I lift's >il?lCTt ^if'ff r*M^fll C?tHl HIIm*!!' I 

1tft« <il9rt 5ir^ f^M^»l blfe«!f I 

( 532 ) 

Digitized Oy 


(b) Assertive to Intrcrrogative. 

f^Csi-iff^ «Ilir5 ^C^t sJlffeSl Clfv t 

* I ilMtsi afk ^* W5t =nf5i I 

sf'wt'i c'ft iiil "'1 ilfssi ciift » 

sftil^ ftfirs CT»t!» cut tlUs (?lf» ♦ 

QuestioB-Respoase Drill 

®«1— ?5t=rW« "HITS i9OT Sltff=l I 

■zfa— ^<w«« Ji'm 'wi itT f»BRHi s|%i^ iifw CTf* ? 

( 533 ) 


An InumirtCtmil 

(S^^— JjfsB^tsi C^i^ *i^^ ^M ^lt5»l I 

as— •It 91? S^isa »Ws« c=if» ? 
^^— ?5, *ita'% ^*t95 fWpi I 

sM - •Hat? ^ ttm »ftfgi ca^ t 

*W— 15". •usit f^ti *1W IV =Itfe«l I 

aw— ispif'tei csfeit ^1^ (Slat =ttfkt CT ? 
®«^— iii*,«iefWtfl csfen *sl atjt =ilfs>i i 

^s'— «HJ1t«i 5l x8t 5f<it »nfif*si 1 

sw— l^ffe CTfwt^ f>r,5 iiftfw (af* t 
S^— sn?, Tjsftsi c»fst]t« fro «Rt iiS^i i 

( E34 ) 

Digitized Oy 



1. Produce as many sentences you can choosing appropriate 
phrases from each column given below : 

^t^ i|5pn' 





- «ff«tl 




2. Change the Assertive sentences into Negative and vice- 
versa : 

(1) Jisra I5W snfSSsi I 

(E) afti«t?I (Mf tit ist mfsi I 

(«) iWftc5e f35i=i fsi itr infpi I 

3. Fill up the blanks with the appropriate form of the 
numerical nouns in the brackets : 

W IttCS 'Xm =llfs>l I (*S, 95I51&S, ^-) 

( 535 ) 


An Intensiw Coiii» 

(«) uta (?i? 1^*11 «itv v^n 1 f^si 1 (<?w. (^, 


(1) slSmifl Hfi 11#l S?t atfssl I (rafs?!, »!«-, 

OT^I"™ ) 

(1) w »t&5 pitsl atfsi I (ra:«'5, 6i»K fii«. W 

(« «ft»i 5* *I ^fist "irfsffi I {'Sf, Btft. fsfi) 

4. Add 'tWs, 'frtfl, C«f«!it, 1'ft in the sentences given 
below : 

(fl C5c<fs T-nf •itfsi I 

W isfSfl 5St sftit "iifslli I 
(1) (754^ It spi ItSl I 

(5) ^3 JlSl !rf^^ »itfei I 

(6) xsMHtsi «w ^tst wa' I'fsi I 

(S) sfflifm CK^t* =lTft%I I 

ocabulary Study 







^wf tai Ji^f^ 

'Lingaraj temple' 


'pilgrim, passenger* 




'that much' 


'by the side of' 

( 536 ) 


/»! Aaaameu 






'a place nami* 






'so much' 


•like that' 

r««ii<Y, iiia1« 



*man having a hump on the 







'at that time' 










'did not dry up' 




'not even once' 




'being built' 


'name of a hill' 

Grammatical Notes 

1. The Negative formations of the verbs in -%t^^ are intro* 
duced. For this, there are two processes : 

( 537 ) 

.y Google 

An Intensive Cimm 

<a) -^ is added to the verbstcm and is followed by the 
inflected foms of the auxliary vcrbstem -^1? in tbe 
past negative. That is, the main verb stem + -^ 
combination is followed by the inflected forms of life > 
eg.: - 

«li5+ -Ulii+aifsa > »i«t itfsi I 
^ + .»it si+^ifsn > c^51 =nfs»i I 

•15+ .ait si + «llf65I + 4 >»l?l 'tfew 1 
This is the usual proceduie of negative formation of 
-t^ ending verbs. 

(b) When a past ntgative habit is to be expressed, 't- 
is prefixed to the verbal formations in -?f%^ and the -^ 
of »l«l is assimilated with the vowel cf the first syllable 
of the verb, eg : 

=is + Jif!" - ^hr'sa 

fl«I + «lf5''ssi= nlftfiei 1 

iia + fsfsfl = taftfefl ' 
(ilCH -a^W c*%9tQ occur only in the negative con- 
struction; -« carries a negative force. 

Cultural Note 

3, "isfir^ : About 5 kns. away from Bhubaneswar there is i 
twin hill named Khandagiri and Udaygiti. There 
are shrines of the Buddha and the Jaina audi 
number of caves known as ' "flatigumpha". It is an 
attraction for the pilgtims. 

( 538 J "^ 

Unit VII : Lesson -3 5 
Abinash was in Love with Joya 

-IWrt : 'Sl^ irsa f* ?'?!, ^ It I Sarnda Tell (me) please, 
whac happened after that. 

«5t : ift, «ilfet« 'tr*^ W I Joya : No. Let it stop for 

"tt^fft : Hft sft, ^ ^t I fwjt "t1^ Sarada : No brother, tcU (me) 
J|% ^tWt 5(^4 I please. For (the) sate of 

(the goddess of) learning, 
I won't tell anyone 

«5t : ^\^ *t1*'5. m-Q c^ Joya : After that, he wiped 
out the tears from my 
eyes affectionately. (He) 
moved his fingers inside 
(my) hair. (He) gave a 
small mark on (my) fore- 
head by the blood of (his) 
finger (He) gave several 
promises. And told 

tWft : 1^ ^fti * 

Sarada : What (he) told t 

^ : t*t?9i, ^ft^tW «ltci?ra Joya : (He) told, Abinash 
*«»t H^9, ^n =f*W I does not talk in emotion, 

iSlfe^ *tt^ *1m(CT <?lfl- does not wcrk in emotion 

( 539 ) 


An Intensive Camt 

C^C ffflU *i5 C^l^t tcw>- (He) proves cveiy 

»il»nfl f.^sf^ CFftftCfflf I word by life. Then I saw 

|ll$ aii^ *it'tf|i]^ ^ei (the) rays of hope. A 

fiifet? c^*l <?i» '«35 ^!^ mixed reaction of laugb- 

^fepi i J)* f^wJl It^^ ter and cry a^jcared in 

HC* «ifi«!JlW CIi*] *I^T my lips. Like a victorious 

l^wra ^fcffi I hero Abinash took fare- 
well from me. 

"tl^ : C54 ffef^ *13 ft ^fei Sarada : Was he giving ( - writing) 
C^ ? letters t 

: No. He was not giving 
( - writing) that way 
( - many) letters. He gave 
( -sent) a letter at (the 
interval of two to three 

•91 : w', s? fagfii^ fsfS 
^<l1|5l_' *Tjin^ f<5l3 

Sarada : You must have been 
writing letters frequently. 

Joya ; Yej, I was sending letters 
regularly (I) informed of 
my proposed marriage. 
Abinash wrote : ' There is 
no support from your 
mother in our maniage. 
Tliercfare, this maniage 
is impossible. You get ma- 

( 540 ) 


f<H1 »W I f=IW 511 
otWt ait I (15I1W 

rr-ied to some other. Be 
happy yourself Make 
(your) parent happy. I have 
no grudge. I have remained 
a guest in the threshold of 
your life till further birth. 

Build up Drill 

f* »'fl f sit I 

<ft*^ w I 

•(if»t«i m^f 01 1 

iflt, Wlf»t^ «lt*^ Cff I 

»sit I 
sit, ^ =11 1 
11? «1», « sit I 


1^ f Ipft sif 4 

fiw •lis, ^t ^:wi si«^ I 

C5^ *lt5 ftftsi I 

( 541 ) 


An IntettmH Cotm 

|1ii^ mas 51« ^Itlt I 

gfEW Il9ra 51I(S ^C5 ?i« 5*ll^fft»l ( 

fife" I 

sfSstM "IW'ra Tit =i« I 

al^iSi *itw tftw ^^tin ftw I 

DO iM.Oooale 

( 54! ) a 

C"flf6'.81l' I 

.^81 W1 <Ff6 iten I 

^St Was ««i 5f6 ^fjfei I 

iifs SI* »tf.'51=n ^5i ftfiaj c^i jS ^fS5i I 

CT^ 'Sij tifi 11* ^WRi va^ Pifa|3 ai 5|f6 

wfiilW f5«« Jerflfl I 

ftlS ia ft iifti c» ? 
«4 fsfS lift ilftii r.s J 

f« 1*1 iitfe I 

C5« fsfria ft «l« spfsa I 
f»%i I 

5>ltR fePlWH Jll^lf Ws^ I 
fSft fulfil llfsSl I 


( 543 ) <S 

An Intensiv- C«Mrtf 

fcfS lilt ■ifeni I 

s? finfi« ftl5 •lift nfK^f I 

fan am i 

^fJl «i^T »tcv^ SWS f^t C5W 1 
?^ C5W i 

^fif ^^ «lat I 

jfs 1iK» 5^ C5HI I 
ill Cli*St«» 5* ^V I 


pm c»if t «tc'»i in? I 

«ii»i?l tsni itf»pif I 

( 544 ) " 

^ITO^ gfll' ^V^ fffPlB STfl^ ^5 ^^t^if t 

(J5WH tfua<i 5rw(f«i-9 m^i\ tma <nf«t»it' i 
<^f^ ^fi^^^ ^< irf«ra •rtw^itsi Bil«i^ ism 

Sa1>ltitinioo Drill 

» sH IIS* f» «■»!,* in I 
aw •Itsa f» «X »C5H I 

film "ns, Iff" *t«t <»4 

fWJI "lis, "lift C»fiTl'« «W9 1 

« I c»4 Pill 63j»infif<ifi iicfl^tw life Iwfsi I 


o« «rt^ s jitW<if^ ma =iic» stF f^'w i 

« I f fill 'l1»I mc5 fllH «t» Iffltfjl < 


5l«n ^w« «iit*i*w ^«.f*i i*ii?ftfl < ,- , 
"- *■ ^ L.onz=cB,Google 

An Intmsiin Coma 

1 1 vtsfi^ cacm^ 1*^ ot'S f»f»»i 
•nsjiw cacBi^ st«J* cw'S ftfgn i 

V- 1 »s csfisn ilii^ c^sfi cwf f»wf i 

wis csf'S'l 1111" (SSP «Plfe^" I 

lift ci» i=n« irnif «sfa fflhfeir I 
i 1 ra« fcfiiia h "iiSfl CI ? 

cwra fSlSia iifsfl « ? 
3' I 15? 1=i"Ri •Witt fite^a f»lpl WS^ I 

»|C5 fi»6? JRSIIt ftflnj feifx Itfsfit i 

!I1[«I II1OT 

»tra ft"65 SCT VK" fifHil ISlf* llftft t 

Da i-M AiOOgie 
( S4« t 


« fel^« f5lS ft JHfeen' I 

^z ( flTIsit^ ffl?1^ ill^t^ Jlil<i( ^ ( 


CT^ Rsra W^ IS*! sil? I 

oit^ ftum JiTit^ iisTiT itfgsi I 
i« t ^fii w^ viCTT^^ srra f^ c^vt 1 

( 547 ) 


An Intensive Conret 

wi<ii3i^ tfla^ 5JWrffsra lwiit*lr^<ttf*i?if > 

CMilraofum Drill 

g1>^ ifflia ffiw ^c? 9ia 5«t%'ier » 
ffiw sura sra jartfw i 

ss csfasi 1HW csfii oif<ilsc«if t 

Jl» fw* fW^ IK4 aftatw fans iei pi 1 

tsfrta cs-8 raiHt* (^ wi aifen i 

fcf^ P5^ ft x^t silfw I 

^ fii"65 >R^? ffeft^a fil)»l ItfgSt I 

www fwia wwc >iW^ >i>i«N[ sfl* I 

«it»w fera imn >iii<f"i 11? I 

( 548 ) D,o,-z.c„>.,oogle 


Ezpansioa Drill 

^Si fat" ?*l istst I 

=ltt, llfttfl JlS!3H 1t»* Of I 

I =iw afwpfe ftipi I 
•if<Bipi lilt afct^fs ftrpi I 

Transfomiatioo Drill 

(a) Affirmative to Negative and Vice versa, 
1 si »n*i =w4 I 

1 ai :si^ byjift wtpni^m ire Wipi i 

csa C1H B^iwfiiPi ^(?w^ci sft finit >itfpi i 

' I g^^ 1HR Bite? »1|R 9t^ ^flll%1 1 

gfin *iw« »ftc9 1IW i1"5 gj^w ^%l I 

( 549 ) ^ 

An Intsnmn Cotmr 

CbntraofioD Drill 

4 I jfe^ SIBS nIK »PH 513 ^Ifsn t 

a t s» C5%5I wl-W c^sft c»f>ifK«lf r 

« r WVfa ca^ CH=it* ft wi iiSn i 

• 1 »* f5i"55 »ra^* fbfra ftipi ^tfiifit i 
1^ fipwi fiiflia ^fn ^nfjlw 1 

1 1 "iBW fnts wnf iw^ i"!^ 11* I 
«IBW fella »W^ "ffl<i "ii? I 

( 548 ) 


Ezpansioa Drill 

« I HI ff^'^T* ^^ *^ t 

5813 IsPiTO! JIWJ* fcft filff 1 C 
51t, »Ilf»t»l ^t^m "fl^* Of I 

Traoffomiflnoa Drill 

(a) Affirmative to Negative and Viceveisa, 

a I 5p« 1IV9 ItW "IW 5f! ^*%1 1 

g^^ jhws *)ti9 11K i1"5 gj^w ^%t i 


( 549 ) a 

An /nteiumeCowtf 

1? BMW c»«fH «<n snfew' 1 

Stfs lii^ »lc>iiB^ JlSt C"l "jS SlSfsi I 

tif? ^w »icwm ^6t «■( ?JS sk =itfsi I 

•ifswipn CTM mt finw ww =iifs»i i 

C58 f6fS»CS ft "TO ^fpi CS 

CSS faVa ft <«*i mffsi 1 
c«4 fefSta ft ^if^ i 

a* ft"67i JRitt? ftl^na fslf^l stftfii I 
«* f»l"6? IVft ftlS'M |ilf<( >!»l aflffil I 

5?ft5fts fcft fit* 'flfesn I 
>i% NfTO ftlS lilt <w sitfBsn I 

I 550 ) L.onzodB,GOOgle 

CT1 fw^ fits wtini =11 swf I 


1. Mutually interchange the words underlined. Maintain 
correctness ; 

M ai put?! tSl^ia ft t*! itfei I 

(1) 1^ CTtlH »tJ=« 55W wliR ii»i#i t? m^ I 

(1) C5« i*fW "llRWI XttWS *1I !I*!I I" 
(«) 1* *tRt 5(»« I . 

2. Fill in the blanks : 

W •!« «tt, * - I 

W BJ^t=flPlh ifB ftfpi I 

Ci) wtB^fiii c«t»n Ji6i <Mi fiffw 1 

C? >i* csfm •!«« wfifesir I 

( 551 ) 

An tnttnsivt Comtj 

(«) aft "W *twi^ * Wars cm 4^f6 

(6) st f'-e* ftlS^ fi ""f*^ ' 

(g) Puis >IHH >w«l=' <9« I 

(•) <jft 1=11 "f f^ C5W1 » 

3. Replace the compound vetb-forms by one-word verb- 
forms : 

W piff 4i^ ttfj ffffi SftSp I 

(<i) ift wi\ J? <nf»crn" 1 

(* n? frfira fefS ijl^ »itfK>ii' ■ 

(SI) C54 •dtn^'^w 5j»il* » 6 ftftsi I 

(«) C»4 (7IW S'JW 1W3 "I*/" 1?"? W»»i ' 

4. Provide a subject to each sentence from the words given 
in the parenthesis ; 

(») ft M«"l 7 (C5W5, lf«1i"l 

(«l) Jl» f«iri ^^ «5< C«W *«1 f^fS 2nf»" I (OSCTO, fW) 

l«) sstw fsftitre Jiiit^ Wpi I iift^». "Win, «5«) 
(«J «nf«ii«i ti'w « 1 (Jitt^, Ji^^T) 

(5 g^ ^W^ 11W 1^ »t^ it«ll?ft»1 1 (CSC*!, 4rfW 

(J) iitsii af«wf« fiilsfl I (-itTit, smft^i) 

HonzodB, Google 

( 552 ) 

5. Combine words in correct foms from both columns and 
obtain the correct phrase '• 

Col. A 

Col. B 

















6 Change into negative : 

(») 5% «ll"It cflfKIl" I 

(1) "sftlK"! TflUB tiftfl I 

(1) C5« fcftia ft Itrj!! I 

(^, Bl' «t 'Sllfw I 

(«) «? >HWS ftfS f=l'<l Itlsfil CI ? 

(M rs* CIW 5I»lt?l !lf5 fiffPl 1 

7. Use the paiis of words in sentences ; 

( 553 ) 


Alt IntetuvK Cmait 

(1!) *1^ : =«l?:^fitH {^) ^'« : ^^-it? 

8 Give the opposite^ and use them in sentences : 

W lit-*, M 8itt5 sitts, (1) i^-nS. w crfst* I 

9. Change into affirmative : 

(1) (3lin 1IW ll'fii 11? I 

(1) C5^ felS fJlPl "W ifTftsi I 

10. Add =tt at the appropriate place in the sentence : 

(*) -^fi f'SI csiai I 
M Si. ileil I 

(1) ^ .il?t«US| tl <IT*t I 

(5) csi» »s(u5l c»«l ■sit I 
(«) C1W *»c8l *f^ « I 



'please tell' 




*swear, for the sake of 




'slowly with affection' 

( 5S4 ) 

Digitized Oy^ 


In Ajsamess 



5nC5 51 t5 


sfe fSfeei 

Sviped out' 




















'an appearcnce* 








*fare well' 



>ra=iil ' 









'future birth* 


( 555 ) 



Grammatical Notes 

^.^ : Although it means brother, its use is extended to 
cover 'sister' also. It is now widely used axoag gir!> 
and ladies for addressing one anothar in iotitnate 

m : Added to imperative verb, it carries a sense of fc^te- 
ness. It is uf ed in conversation amcwg the peisoDs 
intimately related. 

( 556 ) 

Digitized OyGoOgle 

In Asstwiese 

Unit Vll : Lesson-'36 
Revised Lessoa 

"nfJCTf 1 sstfsi «5s* 55^ in 61* mftm i 

«l «t»t =ttfeslf ' ^fl •nil !|* PI* 11TO 615 111 1¥t ^fesit' ^ 

R! i 

fw ^it bi «iif?f*i I «4u5 !i5ic«t«ii '»ii life ttlift I 3 

^ «iiiin »<it tsfii missii ciifsf T campitc^i wfeitt ms 6i* ^^ 

itSm of* 7 ' 

Bisii «iPi*i ?^5^«i 9^f^ «itf^ I ^5B3t *«ii iit55 ^11 5it%5i I ;; 

fs^lc^ 61ei^w-^ aft* sjtfgsj f,!5ta5i« c^^ ^jpici c?» «^t* :j 

«itfgsi 1 ni^sac^i 5«ra c*?t* m^^ i 3it s^'H-ft ^ife iifssi i i; 

C54 ffsii =il»i5 r» 111? itfei I CSS r5fS"iii S itrsfl c=i ? - 


* 3 

^C*01rt« »tt1C« ^:*1 ^11^51 I v^9^e[ C5I? I1II5S C^fie ^S\ ^ 

wfe5i« «Ri itf5»i 1 f««iiiira« fiwi ■5f<i ^<n snM i csf55i« 
mt\ ii?si am =iife" i 

iKst* ^m^ SnH i*fir«»i I 'Jl>n< tilt wf«5l« wn*- 
fe I fii, ^1, C1HI iw ipiilft siwtcstiii? inf?1s«i I 

( 557 ) r- T 

DiaiiizodB, Google 

An Intensive Coutit 

Sabttiiodon Drill 

i I «ilfa (3^1 ^^ "Tft ^fent' 1 

^ *nrara 

It iw II? (?i* *iTOs q<b^ ^ift ^tf^o?rf I 

■wis ara "lis wftpit' I 
fttsm 61? 

Wlfs fetlll 611 "llSt.ll' I 

cm citfl 

lift W1 C>lffl «ilf«»lf I 

•lift "n^ f««it»i CTir iitfeiif I 

( 538 ) 

Digit zed Oy 


8 1 aft mw ^t ofMt b5 i»t iitfspn' I 



CI ^S »n* 5? c^ "mre 6t5 «ltt «t?i =irfs(?it" CT » 

•Itfl PIS >I!I5J 5t« 1\i <l»t llSwf (3 t 

•Itf» rapB! 6)5 til! IJt atfs^il' CT » 

Itfi CSfsSI 3t5 till <(fl stftwf C*! t 

itfi rafen fSiPi •!« sifesn' d » 


ata lit" lift iirpi I 

( 559 ) ,^1 


An Intfnsive Course 


pin wi 

cswpiH* CT11 »11 «fti ilft=il nf* » 


V» 1 «lsl*t IW «^_^ *lft «IT%1 ( 

"HI >Rii «i?^i ft aifji I 
«mt iw ^1 i? irttB I 

>a"a cit^t SI?!* Ji v\rvf i 

^W f3«f1*l aft ItfSI 4 
>l I 551? BJ^iTl nfs llfsi I 

ftira B J11«1 aft »llfsn i 

j« I c»« ffii il»« 5ra 5flH itfifl t 

( 561 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

An /nlenjn* Cm 

5» I CSS 86^3 ft itfw p ? 
4t?ww fsl^a ft ai fei (^ ♦ 

f»4CffC5 (bft*lj ft «tft5) CT t 


fai^fintsi C«f^ ^Tit ^5T ^tfw ' 

(?1? jit 

CI? ^^t^l C^ ^T:^ 'Rt ^fel I 


CT? il?^ C^ "fl?? ^5t ^l^fl 1 


1") I wfen «w ^rsi «m iifei I 
C>it flSW S181 ^ai CTt>n iifw I 
( 562 ) 


PI? isnre si^<i ^w C5W sttfpT I 

"Rt silfisi I 

*U i»l. «!i«1 !n«[cel fsfjt* irffifssi I 

*1I. ?»I, Cnfr 5l5Ht CSfst* 151 flfiil I 

Eilipit mh 1*1 iitSsi I 

( 563 ) 


An Intensm Cmrtt 

ftic« cfs "wsbi ife i»t =ffis»i I 


stS fsfSia cswt* ft 1*1 sifw I 

«t^ fcfVta "R^ fn 1ft itfsi I 

TraofformadoD Drill 

(a) To Interrogative 

i I itfti 5tf)i fsaibn cm flferf I 
•nft 9ifM fws^ti (71151 sitfem d T 

lit •d'* !ft wfeit <s^ 1*1 alfscit" Pf t 
« I i!it» liirwwi »it lifts «ifsfti I 

« 564 ; 


8 I «i5i»f 3tii*i w« 1 iff mfm I 
s ) ^ac-i^^^ stilts M^ =(ifs*i I 

SjJtiflR'S W1?It^ JlC^l iflfgSl Ctf^ ? 

spifw Btfii^ CT*tCT cint tifil c^if* » 

( 565 J L„o,z..i,Coogle 

An InUnsive Court* 

(b) To Negative 

i 1 mU ^^ «rt!5 «(lfK?if I 
^U ^^51 »irft f^i =itffc*n* t 

« 1 llf^ ^1^5* ^ ♦RT 5t? •TTftro^f I 

aitft -sts^ ^ *t* 51? 'f^r nifscsii* t 

8 I airs 5lf?I5t5 fil ft^ Wf»fsi I 

fjfi Bltirt^ ^s(l 15'ij 9(*t iTf5»It C^if* T 

C»t^ C5'^ ^tW 0»» ««T1? *»»T ^ffei I 

b- 1 C5^ g^^ mat's 513 5511? 9^^^ 1 

C5« gtfW msra 5t« ^flt? f*1 ^tf^si I 

(c) To Affirmative 

it *i? CTt jpras Bft »j{? s{*T ^tftc^n' I 

( 566 ) DigitzedOyGoOgIC 

SI* »IW »* «t «l*t atfeif f 

ifmti oft iiit W51 inf»»i I 

f3«lt*IBa «^ f«i »r^rpi I 
csp55t 31=1 «?st cnat mfii I 

dV^ >ll5Kt CKlt* sitfilM I 
C^lt ntBW 'Rt' Itfefs"! I 

»t? !i5« •ntn "Hfif itfsi I 
cs4 fclS^ csiiit* fif «i»t sitfin I 

( 567 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

An Intensive Corns' 

Unit VII : Lesson-37 
Test Lesson : Ram killed Ravao 

*t^l^ spt^FS ^C^»ma fMf sflpi In ancient days, (there) 

i9»^ ^Bft sRfsfl I (TSa^ ^U- was a king in Ayodhya, 

flm^^^BnftiirsT-tvw &1^^»^ Dasharatb by na-ne. He had 

*SpS9 itfel — ^, n^n, «^<5 three queens. Dashrath had 

1W "tya I ^pi wt^ 5i^fl ^e( four sons — Ram, Laxman, 

i^rfs^t I flta ^*i« btfe« ' C^- Bharat and Sbatrughna. Ram 

CTtc^twi^^ ^ai»i <nfe 5q I and Laxman went to (iht) 

tilTHrK^ ^^5 1C^1^3 ^I»^ forest (on exilement). Sua also 

^flftsil f*^ c«« fi«ra f^5T*R5 went with (them) They lived 

^ fltfs" I ^^ 'rtitW^ f'R^r- in (the) forest (in c::iicmentl 

JWS ^WW 1 <?l?*Tv:*J X1C* for 14 years. During these 

^^m C»tt3l =nfi5i I days ruled in Ayodhya. 

But he did nDt sit on (the) 

throne himself. (He) kept 

Ram's wooden sandal on (tbe) 

throne. Therefore, (his)modiet 

was not happy. 

?sr5 'OJlt^ ^^ ^^^ «PW«1 Several mishaps otxureJ 

^f^ci I ^rai«i tm^ 9^^ ^f^fS'J to Ram and others in fthe) 
t»? C5« ^T51^ St'?^*! *«T forest. Ravan kidnapped 
5)1^ I ^TW ¥5*11^ «Jt* ^3^5^ Sita Bat he did not torture 
»»19 ^ifsfi I CsfsBltei CTtCi»« Sita. Ram teak (the) help of 
sit*^ C*1J^*I HlfSoi 1 fll"if^f<5!tC* Hanuman and Sugrib. Till 

( 568 ) Di9iz.i,.»^700^le 

crj ^f^fi»l I ^*I »i'WC*i ^ta^^ that time, nobody constructed 

5Tf^%T ^T=f ^H 5^^ (the) blidge to Sri Lanka. The 

^f^f^st I apes constructed (the l bridge. 

Ram and Laxman killed 

Ravan and rescued Sita. 

1 Give short replies : 

(») irWM Cff C»t1 vHn ? 

«) ^iiK Bnra c^i ct:i ^sit" iifs" J 

(1) CMCfllW r*5W 'S^ ««1 tllJ'?'! » 
TO «TO f<K«t>li(I ^5fS1 PI ? 

(5) ^a SPOT C*plt* «!»ltfl Ji%i ? 
Z Show the relation in one word : 

(*) K^ir mw OTi ! 

(1) »PW 1W"R C^l t 

(1) «^ »rwi^ c^*i ? 
W ^at ^m c*t=t ? 

(S) !TWI ^W Ct=( f 

(s) ^1 siww «w r 

(S) Tm ^« OT5[ r 
(«l) ^ Sia^ C^R ? 

( 569 ) 


An IntensivtComsi 
3. Change into negative : 

4- Change into interrogative by using sjrae interrogative 
words in replacement of some nouns. 
C* Ci4 g^' *ll»« 51« ?fft? «>tfssi ' 
(«1) il^^t^l CT^ 'Pnia C^f* ^St »I5t sitfgst t 

(^) c^Wtsifi:* lurrt '"ft '^^ v\T9s\\ \ 

(«) C9^ gf^l^ lT5f^ »t5 ^9lt5 'Bitr^si , 
(6) ■81? I?lfs *W^ ^'f^^f 'Wl siTftPI I 

5. Construct verbforms following the formula : 

(») 'Jl- + -11 + sus. + 1st person marker. 
(1) ^ + -It + sux. + 2nd person markers. 
(H) ^ilt *n3- + -wt + aux. + 3rd person market 
(SI) pt- + -?+ aux. + -«(t +aux,+any person marker, 
U) ''***- +? + aux + -«n + aux. + any persrai 


( 570 ) D„,zoc6,Google 

2. Fill in the gaps : 

W 6(^1 ft lit =n(s5i I 

W 5 Jll^Plfil a'5 fffsa 1 

(1) ft«|1^ra« f«^ ^=11 atfsH I 

s) "nsssti 5'ra — - iifsi i 

(6) ^a Siipll^l ^«t* ^f*fw i 

(5) 5it*ttff( ^T mfsei I 

(») ^tm CTi^ f3i!5HHl »ir>ir5»l I 

in) ^-jiiRii ^5ij ^e^ «iif5f*-=i I 

(aij ^ta?j» ^j — — >ra9.i ^'Sftei I 

7. Combine each pair of sentences into one using a possessive 

torm in each case : 

W pft ii5s»i( *it usa^ Ji w f»5ti SIC5 

W 55ci'»« ^81 sif=iR aiM ! isiifi cflf? list •!« fllfsa I 

W) "l^^^la lift "llSsl I CTlCW C*fe5l9 S-SWtW I 

8. Combine each pair of sentences by using adj phrase : 

9. Transform the following stateroents into questions, of 
which answers shall be "yes/no' type affirmative : 

( 371 ) 


An InunsiM Covm 

■ *) wi»i vtn «\<i ♦ift "nf»i I 

W) !ir>m« »rfiR 5»*tCT ffitat snft" ? 

10. Transform the foUcwing negative sentences into affir- 

mative : 

{^) ^ac^ra «nir5 jic»t sitf»»i i 

(1) sfillW HtfW M»l« OTUl sflfsi I 

11. Recollect the situations presented in tbe lessons of this 

unit and answer the following questions in full 
sentences : 

(1) (5^fln "mis) *"n snstipi f* *N iifei ? 

(6) <jsi1c5« 11^ c»feit«t is^iSlw CT f 
(») »t»H»rts «tft< f»«>tn JifWCT ? 

12 Substitute the underlined words by such words thdt give 
opposite meaning. Make change, if necessary, in the other 
parts of the sentence : 

W) m\^ csfm\ ^1 «iTft sifsc»it" i 

( 572 » 

Diai.zodB, Google 

nt^wpi wai 5«| •itlfts 






'exilement in forest' 




'wooden sandal' 

<t^5 WM 


Wl *ftf»»l 







'bridge from land to island' 



S«« »ftfi(»i 


{ 573 ) 


An InUttiiifeCouTX 

Unit VIII I Lesson -38 

Mr. Hazarika's Proposed Visit to Puri 

ft: W»f«t : ««^ 'SIIS ^ftta Mr. Hazar.ka : Tomotlow we 

"' I will go to Puri 

% : CTW ft^I CT «5«t ! Minu . Will (you) take me 

also Papa 7 

t<l: ^ft*t : fn, ««« «ll5ltcif Mr. Hazarika : (Yes, I) will 
^^ • take. (IJ will take you 


^ : m »1W PlWl?CTHt Minu : Will (our) mother and 

^^ C^ T uncle also go ? 

ft: fl«ft?t : •m\, sitl^ to, Mr Hazarika : Yes, (yourl 

Csmcsw V^ I «lfq mother also will go. 

■I»WW •ISM (your) uncel also will 

!llw^ CIM!! I go. All of us wUI enter 

into (the) Jagannath 


#19 : ««»W »t5i»in Minu : Will you return there- 

®sf%^ (3 «S«I ? from tomorrow itself T 

ft: «mft^ : dtcwra I ^ Mr. Hazarika : (We) won t. 
pitl ^ >fls=i 1IC6 I One friend of mine 

lift C«4^ ^ffi 'Ilit I lives at Puri. We will 

■ ( 574 ) uo,..A>cx)gie 

W« ^fs i^f^sf I go to his house. We will 

fHftfffflT S^f^s Wftn I come back tomorrow, 

tifs w ii(3t > (J511 (There) is much cold at 

s^ii fpiSl^cSt xft I Puri. You will take 

your new Sweater. 
^ : *i^ fs^lf^d C^Nt- Minu : Minati's uncle also 

at IK* I SCSI csstsi lives (there) at Puri, 

fsta I c«4t«i1« I will also write to hira. 
■s&*L=5 JltTf 1 llfil (The) sea is very near 
"niia It <[il I to their (house). We 

shall take bath at sea. 

Build up Drill 

^ I 

wtfil ^ I 
Wfa «J?ft5l itn I 

CStC»1 fs^t 0=1 ? 
<T||t« ftw « CfSst ! 

•I? 'sni . 

Its w ? 
(SWtoW 111 <3 ! 

( 575 ) 


Am IiUenaiM Coast 

TtWt ^ 1 

•Itft 11^3 CTWJI 1 

^tft l^cettW ffiwt JI^^PTS CimW I 

^*rtl ^^t*ira ^ft?Tc=( ? 
?n I 

(»itSl) ^fe «tt1«i I 

{ 576 ) ^ 

In AsMmeu 


arfVn 1 

S^ itfss 1 

Wsill «5f!8 SlfBS 1 

'(i'R 111 fisftii Ssf* 11^ 1 


it at 

M iiat 1 

•pia 1^ kal 1 

<J5li5 Jifeat w il«' 1 

•jjTts ^afs^l a^ itot i 




(<5?) 5'.5?1^CSt *lfi ' 

(«?) =i|^ §ca5i^c6t *if^ 1 

(^*) C=5I^ ^?=f gM&i^C?t 5in 1 


sftC* t 

CIWIC?* ''tC* 1 

fiifiii <?mim» lie* 1 

«J*t5 fwfs^ WW* "f'l* 1 

»t 1 

Isfiffl 1 

=int f»if<« 1 

1W ca4t»l faPl^ 1 



11 >p 1 

( 577 ) 


Subtlitutioa Drill 

•nfsbi lift •l.^ti TO I 
< I (») srt»t fim c=i c»Sw t 


(X) HiC»t ftfl H ctSsI ? 

( 578 ) L.o,z=cB:,GoOglc 


mc*t Win (ri cB^si ? 

« I (») fs!|. isla I|I*1?W f=l!| I 


(l) f=a, "5^5 «ll5ltC* f***! I 

fl5. CTHtPIW ""iSlSw fal I 


f--5, ItCltltal* ifSi^W fas I 

8 I (*) Its W £=1 C«*5t ? 

«BI« «^ l?I CiiSst ? 
t 579 ) 


An tntensimCuini 

(1) ll'G 3W « «Sia ? 

sua TO c=i (sSst » 


-«t, 1?Wt 'la I 


lii^, 5iii:a{ «ilfia i 

laat, »IR« »fia i 

6 1 (*) itpi >i»CTna BiiiN ^PifTO piwff I 

( 580 ) *-",Coogle 

llftl aiSlH »ls« !tl=«f^j (.'K'ni I 
(«) »nft "fsfWIH elatt itili^! CTtim I 

lift •I'wm aisw sfif^ 615 I 

w) i5«»w «ii»in? ^l%^i CI ! 

»t»t»i itfi c=itc5traf I 

»1^tn »ltft irtll^ I 
» I Wifsi 054^ S|^t« ini I 

iifi otJi ^t^l Itfisi 1 

( 581 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

An Intensivt Cauu 

wtfsi C««^ q^tfl «eitir I 

^fjr cs4^ ^« ciwi^ I 

f*llfiim l^f^ lifts I 

» I (J!il^ iljsi gl<6mt | sift 1 

C5I' ^*( gt^nST M^ I 

>? I '^U fsirjt'1 ciitra* lit* I 


•Jfls f«iif«nt i?\f lit* I 
^« f5iiifew cifit5* «nc« I 

>« I >iKit cs5t»i fJil^q I 
( 562 ) 



»«I pI'sitSwStai f»ir>11 I 


SC5t 6t^^ fflM I 

>1 I lift •nW3 II <p I 

iifir s|«1« 1155 I 

Expansion Drill 

« i fs?i. «t« «lt^'?C» f^^ I 

fasi , «|« BlSlic* »lt?" I^ltl fsi> 
8 1 HI* ^ c^ Cf^OT t 

( 583 ) 




An Intnuwe Cfwru 

8 ' >fl't, stni w I 

^fl't, CSI' BIC^I ^« I 
•rtfil ^l^n 9^W" I 

HWl *15t^ CS^til filffll I 
»> I 1th 11113 It S? I 

•nil ^l(?i "fluis 11 ip I 

Conlriotion Drill 

WiJ»i 1;ift»i 5ts I 
» I CTtRI fsifl CI Of?«t ? 
Wit+t ^^ CT ? 

« I lift "iTPiiH «niit« ipura piwti 1 
«itS( «mil<« sfinu CTW I 

( 584 ) L.o,,zodB,Google 

tn Assamese 

Ouettifio. Response Drill 

era— 5i»ft*it5 c^fen ^fll^ iH ? 

>a*t— 51W5 CB-^ffS ^t* *t«p 1%^ ? 
^5^ — il'SlS f,SC»i:s algt? siigi5c^ f-t^ I 

TruisfocmatioD Drill 

, (a) Affirmative to Negative 

Digitized OyGOOQiC 

( .^85 ) "^ 

An Inteniive Comst 

s< «fi» Ijfta Tiifiis I 

lift WPis »(*»« CTipnst« I 
Purisit Ssfl TOST" I 


^IS life il1tl»l" j 

•Hfsi "IHW* 11 PKll' I I 

>• I St csajji fiifw I 

S? C^^Sl filfflPlf I 



1. Fill in the blanks with appiopiiate foryis of the aflUQ* I 
stems in brackets : 

( 5£6 ) DigitzedOyGOOglC ] 

{«) csian c»ca IIS ? W5raS, ii. <n<ft, «» 

(1) wic»ini» f% »fic5 ? (v<. cti\ ij- iJt) 

TO «« f» »c»i ? (si, ctSji, ic^l 1^, 'S) 

2 Change the tense of the verbs in the following sentences 
into future : 

(») Bt ^»<H fipTM ifeff I 

M ijfs «it»i cist I 

W flit? It* »f<(f5SI I 

TO f'WC* ^,51 fllPI I 

(«) *l«i^ mc* OT »ft ^tC5 1 - 

3. Fill in the blanks in the light of the text of the lesson : 

W) "flSH flj!l fCJtW 1' I 

(^) •«fi t^m w I 

4, Expand the sentences by adding temporal words already 
known : 

If J afH 5^t« «' I 

TO iif" Ssfs wftn I 

TO OS'S yt^i ita I 
TO sis wfjfs I 

( 587 ) 


An Intmtniie Cww 

5. Transform the sentences into negative : 

(») •nfs ^ m >nf'' 1 

iv) ^la «T3 "^f^^ ' 

(51) tfi^^ sitc»i itfs^ 1 

(«■ SSs* fas 1 

6) B«W1<if afiff* citwa I 

(5) «iifii f'shsn \fw 1 

(!) CT*f«C1«Sst) 





'(I) shall go' 


'(you, hon-) will take' 


'(you, m-hon.) will go' 


*(I) shall enter into' 


'(yuu, hon.) will return' 




'(I) shall stay' 

^«^ ^ftsf 

'(I) shall return' 


'(you, non-hon ) will take 

wtSl», liReit 



'temple of Lord Jagannatk 





( 988 ) 


In Ajsamtu 


'one*s mother's brother' 


"(I) shall write' 



1)1 1^ 

'(I) shall take bath' 

Grammatical Notes 

1. Future tense formation is introJuccd here in this lesson. 

(a) Future tense markers are ■(% 1, and -t?)^,- -(^)\ is 
used in the first person and -C)^, elsewhere The 
initial -{?) in both the cases is dropped after verb- 
stems ending in vowels Verbstems in -•Q and -i£|> 
-S and -* respectivdy, when -(t)\ or - t)^^ is required 
to be added to. 

(b) The personal suffixes that are added to (-^)^ and 
-(^)^^ are as follows : 

AStp. : verbstcm +{t)\ + 0>^^,v^^,1^^ 

j-non-hnn. vs. +(? i^ + t >'<llf^, ^ftffl, fr)^ I 
2nd p. ■ hon. vs. +\.t ', +«it >1W. *f^Jil, ft?t i 

more-hon vs +(?)? +1 > «tt?, *1^a fir? I 
3rd p. verbstcm +t.?)\+«t >W, *ft^, fif? r 

2. The negativt of Future Indicative and Future Imperative 

are constiucied in two different ways : (a) For the nega- 

( 589 ) .,...A,cx,g,e 

An /nteiuiMCMrit 

tive of future Indicative the negative of simple present 
holds ^ood. eg. : 

^'Itl : =tW« ; ^f^ : Siic^* ; fifir : l^S 

Indicative "\ it^l : citi^ai ; ^^^ : ^*^r ; Nt : U^V9[ 

^^ : ^ iim ; ^f^ : ^^lj^ -, t»? . UUa i 

(b) To form the negative of future Imperative, the na- 
tive element is prefixed to the verbform of which 
the syllable nucleus is assimilated vnth the fint 
vowel of the verb form- This is however restricted 
to the 2nd person, ei : 

Imperative -4 

3. When special cuphasLi is given, the negative of the 
Future Indicative in 1st person. 2nd person (m-non.) and 
3rd person may also be formed as in 2(b). This is, of 
course, in sharp contrast with 2(a) above : 

4 To denote 'on a particular day' -W is added to -ft^ eg. : 
Hsfjp^, «itiirif^T 6i%ft. *^fiRTt. ffsfifaw ^«t but to couot 
days -«tt is not added eg:, 'one day* ^fim *two days' ^fw «c 

I 530 ) DO .M,v.TOOgie 

In Assamzie 

5. Temporal words like Ttfs, ^aT, 1^, %»\^, artc^ifn etc. 

except f^^ donot take locative suffix -"5 even when 
they express locus of action. 

6. In informed or colloquial speech the genitive -^ is usually 

dropped from phrases like WTStW ^^, *t*tT^ Jif^ I'SJlfw 
ruiulting in wifllt *lf%', ^Wt'Ol ^1^ ^'snfw I 

. CQI \ Digitized OydOOQlC 

An InUnamCowx 

Unit VIII ; Lessoh-39 
Bubul-Minu's Reaction 

^ : ^^ 'Sf*i5 C^ ? Minu : Bubul, have you heard 

(it) ? 

^;j5i ; f^ ^W^ t Bubul : Whar (is that) sister? 

^ : *1^^ t^wfc? CR^^» Minu : Tomorrow on Sunday. 

*J^rifi\ ^ I cw^^^ ?i^ father and others shall 

sf? ^\^, ift ^^, «tfii ^iJ^C^ go to Puri. I shall jo 

11I55 mi I with father, mother 

will go, many otMr 

people also will ga 

???! : Cit* 1^ CT tsf^ni ? Bubul : Will (he) take me or 

not ? 

^ : ;^3 ^i ^§ fefefg I h(q, Ivlinu : (He) will take. You 

^U ^s\U I will get up m (the) 

morniftC itMlL Yh 

will be ready beinj 


^ffl ; Bitfii f*5C^ ^ ? (M^V* Bubul : By what means shall 
<^ ^C5C^ ? we go ? By train or by 

bus ? 

^ : tlfJt ^tCK'l ^ I »18t«I Minu : We shall go by bus. 
J|.'^ elU , «iffl»f cstl fit*! I (We) shall see 

( 532 ) »-',^>oogie 

II^^S ^ 'i^ I '1=^13 Ji^t^S Jagannath's lenipie. 

fldfim I l^r^t^ in Slf-'CI (.We) ikiU offer little 

^-sfss Blif*il I 'Bhoga'. (We) shall 

bathe in Sea, (We) 
shall halt for a night 
at Puri. On the 15th, 
the day after tomo- 
now, (we) shall come 

5^ : OT^ -flfe^t ^ tics ? Bubul : Where has father 

cs4 CTH «1^ «M ^ CT gone now ? Will he 

5(t«tl? t vS? Itf* ?'it*' ' eat with me or not ? 

^ffl C^ 't'lf^ ? Will you go to (the) 

school today or not ? 

^'i : otS^I ai^tat^T «ilitf5 Minu . 

Fathjr his gone to 
(the) market about 
one hour before (He) 
might have arrived 
(at the) market. He 
might have bought 
advance ticket. 

Build-up Drill 

> 1 «1s(S « ? 

( 593 ) 

.y Google 

An Intmsive Cemti 

^t^ I 

^1^1 ifiHW nSsiJs ^|^9| !it» 1 
>lt1 1 

<IT« I 
11 <1T« I 

^^U5T nigs ^t^ I 

IT aiT* «li* ^5:51 Jt)^ ^^ I 

CTH! f^ C fi|fsc5 J 

Wlt(i| ] 
W» *ft «31tfi| I 

( 394 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 


mi I 

f*C5C^ in ? 
•nfil f«5CT lis ? 

^fi PfRt^ Its, C1P1CT (?i 1t«r< t 

1M I 

Itft TO I 

^tfil CiWW Its I 

sf=itf6isr I 


Itfts I 

tCt« ■SV^ lifts I 

Ssfe wifss I 

*1i1^ ^1^ lifts I 

•Hfi. c»(Rfl slftd S®fe "life I 


raSst an^isw »iii|c!5 wwti blB I 


( 595 ) " 

An Intmsife Com 

S4 I ^1 Its 1 

wn 11^ 115 1 

>sf«5t1tH Wtl IM 115 I 

«S5i ifenilci iin iR 115 1 

111 rt' c« =IM15 ? 

»ra <iia 13 =ii«5 ? 

(3« sia IK W Sll<lt5 ? 

C5« csirt m'i «M It' CI il<it5 1 

5b- I 5lf« d !II5t» ? 

^tn Itft (3 ilWJ 7 

«^ Wtfai '^!lts "lift (3 115U ? 

5S I ftfiiJ 115 I 

C«« ^tl€l5t fS^S f^^? 115 I 

Subttitution Drill 

5 I ^ ^^i, ct » 

^3? IIS CT T 
fp Blpl« (3 t 

* I (T) f itti (Jl%«lfe ^Jfel 5t5 I 

( 596 ) L.o,,zodB,Google 

/n Assames* 


^I??»i sits ^*^iSi m I 


Ctt^H el?i:5 sttfil (111 I 

fita^ fii\CT fsiftn T 


/ coy J DigitizedOydOOQlC 

An Intmiivt CoNTje 

1 1 CTs csi^ =115 sra 11^ PI siiira ? 


ra-a (3in ^ifs 5t? ita c=i =11115 1 


C54 est' spra «Bi»tt=i >lt' OT =itini ? 


«ItfJI f^RZ' «Ttf?Il ? 
1 I WW (3 ICSC ? 


k' I >mW5 It 11 1 


( 593 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

i I (*) isfs <;>iw» 9(^1 Safe atfts i 
^ifii c^w alf'ti Ssf% anfti I 

Tift C'tB W%«l S5ft"«llf5» I 
(«l) <Wf5 C^ISI IStftW Ssfe fllftn I 

•nft WW <5tfi[«i \ft «itf5ii I 

f^iiiJ5 Bttnc^ ^91^-T bit* I 

o^siiii asfW It* IB < 
(I) .flfe51"itc< ?»w •m IB I 

( 599 ) ' ' & 

An InUntamCutrti 


If aifs sft^si inftfa en i(H i 

Assertive to loterrojat'iTe 

of^^l^ snra sft it*i c^ ? 

f»iii)»iit Sift afB «ifii 
pisftit stR aft iifsi wf* r 

(3!*5t ^»I^« tits erf* T 
AffirtnatiTe to NejatiTe 

f»»ftm Its sfc iiiro" I 

( 600 ) L.o,,zoaB,GoOglc 

FormfttiOQ of interrogative by usin^ guestioa words for 
'when, wlio, wherto, on which day, whoee etc.' 

^ I (*) tH5«H «I14 SI? qm I 

•O I (?) WSst TOI^fl Juts I 
(1) OT=I <»«tl Jits t 

To Interrogative as per model 

»p ^ »rtfti ^sfei iitfi I 

« I C«5 CTW 113 3t3 <l« I 

C39 Pm »W5 STS «lt^ (3 ^mB V 


( 601 ) 


Analogical DriH 

^ I c^a *§^ •It? *IR| I 

4 1 c5« fe»8 *tfci in 1 

OS Uti »tl65 IB I 

(1) C5« s» in in 1 

C5S ^ 1R It? I 
8 ) C5a ^f^ «I'f53 1t5 I 

csa ^«fi wfs? It? I 
« I jls i^fs <it« clW I 

^ S»f5 ?!? ultSt I 

( 602 ) Diai.zodBjGoOgle 

* 1 <jf[5 ■smh itt^i c*iisT I 
^« •svfs iffm cm I 


1. Fill in the blanks : 

i I pn« fwt « ? 

< I •n'^rii »i?ta ?5itii siifs^ (3 » 

o I ^fii •fff5 ^^r'« ^ftqt c3( 

e I c«wc»tic* tft?! c=t 1 

2. Expand the following sentences : 

W iiTfii »>»«i »nf5»i, ^11^ » 

3. Complete the transformation : 

(*) (?1W 15ni >fflt» Wits 1 
W i?Mt* ft^> 

(1) Itfl 9fs life > 

W) «t<isii»n iiJrt^^ !rt^> 


( 603 ; a 

An Intensm CourK 

(«) itft •i*is Jimi3 "ttf^i > 
(5) Ill«^tl f^ > 

4, Substitute the undeilined words by the apptopriate forms 

of the stems given in paranthesis : 

(*) tt "JTlft SfSft I (W<5, If, *-, CW-) 

(1) W^-Sff funU I C<rt*, «!?-,«-,) 

(1) ir«l« (jiSstts l^lt-n 511 ! (i?iWt^, www, •«ft. »tSi) 

(«) 1ft« JWfa itpm I (lii=i. vii, fti life) 

5. Give short replies ; 

W csi I (39C1t» fifcsw it^ ? 

(51) -^- / .^. tMtal»i| sirf»il » 

(^) -t^- / -^^- c*r«9t Saf«? ? 

(s) ^^tiir otSw* c*f^ ?aw^ei t'ics ? 

(6) =<h(i [»Si5i» Jifsa TOW 'ntis « r 





'will go' 


'father and others' 

( 604 ) L.onzoaB,GoOglc 


fti « Hiai 

'(He) will take ot not' 


"(I) shall take bath' 


'(I) shall sec' 

f<if» 5fi «5nfii 

'(you, n-hon.) will be ready 

having dressed 


'(you) will get up' 


'by what' 

«WfflW ilflf^ 

'Jagannath temple' 



■ ^■Si 


^f« »ilf?ii 

'(I/we) will come back' 




'by bus' 













Grammatical Notes 

]. When question marker pt is used after a future verb 
form and it is to be followed by another verb form, the 
second verb always appears in present indefinite form ; 

( 605 ) 

.y Google 


An Intensipe Coum 
Its W ii1^« ? ffflfnt^ (?i f^^an f 

, 2. -{^)c^ is added to non-human nouns when used instm- 

% ., mentally. The initial -^ is dropped when the nounstem 

ends in a vowel, eg. : 

3. In ^^ stress-marker -(-Ji)?' is added to ^. Thus ; 
iii'*5?T may become ifl1%?l? 

l2 4. To express the sense like 'might have arrived', 'might 

L~ have come' etc. the principal verbstem is inflected for 

^ the future in 3ra person and is compounded with auxili- 

3 ary verbstem •H- as the second member which is inflec- 

P| ted into simple present in the 3rd person. 


(^) w*i ^f^flislpi *B* ♦tig t {«Tt+ -(.t)? »tT+-Ji) 

( 606 ) D,9,:z.cCyGOOglC 

In Asaamsja 

Unit VIII : Lesson— 40 
The Father Has to Deliver a Lecture 

^ ; ^ f^ *fV »fTr *II ? Mun : What arc you doing, 

mama ? 

11* : a? Ji^ s^rft ^^ Mother : Here I am cutting the 

»fft[St" I f'Wlpi ^1^ green vegetables (into 

fiififfl ■«!% ftftsf I pieces). On the other 

«tPi[t f* *i^ T^5 T hand. (I) have put the 

(cuiry seasoned with) 

alkaU (on the pan). 

What are you doing ? 

p : J|^ lii'&t fFH tl'f*? Mun : I am drawing a picture- 

vUm I ^^ ^t (ca*- 1 shall have to explain 

C^'^) sf^fl^ llfi^) the thermometre to- 

\9\^ erir?]? I morrow (after having 

drawn it oo the black 


ilf : ifll^^t cfet' "f I *i5ftl- Mother : Now leave (all) these. 
f^f^ q(6 fsfj I csrS^^ ^K Grind (and) give (me) 

^arfs ^'iPi'J^ ci)»lt9i ^ the spices. (Your) father 

»itf^ i C5WP5 !5ra ifl?t has to go to Kamalput 

^^^"Jt fif^ siTf^i? I mauza at 12 noon. He 

shall have to deliver a 

( 607 ) 

lecture there. 


An Intensivt Coum 

fff? 11 1 
Jn* ; Cff^iw WTlfft* ft^tm 

Mun . On what (topic my) 
father will give lecture. 

Mother : (Your) father shall give 
lecture on modem Scie- 
nce. He shall have to 
tell (the) people in 
simple language. He has 
to tell (them) about 
primary treatment, re- 
gulations for keeping 

Mun : Father shall come bad 
at night or not t 

Mother : Having not come here 
where (your) fadier 
will go ? Tomorrow, 
Mridula has (to sit for) 
examination mdeed 
Shall not (your) lather 
have to take her to 
Gauhati ? 

SubititutioD Drill 

( 608 

.y Google 

lift »it6lSi fftfl i(ftat' I 

« I fiwIOT Irtf«l1ir9 aw? frot' I 

i^ Ji5l sfi if fw "(f^wf i 

Digitized Oy 

( 609 ) 


A)( fttttMifffCdKnt 

* I »t*?fl 1? Ilf Plft^ IJlH Wf^B I 

J »l*t»l "tfl >t!ff5Sl^ ?»n Itfl^' t 

i ft«i1^ 

3 cmst 


•«*mf<ifs( ?1S Aft ! 

HonzodB, Google 

( MO t 

In Aistmtm 



<v5C»fS wt*l ^^ Pttd 1 

^Tntfl iR »iiCT 1 
>* I csc'irs '5i!5 vast ^^^ ^« ffjiftq 4 

^il ^Is5 vilftt ^P^^ f(f^ eflflR 1 

»lt^fi| sta >«5i aas^w fir? »itfl< 1 
5j I f»« «'ws aSsit ^,»t fi^ St t 

t»W «ms-5?il Ts>^sst fit? "It ? 


f»w «»(?» eiftra ?«\«i fit? m j 


<»f«ffl ctslni fff^at ft? SI f 

{ 611 ) 


An Intsntirt Conn 

n I ctStct imfsi* teftsii fasnsn «»«« ^at Ibi 
■i* •njfi^ fsf»»it paw '«wi i^i^w ta 1 

jfi itjfii^ ftftwrt ftait=n «»wa ^iff^'st fi^t i 
cstfs itf^t ftftwn r«»iH< «m3 ^<st Si t 


( 612 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

^»i?nS ^fis Ssfs 515 pt awta t 

cuSsn ^ inft *l»i in ? 
»»ltwt« ^ft lift *t^ fl? ? 
»»ltC<f3' ^ft =itl *ii fl' ? 

Iff* ?5in iClw •«» iM I 
«Tfti ?5iiw iflifi at» iio 1 

Trinifotmatioo Drill 

(a) To other type of Present Continuous. 

5ft ft »ft^ ifiB t 

( 613 ) 

Digitized Oy 


An Intensive Ctnttu 

« I «?C1t f^ ^^ ff^* ? 

sft nOTt af6 wtcgf I 
ft I w5^5TC^ ^^ fw ^Ci I 

* I ICTt ^^ft Its I 

♦ItWt ^^1 lU(X 1 

(b) To Interrogative 

i I oiSai S«f% wiftii I 

cuSst ®»f! ^fs^ CI sw T 
% i «S«ft '^^^ ft' I 

C»S8t» ^^ ft' en fiifroi I 

8 p »if»i nffm w I 

« I cs^sm w?^ wty.tei ft' wfi' I 

( 614 ) 


(c) To Negative 
4 1 (M^tin '^,'M f»^ I'd I 

8 1 *^ wi' f'w a""*' *"" " "''"''' ' 

ExpaotioD Drill 

( 615 ) —.Google 

An Intensine Ccntta 

a?pit 1^ ^ft 111 t 

» I iwi \fi •itis 1 


'~*, (b) To Interrogative 

"3 i 1 of^i ^t^ ^f?^ I 

3 ctSu Ssfe iifw CI «K« t 



cuSat* ^« fin CI f^fira r 

C5C^« C^l^wtsi ^H t 

C5t«re c>it«it»i "nsi CI c=ii« J 
( 614 ) 


(c) To Negative 

est*"! «»t<n5ltsi ^« iwKi I 

■jjfs Jitwit f* *^ lie ? 

< 615 ) 

An iMensivtCmit 
8 I »» J8I fra vffkl <(f«C5t I 

■it .afe« ia?t fta if f»^ "(f^csf i 
« ( wlat^ *«*i'33T c^wit^ ^R ffilw I 

» I (ji%3t ^s S»r« iiifir? (?i iitcs ? 

c«S^ ^fei ?tf^ S<s^ «?Tft^ ct ItK ? 


1. Fill in the blanks : 

W 6i»tw «iHf«(fa« fstr" I 

(1) "lesnMsre ctfk i 

(«i w^i*^ fs5i »<tt sn sitfti I 

(6) OT^st mfe Ssfe inft^ am J 

(5) c»*5i Safe aifi ^n ^^ ? 

(»i !Hf5i f5»in iflw »IH5 I 

(iij mSsm sts^ 95i5itefl aiBifti? PI ? 

(an. *tS" <ll*N?t^ ^wi llf^l I 

2. Construct the verb phrases following the given model 
and use them in sentences : 

Model ; "H- ( in Future ) +eiM-+ -Ji-m siOT I 

( 616 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 


Modcl: ^»1- (future) +silt- (future) + 1- -^»l5«tN( 




3. Change the petson of the ptonoun from 1st to 3rd and 

vice-versa : 

(*l) OT^ltl ^^^^ f^ ^llfsw I 

(1) ^^0 *\^W ft^ iflfil^ t 

W) SI* sitffw rtfttiW ^IT « ntfiH I 

(«) raf^t* ^isi^^tii fl» >itpi I 

(51 itfi «i*i3 ttfin wf'n I 

(S) C8W! r*^iI9 ^f« fllpH I 

4. Replace all the personal pronouns/nouns by ^^fl^ and 

z«^rite the above sentences. 


( 617 ) 

An tntensii^Comii 

5. Interchange the tense of the finite verb as per the given 
model : 

Model : c»?W^ ^ssi^p c!l\»l5i1>OT%5W «<W1<IJI crWtsi 

(*) ^S *«« ita »ltft<l I 

(1) s» WIS V^ SIIPI I 

(SI) ^l?Cff:3 Bt*f^ ^I^ SITC^ I 

(«) CStsIra ^^5t ft^ Srtfil^ I 

(5) "iifa »W»t iw wfsH I 
(*) «nn^»* *^ Brtct I 

6 Interchange the verbforms as pet the model given : 
Model : jft f* *fn nfirSI » >^ f» »fit IW t 
(*) uSra fi »ft WIS t 

(1) s^ ^fa ww't I 

(«) at f* ^1 it's ? 

(6) aVK^ «^^«I fr) fftCf I 

(«) r-w* •nfi ■»** I 

( 618 ) LlioilzodBjGoOgIC 

7. Frame questions in the given model : 
Model : CH^t «nf^ CT ^K ^ 

(I) ci^si^ amfSlti TO siiftn I 

(1) CSWH !»5>^I!t fw I 

(SI 'jfl ItliW I 
(6) "5? 1^* fafl I 

Grammatical Notes 

1. To express the present continuous there is another device. 

-(t)^ is added to the vetbstem and is follonred by the 
auxiliary »R^-+ aspect -¥« to which the personal suffixes 
are added. Such forms are semantic substitute for 
the construction vs.+ -^ + auxiliary «»T»^- + person 

Examples : 

"..-*' ",-^^-111 > »fti <(fe -^ *ft »iUt I 
a-t^ w^*5^-ji > fw "ifTO — ft vm I 

2. To express the sense of compulsion, -(?)1,is added to the 

( 619 ) L.a,-zc;A>oogle 

An Intensive Couth 

verbstem which is followed by the auxiliary siTt-; tensr 
aspect /personal marker, if any, is added to sitiv I 

example : 

iT-'{t)^ 2it'!j'i)>'«li sTtcf ► 

C^t-?5 9ll'51^-t<l,> <5a 811 (qJT t 

It has to be noted that these txpressions are impersonal; 
like the negative, these cxprcisions donot change for the 
person. The same forms occur for all persons : 



*^curry seasoned with alkali' 




'to draw" 






*Mauza, a division dcmarked for 

coUeaion of revenue* 



fBfifSsrt f?W4 

"medical science' 




'having not come* 

« 620 ) 


Unit VIII ! Lesson— 41 
Revised Lesson 

i 1 ^%ci sitfa lit^ "iW I fts, sis «iiWt» fill I ilfi >wpiin 

«1BI« »1=6^ C1t»™ 1 wtfil C'^' 'rJ'! "Hi 1 SI'S life f1f»? I 

fislnil Safe life CT*5W lis It W I ilfl %W "nil f 
•iifa '^sc^ Ti I ♦Mft C1W aiftw Ssfe snfisi I •ikN '^ 
b™ I iivn II <p I "jrls Jwfe 'ttf*"! I ^ift cvM.^ nB la 5|«ct 

o I c»iw fJisn c.!i cii*5i t 'sa'wt *i^a Safest « ? «^ f^ 

8 I «? 5«6t»t6i «f? I at <J5it Ste I fril* Sft 'OTlft I iufsa 

« I 1t^*CTm^w1^?Uli^"PP31Bl««t11?«"lWIC»*!W 
mif^9 f6f»4>ii faatiii^ ««b3 siai^at fe i 

♦ I *?t»i it itif|ii8M j«i^ wftB I ci^sw ^ wi' '"Wlj oA«nb>i 
ffl-n^^ *'« ^ill% ^s| »llf>R I CB%«M «1^T «5l5lSt^ ft^ 


( 621 ) 

An Intensive Couru 
f I wS«t^ Ssfa sitfi ii* 'Hi m ? 

Subititation Drill 

mfii stft •fftjsi «w 1 


1^, Its iTPitcf Pn I 

lift Ifts itfs 'nftm I 
•nfii <jCt3 Ji^tfs «nf*i I 
I* t^ts sfiii "tif*i I 

( 622 ) LlioilzodBjGoOgIC 

lift f»CT« Itl, C^C»!« CT 16PIK ? 

4 1 *nft cit^ "5tf^ %»fe ^lft»i I 
^ifli «w "stftw Saps ^ft>i 1 

11 '(fts"'.«tfi itpn I 

^I^ tiifiR ^rtt^ I 

( 623 ) Li,o,izodB,Google 

An Intensive Cmtrit 

»o I (J5H aji fnSwrti ijfl I 


ran PI? 6iScw«n »ifi I 

X I It «it¥ cit^rtww in I 

( 624 ) Diai.zodBjGoOgle 

cm* f^ CI fiftra f 

011* « P1 1*5 t 


•ntit't* *i c^ 1*? ? 


•nf* 6Hc*c«ic^ <mi ct ikw vi i 


iif^ cSf^w 1t^ c=? itcsc^ ^n ? 


«tft csfiin fHi c« ^icsf f"' r 

54 I C"%5t .afsStSIC^ "W tH 119 I 

^ irjsita <»t^ W It? I 

<l5t 5*11^1 yi •It? ira ) 
>» I 1^ c«iw wfici *sfe lift? ( 

{ 6?5 ) 

An fnteruive Cnrjt 

»f»t>l C11W atfttt *5fi! "Itft^ I 


»ftt»i cww 'sifw ^1^ "ttfei I 


■It 6R *fi^ ifttr' I 


1* f»i ?hn »ftaf I 

5>i "it i»%t fta "If ft^ iiftwf I 

>* i«<M on if ft^ "ifttB" I 

( 626 ) "^ 

t»S .a<R c«t tiffin iftw I 


»itt»i ii^ii ftsii=i 5«IB mfiH 1 

It ^wTt^tfi xn 1OT I 

^ C*5^ xn "Itf^W I 
( 627 ( 


An /nimsiM Cowji 


1* ^5i 5«=^st ft? «tpl? I 

"iNlsi? j^t ^a fi» SUCH I 

3? i«« st^iH •HSU* ^9 siiPw I 




B11 lift? CI UK ? 


611 >IW CI 1W5 » 
511 111^ CI C111W ? 

EzpflDiioD Drill 

> 1 ^^ «tft l^fel 111 1 

* I fti, «S« lilSilc* lii I ' 

fii, 1* 'sl» «ii6i^» fn I 
e I «tft •imii ifiw5 eiliB I 

^fil »WC»11C5 SWI111 ^^fivs citiw I 
S I nils 11 J1 I 

^i1i m^ n 51 1 
« I •lift c^niii siSci W« ilfti 1 

•lift c^tw «lftCT %ii^ %«f« ^Iftl I 

Doi i.Ooogle 
( 629 ) 

An Ititeium Cmm 

* I *^tt9 ifl^lft «(Tf^ I 

TfftS "flft ItSlCT .9^^ «nf5n I 
1 I CTlCTt 13nt CI c»5«l t 

fc" I «rt*nil »tlt»iCT ^fe^i w • 
■I* ca-ft? <nf S*w 5JIR fltfiH I 

M I on* f^ C=I PrfsH ? 

CM* c»3«ft ITS ftx c^ f=r^n ! 

»« I »it •!*«« )w c* "^ilin t 

wf ii*»™ f^m (in c« fifes » 

46 I C^»W S»fe snft »t«l TO T 

C^Ssli ^f« Vft ^f *t«l TO ? 

< 630 ) 


TnunfiWBUtioB Drill 

(a) To Negative 

i t s% <flffii^ ^^ flirts I 
o^w ^t?l^ ^" I 

ItfW Iff «tCff I 

f imi 1^ ^m4 1 


( 631 J 


An Intansm Count 

■SIS mfy instiwr' i 

(b) To Interrogative. 

OTSjsi^ SITO lit "HI I 
ch5«h wra ^ ^1 CH CT^4 ? 

*W*W 41lifl Ssf^^i I 

a«»«t »rtt»l S»fs^ CI Cil1C»tSl t 

i?iH»1 sfs pill I 

CTt» »W5 ftfl « ftprat T 

9^ gW^? flft CT ^ffW f 

'^ ^alt SiSPi c=i 5i ? 
IT ^t¥ CMIHlltlKfll ^ I 

■II 5it* «t!ii?WHt m^ cH in?™ ? 

wSst? '^^W fill I 
c»Sw? ^31 ft? w f^ftcn » 
cute ^>i»i«i»t»i ?« itlw I 


( 632 ) '' 

Unit VUl: Lesson— 42 

1to5 : «i?T 5151 CPrt^i ^i^c^i Bijoy ; Oa (the) 24th of next 

WISH »T^S^ lafliT a Jl month, our honourable 

•nfefl I ife^TPi'SW ^"^ Prime Minister shall 

*WTi« Ji»w f^il5 ^1»5ft be coming. In the field 

131 $? I 9t^ a*(l^^^n in front of (the) Secre- 

'5Ta«lf»i misi^fl C*^ tanate, a big public 

'S\n\ ^i\ ^T^!IE«« meeting shall be (held). 

^=5T N t There (the) Prime 

Minister shall give 

speech. Honourable 

Union Steel Minister 

Pattanayak also shall 

^ve lecture. 

^•^ : ^I^S.^tt^ ^TF^ cm "rt^lff ? Bipul : You will go there or 

^«9 : ^fk m^ ffuf^ff 1 ^5tgs ^13^ Bijoy ; We shall have to ga 

C*l§1sitH wit, 'ttft* 
wtH, -iiw f<J5f«( •n^ 

There shall be (held) a 
hand-work exhibition- I 
have made some baskets 

and (fishing) traps. (I) 
have also made a Japi, a 

fan and a (triangular) 

( <^33 ) 


An Intensive C»au 

'jf^a «ita 

silf^^T t 

fishing (trap) (I) shaU 

^(fMirt 5.^ 

J ^^^-51 

take these to the exibi- 


tion. You will ako 
come there. (You will 
listen to lecture. 

fa^?! : sill St?, s| ^U c^ratW' I Bipjl : No brotlier. I can't g 

' U^s\ : 

Bijoy : No. you will have to 
come anyhow. Elder- 
sisters hand- work's 
exhibition shall also be 
there. She has done fine 
embroidery (works) in 
handkership, pillow 
cover and bedsheet- 
(The) hand-work exbibitiOB 
of sevtral other cbil- 
dren of both of our 
schools shall be (held) 

f,«t* ^t^ ^stt^ ^fl (.^ Bipul : Your tzncle will also go 
C5iflI5 ? there or not t 

1^105 ; m^ ! C«§ *Pf6'V »i«vilif« Bijoy 
«9y ; cii« <;^t*t c^m 

(He) will go. He is in 
fact the Secretary of the 
party. He will have to 
be present at any cost 

( 634 ) 


1. Give short replies : 

(a) When shall the Prinie-Minister come ? 

(b) Where will he give lecture ? 

(c) Who will accompany him ? 

(d) Why will Bijoy go there ? 

(e) What has he made for the exhibition t 

(f) Will Bipul also go there ? 

(g^ What Bijoy's sister will exhibit ? 
<h) Who also will participate in the exhibition ? 
(i) Whether Bijoy's uncle will also go there ? 
(j) What is he ? 

2. Change into negative : 

in) «i^ 5^5' ^^^^ «i?'<*ri ^^ i 
(s) '^f^ 'sit^i «nr« ?iTr?iq I 

m V^ 'Sit*! ^tfl I 

3. Complete the transformation : 

( 635 ) DigitizedOyGOOglC 

An Imensii'e Cmm 

(it) 'jfH ^It^f wft'T >■ 

W lit <Si!»'^^ f** f^^ f^*' > 

(6) Wl'l^f^ -Sl^l t»1> 
(6) wna i^M^^^ ^tf'f^ > 

4. Fill m the blanks : 

(*i) fan, «l« wiSiJc* f^^ f 

(■9) ^i?OT?, cin'P f^« c^ U^r^ ? 

5. Change the following statements into questions using a 

qucstien word. The expridssion in underline is the k^ 
word in the answpt to the question. 

(») ifiM* Jifff<« CTtJitq ! 
f {%) «nfii c^ii^'T ^^m Safe ^f^it r 

( 636 } DigitizedOyGOOglC 

6. Say what every person shall be doing or where every 

person will be tomorrow/the day after tomorrow 7 Also 
u^e the expression given in the brackets : 

(1) #15, of M ftl'lt^ ,'.«^«|il X I (f*«M C^<H) 

(s) jfsi »^ « =IW ? (itlft) 

7. Write one sentence instead of two : 

- w) OT*5I, "H. a? fipiit 5tffl I snil 61>i I 

8. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words and join each 

pair of sentences into one as shown below : 

Model : iifs cmk ssifw 1 1^ ^ ®»fe!i>»nf5 cnw aiftw 

9. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate verb forms : 

< 637 ) 


An Inteniive Covtit 

(1) ijfi w;*'^ »f?3 •nf"tci f 

(1) <5t »«1»1 fiift (?I T 

Wi "iiif^ «^!«ww aii^« »sit «9 n — _ T 

(S) We? Sfi iff*' 3 ? 

(B) 1? Vlt 111 CT — — fS» «' sit I 

10. Write the numerals from 1 to 40 in Assamese words : 

11. Tick out the xnccrrect words/phrases. 

(f ) »1$ 'H ^^ / ^n swf'H^ I 

(S) 1513 rfs WNlciff / IlIlM I 

(s) •!? 'n 55 / <t» "(hisf I 

( 638 ) Diai.zodBjGoiOgle 

Unit IX : Lesson -43 

To Visit the Temple of Lord Jagannath 

^asi *iist : «liC*lIstiCil!*P *'< One Panda : Wherefrom have 
^?t ^^C5 1 ^T- you come ? (Have you 

tTWf 'Wt c*(f* ? come) from Bhubane- 

swat ? 

*l»f^*T : 55. «it Ji ^5CS^^^ Hazarika : Yes, wc have come 
*t^t «)TP!CSI* I from Bhubaneswar. 

•II Q1 : «nc*11iilWl^ »l^^tsi Panda ; Won't you go to (the) 

iilift^ C^ ? temple ? 

3t»N*T : Ji'l, ^1 I ifft Hazarika : Yes (we) shall go. 
135^ (i^i*i ?^«i We have come to pay 

wTlsig* 1 homage to (the) Lord. 

Itgi : ^iciHiCTi^?^ »1C*it Panda ; Do you have anything 

Sff f*^I tw^ffl to offer to (tha) Lord- 

?t»frvr : sRt, «n»n^ ft^t»i Hazanka ; No, We do not have 
■£19] ill? I 'n PI anything to offer. We 

af * C'5«i CR1 have come only to pay 

»s(1^ ^l^l^r I homage to (the) Locd. 

*tt!St : «iic*timc5Il?=? wlC=n Panda : Do you have any 

C^tll^1 11 ST «niS ? Panda ? 

( 639 ) DigitizedOyGOOglC 

An fntrnMnCouu 

rapBW in "HCT^cbw^ ^win fsw itnf > 
f.»ratpit»it"in i4 1 

»» I il» iw 1 

WWCTlet liitfl ill IIH I 

»iiif5 wiinsiw wtn kl »in» > 

SatwHtmion DritI 

»itnisit»n» wfml wife* ! 

atfii ^6*1 ftl itftt^f > 
•.tfi ^^^ "Ht llfes 

( 642 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

• I iTft »VB Wt»1 lllswf < 


1»ll3^ Weil 'Sff » f*^ fwt^ itcs t 

«> I iiiH Satfl JH^t iK 1 
•mm ?^ jCTt in* i 


< «43 ) 

An Imensitft Cmpw 

«imw 51'^ ^c^ '1? ' 

wiiiiaicwM mm cwiBt ^f iits t 

sisW^I c^lOTiioi =«* t 
css'«writ«t=iit ► 
Isra «iCT iiet ill? ^ 

S1C9 sKiwicat** att« Pw iiot' i 

sra iiciRtisW* ife^i ft^ 11CT ' 
(1) TOI "fltitinit** f« tlCT 1 

Its «tti?twic»r»» « titrf I 

( 644 ) Li,o,izodB,Google 


h) fits itiw Ji? cBiswmtt^w *'« <i4 1 
fire inn ^^ caWRW ^'s "(■a t 

His "^iiw <a^ wwcw =?'« <i4 1 

fis •Hurt Jitt^^ *'« 14 ? 


?W3 cBtstpitat 1^ ?c<i^ 81^ «<1t» 1 
W "HIS WtWPltIt iRiei ^pt^ ii^ Jilcf I 

( 645 ) "—..Google 

An tntmiiveCwv 

Traeiforaiiitioii Drilt 

(a) To Negative 

) I «ift sff^ w"B fiin wtftm' I 
«nf» a^ nwit e^tsi 1S1 11* I 

•IK1WPV*' »ic»i a?* ft'tn >«t»i 11* T 

1 1 wre c»t»it"iuit «Mtfl ^ci* jffl "IKS I 
wire c«T5i;!n»i iii!\ c'li iit sit i 

(b) Conjunctive, using infinitives, 

ci^iit' «f' »Tiii wtn ^pw« IT wfits I 

• I WIS its "UK I «re c^raipiiai xi i 
a I CJ8 *ifSi <jj1ti I'a I •int't iINh m I 

C39 »lpl BIIIW >lplH Sliltfl "JfltJl ll'll I 

1 646 ) na.zchAjOOglc 

In Assamtat 

Qaeation-RfltiKiaM Drill 

Sw— (<f»^6*) W, lift qri«i>l 1W I 

telwre*) ^ lift nfimbn ^n{4 I 

an- wra c»i»nst«i <i«J»i it* »itn « ? 

Sw— (»f5W5») w, "nts cwraipmn >i^ iff •ita i 

an— »tc» »i'itf8i» SIS iB^ fin CT « 

*w— (»fiwt5») »i, sit* n'^icSi* WHS int»r fitii 

®w— (?f3OT») R. •tl'i cs^ sftn Bwtn •tfltn l'«i i 
(c"if3^ts») mt, <M "Mfii *hn si^!n -j^^ =rt»i i 

Da I i.Oooale 

( 647 ) J S 

^n IntenMivt Cnrst 

Silt— 5t»ft?ti f»5 "J^ltn 5HW fistftcs » 

$«^ - 5WS»it ^^n 6«iei •iiitn inifl fislfiits i 

^Bf— aflCI fSplI 61't«1 1'1 I 

L Fill in the blanks : 

(») •d(i a?i B^iii itfep' I 

(1) "WW iflC»t =il* I 

(1) 1W5 caffstowt iit "nc» I 

(^) 5? JitiSi iict' I 

(€) 11$ ^6i ^f f — — f^f^CSl* I 

W «* Ijfei ftWIl ?t» I 

(5) ^twf^lt OT* BJlcqfei ^cl I 

(») «lt|il •l>w"W "Itfesf 

(») #l<11 615 tlC! I 

(<ffl) ^5t« "J^S ftBlftiS I 

2. Use the verbstems in the appropriate forms in the sente- 

nces in the model given below : 

Model : 5- : "Stft l^f Sfltfl •nftcsf I 
Verbstems : >fl-, «■, ^-, 6t-, 9^-, ft*-, ^-, C* ' 

3. Join the sentences in the model given in the lesson : 

(») cKis %vtfi ilfta ! cwna fei5 ^31 fin i 


(1) 51 iifn ^w-3 1 1? f5pm =15'4 I 
W CSS afefwC'i TO rsa fsciw 515 . 

(B) Slices 55*1* iPC^l I ^1C«1 gCauKcSl 51CS1 I 
4 Change into (a) negative and (b) interrogative : 
(^) C<5« k? 615t»I at »cs I 

(1, »n5i^«i <iwt=i »isi I 

(1) csm»i1si«l cffi'ti 'ta'tat I 

(s) mSsfc* sfls* Jifii St; "flNtfl i*« I 

(5) ■(15 ?it»i ii^ti «iiics I 

5. Use in sentences the following pairs of words : 

C»tsi : c*lcstfl ; c»c<55t : C*fe!W ; 

C»K='Wt : WCT ; r*1t : JIW ; 

CTfelMt : C^fe5t« ; >(? : TOI I 


*'^ *I^T 


If?^*t 5^8! 

'to pay a visit' 


"to give" 

pR •hmt" 

•(Ocan take' 

( 649 ; 


An Inlotiira Cw 




"simply, for no special 





'panda, a temple guide' 



fc^ il^^a 

'do not wony' 




'to keep' 






'into, inside' 


'shoes and socks' 


'in front of 


'place, room' 

Grammatical Notes 

1. Formation of infinitive is shown in this lesson. 

To form infinitive, the verbstcm is fiist infleaed f<tf 
future tense in the 3rd person and then -^ is added W 
it This formation remains same whether the finate verb 
is in the present, past or future tense, eg. : 

( 650 ) 


2. { *11^- [ is an auxiliary verbstcm, which is preceeded by 
the inflected form of the main verbsttm for the future 
tense 3rd person The auxiliary verbstem Ifl- is inflected 
for the appropriate tense and person, eg. : 


( 65J ) 

An Intensive Coutu 

Unit IX : Lesson — 44 
The Kamakhya Temple 

®3i5;'&i^ if-^a -'l.-'tSffi *T15T^ I On (the) west of Gaiihati, 

Slqi69t *li?m «*li5 statin (there) is Nilachal hill. (The) 

sit'R^ I wift^'ffl atJff^^a 'n^tffi Kamakhya temple is on tthe) 

»(«^'1TI ^C5 I itTiC^ *i*1^^ Nilachal hill. Now a days, 

sTT't?! I'Si^fl c«r»»tf5 5t? Pitf^. pucca- road has (been constructed) 

f5?i ( »»t a^*Tgc^ ci»a1» Nt to go tc the temple. Previously 

^^t-:^ ir»ff?i 1 tttf^cg iTfe^ pucca-road was not (there). 

f®««cs liiSt "fS »[& Ttfti ^na^ (People) had to go there walk- 

^*tsn t c^urs *»it ^t^f%5| I ing King Narakasur wanted 

«6.if6^ 5i:?T»tw B-MT f w^ 5tf to marry the Goddess. (The) 

^tfim I ^if^^i^ «(Tfl:^ ^^T? Goddess asked (him) to 

5ii» fwfsa I nf»:« ^wi? C>tfl^ construct a staircase over- 

f^51 ^Vi^ i!mt5i 1 night. Accordingly (the) 

king construacd. (The king) 

planted Champa trees on hotb 

the sides oE it. The cock cried 

betore the dawn. So (the) 

king could not marry (the) 


*li?ii*f'5iC? ^inT^jl stf^ -mfk Kalapahar destroyed (the) 

fiffsei J i(^i,wi5C«i ^1^ Mi^l Kamakhya temple. King Nan- 
'f'Stl ' naryan again reconstructed (i^. 

( 652 ) 

.y Google 

In Assamesd 

•nst^f f*^ ^^^5 ^WN^ Little above the hill (there) 
um* I sff^f^i ®a«Wt*1 '^"Ht^I is the Bhubaneswari temple. 
awjis I C*^5 sft^??i ^Tii^rf On the north of (the) temple, 
^at=r9ft 5T^^»i «il'5:^ I iff^^ is the great Brahamaputra. 
<t^iv? C«#!l flWiI ff'ii?! Union Ministers have come 
aiSt^W 'st'lS I C3GCs*itC? If^ to see (the) kamakhya (and 
gfei £ifaspf5 fffU I the) Bhubaneswari temple. The 

temple- management requests 
(the Ministers) to give Central 
aids. They have given assura- 
nce to give (Ctntral aids). 

Substitution Drill 

^ I ^fllpn *1l5m 'S'WS ^UMlT Jlf*W I 
^tBI 'Tl?!^^ «*W5 ^WH^ »l^ I 


( 653 ) 

An lntentiv€ Count 

»« I ism f*^ s^5 ?JC=™^ ll^f I 
*t151W ^ ^'T^ Stilton Hf^ I 

SpITO «5^5 ft"lt«l 311131 I 

itf I n^ii^fi *mt»in si's^PT 5T^«i iif?c5 1 
sSwa ijicsml 5f<ii< 6Ht»i iifscs ■ 

■lallW HWISi? llSrt 6i^«l STfscS I 

»» I ^^\ -•f^ivs c?al5 >ii«i?j f«t«i 15H11 ^l^n I 
( 656 ) —.Google 

Ezpaasioa Drill 

*l slii<?iUi*tfe<iH»ilftM I 

« I l?*Ki5 Wit ^fti ftS»l P 

* I C»sl5 s^JIWI »1ilt<IIt sm? Efin «nf5%I I 


( 657 ) DiailizodByGOOgle 

An Intenstvt Comu 

TrsosformatioQ Drill 

(a) To Interrogative 

^»ts (jrtl? ftat ^'t'b' ^fsfs»i (?ir* T 

'tfs' fss'ts JiSt iS^ilS Ills fiRtfl tiftn cift I 

* 1 C»a^ 'rt'lIT fii'^w «I^^1»f ^ftfw I 

C=«#5 1WV fiNtw l^l'W s^fi" <?'» » 

tbj To Negative- Intel rogative 

> I sfe^Jn in^Jei =n^i Jsis I 

i^i'b^ 115^51 m^t »tr sn^ «n» ? 


/« Atsamese 

OTftca iSt iS'iifS 5if« ft^Jn c»m ^r*i c^ ! 

4 1 ?isii»ii5i« *m«ii iM »t:« fill I 

*1iiiit5W ?iiti!«M 3if« fro iifei cif* • 

5 1 S^«»l ^Stsl'IHl IlM El^tl «<lfe! I 

k- ■ »fli» T^'-Uft C*Sl5 IKWI r«5t3 llfsU I 

■il'!« *^'i»s c»^a iiiisi fif«:" iM lit c«f* r 

te) To Affirmative 

c^^bI? imi fii«i»i «mt'!i ♦ftiP' ; 
(dj To Present Indefinite. 

< 659 ) D,s,.zodB,Google 

An Inteniive 'OWtt 


1. Fill in the blanks : 

(1) ^»I? CTift* fiRll — — 111IC1 I 

W) 1^*51 »Hlt»IJI 5SCSK^1 •Itfef 

(«) W^S "Will "IStTO *f'CS I 

2. Change the tense of the finate verb into past : 

(1) wl* cf^t* fi9t *^l3t«i ^fa« 1 

( 660 > 

Digitized Oy 


In Assamese 

(1) 115151 fmbn "WW ^%» I 
W) mfJi <iia?s i|.^ I 
(«) ^fs ftpisl etiti steKim 13 ? 
3. Choose the correct combinations. Arrange in correct order 
Col. A CoL B 

SR?1^ 1^Bl[^fS?1 f6CT«t 5t^ 

«iS ^r«5i <(f^cs BH ffi^ 

4, Replace the subject by the correct form of the word given 

in the parenthesis. Make change wherever necessary. 

(») mSsm !isi..!t M Jiifm 1 (s», fflwlJnS) 
(1) Wjft 1*1511 »^ »? !iiN ('5t», |fi) 

{€1 Cf^'51? Pill? Btlif ??r51 H1^ II? I (s?, ^1) 
(6) wft C»fS!1 VI ? (Wllft. fl) 

(«) >it »^*i*l ifN nfirai' I (w?, -011 

5. Change into negative : 

(») »iifi itiTO n ji I 

( £61 ) Dis,.zodB,Google 

An tnumiw Coiau 

(1) <5t ^511 I^U \ 

(5) c5« CI'* *^ »iiri3 1 

(•) sSf» »?'»wl c»iil5 >n5m ftsti "i^CTW *f<S" i 

6. Change into interrogative : 

(1) ^»t^ crtt » fi?i »»«tii ^frfsi I 

W ^tflTCSlW »f=li< Wfs fetW P 

(B) C«SP1t« 35* f«l ft^l I'CS I 

7. Add the words/phtases given on the right at the appro- 
pilate place in the sentence : 

(1) wi "WiWniCT fn f=l<11 iftSF I 

( 662 ) 


/k Assamtu 



'Gauhati city' 


'on the W36t' 


'name of the ViiU, where the 

Kamakhya tempk h located 




*now a days' 


*to go' 


'temple' ' 


'pucca road' ; 


'by walk' 

^«t ^•t^^ 

'king Narakasur, who was the 

son of the Baraha incarnation 

cf Bishu. 





f^at ^*i^t*i 

*to marry' 

^tfli ftf^tei 

'to construct' 




tock, hen' 


'cry of a cock' 


'An atheist who destroyed 

several Hindu temples 

including the Kamakhya 


( 663 ) 


An /ntcuttx Cmnt 






'River Brahnapiitra' 





'^:5 'requests' 

Cultural Note 

1. »lilfCl ! The temple of the mother goddess Kamafchya is 
situated on the Nilachal Hill about 9 kms. away 
from the city of Gauhati. 

As per the legend in the Mahahharata, king 
Daikkha, the father-in-law of Lord Sbiva 
celebrated a 'Jagya . Having uodermined Shiva, 
the king did not invite him. His daughter Sati' 
without being invited came to the athers house 
where she herself heard how her husband Shiva 
had been defamed amidst the other gods present. 
So she herself succumbed to death. Then her 
husband became half-mad and having carried 
her dead body on his shoulder he started roam- 
ing around the world until the diffient parts 
of her body got dissipated. The goddess's sei- 
organ fell down at Nilachal and the temple of 
Kamakhya has been built. Kdmakhya is one of 
the famous 'Shakti Pitha*, a centre of sacrifice, 

( 664 ) D,9rz.l,».jOO^ie 

Even now animals and birds arc sacrifictd at 
Kamakhya In the month of June, a gceeat lair 
is held at Kamakhya, known as Ambubashi 

In the 16th century A.D. a popular king, named 
Naranarayan, ruled in the Koclibeher. the western 
part of ancient Kamrup. now North-Bengal. He 
was a very learned king and he patronized a 
number of famous Assamese poets including 
'Sankardeva*. He once invaded the kingdom of 
Ahom and conquered some part of it. The re- 
consturuaion of the temple of Kamakhya is one 
of bis gieat achievements. It is also said ^t 
king Naranarayan used gold while constructing 
the temple. 

Digitized OyGOOgle 

( 665 ) 

An Intensive C«uf» 

Unit IX : Lesson— 45 
An Ex-trainee Meets Mr. Hazarika 

! EH, Wlcmiltpn* Sri Jena : Sir, did you go 
*Rfe *^flt^ bifgsi somewiiere the day 

C^f* ? before yesterday ? 

ft: «»f«t : ■mt, »ltfl S? »1- Mr. Hazarika : Yes. we went to 


fsn I lift c««^ 

^tJI|*1W^Slfiffg9f I 

Puri to pay homage to 
Lord Jagannath. One 
friend of mine is also 
there at Puri. He invired 
us to see his house We 
went to his house Ht 
gave us to eat (He) gave 
(us) all facilities to stay 
at night. 

8 CBt : 3«"Ht ftft^tt Sri Jena : Did you return 

^sfsi c*( ? therefrom that very 


ft; fS9^m : 111. fl'»=lt C35 Mr Hazarika ; No. He did 

fipi I fK=ISI W3 

not allow us to reium 
that day. Rather (he) 
took us to see film. 
(VVi) saw our Principal 

( 666 ) 


In Assamest 

?tfl flew' 1 1', ^'si r» al'o in the hall. Yes, 

^1^C*t Itf^eir ? why did you come here ? 

fli OT^ : »IIC1I=1W =T1 Itatl Sri Jena : I came to meet 

Itfe^lf I C55 it^l? you. The Head-master 

■5^4 fgCsl^ f*f3^<1 asked me to fetch one 

t«Cl| ith ifssn syllabus We have 

'fls*!^ *Ht g"B «(tT^ decided to start class 

»fi?t«l fit ^'^m I from the 1st of Sraran. 

*1S* SI3 »ra> (We) have decided to 

ftff^ Jl^^ lgfI3 take the interview of 

•11*e.»H 'i'Ha Uk\X the willing students at 

»f^t«l' I 11-OU (A.M.) that day. 

Sjil4-up Uiill 

tlf«CTf I 

Ji^l, itfi a? aiiiiM* cist <fft.ij«i<5flj5i biftwt i 

^4>5 CTw ^ Jimm lies I 

( 667 ) 

An IntennM Cuait 

05^ ^W^ <(1^^ Wl*! 1 

aww Wiiatt «srsa 3 r 

ftwst Btati ftw I 
ftfiw ftcitt Bl^^fl fiPI I 


( 668 ) * 

si5i •Dab" wtrscm I 

wifs fS» »fttsf I 

•mi if?ii -i;«=i' »ni sl6 «ii^ »ft?t»i ft? ^Piw' 
l»^» sta St JR ^«i «t5 •itfUTti swbi fiffi 


An Intenltvt CoWM 
Substitution Drill 


«l1C«IHItCSlt» filfihlt *«ltfl bl!*1 C=lf* ? 

^ I If) itP Bf siswf prat ^ft^t« hfipit' I 

«itf» a? T^* prat ^fiitfl tiiipit" I 
W itfn «5 amm^* prat ^ft^ti iifem' i 

itfi a? »^9i«iT 5t«tfl iifeat" I 
« I if) ai list* c««^ ^ 6f<t»i itfsf^si I 

C«4 list? C<!«1 w st^Jsi ilfsfti I 


csi itst* c»«^ <« 6t«^ i»lw I 

( 670 ) 

(«) CSS itit* rasi ^ 5t^«i >iiW!fl I 

C^s^ "til* C5«^ ^^ 1t^ i^fsf^si I 
S I C5S IBt* <inis| ft SI I 

C59 ^St» ^stfl filfSI I 


C^ ^W* tln^ t^41 ( 

ess iwt? ?^ftabi ftfpi I 

C I ftfiW 05« ItlW «(lft?t»l f=iftw I 
flfint CM Jllst* ItS^fl fs|fi(C!l I 

pifiiat c«s iw» inf^Mlfl fiVcil I 
fifMt C5« list* '^ia 1%'ifC« I 

Iflflill CB-S 1111? ifestfl ftftta I 

» I w; f>if>isn iwt» r6t=nn B,!it!i fsm i 
^1! f>iriRi iw? w/'nta fiiC^ I 


( 671 ) 

An Inienttt'r Cagn 

few «»f5 iisiw ctS«ic»i afxiifl iicnf I 
fes(!it esra iWrt ^5tt»t wf^^tsi •iic»n' i 


Bi« ii nt^Jsi iifspif I 

Da I i.Oooale 

( 672 ) S 


IIS «ii?to'1< »w sts ift? ^fi^fl ft? »f<tr' I 

^ft at591^^ *t^ Jfl5 ff|^«1 ft* ^ftc5l* I 
"^tSl »I«!5lfl1 1« SIS Jwifl ftft; «ftc«t" I 

Trfloiform from AfnrtnatiTe to NegflCiTe 

5 1 iifi af aniafit* cw »ftiil»i tifeit' i 
•nft »f aiiiw* pnt ?ft^«i (Stat iifem' i 

(3« wtin ^w iw snfii I 
o I (.ti iisit? <l1ilt«l f»f«»i I 

8 I rilH«ll IPlt^ ftcHVl Bt^'^ ^W ( 

ftflRt ^^rt^ flwif 5t^ ftf^lOT I 

( 673 ) 



atft ii!3it»i blteffl" I 

Transfonn into IntetrofEative 

U: 51afl»1 1*1 etntn tifsa CTf? T 

ra« 5Wf«*iJ5? "Wt5i Srfw pf* 7 

ftftlt felTt Wi^l f*t»l I 
flftsit fK=iS|t m'^ Sen CTf» ? 

( 674 ) L,„o,6,Google 

Fomultion of interroiatiTe by repUcin^ 
phrfiie / words by qnestioa wordl 

» I 5i»ft»ijs •SUM? cist *ft'i«i "Jfttn bifsi I 
»niR»i?5 f» ?mi "j^isi tifCT ? 


« 1 '^•cs iswf^^'Ss* «fift?^^ fffti ( 

ilf Jja 5t»ft»tf s» ft «ftf»l » 

81 cs5 ftM ftc^it s«i»i ftci I 
ft »fw»i > 


( 673 ) '' 

An Inumive Cmesi 


Quetdon-Reaponie Drill 

as- swft'fe c»f55t hrw ? 

&S1— 5Hrft*l53 •lift <i>fii»i M«=i 1 
an— ««ft^l5 »«f5 <j*(5'i f*? iifP" ' 

as — OTswtc* "Jjfts 11* r» ^ftw ! 

®51— C««OTIC* *iit^ ^^^ ^ttlffl 51:^1 «ll¥ Jl?=' ^ 

Sa« - 55, ^s^i ^s cstow Ufa irt^fi I 

I. Join the two sentences into one by using infinitive : 

( 676 ) L>o,,zoaB,Google 

(SI rasiHE^ (Til? Slfsci =lt fstlll EH I 

2. Substitute the underlined words by the appropriate forms 
of the words given in the brackets : 

if) os« WW* Bt'faita ftftcfl I («. •HI, IIPw, llw) 
(1) Itft ^^1 Wa^ltll" I <f*ft^, "ItN, »w. fi«) 

W a»f(^ >w« ?W»i fl5 1 (wi^, 15, ^a fBH^rt, fociHt st-) 

3. Change the finite verbs to give opposite sense ; 

»i "itft Sff (?131 »fi«J»i t51%ilf I 
(1) «»?tt ««!» itf^^Ja filfea I 
(^) ^^* ^lf« tlfe^tfl ^W ' 

16) C«4c»t» •ltr» SsfSil I 

H) 15ISS WW «ll(Wt»t «(«l^5»l ItPrf I 

4. Fill in the blanlis : 

(11 itsii mt jri6 ins *fi?Sii "jftcsf I 


( 677 ) ° 

An Intensive Cimii 

(1) mi WW? inw:*! - — iKlf I 

5. Change tense of the finate verb into present : 

(*) itft «5» CT51 ^f^abl ^*lt»l tlftllf I 
(«l) [59 «nst=f (38^ 51 bHt«T llfsSi I 

(1) (554 imtT inii fiifti I 

W C54 1PW fellt 61^1 fiw I 

(5) (js4 »iim* itfwtn ftfei I 


CRl ^ ^qt*t 

'to pay homage 

51^ i^ 

'to see' 


'to eat" 




on that very day' 

«3lft^^^ fs^fflW 

"did not allow to come' 





fbWHl 51 




WfWOT *ttl?lf 

'could see' 

ft 'ft^CT 



'to meet' 

( 678 ) 


In Assamese 




'the 4th month according to 

Indian Calender' 




'that day' 





Grammatical Notes 

L Use of infinitives with finate verbs in the past tense is 
shown here Whether the finite verb is in the present 
tense or puit, theie is no change in the infinitive forma- 
tion. The formation of the infinitive is governed by the 
rules noted at the end of the Lesson 43. 

2. The distinction between the use of verb-root 5'- and W^- 
to be noted. 5t- is used to mean the "act of seeing with 
intention", W^- elsewhere 

1? C3fHC^^«i tTOTT' I looked at the moon' 

Si? WWtSt fiifNplI ..'I saw the moon' 

51C^nfwi^^f? 5lC«l 'Sir examined the answer 


3. -^ is added to f^ to mean 'on the day', eg : 

W^'tt 'on that day' 

Digitized OyGOOQiC 

( 679 ; ' ' 6 

An Inunaim Cemu 

ftftll ; 'on which day* 

if5 fifit^ Tifijt - 'on the 10th day' 

4. '{'ft'it is added to mark emphasis. In some cases simple -I ii 
added to. eg. : 

^n+'iill : ^Pl? 
C^51 + ■% : (S^^ 

Digitized OyGOOQie 

( 6«0 ) ^ 

In AtsanuM 

Unit IX : Lesson— 46 
Mr. Hazarika's Proposed Assam Tour 

ft 5l»f^ 

: ^5t in?3 «it'ji «mii 

'lift fn5*rii^c?t 

cniiiini^=T ^^ I «^ 
f'l^'ti ^tH^ ic«4- 

OTT^T «5^^ ^fw- 
fiwtW «lt¥ liWH 
«tlft W« fg^l^ 

^f^^i wmisi I 

Mr. Hazarika : Wc shall go to 
Bee Assam nest month. 
Assam is very good to 
spend the summer vaca- 
tion. There are many 
places to see. We shall 
go to Sibsagar also Minu 
ctc's uncle's house is 
there He will corac to 
take us (there) next 
week. (The) Kazirangi 
is (located) near their 
house. There is another 
small forest on the other 
side of kaziranga. We 
will enter there to hunt. 
We will be able to see 
innumerable animals 
in the forest. 

%ro «^ : mm 9i'^wt5i^. Mrs. Gupta ; Our children are 
im «Wt «ttf?«1 also getting ready to 

ilt^ ^ft^OT wi«cs I tour in coming Ashin 

^l^ c*ltc^t «5iH^«i month. They have appro- 

( 631 ) 


An ftiteruiiwCoiirJi 

ffics I n^ ^W« l^ ached me also. I have 

t^Si* I told them that I wont 


% 5t»ft*l : «it*|1=r f» ^t'CI Mr. Hazarika : Why did you 
=[t^'5 1^ ^*i ? tell that you won't go ? 

ftcw ^^ : (?IW ■stt aier =i?5 I Mrs. Gupta : I am not physica- 

!5t-s*w ?it5*t lly well. Doctor has 

spppR^fl t'CS t advised me not to movfc 

^^ t*Ri*I ei^ Radier (he) advised me 

•rM i^ I to take rest 

Build np Drill 

> I n\m 

^^ m«3 wtf^ ^^ Bi^^ m^ 

8" ^ » 

( 682 ) DigitizedOyGoOgle 

In Asstoru34 

W5 fistic CTiiiniH 'w I 

C59 «ltilW ff^i^ 1tft« 1 

ra-scwt^' aits »ifoif«t I 
•iifa c"iniw ( 


•WW ^wa «Mt=l "HI I 

( 683 ) ^ 

Am IntennvtCtwM 

•ii<lfii ff »«ci TOi'4 ifn *t»i t 
ks I t^c; I 

sfsw »_«t6»t =i»ma^ t*» I 
is I l«51 fiw-f («« I 

ftrffi 51^.1 •Ht'rt fes I 
515^^ f»<pl M^ •«w4 lilts I 

Eabstilation Drill 

» I l») "151 153 »llft 1^ Bt'tl 1W I 


«I5I ^^SS «itPl «W< 61^ 1t!I I 

"sr piw«iCT ^^ "TO 6taJn lis I 

( 684 ) L>o,,zoaB,GoOgle 

/n Assamett 

«5t !rl?s! «tf« "b™ 61^ •lifts I 
* I lis 5« SfSt^Jsl lIBIil ^ «|J1 I 

'HI ^ *6m »tf(?l 1111|<l=t !1^ SW I 

o I mi 5nt«T mi ^ 1W I 
«w itf'wb" «?i5 ill «iic5 1 

8 I C«« It"!* fJni»l 5lftn I 

CS«' 1111* li'tq lift? I 

C5« Hilt* i^tsi iitfi^ I 

, „„ . DigitizedOyGOOglC 

An Immsivt Cmau 

1 1 siPra «nwi «1»»8 otWi im i 
rf*» vi«i "fms ct1»i^i itfl I 

tifts «ni!«ii shw? i3rr>Rt5i Tft 

I'll cr5l^?c<5t sitw^ «'« 'J^'^ti <mtl« I 

» I f>itra (Stw s»it?t« if'fis I 
Wra citc»l «i=i5=i t«is I 

( 636 ) L,,,zo«.,Google 

/tt Assamtst 

PitCS OTW ?'=I?«I i*t5 I 

»? fna ?r5i b»csf i 

"titfii ft TWci =(m« iSi i«« f 

( 687 ) 


An Intenavt Cowii 

Tranifonnatioo Drill 

(a) To Interrogative 

* I c3« "mw Piatn iif« I 

C^ ^PII» ft%I ^fe CTf^ t 

■IS lis f6*W »S^ CTWB « ? 
8 I Mfe «BK«H #uwi Offia^ nn 1 

ft 1 il*H »^TO*t =Wft^ t*Ci I 

5wc» f^^s^ =wft^ t»of erf* » 

(b) To Negative: 

J 1 wn JiWa ^ «PB Buifi TO I 
^v. »l*i «tf% mn BWi" TTs I 

( 688 ) Li,o,izodB,Google 

* I cswnt* 1MI* Uilf "nfw i 

8 I »in;iT »"tj»? mf^iijs! im i 
c«fs jnj»8 wOnti iiilt4 1 

»i'w«nirflSs »^^<ti stint vi I 

» I pitcs otn*i «w«?»i iftcs I 
fttra cmc*i «flfltsi w =nt i 

V I 'siwCT "p^TOft i^fwifl bus I 

S^^C^ ^^tl5»T ST^I^flt*! c»iat sn* ) 
QiMstioa.Respoiise Drill 

a« — cs^ci* f« w'lsb' in ? 

««- "("(""H f»« »WI «tfl ! 
*«1— IWIi >»?«^ "W"!"!!! ^ »)«| I 


( 689 ) 

An InUnxnt Cvam 

av— "SI'S 6«ti il? SIS CI ? 

S«— ^55f (?iwra» ISl >119tS« suPs' I 

■as— C5« cf!?^ >itft^ J 

a« — c! &>n* »iJia^ c»ti c*w i'»i»i mi t 

««— snliwsis c^imm f* f* «fwS»i it? j 

%«^— iJtfe'BtS OSPltC* "Pltll *!»? (sfwia •in I 
■2W— itlj^ f* jfll t*ot t 

■!BI - S1^E< f* 'Wtil< fes J 

*«— isiiffw f»«ft twiji •nm fins f 
®«i— wa>ci ^_iiCTt wft<t«i 5*a i 


( 690 ) " 

In Assamese 

L Fill in the blanks : 

(1) ittfi f* »mi ^ t»H ? 

(1) csi^ It afi I 

W TO ftl^fl •wsm' fes 1 

(«) SWn ?^1t5»I 1*f^t»I I 

2. Split each of the following sentences into two : 

W "WWlia "lift •m 6Bt»i m 1 
(1) curtlTOf slsti* fiitfl llft^ I 
(1) tt "Stn Wfl ?a <li^ •ttft I 

(8) ^ilweis a?s »1a»"j CTf«i«i in 

3. Change the finate verbs of the following sentences into 
present and past tense : 

(?) 151 ^TO im Bt^i HIS I 

(1) Tifiiwra fNm *ft^ piwi I 

W <5ra C5W1CT1C* SI5S as oiPi^ it«t I 

(sj »? siBi sw ^ra "11^ lift 1 

4. Ftame questions from the folbwing statements by using : 

W »t»ft*tSs cinnH <jfi wl»i bifw I 

( 691 ) 


W ^^ C*f55t« fK^m 5t^ inW I 

111 »wtt 'sl^ »l»i '^^ ms 

(«) ft^t? 515 <^^ «jftc5 1 

(5) ^t *ife=itn iit5i ^i^flfl I 

(w) ^e* cwl ^^51^ »i[^3 OTii!^ I 

5, Complete the tnmsfonnatioa following the model and 
use the fcsultant forms in sentences : 


Bt- >B1^ 

9^ , 

C=t ..'. 






6. Check whether correct or incorrect and correct the inoJ- 
nect ones : 

W (?mtC9C» #l5ts» fi^si SIR? I 
(1) <^5l5 inta «i;lB I 

(«) (3«C5n* «ilf» sra ««f^?t»l fiBlftt! I 
«**l*t1w 'in the next month* 

( 692 ) S 



'summer vacation' 


'one's mother's brother' 

«I5t 1^53 

'in the next week' 


'Kaziranga, the animal-bitds 

sanctuary, in Assam' 


'to hunt' 








'to roam, to tour' 


'has fca^me ready* 








Grammatical Notes 

1. Here infinitives are introduced in sentences, wlierc the 
finite verbs are in future. The change of tense of the 
finite verb does not atfect the infinitive formation in 
the sentences. 

2. Temporal words 115, ^^ and ftst take •'(S in the locative, 
whereas ^t and ^tftf take -J) only. Other temporal words 
viz : *^, sifRit. «nc^f*i, *ifeit, f*ra1^, 1^, ^h ^tK 'tf* 
^VifWi do not take any suffix in the lacative; eg, : 

( 693 ) 


An f ntffnjiw Cpvm 




3. The distinction between ^i't?\ t*ei and ^1 ^'ft ^*n is to 
be noted. The former requires an actor (subject) aad an 
undergoer ( •object) as in C^ O^ ^bl t^Vi. t The 
later requires only an actor or subject but no undcigoes 
as in C8^ (?1T? Vn ^^«tn5 The verb phrase (-^»?fi) 
before the finate verb consists of the veibform for the 
futuretenst (ist person )+^^, Fhis verb phrase can't be 
replaced by infinitives. 

( 694 ) 

.y Google 

/h Assame$e 


Revijed Lesson / 

»ltC1t1tcsit» »'^ -w siftcs ? WCIIItWt* !lfri»i»l srt>lt« CT » 

ft^ i»ft« I itciRtCTw If ft *fatt»i bifsi w% J 'sn ifi 

I'fi ^c=i-«< »ifi 5iif?cr' I lift »? ' »f"H satflCT •iifttr'i 
^fii c*55i OTji esRjjiR infest" I ira «tnmcflw» 
f«a^ fiia itcf r I "iifii immst* put v'k^ Iflii tifeif i 
"itft cs4f 5f5»i iifeif I Ik=(»t5»ra wwm »n!^c« wfifjsi 
ittai' itcitii* si| •tt^Jd wtfesif I mfs jrts 5i5t»i fS* 
*l^Kf I «i5i tarn wfi •!>« 5t«t»i 115 I itfii fiwiftit^t 
1M I Itfa «t5 f6?w iflf at" Pinm J «f^« smwi Jtsai? 
cfW' IS . 

•iiii=nc»it«i »'Hi f^ai ftajfl "lies ! «i!iif iww Jit»i 

flWtsilwuf mtiit [wtiiw "itat Its I »i 5H cnw wtal 
m* I »mra c«siCT»t lajfl 1 c<(« il» »itc« i «!» csn f$ 
•aw lies csa ^w* C5«f "if 6Wj«i mfelpi i ca4 "im* 

Biat«i fJiCT I c»«si*c< fScsiais f-ia^fl S»[s I iifm =ra »6ift»i 
•mitu « sia I ms bhJ«i ass it? »itH I Ststaf CTlitaw 
^1t* ftaifl ilfta I 

( 695 ) 


SutotUution Drill 

i I «Ittil St^ Mil ill^t^ stfecs' I 

(»c<ra a^ w-n siiJsi "is'S ' 

si»f^»t af 1 111=1 ?ii»i cifti I 


fepmtws «nw •oofW 11 •HP"' I 


flWill?^ CSlilCII*'! 1i(I^»t c'lcn' I 

« I «1RS ^S tftW? CUft^tfl IIS I 

j.ife ii5« «"t»»ia wfwifl "Hit I 

< I IMS catstcmtit 1^1 wi ii? IIS I 

tils Cfft^stOTtaft Hf'R^ ^5« ^ ^ns I 


( 696 ) ■^ 

/n AjsatiUM 


ftl»1t C»8 'stTt* Itl^fl f=l'»OT I 

l^stt 05« aifin^ ira^ i^cei I 
fflftii a-a wtiw 111^ >« I 

f I itfs c»ia cisi air'bi 'flficB I 


( 697 ) ° 

An /wMniii'tf Catru 

ftira i,»5»i pur »ft^ bi^s i 
■1C5 iwmtwt** ?f=n?ti Pn iiw' I 



Wlf"! 1515 f5?H »f«t!1 <l|il 1 

•Hfii *ft(?i rs»« *f^^^ ^^^ I, 
wtft *lft?i fNl^ *fi?i»i «>ii>i I 


Al Aasameu 

»* 1 lift !fl5 asitfl ft» »tat' I 
lift Jt6 »f<nt«l Hi «ftW' I 

5« I Ksst^CT lipids f^Jsi i*ts I 
Pwc* fSpisic pRifl J»os I 
ft^T fk»nilB ilPnii! bus I 
fi-w-ii fkflire •rri'Jsi i*S5> i 

Trflmfomiftioa Crill 

(a) Change to past 

» 1 Tpi an M>H 5^i«i mfrsf i 
lift a^ wi^ f^Jn iit8t»if I 

» I lift c»w OTJt ^w^rK "nfeff I 
^ft cwi pret »5il«i»iK it'spif I 

( 699 ) 


An Intensive CotaM 

8 1 lift apiram* csi^t^f'^^ <t(li:n'iifc»i1* 1 

illii S16 win ft* ^t^Swf I 
, . Ills wa iww *ftiii5i eitsiIWi?)!' I 

. im^ (mjfl >a»i itfti i 

J.J . •n5i«c»t«tOT»ii'^i«ti|csi 
- ■ ■ vm cnKvm-t'Uti Sis' iiifssi i 

i5 W8 »I1S1» OT'91 ^ SHtrfiilfefil I 

»» I cii «imi» "ftifei fife »i I 

■ Vm ) L>o,,zoaB,Google 

vir (jitstw^ •fim* ftiibn iifiii I 
, . . ciwira* "nil* ft!it»r ^to i 
•■'(b) To Negative 
5 I im^s »5ntn iiH^ii ?^ iw I 

llsiiRj ^«i«l spn<H « SW ^55 I 

.«ra Bwi" PftPrt ii* It? I 

«i " c*ratc>it»f"'Rt?i ^ct€ it* •Hill 
wiaitittt 1^1 «ww ^? 11* I 

- »itfii3n6iiii5*l5**iriffl-i 
« r ~ ss^ irai* fEtw m'i'\ fipi i 

«s •mi* fSRII 8t?t»l lilPlW I 
(c) Subject-object Transposition: 
» I • 'aitfs «i(l»* o(pn^ •ItC'lf 1 
«WW? IHt* CtPR^ ItOT I 

( 701 ) 


An IntmnvtCumit 

C54 1W* «t?tffi fwM 1 
wf^ (-.vs^* f'^ ftfRsn I 

^im CTtsiH* *tat» fii^ iift^ I 

Itfi ItPIHt* 11 1 tilt" iifiwf I 
sH^fil ailst^ sill •Itltfl Itfiffl I 

■us »itc»tt=iiw** fws^bi fs' 1lW I 
•itcitiittiicT est* f»w^ fiR iw I 

Question-Responie Drill 

Sia - ratiOT^si af^ ifWi w^ '^'if< iif^ ' 

4H(— C!W1I*!W C»tt!IWI itat WtlS (3 1 
S^— =11^. (J5t<fS1i»ifl^ c^fist Its! II* I 

( 702 ; 1. . .Ooogle 

an— SM? «5^5 C»t5tHt»l «tilist ilt "IK 13 t 

««— C54 «l»ftf '!«» f*5 Jitfsfpi t 
^^— i;^!i^ »6|!ijji ifm ^ si»i I 


( 703 ) " 

An Intensiva Coaru 

Unit IX : Lesson— 48 
Test Lesion : River Brahmaputra 

f|*tt : 'ft^, «^ 3^^ai^ ^TI i5f^s Rina : Rita, have you heard 
CH T of Rivet Brahmaputra ? 

fW : C^^ «=it^ "5^. C^fit5t§ Rita : Net only (I have) 

g^l3 a^ aw, iRT=tr l heard, (but) also seen. 

CTt?1 Itt^TS «tf^ "Rft^lS^ Brahmaputra is not 

fffi? Ft^tffl ^«lf*C9ir I a female river, (but) 

a male river. Wc 

went to see Sataighat 

bridge in last i^on 


^*1t : "Wt^ie^ Jf?"? f^ ai' 7 


Rina ; What is Saraijihat 
bridge v 

: The name of the 
bridge on the Brahma- 
putra is Saraighat. Now 
{Govt.) have made 
arrangements to cm- 
struct another bridge 
over Brahmaputra in 
between Silghat-Bbomo- 
raguri. The Prime 
Minister has laid down 

( 704 ) 


In Assamest 

^'^ 'HT'sIh t«ifw I the fjundation stone 

the other day. The name 
cf the bridge is Kalia- 
bhom^ra- In ancient 
days Kaliabhomora 
Barphukan took the 
plan of constructing a 
bridge over there. 

^>tt : a^'i^5 It* C^^^^CT Rina : And few more bridges 
are necessary over 
Brahmapucxa. The Bra- 
hmaputra has divided 
the Assam into two 
pieces from East to 
West. The Brahma- 
putra, as if, is not a liver 
but a floating sea. 

jRc^ ^sTi ^f^re I g^-ja 

its*ifi?i ftpitc^ Its ff^- 

^f^^JCa Iff <T^* »llf»^41 

; Yes. The appearance of 
the Brahmaputra is 
ferocious in the rainy 
season. People cant 
cross the river by boat. 
Only (the) fishermen 
ply boat in the chest 
of the Brahmaputra to 
catch fish. (The) CSovt. 
have started running 

( 705 ) 


An tniensive CmH 

ferry (services) con- 
necting (the) two banks 
of the Brahmaputra. 
(The) (3ove shall take 
step to build more nu- 
mber of bridges in 

L Gove short answers : 

If) *fsH a^OT f>n ofsiH CT t 

(1) ■ni»5'6 f» r 

(«) »t«WICS1PIHtl f* »RU»1 » 
(B) 3^S« «II» «fl; Slid c^ ? 

(») a^s i(#t >ni!H c»ii fH^sifii i« bis ? 
(•) Hiftm a%^w m c»H ? 

(») ^m a^!T35 (?PR 1t5 6511? » 
2. Tick out the correct answers : 
(») a^i^S f» » (^, m. wm) 

( n» ) L,o,..A>oogie 

W asttsil S1ST <»« #iC5 '5»ti 53t5|, <ja-if%s srn) 
(«) aw^m 5rai«ii^» 5WI f* 5C1 ? Cil4 cf <l i6<) 

3. Substitute the underlined words by the words in the 

brackets and maintain correctness : 

(?) •rt»iiiiit»rl« sfHi^^i irw ci ? (c"»c<ra, ?fii, «t) 

(f) itiit^n Btcii c»twHi itai 11W ! (c«BH, cswn, ti^) 

p) ywfai^ Jiw 11? I (^icwii, cstrnwi*^, cm) 

(«) ^15 (MWCTWt 15^ im ^t lis 1 (»lcw-»if=i, iffl-^, 

4. Change the tense of the finate verb to future and/or past, 
and vice-versa : 

(*t Itft (?«t st^lltlH Itfejf I 

(1) c»9 Will* i^lf ^mat B«J»i >ii|i5r»!i I 

(5) ^l?tW PnsK5C» llill* fsiljsi •llf?^ I 

(6) ^f«sra "isi-a! lfU»a «f«Jil 11P1I I 

5. Form infinitives from the following roots and use them 

in sentences : 

*lp-. lyn-, 11-, CT-, CV; 5I11-, %»»-, ?-, 115-, ?!^f- I 

( 707 ) 

An Intensivf Coum 

6 Join eat;h pair of sentences by using infinitives. You may 

do necessary contraction/expansion. 

(51) K51S155 lift ^>iat»I flt H5tS 5lwfl5t ^ftplW BW I 

(c) ofiatR itBt fei I *Hc* feiit 5ic« I 

ft) ^ (3isv.?i ttfiwr 1 ttstt Ijtti fN I 

7 Expand each sentence by adding known words/phiasej at 

appropriate places : 

(*) <»rt»Rt «ifi"ni S"3f3i (3 ? 

(o) t5^ !i*r*g I 

(1) 1«^ =1» »8l?c3 »i"I"RW « «t»I I 1., , 

(q) ca« »IW? ^^"1 fftM I., 

IS) <!W B1^^ «55 ^ >flC! I 
(6) llltl frjl JIC»I 11? I 

( 708 ) L,,zo,B,Google 

Unit X : Lesson -49 
How Do The Children Spend Off-Time? 

ft; ?t«ft»l : 

fs; W^5t 

Ik: *»ft#1 ; 

rss ^f^ stsi *fi5 1 
^»f5 «ltC«T' I mC* 

fsra^fs Pits* ^ifti 
iggi5l «rpil^ 5t^ 

ill ^9^ ^-iflsft 

®^ flt*t lit fSHW I 
^t5l ,^ .,j 

Mr Hdzanka : I cau^e the 
children to walk in the 
afternoon. They also 
like to walk (We) come 
back in (the) evening. 
The mother feeds them 
cooking by her own 
hands. We don't have 
servants etc. I show 
then? pictures on 

Mr. Saharia : Don't y.;u show 
them theatre etc. ? 

Mr. Hazarika : Yes, (we) show. 
Sometimes we show them 
cheat7e(^and sometimes 
circu^. .Xheir aunt knows 
to s;ng.« At times, she 
causes us to listen to 
soa^.:She causes Minu 

.y Google 

An InUntive Cmu 

Ik: 55ll5t • 11*I1CT' 5I>it.613lH^- Mr. 

ft: 5tflfft^ : CTI^ c«cMta« Mr. 
»ift:s 1 SI? '^^^ 

c8T5 g1-C<5^ firal*i I 

Shana ; The aunt alsj 
caiises the two children 
of ours to play. (She) 
makes thetn dressed 
like bride & groom. We 
have got dug a tank last 
year. (SheJ at times causes 
them to swim there. 

Hazarika : My brother-in- 
law also has started con- 
structiug a house. I cause 
(someone) to supervise 
its work. At times I send 
Bubul (We) shall get the 
house white washed next 

Build-Dp Drill 

ill pi'jiTrelat^S'S ^^-^ i ' 

( 710 ) 

.y Google 

In Assamest 

ittsf I 
•nft men' i 

mtft ^5lf5 WC51* I 

wfii Jif^5l^ 51C11 aci ^f6 "r^f i 

vm^ 51^ t^ flit ( 
it CH^ai^ I 

sl fti«» wsfi ointa I 

^piflCT 1? ^I«!f ^flsft Cl^JtS I 

ii'if-i jjfe* Nbi6™ ^m ciipf\iin 3 t 

6l*tB C111«l4 I 

«fs5W B1*tE C»«St4 I 

( 711 ) 

An /frtmstft Cewii 

St? im -mt <s^ I 

!|iW 11W Wt !l|ii II? BilB I 

sijra I 

«t? s»g915 I 

flit »TO I 
'tftc< fl3t *1» I 

isrt I 

( 7i2 ) DiailizodByGOOgle 

^n Assemeit 

4« I wilcsf I 

itfS WJi ^sf Ji6i 'i%^ •wftRT I 

<«it ^ «iK "(fro I 
SI- 1 »^4 I 

1* aw *« cBtrfesl *^i4 1 

*• I taitu I 

"^iLlJi* g*ips9i finite I 

^ 1^11^ ^^tfel^ liHt*»l ft5W I 
( 713 ) 


An Intmsivt Count 

Substiladon Drill 

s I (*) »l SI"!! «ws(it5» •ntiri ^^ I 

at ttsT Wt«f«l ^^^1« I 


it "i''n c i tH l « f l8** ■"i^ l^^-S ' 
(51) it «i'»i aw«1t5» "ft'ft '^"^ I 

It «'<! (SHIPS'' 11^'*' ''?'^ ' 
< I ftlP54 ^ft'^ St»I •115 1 

fiitwa c<iftij»i sm in I 

fjitra«' snft^i »m •m i 
a I if) >lfiHt it ftw fitw I?'*' ' 

( 714 ) 


'•I Assar^tst 

ihm si"3fsi fsiOT f>ifs« fm r 

ifet 1* ftw fits? iSHs I 

lit* ftjRtra CTWU I 

« I (») »fiTW fiits* »sttsf!i nests' I 
^< fi^ Mw ^<itsfi c»tJt«" I 

i <5if>it<i fi?»» ^iisft cubits' I 
(«0 ^Iw:^ 1? r>it»f wtsft cnsis I 

^Rflw ^ fifSis* ^iffift cwsst I 

( 715 ) L.o,,zodB,Google 

An Intensive Coutm 

^fiRlCT «11*Jfsf 6tl^5 ^fltft 01^^ I 

^ft^m C5t«c« fils* ^'nsfi (Fim i 

Ws^ cifinc* 111 It' »tci I 
Ws^ X"f *f It' "t^ I 

(I) WS^ SltltaC! IW 11' »tp I 

fi#s» "mlaw itiB' •tpi t 

1 1 W mra iic» «i| it=i 111 CTO I 
mv art* »1* •tfe ^519 1 

■rtc* ire» at* if (just^ I 
( 716 ) 


/■ ^4«fafficM 

*■ I SIS ^9l»t C»fl!l1?1 i^n I 

wSct I'll w«t*t«t5i» £•*!«:* «>pit? I 


"ifeCt Sifsff^ ^^9 I 

«i lift i?inn« "JSiTt >iiit?fsOTf I 

Wis ctw^i 'Jl'ft l-WtSsi I 
v^ I isi iww ^ivSrs gira^ ftm 1 . 

< 717 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

An InteiuiM Qmru 


Transformattoo Drill 

(a) To Negative. 

« p >if«9i S»fe "nni' I 
Jlf^ fesf* atC5f I 

« I lit* Unw! Pis's* ^ift ^jni i 

1 1 lfi*CT Pl»"«^ »«lt!ft OPgn^ I 

if5f«te< W«* ^tuft ciwi SI'S I 

( 718 ) LiioiizodBjGoogle 

In Astameie 

>» I 1* art »ii ceraiftsi *m4 f 

ii I •»( ist5<5 wt^s pira^ fwm I 
«wt 1^3t?3 wcBTs g^i t^firat4 1 

(b) To Interrogative. 

> I vif fiic» flf* ijra I 

W mc^ fac« mfti law CT T 

rt) "He* f=n» nH 5«^iitt ct ! 

(1) WtS^ "Pj^^Sl »m siMH (3 ! 

(») !5t? W1 «sn5 « t 
M 3t? 1t=l 5tS=ffil c=t » 

» I at* *I5C^ «r»!nfl xpn I 

( 719 ) L,B,zoaB,GOOgle 

An FriauAw Conn' 

ImpcratiTe Sentence Fonnatioa 

(■jN) t^s'w •itBrai I 
(illft) |J»'»* i?la» ( 

(«*) 1111 ^=it I 
Cjft) 1H OPItirt 1 
(•it<ir=i) tiH <sm«» I 

(^ ^l5^ ^g3t 1 

( 720 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 


151 'mn wc5i« 510551 fell I 
(ffi) ifl "igi?! wc6t5 pcOT fwNl I 

TraoipMitioo Drill (Subject-Obicct) 

CSS ital i3ii» *i5ra I 

^ftalCT l[lil 1*155? ^115^ OfHsaf I 
iftMcf PitM raw* *tHfi «?Jt!l I 

J3E»i c»fs5W en* ifeiis I 

flSS* dftCW* «TOUi 


( 721 ) " 

An /ntmiqw Catm 


1. Complete the transformation : 

(<i) Wps c»f«5ifl »tuft m>(!i?) 

W flg« ^tfs •iiB> (Pi^t») 

W ^H I?! =i1re > (!ll«l™*) 

(«) !n'^6t(?ttH>(^^) 

(5) cswrf|5ii1c9 Sir > («S) 

2. Rewrite the following sentences changing the subject into 
object and vice-vet;a : 

(^- site* C5l5t3?lsi''5» ^'fii 'lai^ I 
(1) wt 1H19 iniw mil «Ht5 1 

(«) ^"Jfil «!?♦ fitlSI C»« 51«* I 

3 Substitute the underlined words by the words given ifl 
brackets ; 

(^) ^ ^^f fFs^lfl I ( CS9, «? ) 

(1) IM fsi«lR ^st? ( ijlflw, distal*, 11, Pl«1 ) 

( 722 ) L.o,,zodB,Google 

(1) >il <^fmm Bt<,5 OT\5'«' ' ( "'f'. f^i. 'I*. ^'' 5'' • 
W <sl* itt 11^ s=rt5 I ( <n«t, stfl, iw, (J5WS ) 
(«) »i'<t W5iSt5ti? c*i?toK* «!isna i ( at?, it, 6W ) 

4. Fill in the blanks by the appropriate forms of the words 
in brackets : 

i») 1? ii?m i5t« I ( Pi, !5i», 5ft ) 

(1) «t» iifii iTO I ( fe's, »i"« nw«ft, ilpi. itft ) 

W) ; C=f fS?W ■»t«lt OPISt* I ( 1*, itfii ) 

W II^lHCT S(pt5 I ( St«, ilS. H^i ft. 1* ) 

(s) w'Si A «R!ic»if I ( •!#, im ) 





along with, immediately 


'by own hands' 










'causes to dance' 





( 723 ) 


An tntmiivt Cmu 



'causes to roam, walk' 


'seivants etc.' 




'one's mother's sister* 




'causes to listen' 

Grammatical Notes 

1. The formation of causative verbs is introduced here. 

2. To from the causative verbs, causative suffix, viz: -1 

or -^ is first added to the verbstems and the causative 
vcrbstems are formed to which tense-mood and personal 
suffixes are added; eg: 

1. 1T5-+ -^>ag5t- +4 : igat5 I 
3. ^^- + .Bit>*?t- « : ^^« I 

5. «lt- + -«ll>\r-+-'s' : ^^i ( 

3. The use of -«it and -^ is morirfiolpgically conditioned- 
In the last two examples, the causative verbstems indi* 
cate oblique bases. In example 2, both -^ and -^ a" 
in free variation. 

( 724 ; 

.y Google 

In AsuoHtu 

4. Some vcrbstems do not form causative stems in Assamese; 


om- 'to play' lit. 'to go" 

•f- 'to come' 5- 'to be' 

5. An intransitive verb becomes transitive when used in 
causative ; eg; 

f 1* "P^Prf -I loam- 

L ''^ \^^' 'I cause (someone) to roam* 

C '5t? site 'she dances' 

( 31^ sfgSW 'she causes (someone) to dance' 

( to ) 

An /nMiiJtoffC«ini 

Unic X : Lesson — 50 

The Grandfather Came 

ft: tl^PW : ^f? C5tatC9it^w »^ Mr Ahmed : Did some one 

come to your house the 
day before yesterday 7 
I felt as if a bell was 
ringing. I also heard as if 
soue one called you by 

ft: ^mft^t : M, ml? ^5l«i ivir Hazarika : Yes. Mmu's 

1»ttW 15 AH?! \ 

grand father came iIk 
day before yesterday. He 
caused chem to walk in 
the aftenioon He showed 
(them) film in the even- 
ing He taught them in 
the night. 

ft; "IffWf : P5C*S ^ft^^st TtfiW Mr. Ahmed : He will proba- 

bly stay for some days. 
Send him to our home 
once. Won't you show 
him Khandagiri, Vbfxii- 
giri etc. ? 

( 726 ) 

:y Google 

^TCSl II? All Biitg 

Mr. Hazarika : Why ? Do 
you have to go that 
side T 

U: «n?C^ : 1^^ s^ ctIjfTc^i Mr Ahmed: I shall go that 
lil^t^ ^J| m^c^ci- side once the day after 

qs^ Ji»it^ ^m ?lv 1 tomorrow. Well, I shall 

CTC'^5 ^tvfl lla CT ? make him to give a round 

that side Does he eat 

meat * 

ft: «t»r^?t : silW sfl'tta I »I1^5 Mr Hazarika : (He) does not 
^5 I eat meat but (he) cats 


ffi: «)1?CSW 

Mr Ah,T.ed : The . I shall 
a. range to sejrch for 
fish. Well, why has he 
come ? 

ft; 5ta5%*l ; (:«c<fr5 'SW*!':^ ^5- 

t^jp «1*1II^ ft? I 

t^C^C^ ft?3* 

aiti w!=T ^?cat 

11!|lC? C^BSIS Cft?!^ 1 

Mr Hazarika : He will take 
Minu and others to Assam 
recently. (He) will show 
them Kaziianga (He) will 
cause them to roam in 
other places toe. He will 
arrange to drop them in 
the station by car. 

He has taught Minu to 
sing. She will make us to 

( 727 ) 


An InUnme C&uttt 

wIJH* ^« 11^ listen to her singing (Her) 

^=1'^ l^»tw^fc^ grandfather has atranged 

ia«T 1t^ »1^ to call a music teacher He 

i^lcs I 05C«r5 has artanged to bring a 

^ C^WI ^^l^S t drum also. 

Build op Drill 

cant* ilswr^ 1st OT=it <5RfK«i' 1 
CTipn^tt cstm* =ii5"('^ list CTcitt sftfe*!!' I 

CKits fi;«* f^iipi 1 
wcsra W«* »tic^ '4*^ ' 

1?pl *^ft OT<l^5tPI I 

( ..728 _ ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

■nfff^ sibi I 

«ii»(h ^81 -4^^ 11^^ 1 

lire cuf^ ? 

C51TO 't'^ll Its CHf* 7 


( 729 » 

An Intaahit Com» 

CBdCsfsR I 

cactc^ ^t^*«* «Pni^ (=1^ I 
CSCXt® 1«l»lrs ?l«it«? ^"1^ f5« I 

CN«(C5 Wa? cK^n^ 1 

t»C«IC5 tJR'S* (SB« I 

C5WC5 ^5* it^^ c^w* ptm^ I 
H^ttw 1 

( 730 ) ""'"°" 


/ft Assamese 

las "iBw 'tis Its o^n I 

>»l «HlfeSI 

SubstitDtioa Drill 

•«fe cwirt ^t»i c*t=i wife! r 

itl^ 'mM '«w tw icim c^ «ii?fB!(i' t 
^ isw WH5 c«i ^wwi CT^ (sftfem' < 

( 731 » ^ 

An Inttmive Ccwrte 

^rfe la^^ ^''fs ^ ^»tr ca ofifesif i 

« I (*) (.«PH» fiR3* ^C#I f^=Ift»l I 

c«c<ir! Ws* «ir'if=i i6^TO»ii 

copies fM^* ^lt^f«l Ctf^SIOT 1 

C^WW 1»1^? ^taf^j ag?tOT I 

' Diai.zodBjGoogle 

(I) c«wp5 fiits* nic^fsi \ffii I 
cscsit^ f>l$a^ «ltc^^ ^_^^l^t? I 

i^ft '"tuft c>i«pn I 

1 1 ^Ifs capita? fti«^ fs atpi I 

( 733 ) 

An iMmaiv^ Course 

tt I '^tm "wii •iWi iSsm I 
»ii»iW ^sitsi 4^ if^aw t 


^W^ «ltsi ^flH *lfe(l^ I 

cacfs* spirwi=H lift PiCT^wi (?i » 
^> I CSWra ^«^ '!1'?tC^ C^RS c^frtT^ I 

CWItS pits? 11i?lH C^HS Ctmci I 


cac<(r5 (*i5^** it^n c^F^ cftaw i 

CTtxra filjs? 1ti?W cSSif! WWIRS F 

151? iw* 11=1 tt< «m« 1 

^•iftftn 1 

«i? 'mm iR 111 tsiit?fs»i I 

>« I »t1ctS«W Jill 111 life* H*lilk I 

I 734 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

In A^3am«s$ 

»»t c»^5tt» •ail iR iti«i isti" I 


esters inSi csncit iiipi i 

( 735 ) 

An Iiumlivt Count 

^ CS^^ ^ t^flfl I 

Variation Drill ; Subject Objeot Trantpoiition 

> I WlC^^ CvBCICS ftis^ ^_^P1 I 

•nc^Si fts'cB psws* ?^*c»i 1 

« C5WC5 tJlt=5^ ^tfsWW Cf^W I 

1ii$P5 c5c<r5* ^ftrtet c^^^ I 
e I ciwra Ws* ifftc W"" I 

Pllra caislw 5lt5lCT (?tRH 1 

« I fft CKfs^ Cift^fift CIJHIt* CI ? 

1 I it C5C«I«» Jl^ ?^ti I 

raMT! CTW iS^' t.w ' 
V I raS %* 1H 11^ pi^ttn I 

*15H (j54^ HI i«(:i l»ra*ra i 

( 736 ) LiioiizodBjGoogle 

/« Assamne 

QiMttioil-RetponM Drill 

aa- cspre* f»f«H isfift ctn,'" w ? 
i's^— j«i. cst«ra* Ji»f^»il >i9pi!<r cii«(s)-( ( 

*«— sirt, lls^ *»Iw35re* SIKH IKU i 

^»— «« WIwPl fl5<5» 5;<i[si, iijpi nmsR cK^siCT 

t«?— «ra cJ^ ^isSs* »if»i«t pi^wi 

( 737 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

An IntensiM Course 

««— Sl1»ir ?l5t3 RW S»l% *ft^ CT t 
4«^ - 55, S!H»W 119S» f^C» Ssfs "life 1 

, Additive Drill t Adding sibt 

>' Wtl^^ 05WC5 ftta?" f vc« t 

«11C^fn C«L«iC« frf^^ ^^ICffl Bibr ' 

^ » ^ifs C«t*K? _^$»* *I5JB1OT f 

life VUVXt f^tt^ "IB^SIPI fibt ' 

a I csni^ c>il»w «n run «ks i 

C5'»« wSftC" Itisill "tttl 5ftl t 

CI cat<tta-f>i#«* *lfw«iST effort?, r 

ixv.<s f>ii«i» »if»»!i ceu'5 eiin i 

Negattre TraiNfonnatiOD Drill 

» I cstira Sil«* «^it«i I 

( 738 ) L.o,,zodB,Google 

^fs 3C^£« f*155* tu^alcel I 

1? C«:*f5* Jill* 5M1JI t 
St C5t^5» vJl^TIC*! ^^^ 5 I 

c«[ira fsSi* »tf»<St ClilSI^ I 

cswrs ^s» ^f»«i ciwists I 

C3C«IC5 Plt3* CASSIS C1N11 I 

csOTs f'\m* c4es<5 cstrosra i 

*>HOT33 C* 11H Sld< ««llC5 I 

^^raSait* im si-S^ SC5U1 nil . 
CiSCICv! ji8t c«i»i isHh I 

csc«ra ^8i« cut W1WW sit I 

S? St^ f<l5rs I 

s* 515 (ifts^ia I 

CSVfS f»5 SifSCS T 

csprs ffv ^51 iilt t 
I 739 ) 


An tntenaive Count 



1. Change the tense of the verbs tPast->Futurc, Future-^ 

Prestni) ; 

(1) llfil W?« til III <SS1H I 

W atHH wjjai .<wt» lfJ?W 

fs) f.v5C^« «W*K3 ift5«'^» ^Jwtei f^fl f 

2. Replace the subject by the object & vice versa : 

(1) (XK3 1>I!''5'» »<f:»fj Cli« TCSI 1 
(1) ^fj C5C«lt3l fire' «* Iti^SIPI I 

(^) ^1 (.^C9(®* cfi^^^^ c^ppnr^t CT ♦ 
(8) cwira ^?« v\i v^lsi f"i*t*cs 1 
(6) »*tis%sic» in s!!6^ sraHw i 
(s) 5t cspi B11* >ra'i I 

3. Change into negative : 

( 740 ) 


W WiSSf *lf«(5t W^IW I 

(J) <I» S1!>I ftWW I 

(B> ^»t CwSstC* JllH list >lt*« S^lcs i 

(!) [^4 CW" "RSC! I 

4. Analyse the construction of the foliowinj verbs as in the 

model ; 

Mjdel : •w««> «It'I,+ «n+?S,+J I 

5. Change the following statements into questions by using 
some interrogative pronouns. The words underlined shall 
be the key words in the answers : 

(*) ^ m^ wra Wl TO»H1 en itt'swf I 

(1) CTtim^H IWRT^ ittwift "rat C?H iftfe!]!' I 

(1) i<;IJi »<lisfii c»WCT I 


( 741 ) 

Am [mttmsm Cm'U 

(«> MC^iS Pits* ^tSmt CK15H I 

(w) c««* "wn w5n ifjjwi i 

( 74i i 


UnltX : Lesson-51 
About Minu's Uncle 

PPf^ tffCS ^?l« >5C^' ^'*t'5l 

Minu *tc's uncle has a Pat- 
Muga Cloth -store. He has 
given Minu a pair of mekhela- 
chadar (made) of Mu^. He 
has given Bubul a pair of 
cotton shire and pant- This 
pair is cheaper than (the) 
Minu's one. He has brought 
pne Pat snirc for me I offered 
him the price ior that. He 
did not take anything. Rathec 
(he) bought our return tickets 
to Bhubanes*ar... (He) gave 
Rs.ten towaidiMinu'Spocket- r, 
expense. - ,, 

Minu etc's uncle is younger 
than their mother by two years. 
But he was weakest in study 
tha.1 all of tiiem ia the family. 
Now, his fmancial condition is 
the best of all He loves Minu 


( 743 ; 

All Inunstpt CouT it 

'Rs ^CT I ^?? ^^Ht* more than Bubul. (The) elder 
«(1C*^ ^l^pst^ 5^*C5 CTfe aunt rather likes Bubul more 
«1«1 119 I than Minu. 

Boild-op Drill 


^«ii »ic»ii« on^H lies I 

*l5tiCT CTiinnf « Ji<^ 116 i^< »icin» w ♦!« 

tssftcs I 

^54 ^' ^PJI^ tlt^lat 5t»^ f»t» I 

(w4 «itf'cs 1 

t«5i -aST *n8^ CBi»ii ^f^ts 1 

(ra4) piw ^« ^Bi an iiSi cewi iltes 1 

•It ra4? ^mm w "nfBfiiCfli' 1 

I 744 ) 


in Assamese 

C5^ ^9^l^ I 

(c«4) 16^ c*?Sl« *il6 ftp I 
((354) iwi )5*5 i^Bis »tl6 fSti 1 

■s I (C54) fifCfl I 

(t<54) flVs* ftw I 

(ra4) *lw 8*t iiW6i« ftfl I 

■b- 1 1* I 

C»^ ftfs»t I 

PIS *IW5 ^^^ l^l^t^ C^l ^lf«9I ■! 

iif^* "raw sm I 

( 745 1 


An tntentm Cdwk 

r*s insi *t* I 

ii5« %» ffs 5^ »CT r 

i<54 ^ifiisj* 4^5» rMf iw *n » 

»i I <5I51 IB 1 

SIS'? >11?ll5W 'SB ^fl I 

5tCT >n*rat^ ??fi»H c^fs WT •!« I 

S'«^ "ItfltaC* ^«t* ^^5 C^IS WW IB I 
Subititarion Drill 

cs« ?I5' "iiiB "iii^ awn 6tii^ fta i 

t*4 ?I^T JlWl 411?! PK>,51! fm ftw t 

( 746 ) DO iM^.v^iOogle 

»icim TO? 

It c'ss* i^im ?w fit 'nftfejif 1 

ii) 1* (j55» sH^w cni iifSfspif 1 


c«« fts »ti law I 

( 747 > 


An Zntmiitv Cwmb 

a^t awn S^? c^^« *f^ fen I 

■»• I ^5* 5W "PIH «C^ it) llKSr« fsOT I- 

^5* It^S WW ?lw ?Tt iK5lSt« fiiPi ; 

» I C!»9 ^W nils "Wat* •*»! ""(tw I 

( 748 ) L.O.Z Ob;, Google 

in Assamese 

» I C54 53»ret* ^«i^K wfs 51!| fci r 

C<S5 ItJSi'st* f=(#^5 I3fs »« *W I 

OS'S cinslf '8^?« wfs 5^ »H I 

alfl 11? 

fs^ OT^^ «^*H eft '511 ita I 

NegBliTe TraniformaltOQ Urill 

OS'S =n«!^ Jiww ^in^ pii«sn ivn fet stl^ i 

« I HH « C' lilSt 3151 1l5l JEW itfics I 

wi ^1^? Ji%l« it?^ rewt ant 11* I 


An Intensive Count 
(«) W5 151 OflS m< 1*5^^ C*St Itftl I 

l^) «nf^^ «ra^i c=59> c^rc^t «^v5> ati si« i 
(1) sift* »ra'!i rasi »itBii3;» «t»i =15? I 

Re ^flsj« "Pis* c«fs sRS it*c» I 

InterrolatiTe Transformatioo Drill 

» I ?1«il5i OTiitw sWM t'nztf 5«S3 1* 1 
<hi?i^ ciWH* 'iwm it»«J* 5^sn "w «% ! 

« I i«feil «itft* "rati c«4[« wlSilai* sn i 
Jifmi lift* irsl ras c<^ wtWat? •s\!j eifn t 

s I CS« ^Jfl^t* ills* c^fs 1^>l ^c^ I 

as 1^^ ^5* afs sni *n cift r 

( 750 ) L,„z...A>cx)gie 

4 1 -SiS^ 1l^l5»«tC»^^'5bin!1»WC^®1»l*lt9l 

Qiieitioa-Reaponie Drill 

aa - fl^H^ citsus^ <i^9M 5'»^ >w CT 5181 J 
a«— ^aiTai t>itaiti» 'P «=ira c*c"i wtfCT ? 

%^— ?l=r9*W PIWCI* *15t ^''ti l^.^^ l*5t ^itFl I 

an— i««> '!if«5t «if«i» «5* t»w T 

*«^ — VS4^ ksMl «llf5l^ WS"?! i^m ? 

^^_ i^sa ^^^ ^^ umi 5^ p( 31^5? f 
Sw - tJ9 ^jf.stt il^sf v>ii s'1 »CT I 

«a - '5i«i st^isi* *t» crfs <5W "iw » 

^m — ®ts^ Jn^^c? fi*i«t* ^^*K c^ft "81^ 115 1 

Variadon Dcill : (Sobject-Obicci; 'i 

> I ^4tM (."itiiraf iflsyssi iiwst* s^sn IT I 

' Diai.zodByGOOgle 

An tntensivt Count 

« I lafJst «ill^* «re?i cs&^t «ii%i?5i* wn i 

8 I cm" ^i c^fs JIW »CT I 
^5ra 059> afs 5^5 »C1 I 

« I sisf itifln:» ii»i*R eft =3i»i ira i 
5JC1 51 sf il'ta*?.'? ciits sw ita 


1. Combine the sen:2i:ej aad express the comparison. 

Make two sentenjcs usinj both the oppojites wherevel 
possible : 

«) ■!? «^ I in 5J>I*1 BW 1 

(IP ^si i^la' I <^ft fill » 5;i1ii =i!5 I 

(«) CTffM» •retains c*st 1 it»"l>i»ii •reis^ts win 1 

(6) C58> lift* SIS'!! CW I «It«1f?^ 3tiJ I 

(s) ess' !fl^* c<fs =n=i «f i i^jn? f»iiti ^*a I 

2, Express the cojipirison using the opposites. Maintain 

the original sense : 

( 752 ), ^ 

(I) c^ itS* ^tm (7iT«^» sw 1 
(1) c«4 ^jst* IX"* "^ '"" "I" ' 

3. Reverse the subject-complement and/or object-object 
aad/or compleoaenc-complemenc. 

(*) >)? Ililtat 5f^P 1( 3!-T It 3 I 

(1) Sl« C»«t* CTI* C'lS in ♦Cf 1 

(1) ?5fW <IB* «I5C» 5«?'.' SIS' I 

W) CTSI1C5* *I?I OKU ill*5£« C*it llTsil I 

(«) ffeistsS* mmSi i* 1 

(B) flS ftciitJ^* fxcaSn »ti Its I 

4. Change into negative : 

(«l) CSS il5» Ii»S»T ftw I 

(1) ^5^ CSlIitC?* 1WSt» SI« I 

(5) C58 5^»l«tf ^S' "fS Sll »« I 

5- Turn the statements into questions using some interro- 
gative pronouns. The words underlined shall be the 
key word in the answer. 

( 753 ) Dia,i,zodB,Google 

An IntauhiCimi 

(1) ?lMCi;i »l^w Tst* i?r ' 

(«) c^f* lift' im «iiis<5t* »w I 
(5) pratraw T^sral* fw eft s^a »ct i 
Is) ffiis^ TMlrac' ^?i5t» tj5i» c^fe wi •ira i 

6, Analyse the construction of the following words as {« 
the model : 

Model: cataTc^ocati-lt+Pcrsonal relation marker -^^ 
+ncn. -*fl a1»5i», l^T^t', «llS(?«^?, c»«t^ 



Pat and Muga. two yaiietierf 

Assam silk' 


'made of cotton' 


•(I) offerted' 



^'15 fHW 

'(He) booked (ticket)' 


'pocket expense' 


'by 2 yeaxs' 

J 754 ) 10 z=cB,Googlc 

*iet ^=t 'in reading etc,, viz: study' 

'Alftl'Af 'their* 

^f^'it^ 'than air 

^^^ ^C^ *sm •lis '(he/she) loves' 

Crammatica) Notes 

1, To express the comparison between two items in tcrmsct 

some quality, the noun or pronoun with which another 
noun or pronoun is compared is first inflected toe the 
locative ro w'lich -t* is added eg ; 

^•ir + «)5 +tf = ^f 'st'F— than Ram 
^>3H-«^+^'~w^^*— *than him" 
«li*|fsi>it1c*1Kt+a^+^-'than you' 

2. The quality-words are not generally inflected for the 
expression of the comparison Only the Skt words ate 
so inflected for the expression of the comparison. 
Example i 

^->- S665f 'higher' 

^'fff-v ^*t?^^ 'mort: beauiiful' 

^lilfe->- ^fii^5^ 'younger' 

^ 753 J DigitizedOyGOOgle 

An ItaeiuiMCum 

Unit X : Lesson— 52 
Revised Lesson 

i I lit 9i'^itsia'*?tt«^ flitaffl ^« t ^f^^w fi}i5* ^ajis^^ «^3 i 

C^f^SSWT *4C55l^ C*f5atfl 51*15 CT'^81« ^t? «:4 •1SI*T» CBt«l- 
41 StC^ftSJ^fsBSItS^f^^SH IWIWSl* 111 119 «««! 

itaiRi ii^siwtsw* cmrac* «sii!i I ^fsiH flit «ra i 
ini-»l=ii isin I 

■= I "tifii OTTOS' iiSi 1^ X'inScel t 

« . ut «Bt tt3W5 n^VS g^CISSI ftfSTIT t 

« I msn nil' .a"' itoit't i 

t I C^C'IC^ i^#«* *tfe45t tff^'f^ t «1W "ts^ ^t^t ^^ I C!C<C5 

fiiii5» ■n-'sK^ cSsM c«f«" I «ft "tsw s>a til c^'^ i 
y I ^Si cst*5» xafifi cstmsji c" i 
» I «tlcift CK.V.3 fifs* ^HOT I Vj^ ^« sS CTIPIPI I ll» 

( 756 ) D,s,.zodB,Google 

In Assameu 

»> I ^i^w^ *>[i CT«w.^ "Rst I ^5*i^ pptB* si5tw >n»«5» 
*H I stCT "iflnc* f»a ?i5«i* 55ji^H pfs «w in i 

>< WKflfl? 0t ^«Ht CW 11C»n' I WCIWtS ilWilf^ SI'S! C>H 
Sabitilution Drill 

< I ^r«tw n* fiits* f^mh CTw4 1 
iNm It fiits^ firaJn cni5 i 

^feln "ll fits* 51*15 cng\A I 


if^RtCT !1« P#5* fBRm W^?l4 I 

( 757 ) = ' s 


iftw^ jft ftt«* fKim CTlsir i 
^fti« (Xia ftl5* fsRui cm?™ I 

(•lisf ^ii»t» itfi (OTnfesi «i4 I 


TCB TCB ^1 liist^ I 

( 758 ) Diai.zodBjGoOgIc 

ft r SOT iw 31^ lt=i 1ft O'H i 
SOT «lt» <5lt 11=1 It? s^n I 

lit" -SUB w^ 11^ 111 ^siiftsT I 
SH» 5U» Sl< IIS 11* OSIIfesif I 
CTfell^t C»feiIWt St Ita 11? «i|l?ftjSlf I 



«< «l9C=H C»f«51=lt SJSlffl ' 

f I «i« w? c^fsHiw Ww <nr5i>ni i 

( 759 ) L.o,,zodB,Google 


■nSn ♦lit «ni I 
» ' CKV^ ilt^fSi PreV* fillet] I 


>» I OTtllS! Ills ^Xisfi OrtJIW I 


**ftCTSaw ^ 51^5 £II«|Jt581 1 

( 760 ) 


>« I C!C"(t« fills* »ir«««t B1Sl« I 
catirs ^M* lit OT>nin i 

*»1CT?5StC* "IWI* 1111 WMIB I 

T^mSsii* wi<it* aw OT<nitci I 

>8 I (JK«CS iflS tl?t»l r"l*1t« I 


cscv.'S 5fts it<i!i ft»t« I 

T»B(Sslt» 4»H lit =(t^ •HtiM ( 



( 761 > 

An InHnsivf Centra* 

^f>l ^51 ^H iflSl ^ >1 >Bft1 I 
51 I st «15t SIGH'S ^^CStsS JlPSil firat!( 1 

1? 151 SHI'S ^<CSI« 51C55I feltl 1 

6W 'Btsi 4^1 nteit^t 1 
Bm «ft»i -ariR »ift?TO I 

( 762 ) L.o,,zodB,Google 

/*• AssamtM 

^WiiS«w 11=1 iiii Jurat ^'it^ I 

f »1CIf«!5tC^ 111 »ltS| ^C5I Oi>l.?R 1 ■ 

%» I c5C«ic^ fJils^ ii^c^ OT5=t^ (yn^ 1 

csc«ip5 tJit** *tc^c^ c^« c«n^^ I 
c«W3 ftt«* ^Wa ^pciTO C11TO I 
cscits f!iis* *wa Isre ««« i 

i» I <5t» »11!II» 'ilS 111 Oifl^ I 


Wra rawtcsrt?* iii ill s=it? i 
<jf5 est* loftft dwiai* w ? 

( 763 ) L,,,zoaB,Google 

An Inlensin Comn 

itcitw ciJTftsi v^m lis c^ f 

wlflMI^ *^^ llWJtt 1TC5 C'^f* t 
*8 1 ^iflTOiR ^?^i«ai* "rat I 

<« I ^fw cwiin» »i5t« it^it* "w I 
*rail«^ CTsitn* «t«Tin si»«t* i¥ > 

( 764 ) 



* «» I liifisi «;ifr* «?^ w-SM^ Jwi^l^ «1BI I 
JlfiSt «lpl» W511 ra4tit 1^* »H I 
«ilfel1 11^* 15^ C^^C^ 1»Wl»i^ «I»I I 

>iif!55t-«iifsi» •u'81 w^hI "Rtmret* <;=wt i 
*i- 1 w4 i\»«t* *l«i» rt» wi »H I 

ai (?n«i* '15^ csf! i« »CT I 
*1«1 ♦in 

c»S cmai* %» cS »CT in I 

®tW sn^lWC »I*C311'8t* ^51^ c^^ IW ^CT t 

«• I c^iCTW* c«i t»nt at\ •npif i 


11 JC5I cw finn cw •flpif i 

( 765 ) D,s,.zodB,Google 

Ah /Mfauwe Ceva 

^f5W C«l fct C5=l «fa(?lf I 

Transformitioo Drill 

(a) To Negative 

* I ^^n (>lt«« »fisf^ C»^« I 
ift^w Ws* ^'Jtift CTm^st^ I 

el >S w^ spurts CHSlftst f^ts 1 
^ art sfii^si ccmrtrat ^*^a i 

» 1 1IW stw ai? ^=i lit c>it5 1 
- C»f»51a Wt IF1 11^ 95"|B I 

( 766 ) 

Digitized Oy 


art al5W c*ft*1 SIJ5T5 1 

cislHW fiit«* ffltcawts I 

cscK"^ ^ nf^^ Hc*t^ 5(1? I 
^t6i^ g«ic«ii fifgT»( I 
^cfta 5113BI ftfirata i 

ii»w ^51 >a'M ifSiH^t I 
«iin "nbi la^w =iifei«t i 

SI? "nsiw 5ni( HI? flim I 
31? wisw 5iiii 511? 5o=ini I 

^lc^f«i CSCtc^ fJll^* ^^tiq I 
'llC^fsl C'5l«lC5 Ms^ 5^^P? I 

life t^«ra? fi]|i5^ ^ jtjfl I 
( 767 ) 


An Inttnsivf Coax 

(b) To Interrogative 

C'KsTOl PI ic»nt C9SI it^it ctPp ? 
» I cwitt 'ti'wft "rat CI wfifli I 

OTW.fl* ^t1^l^ sat c^H •sf^'tt cif^ i 

« I C38 ^^5^* ^2' ClfS ^f^l *CT ■ 

CS8 tjjfsi* >1?i» c^f* snt *uf c=if* » 
^l^llHRsi* ^S^CTH "131 Clf* t 

ilfa ^^tuiSsrw pits' 1BSIM «r* ? 
» I iian "ntsi •mim »il59Wi ■ 
W ^WW ^1 ■a^ llSal^t csf^ ! 

(I) ^W^ «Mtl JUW >l«ll595t wr* » 

( 768 ) 


Qoeitioo-Reipoaie Drill 

^m - sK» n'lisiaflts* vh tan i 
era - CTiPi ji5t t^^I iii?cs ? 

-eng— ^tSi^ t^f'sgt g«ic!w fffgi^ 1 

■as— cstiWCT »1T c'fi sni »c^ • 
fes — (?iwrac* ShiT «fs "wi »c< I 
«fsl — <5r«i !|is\c?c^ »t» c?f( "sw in ? 
*n - «!« sit^sCT ^ip^ c^fs ®tsi »mi I 


< 769 I 

An /hfensiM Cnm 

Unit X : Lessan -Si 
Test Leston-A Folk Tale 

iniS ■V(^^^ :^tai* itfitq I c^fsf- 

TOt* l7i5t^ *6lOT I ^tCnfW 

A merchant had a very 
affectionate daughter, Tezi- 
mila by naoie. TezimaU 
lost her mother at her child- 
hood. The stepmother did 
not like her. Once (die) 
merchant declared of his 
going on trade foi long 
period. (He) made to biiild 
a boat and went for trade. 

After some days, Tezi- 
mala's friend's marriage was 
held. The stepmother sent 
Tezimala to (the) marriage. 
(She) got one mouse uim 
the pack of clothes. 0ui 
caused to put burning char- 
coal in the other i>ack. As a 
result* the clothes wen 

( 770 ) 


^tl f='l»1 I switch T*'!^'^* 
"(ere f^ltC^I 

damaged. TezimaU came 
back after some days. 

The stepmother had beaten 
her much. A'tet that, (she) 
caused (het) husked in the 
Dhenki Poor Tezimah died. 
Then the witc ot (the) mer- 
chant caused her to be put 
underground at the back 
side of the h luse. There grew 
I a gourd creeper One day a 
beg jar-wo nan wanted co 
take gourd Then Tezimala 
identified herielf. Tiiis time 
she caused the creeper to be 
cut and put under the soil 
at the interior of the com- 
pound. There it survived 
as a kind of fruit plant. The 
plant identfied itself as 
Tezimala. This time (the) 
wife of the merchant threw ' 
the plant at river. There it 
survived in the form of a 

An TniiiisivsCeiin' 

Jotus plant. One day. the 
merchant returned by this 
route. He saw the btui 
He wanted to get the 
lotus brought. The flower 
identified itself as Tezimala. 
The father could identify 
Tezimala and took her home 
The merchant gave life- 
sentence to his wife. 

Teit tteiii» 
1- Give short replies : 

(5) *rtSw CS^UPIl* ^'<5 *itw t 
2. Use the following as finite verbs : 

( 772 ) 

3. Change the tense of the finite verbs ; 

(1) «iac8l cSTHiI'S JlSt isil tiRltCI I (JS) 

(s) ■wtnn tSb^ ips timc« i ( ^^srJi ) 

4. Fill inthe blank by the appropriate form of the verb 
given in the bracket : 

(>l) SIOT SUB Ills PlS's* ai<15t I (15 ) 

(1) »rtifl 55C1 si!W >i|ii I (S1-) 

fa) JVuS ^tn cswfii 6iii^ i f"!'-) 

(«) anSl*CT 111 1 (lis-) 

5. Show the comparison between items in Col. A and ^ 

Col. A Col B 

(») *» i|;*ftit I *H C'fe !'>! ' 

|«) ^5»l »I513 c*W ' fW* w* i:*5t I 

(1) a&n lift* ws^ Wq 1 C5W OTt I 

(>») 'flSmS '81 1 »»tlwS sm I 

(«) mnt.'m mul i m^^nw "rat i 

6. Choose the appropriate adverbs from Col. B, the right 
column, and add at the appropriate places in the sentences 

in Col A. 


( 773 ) 

An Intmsive Catrst 

Col. A Col B 

(1) 1? C5Wflt*5» IWfSl »^^4 I "Sfl 

(«) Wt* awa? IBJllfjl 1 Ji^lta 

7. Provide indirect objects in the blanks : 

(I) ifiSt ^s fif91 1 

(n >i* "Mist iwa I 

8. Make 30 sentences from the following table : 



























9. Recollect the situations described in this unit and answer 
the following questions : 

(») HI il5» Cttt C"»f«51 ^^ 1 

(1) wSaw ^fem ftt«» r» ^a ? 
(1) f"iS!» c«n ^fe ^?mi ? 

(e) ^7<t cswra» isra c*ct ^fi^ ? 
(5) cslcflt^ iiil?t« irr *ti c«=ijir ? 

10. Show the constructions of the following verbs as shown 
in the model ; 

Model : fl"ili|< «it=l+ causative -11+future -^ I 

Clt^fOT : 
wfelOT : 

^g31*C? : 
f^Uti : 

( 773 ) ^ 

An IntenmvCoyjtt 

Unit XI : Lesson -54 

C?tTO -effKVJ «t5«S 

^tC< ^5 ^1 55 I 

Mr. Jena : Mr Lenka ! Have 
you heard of Assam ? 

Mr Lenka : Yes, (I) have heni 
The A^sam is (a) very 
beautiful fJace. Ihis 
land is full o£ natural 
beauty. There area 
number of forests. In- 
numerablii animakare 
found in the fortst. 
Many rhinoes arc found 
in the Kaziranga. 
There is a Govt, 
guest house at Kazi- 
ranga. The tourists 
are allowed to stay 
there. Nominal charge 
are takea. That money 
is spent for (the) 
development of Kaii- 

( >75 ) 

In Assamese 

6t?1t* COT CfWt 

crc^ c*nflt M^ I 

ma >(t flTHW <tlf^1^i1 

rnit" fffji «^ I sum, 

lift 11W I CSrat*!' 

Mt. Jena : Tea and oil are 
abundantly available 
in Assam. Vatious 
types of valuable timbet 
arc available in (the) 
forest. Previously gold 
was also found in fthe) 
rivers of Assam. 

Mr Lenka When our going on 
tour to Assam shall 
be materialised t Shall 
we be given about one 
month time to stay T 

Mr. Jena : (I) donot know when 
it will be. We will be 
allowed to stay for 15 
days only. We will be 
allowed to go to 
village (Do you)'lEnow, 
the villages in Assam 
are very beautful ? 
Every family has its 
own compound, one 
piece of land of its 

( 777 ) 

An /nftHittv Coatu 

own. The iKHisesare 
constructed on the four 
sides of couttyaid. In 
the compound of every 
family plantain trees 
and bamboo trees ate 
found. In the bade 
side of) the compouad 
one tank is dug 

Build op Drill 

( 778 ) 


tew ctNiph siCT «ft •itw I 

Cttfll 11^ I 

«fiWTO «i>R<ii *TO» c^r ^n I 

■iiSt «s»iT "nts I 
fir« I 

( 779 ) 



lit ii^m^vmi 

(Mvf ^n^^ v^ w ^?[i w I 

c>i»w »i1iw^ %tann ?w 1TO «i 55 I 

5n •«♦ cst\ c«tui <mi I 

•mw 5W* ilJnw B« It* cwi c«iBi TO I 
c»mn m i 

^tfiCTis 1111=1 ?fFii ^i irmt t? I 

(.mi wt 
wfsiiti c«nt PI t 

fem CI » 

itf*<>i froi 51 CI J 

iSTOIll <(lf»^ fW PI CI ? 
«lt1W JlSWItl 1lf«>l fern 51 CT t 

firat 51 1 

1tf*1^ ffHT 51 ■ 

Ha M ftiCT •itr*'i"i firet 51 1 

XIBI* 113 U file? "ttfutl frjt 51 1 

< 780 ) D,a,.zodB,Google 

« 1 f»5t W I 

fl^ fifsl « I 

•UPW 5tt4pim C<t5 i^« I 

ji I "lie* I 

fsra^ cflm "<it» I 
«tt^5CT f*w^ d^w "iic^ I 
ap5w tft?iiCT ^"^ ceW in:^ i 


V115 ^Ifir CTW cMt *it5 I 

flPsl^CT 'l^ vnt, t' «is *ft wui CT* 

<• I <pnt m 


( 781 ) * 

An Intinsiv* Cevru 

Subttitatioa Drill 

» 1 W iiii^ af uftm ill I 

mfSifinw^ 11 0T« in I 
(x) •nw 11 5^1«I it* 1 

•ww« 11 ?»w in I 
- WW w itTOiw in I 

■SI'!!*'! I 

VTOi( 11 ^-SIM in I 

1 1 (?) ji» ow at?t«» prl'irtci «it i 
jit it* «if fw cfMci "It i 

(1) Jit c<M aif f«* cil'irtti «it I 
015 W1 tiiPw pfrirtci <»1t I 

W .si ciM iflf f«* pitirtti '•It I 

jit M"t at? I%* (?ii«iti Bit I 

W oii CT1 ai?f»* piMci «it I 
Ji* OT1 4|t?f«» rfuSci ai'^1 J 

( 782 ) LioizodBjGoogle 

In Assanwat 

« I (») ^srs c»*^NPI1 WW ?tfl IttS I 


ara c^St^cm «■«< rft lies i 

•BBS C»?^>(l?lt <51« 5lf« WW I 
(I) «W5 C*W>IW 5tCT «lf^ 1I« I 

11) *5ra CTt'WW sre« 5lft 11M I 

f ... tT« C't^lPIt 'S.9^ ?sfl WW I 

S I (») «ltoW5 vim <h5«» ClWt in 1 

(1) stfeffls WW *ws mv Vi I 
{ 733 ) 


Ah /nMnjtM Couni 

c I ^tr«R« sift's i«« #5 ctw ^ I 
*fi«i« sifre i?j r* citst >wi 


« I *lfflR«l!S vflSt W^lft 1«9ll ^t» I 

»lf»1«IS .S^ B1^l<1 'IfSW lies I 

v I W (TiS m *tf«s« Sinm flw "TO »11 55 I 
ei* <j[f» ^fi««t5 Sini=n itci <H5 *it 55 1 


eft ?»i «r»isrt Sn^i 51C1 iib ♦^ 551 

( 784 ) 


PI? KS »tr««H Sll51^ ^tC <CCSH! 55 I 
NeiiattTe Traaafonnatioa DriU 

I «tf^CTi« "Hiwj Bias? cim "ns ■ 

I wtira wim J=n5 cull a si ?Tfssi i 
•Hire Slim Jsis pill tiir a^ifjsi 1 

>i ^W iiwita cei'ai 85 1 

1 1 •!»» M fifan <ttft55n firai « i 

< 785 ) 


An TnunsmCtim 

««w m4ifi 'ni'i^ fiiw «• i 

^Plt* It^tl ^t^ firaT H?9 k 

^^5 ij «rai (jf<it TO I 
^tffs IS i3nt aw stro t 

Inlerrotfative Tcaniform«tion Drill 

»tft«si« 'sSi 6T»l*l ^issn WC5 <?i^ T 
<5i» isj|i»i*l» "nf^'tsi firai »? t 

wiTO 5W* •rt^wcfl cw pirn m taff f 

WIW» llltfl It^Jfl felt 55 I 

•HI* it4t' 5t"t>i fw) w Cil^ ? 

iw* It fS"c« itppbn ft* « t 
«iww 5« to? ^fti^ firat w «(» f 

( 786 ) L,= ,,,AAioglc 

ConfirmitiTe TrantformatioB br adding '^tf^ 

5. ( aw CflWI =159 1 

« I aP5I»W T<l5 "Jlfl vol « I 

•nutt*! ni4Ji ^niin tat « i« 1 

QiiMtioa-HMpoBse Drill 

Stt— "HPH Sifij ft Cttlt TO ? 

an - »if«sr ?tPre r» cim to » 

S«^— si«5iw »t<i^ "(1 ^Hmsw Sumi «ci <w «t m 
« 767 ) 




SI'S— cSf«1»1^ It^tt I'^li" ft5I 55 C T 

*«»— «n«i* if^nsi^ ft»^ cstsf «i^ csi=« sift itf I 

isjB - ^'si*c^ mis f» f» IW t 
©5^ - aiaim ^n1« fsm, '1>1» "W ^1^ lit* I 


1. Fill in the blanks : 

(*) 5'f"iC'i*s "WW sTlsxa "W t 

(<() »itw«ra a?s — — dial us i 
Wj ®ii* ^IHStS ^ — sp t 
(11 flllCS OTCIt CTO1 I 

(g) W15|» 511^551 full W I 

(6) i« flR^tsIC? 1lf»li»I W I 

W) 1t?ls 'life iT'l* C1W IB I 

( 788 ) L,a.z=cB,Google 

In Assmnese 

2. Change the tense of the finite verb from present to past, 

past to future and future to past : 

(V) IR 5pitijf€l^ ^iSM^ WW «>«6 «t 55 I 

(If) mrmn bJ3 CTlcm cit?i b\f^ I 

(5) ^W* tl-et*^ ^^ firal 5? i 

3. Form new vetb-foims following the formula given in the 
mudel below and use them in sentences : 

W+^+aux. 9 -|-i»csent tense 3rd perscm marker= 

i »l1+«il+aux. ^+ present tense 3rd person. 
^ I ^+^+aux. ? + past tense 3id person. 
« 1 CH\+«n+aux qt+Future tense 3rd persoa 
8 w+it+aux. «+ Future tense 3rd person. 
1 1 C^1+^+aux 5+ present tense 3xd peison. 

4. Change into negative : 

( 789 ) 

Digitized OyGOOglC'';;'^ 

Ah InteiaheCoioM 

(6) WlW « ftsi '«lf*ai5I fist 5^ I 
f ») 5t&5 ^? l^ltr m I 

5. Give short replies ; 

(«) *if«n«ts f% cmt TO t 

(8) tt*s cs&«n* ftwii ft^ <itf»< ? 

(B) ■Krai* iftstlM Pm if'l'tfl f» f* w* t 

W ■ar5i«< ^5 f* r* IS Wal c»«it in t 









Tile national jSanctuai;' 















( 790 ) 











'one piece each' 






'is built* 


'plantain tree' 


'bamboo tree' 


'is dug* 

Grammatical Notes 

1 The formation of Passive voice sentences is introduced 
here. The rule of f o rmation is very f imple : 

^ is added to the main verbstem subject to the mor- 
phophonemic changes noted below. The auziliaiy vs. 
^- OE f- 'be' follows the main verb This auxiliary 
vert^tem in inflected for the lequired aspect/tense in 
the 3rd person. 

The morphophonemic changes are as follows : 
U) Stems ending in -^> -^ 

C 791 ) DigitizedOyGOOgIC 

An ttOenHife Comt 

(b) Stems ending in -it> -% 

(c) Stem penultimate -^ in close stem -t- I 

2, Intransitive verbstems also participate in such constiu- 

For example : 

m+lT 55-C^flt 55 ; C^n £tlCT «t^ C^fBT 55 r 

( 792 ) Digitized Oy Google 

Unit XI : Lesson -55 

How to Go to Gauhati and Kamakhya 

w|^ »ft? "TCI I ccn' 5t«fl 

615 ^l^ir, IT*!^ ^t^W CTfl ' f*3 

fit? ^t?m§ ntfl w« ast* c^fl 
juifii »'^? mi I «t^*Ri fsS^ 

«fll51&l^ 4 ^ IW ITCI ^t3t^ 
Ci'CfTf'f I V^lWra JiV^ J|* 5«^ life 

fel^cs 1 15« I6*t^ ^c^ w« ^tre I 
^^c^i^ f*^ *iFi^ *nfV t »tJit»iiii»i 

fit) is possible to go to 
Gauhati from Bhubaneswar 
by train or plane. But (it) 
is not possible to go by bus. 
(One) has to change train 
at Howiah. (It) requires 
about 9i hrs. to reach 
Howrah by train. The 
train from Howrah to 
Gauhati is available in the 
evening. (The) train goes 
Vid Farakka bridge. The 
scenery of both the sides 
arc visible from the tram. 
Several tea-gardens and 
mango gardens are seen. 
But BaLgladesh is not seen- 
New Bangaigaon is reached 
after IShrs. There (one) has 
to change the broad gauge 

( 793 ) 

:y Google 

Am Intensvt Ceuiie 

c«t»*tfe« ^wa Sto <itft ( 

Orf«l I »WMJII5 «I^Jtft CSSfS 
1t«J5^ 5l?S*fll ?55 ^^j ^,1 

eft I iitftit aiii<ja« »cgtc«it 
^miiw "wi eft I 

train. From there (one) has 
to go by metre gauge. (It) 
takes about 5 hours to reach 
Gauhati from New Bangai- 
gaon (The) Kamakshya falls 
on the way. The Nilachal 
hill is on the left of the 
railway. The hill is well 
visible from the train. But 
the Kamakshya temple is not 
seen. A small town has dev- 
eloped in Kamakshya. Many 
tin houses are there. The 
houses could be recognised 
(from distance). (It) is possible 
to go to Kamakshya either by 
bus or by taxi (It) is possible 
to climb the Kamakshya hill 
by foot also- But (it) is not 
possible to go there by auto- 
rickshaw. The river Biahma- 
putra is well visible from 
Kamakshya. The scenery of 

Gauhati also looks fine. On 
the occassion of Ambubasbi 

( 794 ) 


mela many people assemble 
at Kamaksbya. At tbat 
time tbe noise of tbe 
people is audible from dista- 
nce. In the lainy season the 
noise of the river Brahma- 
putra is also audible from 

Subltitutioa Drill 

i I «5RlSli51 li^CSIK m^ lift I 
»WteBT CMPCT m lift I 

««KlEftfl sliSCTCT 1^ lift I 

« I fl«ire n»i m^ f^ •nw i 

( 795 ) DiailizodByGOOgle 

An /ntautwCwM 

»5ltlf9"5 CW Wl«l V'"'R BITCT I 

f^t^-ws c^« 'inf*' *f^t iiw I 


( 796 ) L.o„zodB,Google 

csm 1* sM ft=iw fir i?r>inmi 1 
cw "HSU Eisflfist oiPi 1 

(3t IRt ««1>m !lt1t^ OTf<l I 

c«ai "icfl ^sn ntfisi oif>i I 
ft? ^OTton cicirfi I 

ft? *ist>ijt sp»i CT:«f«i I 


i* ^^ ?5^ «^« •tra I 

i* ^^ T«« «i5fe •mi I 

( 797 ) 


An Intensive Cow* 

5» I 'Sfs asw cv\ Jisiri fft^ •npi i 

<51« filSrtl* CTSI iRfSi *ft!i mpi I 
als fa6l^i» (a»i wfSi ¥fi^ »irt!| ( 

i^ I '5WW fitt^'CTM 11"! enci I 

si^mt aiS'KtiCT iti •itci I 

i« I ^gwSliffi 4 ^ jpig iTin I 
'gSC^^^ei 4 q^r isig eirci - 
'g^wS'iisi \r ffei "lira ntu I 

* ^'^ ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

ma ^fsn «5,C5 ?|iT1W 1151^ I 

ft? »Biin sftw (3WHI 

S^*» Pf^ sfi^ lift 1 
18^^ f»« tTI? lift 1 

>n95CTm f^« iFiT "itft I 

59 ^ttSCT «5 tSf^n ^ lift I 

( 799 ) 


*W^^ "PIT «*I*lBrt ^ «tw^ cst^l . 

^« I C9^< ^?^f **^S¥ft ^ •?![ 9^ I 

^^ *fgH ^«P!l«I ?JW "W «|% I 

«w •Prt 

c^m II^H 1«rt'l 'W* ^It fl^ I 

< 800 ) L„9„zedBvGOOgIe 

<8 1 ^ft^i a^ijf itgtsit ^mv!{\ ifl «l^ I 
tfw a^r^ »tjitt»it 'flits'W lit ofi I 


itlw aw;^ ^tuiOTt isritifti "w tsfii I 

TraDiformaiioa Drill 

(a) To Negative 

* I ?€t?1T4« t^s\ ^ft ^fif? sinij t 

'5i?it-5« (51 ^fl^i »f« vmpt I 

e I I^ISl «Ittl?|JjI cm ceiwt TO I 

e I ci"n •HI 5ni*w ^ii aft i 

C15W tfl 5raww fii c^ctPi I 
1 1 C«H •« 1«twi »1»lb» CTft I 

CT»w tit itw«H »t5it* (aorti I 

* I WW fta ifii •nfi r 

1 1 cxtB^ff »iwit« Site itft I 

( 801 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

An Inttttsive Ccmst 

fvnt^m i^t a^<}3i "ws^t* CTwPi i 

' * ItllW 51^%^ ^ *W ^f*t I 

I rmrj^ ♦wic'it •ni«iN nv cfii I- 
a*^^ ^catisn *i!ii=iiH »w 5of=f » 

(b) To Assertive; 

(c) Other type of Passive. 

* I «»t»l5l^ S^ WRtWa ^^ »ltft I 

'1 1^ c'sl C*IW Its 1 


nn^ 'Wl gatfW^ ^ii nit in i 
!*• 1^ ^5 iisi^its ctw Its I 

■'b I II^Ws? 'Sisitv Off*! I 

1 I f*^ *Bll«llt >lflt1 CIWpC I 

ft^ «t"it<(it spi4 w<(i iitira I 

^siWt^ W^l tft? lit Its ( 

(d) Negative Question. 

> I Ciw:i ita "itri < 

Ciraci 115 citsifi 3 t 

< I itc5':i 111 ciwfi I 
ItCKI iti »Ilft CI t 

« I 5t5 ItPntS Ctft I 

B15 1tPl6l9 CltlfPl CI t 

« I «1CT1 ^1 tit ifil Itft I 

iiciti 5i< lit ifti cmtfi ti ? 

4 I »11t>IIT5 551 iff SfJC« I 

WI1J13 B?1 tff S« It? Cil J 

( 803 ) 


An tnttn^ff Cvmit 


1. Join the appropriate phrases form the right with the 
sentence in the left : 

(x) 5i?fe ssfstSftsi CI cnji in i 

(X) 55 cSflW 

(1) ^tutiiw •nt 
t«) *wixjlx *m 

2. Change into negative : 

Cl) Ct *¥li| ^?« ^ "W r>ft I 
W ^irm <^ «w if«B •nfx . 
(«) »tHn<w "W >sl"t? cirf« I 

3. Fill in the^lanks in the following para. Note that the 

verbal constructions should be in the model of those in 
this lesson : 

i>»t I ^'W^I'nt *w» vnl^ nfi? 1 tea •prij i» 

( 804 ) 


4. Give short replies : 

(I) ^"^ (^"1 ^f»l »ft' IW t 

11) ^TOIJltfl c*CTi» mi •nft t 

(B) «»«i8l ipin «i««w 1^1 «li^ »nti T 

5. Fiame questions of which the following shall he the 

answers. The word undellined shall be the key word in 
the answer. 

(1) isBii4» cm ^ffSi *fii 11PI I 
W cwitf»ii ^?ip i wihh iPw I 
(«) c^WTifya *w«iilt« SiSi "lift I 

( 805 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

An /nimiit" Co»st 









'a name of a bridge' 




'both the sides' 


'at the end of 


'eighteen hours' 



CTI ^t^ 

'railway track 


'on the left 


Tnc Nilachal hiU' 


'is visible 


'is possible (to go etc)' 



fiiH w 

'tin house ' 

ifi^ iilSr t 

'could be recognised from 



■by walk' 


'to climb' 







( 805 ) 


In Assamese 



?t? '§^f^ 



'roaring of river/sea' 

Grammatical & Cultural Notes 

1- Idiomatic Passive is introduced in this lesson. To cons- 
truct this type of Passive simple -I is added to the verb- 
stfm. Only few veibstems participate in this type of 
ccnstruaion. Secondly, the verbs in such construc- 
tion remain in the 3rd person. 

SoDie examples : 

C»1 : OfU "is visible" ; c^Wpt "not visible" 
fSSf : <5f=t "is audible * ; 50ft "noc audible" 
*irt % »ilt^ "is possible, ; c^Stf^ "not possible 
(to do etc.)" (to do etc.)'* 

11 : ilf«i "can be recognised" ; ^^f*\ 'cannot be 


2. To express compulsion. -(1)^ is added to the principal 
vetbstem and is followed by the auxiliary 'sTtt-*, The 
auxiliary is inflected to the required tense etc. 

^^ : ^^-^3 ^\\ 'H " (one) has to do" 

*V?^ ^ti-%^ "(one) shall have to do" 
^;^ ETfl^^flsi "(one) should have done" 

( 807 J 


An Intensive Co-jxh 

*lt : «Ct-^ 9i1t^-il "(one) has to eat" 

CH ! fsi-fl »lt1^-va "(one) has to take" 

3. ^flWtl : Thecentre of education, culture and comtnerce. 

The biggest city in Assam. Now the capital is 
temporarily shifted to the south-east of Gauhati. 

4. ^tHWjt : The temple of mother Goddess Kamakhya It is 

one of the centre of Sakti. On the oqpasion of 
Ambubasi, a great fair is held. In Kamakhya, 
animals and birds are regularly sacrificed. 

5. f^ItSt : The earth is customarily conceived to be fetoi* 

nine. It is customarily believed that the monthly 
course of the earth falls due annually The 
people keep things away from the direct touch 
of the earth. On the iourdi day people get 
clothes, utensils etc. washed. 

.y Google 

fn A55diiiem 


Unit XI : Lesson— 55 

^ eft, W5^ '^^^ 

1* ^flfelt ?5tC« Pt»f4 

^ft'BB f*raTifi cii^ft- 
«tTwsit fw^ c^mw I 

'fWf 1"^ C^tCTtV 

( i 

Jamal ; Hallo Ismail, we are 
meeting after a lor^ 
interval. How are 
you ? What are you 
doing ? 

Ismail : Oh yes, (dear) friend, 
we arc meeting after 
a long time. I am 
som«^how pulling on. 
I am working here 
now. I joined police 
in 1972. Now I am 
in fire-brigade. What 
are you doing ? 

Jamal : Donot ask (me what) 
is my fate. I joined as 
fee-collector in the 
office of the Mauzadar, 
Poor people can't pay 
revalue. (We) have 





^3S( C^^il sit? t 
^Jt .9^ CI f» . . 

^|<5 *Jli?l Ml, ^fBt 

to acquire (theiEsV 
movable piopetties. 
Sometimes (we) have 
to serve notice of 
evacuatioi).-No ana- 
ngement for foo&ig , 
etc. "What (is) the 
■ ' . ■ condition ot the poor t 

Isma^ : My service is also not 
good. When there is 
fire somewhere, (we) 
have to ruch. No eating 
&. sleeping. How diffi- 
cult it is to exdi^uisb 
fire. (We) have to go 
to unaoiessible place- 
To bring water by pipe 
from tank oi well, to 
pour water to fire, o: 
, to sprinkle sand to file 

etc. are our duty. We 
have also to help save 
the inmates, to eztraa 
clothings, to cany linBU 

( 810 ) 


sin I ^5-n f» 
wista ii«in» ! 

^ Clfl WC1 5:t ! 

to safe place. What 
the helpless cry of the 

bouse-Ioids ! Some- 
times the hous^lord 
tries to jump into 
■fire. (It) touches the 


i I cw »6atsn, au fnH^ ^t m ifesf i 

C5< ?5«l?fl «It^» fti!^ ^^3 C^ll »tt$C»l' I 

■i 1 CTR ^ts t 
CTH 111? ^ 

« I «n[5i' It* ^fl»a*t< 1 
•iicsf irt C»tPI«C» I 


< 811 > 


Ah InteHsim Cm 

8 I ^* >ilf^91 *9tC» s\^T^ -^^ I 
«* «nfti»»^ ^ics B>*ft »c«* » 
»i? ^^' t5tc5 Bt*t^ ^prf 1 

' ' CTWtlSf 

( 812 ) 

.y Google 

b- 1 ii*B ^ife» "IWH fin piWCT I 
5^ ^1^ »fl«Rt ft^ CHtflW I 

5*Bt ^liw wre finciiWCT i 

»a I «im WOT Sift 1 



* An in(«iMive V.0II1M 

^ ? -. 

»« 1 •»?( «Ht. It^ tm 'Stfij«I13» »™ I 

' , It^^ "HI, ?1fei bS«5I «itft "«pt* *t<l I 


•tf^ I'd, flft 5lSaai wf» 355 *w I 
? - 

fictn ^ft Sfti«r 

*it*m »lpi ^««t wfta *f« tnci 1 

i'< I ^«w f* vim ■<irSH« • 

CftMHI ^^< ftw ^^ ^ ff^*1 9St I 

"""^-^.^ ( 814 ) Diai.zodBjGoOgle 

,_ few 

5S ( « Cl^t fltCT =31? I - 



Vcriation Drill ; (Word order) 

■SI- ^1 5pn5i « f* ^sliw I , 

, Transpositipo Drill 

(a) To Negative. 
^1 •af<S5t»ifilf>w'»i*atft?ti5 tttsf I 

< I ., »iww i°»l'"w *nw »ft^ •itPl I 
•riww •i'*!'^^ *w^ *ft^ irtBiin i 

( 815 ) 

An ImuniiM CpNne 

(b) To Interrogative : 

■> I ifra fttw >it»ti ft' CTUic^ I 

O I ^-^ ^ wf 1 ft? C<ltt» I 

■^\ ^■m't ft? (WW CTf» t 
8 I "HOT cfl^? ill* I 

(c) To Infinitive. 

^«rt •Hf »ft^ lift? mpi I 

1 1 qjs •it^ m *? »fi? •«« 1 
^E9 *tl^ piftw 11PI I 


( 816 ) 

« I ^tc»tii t=i^liif ii?t»i fsniT «ilfi( »fi^ !I1PI 

Quesdon-Rcapoate Drill 

■an— 5» «5 c"ffe5' "H ifi tscs ? 

%5^ ^53 {^M ^^ 5t 3^ 5l5It5lflt ^5C5 I 

S«^— l65t?W >S1i 5=13 11*163 a^l *fm I 

2W- laftst ft f '« stts ? 

S«f— JlfSSt f>l'«^fit Pw'l* tfs.^ SIR I 

^— aww iafi!5i ftw *153 pnii^ts i 
•srs— fwi'i* ^tfHlra *'« »wt iiift mtf« flit' 
Ssf— P'fl'i? itft=ftc? j'sn iWt iif=n itti ( 

< 817 ) 


An /ittnuiiu Goww 

4w— ^ tt* 5»n, *f«i Btl8«r, •it«[5 ^cBir, *itw 
«1si Sfii«jt lift ^fw »iw 

1. Give short reply : 

(«l) fwlil ftil^ ^VS 5C9t "llteift Sk* T 
(H) ftltil 6ira ^smtW <lf»155 »« »RCS t 

(«) 11^ «I»T CTCT ? 

W IJRt'l* ^ft?H *t» ft ft ! 

Z Change into question of which the following shall be the 
reply. The underlined ward/i^iiase shall be the key wocd/ 
phlase in the answer : 

W te^fen •<ft« *«« 61^^ ^CT 1 

(1) f^m%w ii»ii(wpww> 

( 818 ) Diai.zodBjGoOgIc 

3. Transform as per tlie model : 

Model : Itft «!t WWt TH *fta ltd I »ltpl ^i! 51 

(<!) "W^ •nt It^l »Ht IBW *™ 1 

(1) iM^ ta 5if»i sftsst I 

(Br wn»^(Tii< =wi I 
, Model ; ^fs StE^if^ ^Sb ft^ wtCT I >«(tifl^ ?tn 

(1) (J5^ ^13 m'l fiR dlCB I 

W St* f J(< •HI It^'l StfsH itia 1 

(«) !it •wfw fsv «nra I 

4. Choose the cortert answer : 

4 I ?»« TlB^ U» 

( 819 ) 


An /nKiutw CautM 

M) CTCH illti f^v'n* ^tft^ «^ aid ! 
> I IMl sat 

w) ^^ «w w« ^•it r* »f^^ c<iio» ? 

« 1 ^ Bi'i lif^ 
W T«Rt f'fin?! i"tfw f» ?» ? 

51 W? 

*i 9PIW 


fl^pifn 'meeting 

Bl*f^ 'service* 

^ l^?l'*w 'lire brigade* 

ctWw 'one who takes contiact 

of collecting revenue texa 

fHW 'revenue collecting clerk' 

^I^ 'fublic' 

( 820 » 


In As^mese 

'movable property' 












'eating & sleeping' 












"to pour (water)' 




'to sprinkle' 


'safe (place/ 





Grammatical Notes 

1. The construction of verbal noun is introduced here. For 
this purpose -^ or -^ (-^\ is more formal whereas -«lt 
is colloquial) is aded to the verbstem subject to the regu- 
lar morphophonemic rule. The verbal noun thus 
constructed can function as subject or object of the 

, verbi eg. : 

'( 821 > 

cy Google 

An tntmsiveCoursi 

adding -«lt 


'the act of eating" 
" „ „ ,, extinguis- 
hing fire" 
" „ „ „ sprinkling^ 

example of 
ading -^^ 

<H + ^^^- ^^^ "the act of eating" 
i:iT+'Pl-c?nT5t ■' „ „ „ sleeping'' 
f»ra+s(^^=f^^ " „ „ , wearing" 

The causative vetbstcms may also participate in the 
formation of verbal noun. In such case the verbal aoun 
suffix is only -^ : 

nctive verbstem 


verbal noun of causative 

^5- surviive 

'Wl- "come out" 

*tF- "read" 


^BT+«n>^C6t5T ' the act ot 

9!>i8T+«lt>*f»l«W "thca.-t 
ot Cdusmg 
someone co- 
mmg out" 

15^41+ 'n>»l?^'S^ "tht act 
of teadiing'' 

( 822 ) 

.y Google 

Unit XI : Lesson -57 
Revued Lesson 

jiSt w»tfl ssit iits I ftitsws wK«ii isisft IIS 1 fwwn 
«wfas fSw 1 ftiMM OlJIW B^1CT-l ^^» 1HW*l Hl{ I 

Jis ct"i aif fa* t'il'iftCT »'i I ?tff«'^» W151I •rra-«ra i?n»i 

(71% nn *Tt«HS'» SsSiH ilK^ «l<6 *1! 55 I IWS 1«S ifiltPI 
515 ITS c«*l CII^I ^15 I «t[5!C5 "111^ ^.*I5 CItWI CIKI itfeei I 

•11* jwssiit "iif!f<tii fiiai 5^ I "nil* vSti iHiq ftsi 5^ 1 

«i«fra c^ti ^nfSi *fi? men 1 asi* «« «ft« mti 1 ^ flifiimt 
11 =nf^^ "Tpi I CTW5I iili«i ^H ltd I 'i'sm i"»iN *nt* 
»fw im 1 Scsin sffis ft< 5IIC1 I 
f«»i»ra »w's "ni^ 111 siii* otfi 1 taw IS; w?« 6»t 1 'I'm 
•m t?i» «i»iS» sfi* iit^ I cifc^n f»a iM^ csuif% I «nlft 
^iti in ♦nff 1 f»? fpimti IK ctmf^ 1 c^«'« f*if*s^ 
irsfi 'Biii? «(=! I «jni5lt«i c«ici aw lift I c«w it inw- 
>B »i>it* nf«i I *w<iin ffeia ^<wi ifti *itft 1 ctiw fl^ 
S*!' ^^ "W t9f>i I awjan 11ft »wt* oif>i 1 

^ scirai JR »^« I $aw "ni it^ 111 fW *fti itn 1 
atfii 6f6«»t, tHi 5!it «iifts »fta qitt I "115? «ent itft *w 
*fti ilcn I fKW *lft Sfii«i itfi aitnt f fta sitpi 1 

( 823 ) L>o,,zoaB,Google 

An InteKSivt CmK 

Sabititiitum Drill 

<5t!! C^^MCSIt 5tS< 5tfi "lln I 
5t« C^^« I5T«f llf^? snCf I 


SIS CT?«l8t« SIS! spiff Itfe I 

ftst*ra^ w^ ^PiPH I 

^■PKB itlfft* ClWfa ®^ 1 

( 824 ). 

Digit zed Oy 


■ n Astamcie 

»i%^5 ^1^1 n-mr^ C1I51 ins ! 


f™ « 

W« niimu ftst « I 

«1« WS fell 53 I 

II CTl >ra ^TftusH Siife< ^Ki «H5 wi R I 
piS i(ii »ifinOT «irai? iitR 5^5 *fl 5, , 

"i •W'ra iic«i« »iftiiiti cw C1U1 im I 
•i>na ^c* iftiici till c^isi «5 I 


( 825 ) 

An fntmjiw Coutm 
f St? WOT 1^ SWt* (?ff<l t 

5« I »5w lit in»c^ »« I 
»>( "WfSl «^Spl&» i« Its t 


c^«ia «w6h ^nf% wsit^ ofsf t 

( 826 ) D,s,,zoaB,GoOglc 

>o I «mi* 4iiipi«i iif»?ti fist w I 

•I1I11» 5«CTISI »llt»«tsi felt hcS I 

«W» 5515111 "nfi^fl Sal ?'fi I 
»9 I itiil* Itsifl "il^Jil fist ;? I 

•nit* i^ii it^Jn fim w i 

•1 itet 

«itiif^ ^jnt"^ it^9i figi ^q t 


•itit* wiiii mlf fust i«s I 

•iwi* •miifl ^iitfl fiw 5'»i I 
« I »i«FS «n wffii »ft5 sitci I 

fH^ts C11 I5lfi *ff5 »iicn ^ 


Willis «»i >i«iPi ?fi^ Jitm I 
>» I asw cw ifti itCT I 


( 827 ) 

ft^f^w (S^ ff*^ »lTcf I 

» ' sterol iffin ^w 8IICT I 
fifRt ii?i^ m •npt I 



( 838 ) L„o,,zoaB,Google 

Sc65»^ a1>i«1 ft? sitpi I 

»> I aTOi5ft»i c^c»w flt' lift I 

wntfl tSIFiCT in •Itft 1 

»iiit"i cacin iti 11PI I 
c'»« •m n^cist suit* wPi I 

*« f cisiH «?-S^fi w^ •!« <5pl I „ ^ „ Cooalp 

*^ Digit zed Cy V.3tJtjy It 

( 829 I 

An [nteniift Cowu 

«w «!H n^-S^fi f^ •w ofi I 
swcrai lottii ?ii "w efii I 
sniws^ 19CT5I 5^ •m !Siii m I 

^« I fan 'Wi ti€t w »w f f^5 511PI I 

11*1' *w itsfr i»t TW ^#! itpi I 
*l5ft' mt ^fJi lit f n *fT5 ttiti I 

^1^ 4lbt4t ^ft *t*t ^% Itpt I 

f 830 ) 

^ic^^»tfii SlJrasi lift »n ^^ wpi I 

TransfbroMtioo Drill 

(a) To Negative 

wintH f»ist=i "ptsi il* sua P 
* 1 »5f! n^icat 51« Sift lire I 

»?f3 ^lOT 5I«? 5tft 11* I 

>» I «i3 avi^i^ "^iM^ Iwt »5 1 
«1« aii»tfr* «itf»^tn fim ira i 
8 1 iws wi^ ifvitti BW cm iiira I 

« I ^fflW m^t") it«l«i Iw « I 
^w* n4'i?i M^ fwi TO1 I 

1 1 «ilii'9« <m ^^ *ft^ »itM I 
^^ft'ifS* cw ^(ft ^ft^ IWCT I 

( 831 ) 


An Intensive Count 

n»n »wi suit* CTwri I 

»« I CWH 5ft-S«ft ^^ "WI spt I 

=ltSl Bl6«5t, IPfl Elf Itft »ftfl WIPI I 

(b) To Other type of Passive. 
«5t?t?lt»I C1C»CT IR "Wt TO I 

( 832 ) Diai.zodBjGoOgIc 

« I oma 51^ Sv'ii ^< "Wt sfit I 
(TRW 5ft S»f» ^« »w ^11 "ns < 

c^fesi'ij pif^st araft sii"j» gut ^5 1 
(c) To Present/Future. 

< I 5tfis Wi!«IT »Wsi^ cflJt «« 1 

« I (fii^^ *ifa^st^ ©ijgH^ ^c^ «W5 5^f 5? ( 
CT? >i^ fifwa^ ?flw^ ^< I's "f^t »< I 

« I •IW* 1t«S!I Wi«l frjl PT I 

«n5w 'n«bi "tntei f« sj i 
« I 5t«fts cfn ^w^ vU^ silpi I 

5r«^1^ C^ ^^ 'f^^ ItpR I 


( 833 ) '^ 

An Intensim Count 

b- 1 5JH "rtt 11^ s=n *t!i ^fn sti ' 
jjff ir irft Wll »lil ^ftil eitfim ' 

b" r »tc»i™ •tf% fe^Mst »iial »fri 5'ici I 
«tpm »tfi| ^«t »iw »ft^ lift? 1 

(d) To Interrogative : 

»i»1<i>M few ^iCT^ if{^ itfi w»"( r 

« I ?l«^i« c^ei ^iT^ ^f^fl BiTPI I 

5i«ra cw *if« t^ •ttti cif* ? 


( 834 ) 

Unic XI : Lesson— S8 
Test Lesson— CHILIKA 

ftfffl^t -il^i 5T t ^ ^flt*t"J« Cbilika is a lake 
»T^t tr* ^l^fl fl« I fsfe^lt^l about 8Jkms. away 
C^eiCT ^l^*nft < 'S't'i tree's Bhubaneswar. (It) is pos 
^11 *l1t^ . itww 11^^51 5tft fsf^ to gj there by train. ( 
^\ siltl I ftf?l*t1 atafs *lf?l«I? I can go there also by bus 
»1fsi»lli»l lIHt' "m •lt« I ^»^ bus, it takes about 3 1 
•nt *11il»tt< fifltaM af-W Ifft i time. Kalijai is in the I 
f%? aPmSt api) c^iuif' inffl of Chilika It is possibl 
fsfswra WI«! 5<H ftfi^llft c»fl I go to Kalijai by boat. 
fef!l?ra aE» •Iftiirei "15 C1UI rocics of Kalijai could 
ms fSfil*!"! JlSl ci'lalf?^ «|f«M- recognised from distance 
C»a -Stl^ W ^« I fjfw; Jl<l^ the temple could not be i 
B1«1*II in I =BC5I» «W *tni9 gn.ied. In the winwr vai 
fcfJIW C'6 spw I a>H»n1» of birds could be founi 
ftf»wun.«iS'fc5lf6fw W Chilika. A lotoffishc 
^Bt SfRSsn •IW I sra am- available at Chilika. A i 
(?nm IWrtg ims l M'\m^ tls- training centre is also est 
vfm "WW »if« «ta cafi f»a I ^heJ at Chilika. Chilika 
ft^fmam RctiJsi elflH r«5t beautiful place to see. It i 
Rl Wt'WtCTlWSB-st'Wfl^ a very nice pic-nic spot 
^i%^?55l tourists should be s 

Cbilika. There is a Bui 
on the bank of the CI 


An Intensive Course 

Theie is arrangement for 
fooding. The tisher-men ply 
boats in the Cliilika in the 
evening. The fish from Chilika 
is exported to foreign countr-- 
es. Fiom this, sufficient 
foreign exchange is earned 
by the Govt . 

Te*t Itemi 

1. Give short replies : 

2. Form verbal nouns from the following vtrb-roots and u« 
them in sentences : 

It-, *lp-, (S^n-, 'TT-, f^l- 1 

3. Form the causative verb from the followiug verb- toots and 
use them in sentences : 

«n-, IB-. ««t-, ^^-, eill-, 5^t-, ^^- f ^ , 


Jf-n AjMMCM 

4. Form veibal nouns from the causative roots consttucted 
under question no. 3 and use them in sentences : 

5. Conjplete sentences with the appropriate forms cf the 
stems. The consuuctions should .be in the passive 
voic : 

(?) W 2t5^ 116 *1t- I 

(1) ijJlsw sl*n»5 «>isl9t «f'.Vl ft- I 

(S' iiBfta5S!l«|f«it- I 

6. Convert the following idiomatic passive constructions to 
other type of passive constructions ; 

(1) c^fe«i'« SsK^I^ ii«m »iai» ^ft I 

W c<54' til ifsi pmfi I 

7. Change into Negative : 

(>c) ofeiasawiSl^^rsf^^ft i 
(1) »I<R5|W "wn'^ fw ?? I 
W teitss M-rf <j«il "nn^ *r ?« I 
(«) Ji?*«n C5W« 1^^ iiftfw 1 


An Inttnsivt Course 

8. Turn into interrogative : 

(» ) «ivni ami* c»f« I 

(1) CTfe«'s fea"i?< 1^1 «t»ft* «fsi I 

(1) lafiift IS 'nm:^ «^i I 

(1) iij" s«imii cimr 5a i 

(«) csS* *^»i isifs fai t^fjsi I 

9. Use the following verb-stems in causative + passive con- 


CT<I-, 15-, =)15-,«lt-, «H-I 


Unit XII : Lesson -59 
Having Returned from Kashmir 


fnars 5ft=i Tif* f*^t 

^C5lf t 


(After) touring in 
Kashmir we came 
bai'^ very soon. 
Staying at Delhi foi 
two days we purcha- 
sed something. Flitt- 
ing the daughter in 
a hostel (we) came 
back. The train leav- 
es at 11 o'clock. 
(After) taking food 
etc we entered into 
the train. 


^■vn ft*i sic?n' I ^f^ 

Rangan : When have you 
arrived at Bhubane- 


( 839 ) 

: (We) arrived at 
Bhubaneswar at 9-05 
p. m. Getting down 
there (we) took a 
rickshaw. (We) 

An rntensive Course 

arrived at the resi- 
dence at 9-30 p m. 
(Aftpr) paying Rs-ij- 
to the rickshav 
puller, we bade hita 
bye. (After) washing 
our hands & feet 
(we) have slept. 

^rtT : ffi'^C^n^r ^C*fl5tT?«T it6 Rangm : The son who was 


ftcscp «f»i*t fi ^^ est* 
'S'taT^ Ofi* «(«"t idlest 

"«9( I 


waiting for you has 
»Iept a while ago. 
The boy servant also, 
who was oJoking food* 
was waiting for you. 

Yes, by the time we 
catnc the food etc. 
became cold- Mrs. 
(after) heating (it) 
tor sometime served 
(it) me for eating. 
After boiling the milk 
fshc) gave me for 
drinking. She also 
took (milk) herself. 
The meat curry was 
little excess After 

( 840 ) 


keeping tlie «xc«ss 
<:urTy in a cup, (she) 
kept it bidden under 
a bamboo) basket. 

Baild->p DiitI 

itfs ^ff "Itftpit' I 

lift ait «ft piwjici T^ft aiftpif 1 

Sals ft^i f<f< r*ftpii" I 

Wis 5fiH xif» fijiii f^ft f*picii' ( 

*8f3 "llftpif I 

Digit zei 

( 841 ) 


An iMmim Count 

wift tfe»if t 

^fr cvw CTH1 '^ ctsra ^^»!f t 

^fe i lifti "lis ftf"8«'f»i3« iipf I 

«re snh .«« ftw 8nc*if i 


. . • -^ / 

MW =* «ra wt •flpjf I 

Wf« W^ "» WIS W •I1OTI"'» 

lines' t 
• aiw w ^ c«l» "(flis fe" I 

B|f»«IC»l I 

( «2 > 

atf«» t«l «1t9lW Sift Xll 1 

SobitUatioB Drill 

> (*) Xft *"ft« ail »ft CTt^wti »^fi iifttif ( 

to sift »t*f ail ^ft CTtwici < f^ iifstm' i 

•itft »i^i ail »S CTl»«ttfl S»f« wfent" I 

•itft »f*« an fft CTPWici SsiS iiRpif ( 

itfii *t^ ait »ft (?iR*w ^R itftwf < 
^ I (?) W« sfti "f* f»<it f^ft f»fipit' I 

Ws 5fiR 1** f**; Wi ft'^HCT' I 
<<i) R^ jfR «nP» f*« ftft fifstsif I 

ft^ 5ft^ "ltf» f*?t ftft 1t"t' I 

( 843 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

Jb¥ ItamsiiK Com* 

U^ 5f»>i "llf* f»?t f^f> llf'wf 1 


fiiBl« gfM 111^ f«tf»f*BlPir' I 

111^ 'sm^ «ra •<« t 


ftmsi iSW «,S JK» I 

CTx i««i wra Btw I 

c 844 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

In Assameat 

■«1*J^ ' ■■'■ 

1 1 (^) iSa sitfii ^« ft^it siillf I , 

«l^ ^ifil JPR CS^ eiCBlf I ;.,, 

CT^Wf^ '^ -I 

si« in|>i j«si ^cSi ftw'tipjf I 

(I) «ra illlil Jixst ftW eipif I ' ' ' 

ws lift j;«H m* "iftraf i" 
V I (») Simii* gS»t ft fiiin ftc*if I 

fmsww 1*61 ft ftma ftpif I 

»ttt " ^ 

ft«ni*rt^ 'BW ft f^ %»!f I 

(<f> f^WWIW 5?^ ft flKB ftwf I 

/ g/g \ DigitizedOydOOQiC 

An /RfoM^Qiiiiji 

ft^fttflW 5S»I ft f«lt5 »ftpil" I 

tpit'tb' i» 5^ .4? iia «? •tfns 1 

^5 Bt? - ~ 

eWiSira n« »ft ^ Bt? ^tfsi i ■ . 

Tronafomiatioa Drill i Chiidge of Tenie 

i>0 ^S •!>» wi *ft c>in»tcii ^Jr wftn i 

», I ^in sft^ <iif% ft^t f*^ ftfiicif I 
(*) fit^ 5Si( icf* fint f«ft t»r<ife«t' 1 ' 
W) ^im gfti «(ir» fsRt ftfi ftft^ I 

(1) (iW»i>»** «lc0>i Ji>ij t^ Ssfs "i[ffii r 
( 846 ) 


7k Assamese 

(*) tlfr C1tTC«'t51 '^ft'CTB^ Sftfelf I 

I isrB "nft ■iw ftw "K"!!' 1 
(*) sra iitft >a«w ft« ^fjpif I 
W «ra infs iii<H ftw 11 1 

(1) t^Tut»n*^tfiiftt«fi>ii 

NctatiTe Ifiuufoi 

It ^ -'"^ 

TrasipoiUioD'' Drill ' 

■' - : . ' •, na.-zch.OoOgle 

ilji /nCtMiw Csmi 

wft 31S Sis c<Bi cmr *ftCT i 

« r 5t*«6tC5 BIS ^ift ^^ Hlfssi I 

fuses CTI* It'il ft 11*^ ll^ »ftfi«1 I 
OK^ Wtfl ft iMlir"(R3 listen I 


1. CoQJoin eadi pair of seateaces : 

W lift Spot Hpn' I ■51' nf»<5 (?ini»tCT S'fs irftcif i 
<1) ft ftiimit* •tSsi ftw I an nm fi«n ftpi r 

(^ sft CTBftllJt ifttsi I Sl< "VtS «« S?!| 1 

(s) nftWT «*ifr>tft S15IW I *iw v^ii r««i i 
(B) 6tCT llC^^tbl tS 6H illfpi I Jimn «1l? in I 
ft) w»t*|pcft flfss <tw I sn nits sifif iti i 

2, Change the tense of the fioate verb to future/pr«seac : 

W lift ittw g« »ft ciH»tc7 \ft liiscii I 

( 848 ) L.o,,zoaB,Google 

(1) ftsffs jfiisi «llf» f«t f*h f*firt»lf < 

W) itPi cnmia\ »ft c»»re sten' i 
l^) I'^tBlCT 'iS 61* 5r» s? tf^ts ) 
IS) BI»^CSlH 9tS ^if» t< tlfsi I 

3. Substitute the underlined words by the new ones ? 

W f»c5g iw *ft CT^ xuj" r»ci I (Stt, ▼!) 
(1) »rtn8rajii8 5t» jifMi ts* iftre I (1?, <\»i) 
(^1 fil^ slipl tif* f*?l ftft f»flcsn' I (JlHIl 
(e) 1? 'Bf^w 5? ol ificn" I C!M5, fits) 

4. Provide the subject noun ; 

(I) «!« ^ft >aii ft* ICTi' I 

«) C^ BBlftN «f«« t^ 5ir» '^11 I 

<«) irtwf«i^« •itm w* imJi fei 1 


31*1 ^ 'travelling, having travelled" 

CTll^OT 'soon' 


( 849 » * 

An InUnapt Cemie 

"O^' 'staying' 

tf 'keeping' 

^*CT 'leaves' 

Cti^, (?1W »ft 'having eaten' 

'(we) got into' 
=1 ^ *Tt5 fjrfijfe *5 munites past nine o'clock* 

*^fM ' (we) reached, arrived at' 

P« »T ^»t *balf past nine o'clock' 

ft?iifll*rt 'rickshaw puller' 

"■f% 'foot' 

?* 'having washed' 

^t*tf^(?ii\ '(we fell asleep' 

f*^ f^ft 'something' 

f^''f^ 'name of a place' 

ifl^ 'eleven' 

fifts fwCTf 'gave tare well' 

fl'S 'hand' 

Grammatical Notes 

1. Joining of two scntoices by uang participle -^ is iittRr 
duced here. The infinate veibform in -% remaiu 
unchanged irrespective of the petson of the subject nooa 
It also does not change in ccmcoid with the tense of the 
finate verb Example : — 

^ + ^ - ^f^ "having done" 

( 850 ) DigitizedOyGoOgle 

"It+t=>l1^ "having eaten" 
^+4-ftl'l "bavins written" 

2. The Verb-roots ending in -^ take oblique shapes in -^ 
when -t is added to. Example : 

( 851 ) 

An tnlennvt Count 

Unit XII : Lesson -60 


^^s bsfsn I ttft 'SI'S 

??B <ai1 ^tfs ^5fS91 I 

c=n"w itUics 'nil 

91!$ ^C^ ^^ »TllfsBI I 
CTI^PS (?1? ^ (?IH 

e^!^ : 'Wlft ai»iii^?i ^^[^5 =ift^t Banerjce : While we were 
going to Assam the 
rainy season began 
While we were staying 
there, a big llooa occur- 
red The agriculture 
was totally damaged. 
While coming by train 
we ;aw innumerable 
dead bodies. Bcnes & 
Skulls ot men and cows 
found place in the agri- 
cultural land. I could not 
forget that scenary for 
several days. While 
eating and sleeping that 
scenary came to my 

9W^ : CT15T>t«!5 wlf"^^ w\ni?\ ChakraTarty : We also star 

Wl^fsicffif I ■ ^st^^l^ «it4- ted for Assam last mon- 

CT^^lst'nHl^'^i'iVwWi While t(we> were 

-. - ■W^ 11* «(f?tfl! H1^ I reaching. New Banjai- 

< 852 ) 

:y Google 

»11 *H I 

gaon, news of flood 
appealed. The ttain did 
not proceed. While 
listening to radio every- 
thing became cleat. 
While (it) vas being 
repaired, the embank- 
ment l-ioke. In giving 
financial assistance, the 
Govt exchequer was 
exhausted. The New- 
Delhi will provide food- 
drains- In bringing 
those, it would take 
about 7 days. 

Build up Drill 

^t^^^ ^^^^ ^5(551 1 

^U ^4pS i!Tfi?t «ft^g t^ftPlt 

^ft ^wn^ffi mats ^if^^T «T^9 ^fw I 
( 853 ) 

.y Google 

An InttnsiM Coast 

w? ^tf it* itsSn I 

115» 1^ 51^ ^^ ii^ •tt^fw 1 

c«(f« •Nt?* ws? iw ws i« it* tiidBi I 

tt?« =iifem' I 

si* tts^t =itfkm' I 

(31* 511 1? IRft sttfeflt' 1 

(?it ^"0 1* m^ fttt" "nsr itfesit' I 

PI? ^ si^in ^ftf« I 

«tn (?i* fu ■wl»i ^fsfsJi I 

«it«r5 cities «iin <?i* yit snti itftfji 1 

( 854 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

iBtit^ 'n-is.1% ^w^^ «B^ vm I 

•WOTI "^ »'»! I 
1?1»I "WWl "t^ ^•si I 

i« I «<ii3f^ »tf«i ' 

«lPW W1! fc(4W* 5^»1« <|il««!W %l(! «'« I 

SnlHtitiition Drill 

i I (») wift TOistBi 5i4[i5 aift^i iMB t«rw I 

•nf* "mitf itctics ^ftit wws i<fi»i i 

"WIS «nt#,ra 

^f>i »niiiis "nc+irs ^tf^^ "iiTO t^fw I 

^|j| ^w c>iw4ts itfipit «ii^s bsfw I 
I'm bi it4cs 

lift «>1>1 bl 1l4t!5 Itftit «W8 &!fi>I I 

( 855 ) L,,zo«.,Google 

An Intennve Caoie 

(1) itft "oinifl iiare flf«' «i^s isljn i 

wf* "praSsi mats ^sia «itT3 ^si i 

^ft ^Ilij^sl iitac^ ^8^51 aii^g ^sfsi ■ 
(1) lift «Bn^5i vai's iiTm "itis i^fssi I 

«nft •urti il4i» flPni il^ftsi c 

Itfit 'Put" ?t«C« ^fW t5f»»i I 

«nfs ws 111*1^ ^6i «is' fliiii* tsfw I 
^ ^^ 

( 856 ) 


S I (*) C^rS Itfj 11C1 >H0 t»fS51 

c«ir«<ii»n "Hcfli^ isfpi I 
<<() c<if» snfs >qj»i 1$ ttft" I 

Ct) cfe ^% i^OT ^^ bffti i 

C^CTI^ JWtS «l^<D >«M CTfl'tC"!" I 

» I W dfe liiTO "im i« W5 IM in •ntfs" < 
c<(f« "WTs Oj m^ »f? i« in *ii*iw,< 

(<0 nfs itm •«ti i»< W5 11 iit ittfpi t 
< 857 ) 


An /irtaube CbwH 


e«r« "raws «w 5rf» »»H iiiS mtftsi r 

c<if3 »w>r5 in?! Tw "f "» is iHfw i ■ 
tnt c«if« "wiTO si5» i»» 515 ^< is •ntfii > 

c<ifs »nws 11^ i»T 5t5 ^ in ^((ii 

■^ I (») C* yn >t ?55 ft'it llsfH tft ^iftwi" » 

«) c>i» 5"n »» a« ff^Uft ii^fij •HI flftpif ► 

V- (»' «ll4tSC^Sn«IIC9CT*p>'^W«ltftft»H 

ticr'ra Si^rc* 

Plt*fp5 ^rc5 fiflc* eft ^ ^^^ ^iftfrr t 

Diai.zodB, Google 

«'&» onto 4ttra PI? J1J 1^5 ifttssi I 

VariatioD Drill 

JHfil w?»l «14C3 'tff«t m«s ^"sn I 
wfi •mutsi v4vi ^iiis «iN^i nws t«ft»i I 

CWM wll$TC« lift 11!«J "WII CTf'fSWl' I 

«ct» wkJot "niK «>i!«n 'Hi'i Bf! nff fpi i 

C<lf« •M«« S19? 'PM «i? ^c» at lllfpi I 
C«lf« IXH HI?? <1« 51? ic»« •5ft iWsfl I 

(lit ^in WF5 ftfl^ CTi? 15?^ *wt n6 cm s'ifS'l I 
«^ (?it*» awi Pit 5*0 CT11 «'» 6J1 «iif5 

Netf«iTeTr<BifD«n«rioil Drill 

mfi wiit»i ii^is «ift^i »rts Jefpi 
•iifii 'wit'i w4ra ^flt "n^s «t»i itfiin I 

om« "nttiw «iiOi "ni"! o«t =nfK»if i 
( 859 ) 


Am ttaaatve Coun- 

'isrtitS »ft^cs? TOitifrt iw «5it«i I 
'«i»^i4 it'Scsa «s.iw>( <m latfltfl > 

«nft» iwn f»to ^5s 6*1 "US ? B I 

wf%* H1»l^ fij&« C^^ft 6*T *«5 515'n I 

«mn "iw »ilt*tr5 "iraS^i si^sitpi i 

Ivtegratiaa L rill 

«•* ^tn ^4p! ji6i 5^6^ «I5«II 

■t I B^*ic» HWii f(re»t I «ra ?5« MB t**! I 
M*tn it«i^ f^sra iiFi ««6 5 »i t 

» t »?'i^? cwifs *ft iiw I >«PP5 iiiSft wilin » 

»^'l»* CTOSfiS *f< «fIt*K« ItlSft «1(WI 
6WIH PSRW "ItRIPS 'ff^^ »nf5B 1 

( seo > 



1. Construct conjunctive verb-forms in the modi 
below and use them in sentences ; 


*+to : <lt4ra 


2. Change into Negative : 

7) Win •ncics W"i ort'ife'if i 

(<) «iifr vTRi mi^^'vs ^ftT in« hft"! I 

(1) "it'si's oft pi "nt" iiw I 

n) 1WTO Wra 6i*w TO's S»t "Bf w I 

(«) citwi •tprra sfiH •nf'B I 

3. Fill in the blanks : 

(») lit ^f?^« ift — — Cf^t islft*! I 

M) c»5 n^i «M ^1 ^tfw I 

(1) ^ftwB^ ^ft^«IW8b!fis»II, 

W ow^fe *fi wSfi Btfeji 1 

( 861 ) 


(6) ftfi<R *• WlS fltPl"! I 

Split the sentences into two as per the model : 
Model : «i|fi wntfl ii«cs lf«i ^«a isfei 

(1) «t«CT «lttK5 ^fs «»3 "nn wftfepn' i 
(1) •« <n&5 (?i? IV &t^ win ^l^f*"! I 


'while going' 




'>'«• . 








"ootn field' 








'rainy seaaoo' 

( 862 ) L.o,izodB,Google 

/« Assamese 


while staying' 








'dead body' 






'while eating' 


"while sleeping' 










'while listening' 







1=1 »t«H 





■food grain' 


'while bmgiur 

GranuDBtical NfrtOT 

1. The joining of two sentences b; the ase o£ 

t 863 ) 

.y Google 

An intmawt Coax 

patticiple -Acs is introduced here. When -4c9 is added 
to, the -t4 eading verbstems take oblique sfaapes in -t : 

lt+ &«-^t4t» 

2. In case ot present contiajous or past continuous velb- 
fbrm, the -Acs is added to the auxiliary ''t\^\ which 
replaces the auxiliary 'aiTi^' in the finate verb position. 

( 864 ) 


UnltXll : Lesson— 6 f 

With the ChiMren in the Evening 

'"W*1 1»^F^ »!C9lf ' if\C* 61? 

c*iwT antssi I lit 'n* Jim 

The sjn having set we 
came bark Even at 
that cime it was not too 
dark Mmu having lit the 
lamp, we entered into the 
house Washing feet aad 
hanis we took rest for a 
while. The mother having 
called for taking tea, we 
went to the kitchen. The 
taking oE tea having been 
finished Minu and others 
went to the reading room. 
I looked into the newspaper. 
Having read the important 
news 1 als-j went near them. 

Minu could not under- 
stand the lesson on Beio- 
metce. I asked her to read 


< 865 ) 

An /fitenJiM Com* 

once.agaic Having read for 
the second time she could 
understand the whcJe. Bubul 
wrote ao essay. Minu having 
asked (him) to draw a lact- 
«xe, he started drawing 
picture. The drawing of 
picture having finished I 
asked him to do mathena- 

ffnUd up Dritt 

^ W?» ^^3 «llfj| ^^ «lf?OTf t 

{ 866 > . L>,9„zod.yGOOgIC 

*l?3 tsm ^nit iifs ^ piBCTi' 1 

•BW finft "til" I 

»ft 5ra (p «Bi«i f»^"i tiwf < 

vm I 

«tft IClf I 

wtw in^ftfl it»n' I 

lie* s« ii«£»i ■itfi'ra iifi ii*'nt»i w\ ^ 
i?i5$« 1**1 1 

%t» «lflC»lilt»l I" r 

m oim «q« iials ip witii I'l i 

6f f^tSlf 1 

lit ^rafwW3>H« 5 J !f(iwf I 


inn tiit«^ ^nifl lEif I 

C5H1 w« mf t'llsi *wti icif I 

ffl<ni s«H iisftw^ cew »■=!« tm ftt«^ 


( 867 ) " 

Jbt tntensive Count 

nil •ifpflt'i '1*11* » 

>l»Cffl ^« iicn I 

« Jin •fftsl.1 l^tfll I^« ItCfl I 

^w ^ii mhfti 1 

t>i sf^ "ifw^ti "tficJi I 

*t5CT »«i5 ft »ft «n"r«£«i iflPI I 

ilsw sf' xn'fJwtfl vi« PI sPi "n't^^ <if«>i I 

'ft«i«i fiiOTi' I 

( 868 ) 


In Aisamtse 

Snbstimtion Drill 

> I (») ^ ^^ 1'is iifi siifl «nfttif c 

1< 13 OT«1S tfil wt" itftpif I 
W ^4 "Rs i'»re «nfii ^Ji «itf«CTf I 

aj4 13 ^'em lift "W^ IPlf » 
^ 13 t'fB utii ^bl-^(*tlf I 

*I5W CW ^8115^5 lift W ClWIWf I 

W *te» cwi ^nra lift !« OTfitwf i 

(1) 51?H ctw ^sre itfii ^ cmmf I 

( 869 ). L>o,,zoaB,Google 

Alt Intmitv* Count 

»tC9C* sifsis irfa It* ^iji ic<if 

^jTlBCT "iifwra >nfi ii» wifl itxf i 
(«) !|ft* atfeis wifl II* wti mil' I 

■itw "reura "(ifii •«* ^«i icfli' I 

TC* ^la lift It* 1^1 icif I 

>itc* MIS sift It* '^tl 1{1l' I 
(1) SK* tlfsira "(tfii •«» Iftfl ICfli' I 

mt* itl^Jte sift THiSi wjfl ipji' I 

^Wf^ "tl^i^ 

itc* "nfsts stft »i«ft ii>its ncfli' I 

« 1 (»i fw c<iw ?'«ra ?i5[t5 1SI c*tiiti 1'" I 

•>i»W w?t »'sra #t5rt» ipt CTiittt I'l I 
(«i) 5rt «ir ris *l5t« •©! wlittfl 1M I 

( 870 ) 


«s%«i ^iB •»)<! »ni fifs^ »i'ifl 'Rif I 

S11i5liis1» CB«t ?'»« TOlt ftl^n «6»lf HOTl" I 

^ c^iatfiiSw •tikSr ^f» dwt ^ifenr t 


«* «< ntitSi ^1 ^ific>ir I 


^ nc*\ >«« 6«t"i *wf I 

( 871 ) 

Ail /nttnnM CoMTJe 
« ^^ It? 51>f5 tK1\ ^f» ItW I 

» I '■<t5W sfi iff^iti WIS ti 5fii >iff»ai«i <if«<i I 


1lt» «ft *^li»l MS tH tft «tf»flt»l,<(ftC»l 1 

IK* lfB^5»l WIS ft sft ifsit'i sftOT I 

■hct «ii^ ^ws ft ii^ifl <i%n I 

J« I jR 'I*! ?'5|« ■!< «I» "K* *f«^1 file 11' 1 

^CTi iswi f.'fs "it <!i» "15^ ^ii«i Rct" I 


•rot «'»is !i^ 551* «CT *ft«i«i fttif I 

•ft 5»I3 ^t atf fSlpHt" Sell' I 
Transformatioa Drill 

» I jj^ >is 1 sra «iift ^i»i ^ftcqi* I 
W >i< "ra CTUt^ »nici lift ^^1 "itftptt" I 

( 872 ) 


(>i) ^ "ra i'«ir5t "lift win itfent" I 
« I SIC* 5ts <n^ nifwfs »nfi ii«<t5i it«n ( 

(») 1U* 615 "ll^tl TOW ItltS "lift •H'wifl IPlf I 
8 I 61« CT5t 5»ra "fl^Ss tBI C»tilt»l 1'" I 

W) 6« wsw ■iura «l9ts f 1 c»iiiJi i'»i 1 
(<() m cxni f'lm i)^ ip CTiitti =n'n ( 

« I ^%im CB«T «'«ra "IW Ws^ «5^t»l ICTf I 
(?) ^ftCTrt cBtsH "Hica ■rai Ww «ii»i ipn" i 

(«)) <l*fiwt^ CBlfft «'B1C8T ^ f*lt«^ «?t« ^lOTt' 1 

» I W W» 11b<I3 >HC5|I ^W IIW 1 

W *5 ^B 1BH IflfS >1*PII ft« .itOT I 

1 1 fw sf* "nTwii '"i ft sfii ^'ff^tfl <(ftt»i I 
(«i) ^sw sfii *f»^»i ^iirst ft »fi "^ift^in ^iftpj I 
(I) *f* w^ ?'«ir5i i< «l^ iw Tft'ii Wtcii' I 

( 873 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

An Intensive Comu 


3. Substitute the underlined words by the appropriate words 
in the right. Make necessary changes : 

(») ^ij' ws il'sia I'fs ^lll wfeznf I ftis, RtSt«W> 

W *!5ftCil1< '.rit 5'»ra >init fili5« «6«t»I ICllf I ( •w, «t, 

2. Conjoin each pair of sentences : 

(«) TO* Wt* >tf?<i»l fel ' fi «ic» *fi^i»i Xfttfl I 
16J Shm N^MW llpfl 1 1^ lf» "HOT I 

3. Transform as per the model : 

Model : Tj' "13 I'lS Itft ^tei Itif i>??'^^ CTtW 

1115 •llfil sn^ Wlf I 

(I) imS 6« <<t^ «lfWH5 ^f>l fSW^ ICBl* 1. 
(1) 6W Q>m ^'VS ^5t« "Bt Mliftn 1"1 1 

< 874 ) Diai.zodByGoOgIC 

(^) flftT £Wtt ^T«f^:^f 0W «'P|l »lC5t ftl^^ ^i^tq iwf I 
(«) 5f^ <^ ^'sra ^t ^* »f^t« On?it' i 
4. Change the form of the verb to the other type of past 

O) %g ^ if si« fi *i^cm 5f« iTw I 
(1) ^sca C9i*i »,ffiTg3 It'll m (?miic*n* i 
(q) ^ ^sre ^t^ ii?:»iT '5?ii«i «9(ttTf I 
(e) ^ cw 5'»p8 "("ntn* *i^ ^?i»t«i itfw ( 


TJ 'sun' 

Wg 'set* 

•n^ 'darkness' 


'feet & hand' 


'reading room* 

'news paper' 

'looked into' 

ip c^t^ 


( 875 I 

.y Google 

An Intmam Coins ■ 




'to draw' 


'sum, mathematics' 

GramnuUical Notes 

1' Joining of two sentences by using -'^)>ts ending participles 
is introduced in this lesson. 

2. It is to be noted that only when the verb in the princi- 
pal clause is the past tense -(9}ers may be adde:! to the 
verbitcm in the preceding subordinate clause. The sub- 
ject of the subordinate clause shall be in the 3rd petsoa 

-^!T3 is used after consonant-endmg verbstems and 
-93 after vowel ending verbitems. 

Usually, when the subject of the [Receding subor- 
dinate clause is in the 3rd person, using of -(t)T5 is 

3. Elsewhere -^ra is used in jdacc of Xf^ leg.: 

(*) ^% CTWi's c«5 wsi niOT i 
(<() ^ Bi=*f^ ^t5 iTft c^ cnrer hi^ i 
The forms in -w^ remain unchanged irre^>ective 
of the person of the subject. 

( 876 ) 

Unit XII : Lesson— 62 
Revised Lesson 

* I l»#3 sftsi <nfT fii?t fiift l^fsmif I 

« I itft c*r cTHi »fi ew5 Stoift 

t I f SCWB3 »tf" «^ ^W ■OTl" I 

1 1 fiwai»it» 5**1 ft fwns limif I 

f I »i'w6tM iitwtbi «B Bfl «t •nftci I 

s I 6i»ic5iw »re ^ift «ilfs«i I 

>• I ficKft «wi»i iBi *1% C11? "11^ Ww I 

»> I inifrtfiifsi* 3^s5R CTW "un wifl liit" i 

>* I (Mw «W »i?H WTiflSPi ^tfira in "ntfln Btf» 

>B I mU <5B <nt*tw >98i fi^ in'ti^ t«1w i 

>« I OTiCT itciira iifii wiw inM «f<ife«if i 

( 877 ) 


Alt ItHenme Cmtrse 

11 1 w^4 iisra* ^ti«t^ «m wifi I 

^« I lift* its1i7 fttot R*W i(irsto« 'S<R ?'fl I 

»^ I ^' 13 i'»ra lift i^ii ilftpn' I 

*« 1 sTw £11 ".ifra iifi " ciiiiOTf r 

*8 1 mif 6t? "inii snfws lift •n'mifl lew' i 

^t 1 Et! wm 5<r' ilsts let c»i«ii»i t'ji i 

*» 1 ^ra^CTW cBtit W5 inr ftts' »t«t>i itsn' i 

^1 1 « ^ •ifei« wpn ^» ltd I 

<!>■ I ?[«!« sft if f%)i5I *>ra ft fft H'ftsiiei "(ftpi I 
t» I gft i'»t tis >i? «t* 1!* *ft?ti ftwf I 

Sobititiilion Drill 

> I lift »f«t< iSII *ft CTtlWI %ft ItftPlf I 

lift «i"i!i a<n *ft (7il««ci 'jft itfeflf I 
Itft 1^ Pt? OTH^lC ^^1^ itftcif I 

( 878 ) DigilzodcGOOgle 

^ 1 f»is1« sfin «iir» f^fl f»ft Wionf I 

«!« 5fii"I <llff r»flt f»ft ftf^f I 

<5i3 5fii=i <iit^ f*5t f^fi r»f^Rf I 

W5 Sfil "lift 1^ W« «l1C"t' I 

« I csir^lB^I* (Slip's ht Safe wlfeif I 


W51«l«ial» c«tfen« t«t ^ tlfetlf I 

s I iiSi c"iw cmi »f^ c^TO Sftnn" i 
•nf-i c<iw ctsi ^ 3si« Sfttif I 

« I ^^Ts vU ji'H f<?ii titm I 

«rj Htft Jlisi hW siCBf I 

•l^fn B'^B ^ih Jiiii ftai «n«if I 
( 879 ) 


An IiUm^m Course 


*1^*1l'M 6*^3 sitfit 4«H C^ «Cflf I 
1 I fllC5C5 iw t^ *ft c«* ll'tl Mj" I 

Picra it*(f iw »ft (sw inii ftS" I 

► I «I1R W^ 1t«r5 ^TO w« hfw I 
'flt't ^"^^ IT^PS ^^ ^TO ^5tfel I 
'flft ^t^ ^^C« ^ft^ ^^ ^fW I 

»itft sstsi ^«cs iitft^t an CI' t?f«i I 
» I «Rii« li^rat ^ii»itft< <iw «»iw I 

v^i •tt^rS fro'sin »w «»in i 

( 880 ) L.o,,zodB,Google 

«t?'n4« <nt*K«? r^'tpw «f ■atm i 

pni"rt« »ft «nc*lR? mnSf^ f6fe«i i 

» I "nl'Tf nwm ftScat «»m «si«t<!t» %n; «"n i 
lift* wnj ft«rs* B^»w wBtw* c« s'n i 
•nfi» iTCTi ft4ra? B^»i« 8*1 itst c-n f""! i 

<iwi "I1T Ww iraftsnt^ mfSn i 

»(ffT •PIT (*t^lt* 1W(««1>(H Wftll I 

»9 1 ^^^ ifm itft ^<ifl «itfiii?n' I 
^ lit l'»i« itfl wt<^ fKni' I 
Tj ^^ I'sra "lift witiifl «iiiciif I 

( 881 ) 

An /ntMUtv* Couru 

>8 1 ^5« wt fpm% "Ufa ?f cflwpit' t 

ina Cit AIM* Ilia rs5< CTatcIl" I 

arc* Bt9 '«i?^ vr» fjits »tt«^fl i'«» i 
5» I *!i am lijsra "WW ^ VK' i 

55 aw atlas's "Wt") ^ 1IC»T I 

•itc^ ifl^w at1^^ JWisiT ^% *nd f 


IW »»re ft tfi wlftsitn ifttn t 


ail* ws «S sft if ^ifl •CT I 

( 882 ) L.a.z,i;,Coogle 


^fl »f»l 5'sre n^ i5t» »Kf *rf^t»l Tcsif I 

lift csir tin m <5t» ilf^tsi »pit' i 

Contraction Drill 

»l Wis Sftil Xlft fisjt WS fjfilc"l" I 
fittSl^ Vff f^^ f»fil t»f=IPlf I 

sni^ffJlT N Ssfs sitftcrir' I 

o I i'^cSth "ic-flinja ?t5 6it si? tst n^ i 
!i"fl:6iH ^S Bi» 61? «? iifro p 

e I ftttre wi 5Fi!i »ft c=n» wii lues i 

HWS 1« *^ OT* «lt«i»T t!CS I 
« I Mfs «Ht "ItCTI «^»I*tf<lf^ ^f%s t^ 5lf» i(CJi ( 

« I .nfii «rotsi mA:s inMi ihs J«f«!i i 
•msi iHm v^ 1HS hfw I 


An Intensive CtMTM 

I'ft* T^isn fi4'.«! 6«i»i« >pi»tfl« S« ?'» I 
>i»ro f»«crt K'-siaw Sir s'a 1 

wsf^cat^ csiat 5 >re TOIt W5< *flt>i 1t»i' I 

'155ftcal^ csBi ?'»ra int IPif I 

■fists gft «<i"fifatfl *>ra ft ff^ "if f*it»i iftpi I 

Transtomution Drill 

B1« "lit *h*5 151 W1W1 1'1 I 

^WfJICTI C6H1 5'f5 IBt ftl^ »Wil iwf I 

^ftpn^ 51% lOlt ftlw »t1^ IWf I 

ftfea 5? «l^ •lijsra 'PK'it ^ Itw I 
fttts M w ♦iff "ntm ifx mw 1 


Transpottdoo Drill 

wifs »i"Jli all »f^ ppwtpi &»f« "iftmf I 
^f« pim*it»i 8»fe lift w"Sl^ CT1 ^ftpif I 

wfs wm C1W *ft c^»ra Slteif I 
f«0[5 11^1 ^1^ *fj| C1W Ifli" llfOT I 

fstsre csw <ii^»i fit ii^« in? »ftc»i I 

^ ^^ I'iW ^"S ^Slt*! ^fw I 

( 885 ) ' ' S 

An Intenaiv* Course 

Unit XII : Lesson— 63 

Test Lesson — About the Sports 

Deepak : Ranjan, won't you 
go to the Stadium ? 

Ranjan : Yes. (I) shall go. 
Immediately after 

taking food, I shall go 
Have you come being 
ready ? 

Deepak : Oh yes Yesterday 
when (1) was reaching, 
the playing started al- 

Wt : Vtf^T 3? C*r»atti1 «nffr ? Ranjan : When did you 
attive (there) yesterday ? 

^^ ^ t5 5'l I «1^ '»I'1*I 

Deepak : Santanu haviog 
scored the first goal. 
there was serions distur- 
bance I reached there 
little earlier than that 

WT : "Hfa^W *ir»l l%It C»)^« Ranjan : Santanu played 

( 886 ) 


well yesterday. He 
scored another goal by 
kicking; the Town 
Clup's panulty. It was 
for his credit that 
Mahemmedan sporting 

«fr*(* : a^fSinii "^f ?I« 'Jfl ^i^Pl Deepak 


: «Ilf»^l «(1C«\ ®f«C<l«l ^fl 

Sportiiig p ay too much 
fi.ul The lefiee did 
much partiality. Even 
after having seen many 
fouls, the fefeiec left 
(them). After the line- 
man had &hown be 
caufcbt penulty. 

Ranjan : How shall be the 
\olIy match today 7 
The day btfore yester- 
day, it was a draw. 
When the playing was 
continuing drizzling 
started. The field became 
slippery. None of the 
parties could take any 

( 887 ) 


An /ntenJtvs Cowie 

^9H : sIsT C"(1*it 

chance. Today (thcyi 
have kept me also in 
the reserve list. After 
playing one game, I 
won't play any more. 
You would perhaps 
play badminton. 7 

Deepak : Oh yes, (the) have 
given my name, of co- 
urse. My bat has broken. 
After pankaj having 
told that he would 
offer his bat, I gave 

Cf^BJlt* Ranjan : Waat your play 
will stare ? 

Deepak : (It) would perhaps 
be slightly late. The 
li^t-connection is out 
of order. While fixing 
them up (it) wouJd he 
; 7 o'clock. 

L Give short replies : 



oy Google 

<«) Cft^lK' Pl^fW «H>™^ »'^f(il Cil ! 

IS) CTSI mfs^ «I»ic«»i« f» «'!! ?■ 

2. Fill in ch« blanks : 

(*) (?i?c»n IX» ^raitit wftw I 

(<) t^ten^ 5^ ? 

(1) *l!»t« «S ^Sl "It cM'llil VtU ftwi' t 

W) it Jiit cni — — It* ctti™" I 

(5) nrascj 4fW IflrtI 1^ t5 t6 S""! I 

tsi c^wrtc? c»tfl?i« ?t?fl — — -af^ fiiw I 

(») C<«I 6f5I ft=lf»fi«t «\1«ltfel I 

(*) c5f"jaiwt TO Jill WW iftsi ) 

3. J<Ma each pair of sentences into one using conjunctive 

patticiple -% and maintain grammatical coirectness : 

( 889 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

An Jmfnnv9 Courii 
(1 ^ ^^ C^W t VWtSt ^^ I 
(«) cscxra iiics tsiR «if((»i I ca:<ics siftat «>iwii 

4. Join each pair of sentences using conjunaivc participle 
-^C9 and maintain correctness : 

(») «itr» itwn ti "Hisf I «ir5 ^ts jiSt s^m <.»Pic»n" i 

(<|) c^^ ^vs ^f? wi» I c^ i^ws ^^\«t ^ftfft I 

(1 ^ c'sfe?! «i^ <(Tt »tisT I ^w:« ^"^r *rff«l I 

M =!» »<ntSt *tflr ici eici? o5 if» SfSfl I 

(«) «? w5 I »iira 5l5C«I •tfitft I 

(6) dn 5fsi "IKS 1 Jicara «\1 Itftfl 1 

5. Join each pair of sentence by using -(^)9I^ conjunctive 

and maintain correctness : 

(«i) ^C5i fs'^aft?^ »fl^cn I csfen iiBtc? «1^ i bi i 
(1) br asns fscw cvi 5»i I csfsn »i»CT1 w^ft I'n i 

(^) IsH^W ®W ^1*3 ^r^CI i «ICn eiCI I^CSIt ^« f'*l I 

(«) c^fl «nf5 csS»* •HOT I Bil^«»tt»i s^n^ "itfi ilfti i 

6. Change into negative [change finate verb). 

(.1, C54 ^'f^s ^1* ifi's^ ^^ i 

( 890 ) 


(1) jf' nSwt* t» tail iiftMt I 
(ei wt^ itcttra fJRti in »nfe i 
(6) (?^^^ «c«lt«*r5 »I8(^ ?< i 
If) c«™tcwi» iiwra I'cfli f» nS^ i 

7. Rewrite the ioUonring sentences giving the negative 
forms of underlined portions : 

(x) csS tint" "tfj w c w »ftOT I 

(«) life IJITO BlI^C-ItCT »f<(*l9«t>l ipiw I 

6. Change iuto interrogative : 

(») ^IPl sW XI* yiifl I'fl I 

(X) «t^* ^iilfl h ilicii 1 

(HI fh ti iito OBI »n»s «'»i I 

ro (sSiSH* *<!« ^^? WXtSt »ftOT I 

(«) im »t« <it? XT* «infsi wftfi I 

( 851 ) 


An Inunamt Courst 

Unit Xiri : Lesson-64 
If Prasanta Also Had Been to Awain 


fsrcat ttr«l =11? 1 ^^- 

5I»f^t ; Itfr "fflntfl blfSCTl' I 


Prasanta Sir, (we) have sot 
seen you foi some 
days. Had you been to 
somewhere ? 

Hazarika : We had been to 


Prasanta : Had '1) known it 
earlier I also would 
have gene. To which 
part of Assam you had 
been to ? 

Hazaiika : We had been to 

Sibsagar. . 

Prasanta : I also have a friend 
there. I coiild have 
stayed in his house- He 
would have show me 
the worth seeing places 

«n^ft*t : CflWttlt'5=i ^ 9T*I 5'Pi- Hazarika : If you had been 
C$C5*l I '^'B^ ^- (there) it would have 

( S92 ) 


|!5C»1 MI'S f "Wt - 

been vciy nice You 
could have written a 
story with the dcscti- 
ption of Assam's flood. 

Ftasanta ■ If you bad told 
I would have certainly 
gone. Had I gone (teere) 
I would have taken my 
sisters Then sir, won't 
you have taken Madam 
and other ? 

Hazarika : Yes, If all had 
gone together it would 
have been veiy enjoy- 
able. You would, have 
pethaps gone to Shill- 
ong also ? You could 
have seen B^an, Bisop 

Prasanta = Yes' sir, there 
would not have been 
any trouble in staying 
etc. (O ) uncle owns 
a big hotel. We could 
have got accomodation 

< ^93 ) 



^Wf ^ttBT^^ It there at cbeap rate. 

♦ HCqcll.'W 1 You could have met 

oui Vicc-Chancellor. 

ftiild iq> DtUI 

Its wmbsi i^rf I 

*(I(.*IHIWI* blfit t 

^OTBiwt* wm iitifl bifw cm t 

Diai.zodB, Google 

■1l1^t1l"ttl«!» I 

("893 ) 

An InUnsivs Cotaae 

f3t>6> «mt>if c»'cs» I 

*f? Cytale? t^^ s^5'5C*t eifl^ f-'cwrc* C^^ I 
«1^ «W4»fl^ ptfl Itf^fjlt^'t^a ( 


In Aastmtae 

Substintion Drill 

•Ifsti llrtW 

Wilts wft^ Tftci "cit tpn'rfcs^ I 

(H) 1MCS Ml«1 IW KClfC! P5' I 


nfra BsiHOT SHI •nftcw'w'.asi I 
< I (X) 1? csai ^« <itf« •nfit>ii"K'ps=i i 

( 857 ) r- T 

DiaiiizodB, Google 

Am tnunstve Corns* 

S* CTfPS'WB^ ^« "(if*' itftcfll"H"rai I 

(1) s*'w4i w» «tlf»^ itfr^nWis^ I 
s* c«4^ 1TO itf»wiWrai I 

c«4 piw SIB SHI irtcTO t»>pit»i« PW 1 

( 898 ) 


in Ansatmat 

(I) 5R wsnci ^ W1 ?'=ictcT"i I 


wia^ ??'■(!< =l4ilci j|5t ^g fjiftn >l1fi!11C5C3^ I 
WW IRISH 1<1tt< -«8t IB fSlfsfil 1lf<l|trfra^ I 

«) wnn ?R»(i4^ *(iitn jSt HB fiiHi ilftitara^ 1 

Expuiaioa Drill 

Da I i.Oooale 

( 899 ) S 

An lraen3iVt CourM 
ll^fil C^tSK? PSST^SI* f5f«efl m»ifH'l^!> I 

Hi ^vmXei tTgTc»*c«=i ®^? «c*t sii« r^tc^tiV CW I 

Negative Transformatioa 

IWCS "WCT "CTt icnrfcsa I 

{ 900 ) 

c»s cat* itlw^ ffl«ptpnlt«!i I 
ai csi* iftcn caofsawctrsi i 

^fn clauses ** f^^T' "s'si =>5'flC5raH I 

^fj fell' pmf^siwiw I 

^ Biti hist" ii'nus'rai I 


1. Fill in the blanks : 

(«0 Itft CS5«^ ^<« llfW 1 

(1) 5h w »m f'BKs'csi I 


( 901 ) 

An Iittmiitn Cotirt r 

(«) 1% s^'sc^t tim 1 

(S) ^1 SlJ^ 1'™«C3^ » 

(») OT^ sm ilf^fliC5"csi I 

(») <!« CTt JlC*t l^filt 1 

2. Provide the subject pronDuti/nDun at the appropriate 
place : 

(« ( ) ^iT! "ii^ciura ic-n'ctcst I 

(1) ( ) C5|< W5 «(tr»« llftCT'ctCS? 1 

(1) ( ) Bih fvwtsra I'mctcis i 

(«) ( ) sra »i2tits 5n niffitScsi i 
(B) ( ) i5t3 »i wrers wt in itPn'Rcw i 

3. Change into negative : 

(») vi^ vm* »n iiPK?t3H I 
W C5^ d* iiitt'W OT<|nc»ictc«» I 

4. Form the past conditional verb-form from the following 
verb-roots following the formula given below : 

Diai.zodB, Google 

Formula : Veibroot+pasc tense markei+peisoiial maikei 
+ -H*C«'+Ut persondl 

(») «n- 

W) «• 

(1) P- 

(1) m- 
'«) •»■ 

(B) Wtf- 

(«) "n- 


c»tei fiw 

'for several days' 




•If (Ii knew' 


'to which point, extent* 








'If (I) was tdd' 


'I would have started, gone' 


■If (I) went- 


'sister and others' 

( 903 ) 




'(you) won t have taken' 






'it would have been felt' 

fes flPI 

"Names of two waterfalls' 




'staying etc' 






'cheep rate' 




'(I) wjuld have gjt' 


'Vice chancellor' 

tpi itcncsi 

(you would have met' 

Grammatical Notes 

1. The use of past conditional verbs in the principal clause 
is introduced here. The rule is very simple. Only -rfl" 
is added to the fully inflected simple past tense verbs. 

( 904 ) 


tn Assamese 

2. The verb in the subordinate clause is an infinate one. 
In this construction, '-It + fd' or *-«it4-C5'C3^' is added 
to the verbstem- : 

It is to be noted that the conditioning infinite 
verb ramains unchanged irrespeaive of the person of the 

( 905 ) DigmzedOyGOOgle 

An Intensive Courx 

Unit Xfll : Lesson -6S 



f5iic»i«ft, «^ H^f'f^t" Usha : Chitralekha, by not 

*^1 ^ ^n 'Pl^f'i i 


f*i*fii*' CS9I ?'nc#c«' I 

going to the picn ic you 
did a mt&uke The 
picnic was very amus- 
ing. Had you gone, you 
wo.-ic hav forgotten 
the picnic. 

Chitralekha : Is it • Then I 
missed a (chance). Had 
my mother not heea 
unwell, I would have 
ceitainly gone 

Usha : Had not Bora sir been 
there, the picnic would 
havt been spoiled. (Do) 
you know, the milk for 
tea were spoiled. Had 
not Bora sir sent tlie 
peon to the maiket 'cm) 
taking of tea would not 
have been possible. 

( 906 ) 

.y Google 

ftsfW ^tftpi I ITCH 

C^iittaUkha : Who cooked 
meal ? 

Uiin Bmoy cooked the 
rioe He grinded the 
spices. Madam and 
Pramila cooked tbe 
meat Had you gone 
<rhere) you could have 
cooked. The meat-curry 
■was not very good. But 
the curry of potato and 
cabbage was tasteful. 
The salt in the fry was 
inadequate. Binoy cooked 
the payasa also But, if 
Madam cooked it would 
have been more taste> 

Chitralekha : (Do) you know, 
if you had told, Hema 
Madam would also 
have gone. Had she been 
there, it wpuld have 
been more interesting. 
Had she told, Pramila 
would have danced 

( w; ) 


An f ntcnmv Couh 

®t :«^t<5l?=twf5CT9.,!^. Usha: (Although) PramiU 
S'ra sittw iSfiflt «t- did not dance, Rama 

»«« ItC" I cvam and otheis dancci 

fiCB wSt |6l^ ilMf. Urmila madam also 

"''''" sang. Had (we) talra 

camera, (we) could have 
taken photoes. 

Subititutioo Drill 

»? fif*fsi»tii =rbi ^^ «t5i *ftSi I 


•iltf=t ft »fr»^ ^h ^ am ?fe«I I 

« I ^ icn f*rtr=i»f ^«lt c^festa =1«1!WJK<(JM I 

( 908 ) L.a.-z-,i;AjOOgie 

« I »I^ It wit ISC1 1? OT=l C«W 1C»lfR'l<5>l I 
Ct^' It C'lat S15t51 Jl^ c^c^ 05CT ICTt'w't^ I 

CW'lt CTIt =<«E»I »* CIW C«PI IPlfrfPSI I 

41 W 6H sit "(tftW f*l*f=lf CWI ?'»I«'t«1 1 


(HIVS 11 Itf^tt fl^fiW CM 5't|C5 C5"t I 
CSCIS =l«»l f»l*ft* CM ^'elrfCM I 

( 909 ) 


An iMmsive Course 

c«<ra wen Pi»ft» »ui iR'iia'ciS^ i 
1 1 Bit, 51W T*rtf><f% wis ti!vi I 

5ft i'«6t» wnji] si»liti?i Pwft* £«« 


ft"f(S 1HI 11^« ^ fet I 

( 910 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

/n Aaamesa 


i> I 5itc»S ^w afii«i« stwtii mfwsi I 
lituS iw afmt menti ^Iwi i 

aitmS '«i« aftnrt "ilsiwii iiftpi i 


■nwipi ("wpi (Jinn RW siiftsT I 

( 911 ) S 

Alt Intauiye Cowu 


MCT «»1 Wl ^««1 1'lWCT^I I 


( 912 ) 


«1si? TittTO ^TO're itw I 

*> I «CT1t PKI »c8t 5f>H •Itf'CTl'rfcW -1 

( 913 ) ^ 

Ah rntenjttw Covne 

-■. \'- 
TrflDapotition Drill 


(a) To Negative ,,^, 

1 1 «? H»f=i»t«i sin « f fl =»W«i. I 

1 St f«6 »ft(?n' 1 *'"''" 

s? fs5 s»%»n' I '" ' ' 

8 I S« 11 CW S5PI St IPTIHCSS t 

StS II CTIt S5C»1 St S1CTl'Rt«S I 
t I a<l 6W St «tll »(?! II^TS* C51 5 flR CW I 

W W St1lf»;5I fl?fs^ CWl'W'lSCW 1 

il^sf<ifs »l6 «W 1lfS»T I 

1 1 w WW f«ras^T 3r'^5il'itei ^ ^^ 

"iSt BIPI f*BISlSW SSFIst»I S»6k5i 51? WW 

( 914 > 


,„.v ,v ;« -.,.,!•,. /,«i->ri 

(b) Negation of Infinate verbs. 

I' 9J5 \ DigitzcdCyCiOOQlC 

Alt Intensive Count 

■» I ^icKw ^fetq ciraif s "(SCOT t 
* I cii »£« allies =nfeeiH"cOT t 

CSi SWC9 «<ril5liC! illftpllS'CM > 
ie) To Inteiogative. 

« I ft «wtf<ift ^ fmn I 

( 916 ) L»o,izodB,Google 

S»HH »WI»I Wit i^ft" Wf% ? 

imit fiiM <iftw I 

as'ta »i5i c« ^*pint 1 sK^'cssi i 

SfS"t itlmTO iitn I 

«CMt fe»l »lSt ^fsB •ItflplfCOT I 

c»c«t f^w »tSl 'jfSi^ itftpifispra pft t 

1 Fill in the blanks : 

W) 3^ HOT f*l»fsw^ «t iJl<11?ft(»lctCSiI I 

(1) >1W 11 CTN "1* C1PI CSW HOTfpCSI I 

(1) W BW siNtf«51 f'Wfi* C5tl I 

( 917 ) 


An /ntenftfc Cotase 

(5) Wl 5W PlOT(Sl» sllStCn 515 C<IW — — I 

(6) f>l 16« »llfe flOT I 

ft) S* St itAi?'WiffrfcPc«=''I 

(■) «ST1=» «I«*t — — ^pfe" I 

/-M- ,t F; ',-,';'' J" I T'^T' f> »:. Fj^ 3'^ 'p 

2. Change the iihare verb into negit ivc : 

w ai =iit « '5W sff^r»i I 

(1) afllm? =itfe:»i im^w stfecHrait i 
W c«4 itfrw '^ s»r?'i^,W4 'r " 
(s) ^n BI1 iiiitftcq ft»ftt« cwYsics'c*^ I 
(5) ^ft ^tf»;5i iv?** *'«H-^ I -T^ 1^ 

3. Change the infinat'e verts' into negative : 

(t) 5t^C? Itfesi Sfs C1t«t» 5»IC5'WI I 

(1) «|prcj *w ai^is sttfksiR'raii i 

4. Change the finao^^'orbinto positiv*d^:''^ ''•" ^* 

W si 1PI filifilW *<ll !It1Rf^f5IC5"c3=l I 

( 918 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

- , . ^r, it 

5. Replace the underlined >yord/phrase by xhfi new one 
given in lirackcts ; _ 

' .- ' ^9 ■"- ■ ^ 

(51) <n!il"H SSH ^Ifen I (1,15) 

(S) aBpca «lf«C»I « OTtTO S'lRCSI I (s|?) 

(5) aiui? =iiinff:fla'<aiS't'^fflc*T(«S) 

Vocabulary ' 

^ • " ■' 





fts vftcfli* 

*(It missed' 


'at any cost" 

C«ffl «>iKC«=T 

' it) would have been spoiled' 






'curry (-liquid)' 



( 919 ) 



'spices etc' 

^ ftpl 



*thc meat curry 





'curry (-semi-solid) 


'insufficient salty' 


'(she/he) would have danced* 



vcfet 'jl'W 

'to take photograph' 

Gramtnatical Notes 

1 The fdrmatiofi of past conditional finate Verbs reinforced 
here. The conditioning infinite verb may also end in 
ll?l I In the formation of the negative of the infinite 
verbs negative ^- is prefixed to it subject to the distant 
progressive vowel assimilation. 

< ^20 ) 

:y Google 

Unit XIII :L«sson-66 
The Servant Escaped 

^ii^ 5Wt%^ : lit Pf« 'fllt^ 
5pT I^?t -^Sl *f^^ I 

Mrs. Hazarika : Have you 
heard, our boy-servant 
has escaped yesterday. 
He is not here since 
you left for office. 
Having entered into 
his room, I saw that 
his garments etc. 
were not thete. 

Mr. Hazarika : Strange I I 
could not think that 
he would do it. 

Mrs. Hazarika : But I knew 
it earlier that he 
would do like this. 

^ ?t»t^»l : "^ ^1? 111C® ■rtf'l- Mr Hazarika : If you knew 
tim CT1* fWt it earlier why did 

^9^ T you not tell me ? 

Mrs Hazarika : If a) had 
told you what you 

( 921 ) 


An /ntenjife Coiirsf 

would have done ? 

Mr. Hazarika : If you would 
have given mc prior 
idea, I would have 
kept him in strict 

\s^ »t»ft«T : W* »r% 5if« Mrs Hazarika : Since his 

•lent «tai tflSr 5T*^ 
f^msT5t=l ! 

Clrt^ *Cait?C81 fJlft'3 

attitude changed, 
he would have 
escaped one day 
That he has gone a few 
days earlier, what 
is the harm ? 

Mr Hazarika : No harm ? 
1 only know how 
difficult it is to find 
out a new servant. 

Mrs. Hazarika : If you would 
have asked the peons 
they would have bro- 
ught a good local boy. 
It would have been 
better if he would 
not have been kept 

( 922 ) 


^^»i ^ 'ST^ Wt 

S»t smftwc'ca^i ft 

|>i^_?t«ft^ : ft ?a nut wiftsi 
5'Jl I «i*tl >ii^ »('^T 

Mr. Hazarika : If you wouU 
not have given him 
indulgence he would 
not have done 
like this. If Bubul 
would not have given 
him the red shitt 
what he would have 
worn ? You inly 
asked me to pay him 
(his) last month's 
salary. If money 
would not have come 
tn his hand, how 
could he go 7 

Mrs. Hazanka : What was 
due has happened. 
You also look for 
aiH>:her boy. I shall 
also ask Ranju's 
father to look for. 

SobstitBdon Drill 

b (*) «ftc5 en, iw^ 61^ »i'^c^ «t?nl I'l I 

( ?23 ) 


Am Intaum Course 

tsftsc, "miff f<m=ic6i isin r'n i 
(X) O^SW, ITOI 5I« I'rcBi •Hit* V'A I 

1 1 (») «n c»i3i cii'll wit', «^ »iitt^ »ifii Jiw in! i 

sw wiifti cwt* cnwf, w* ^nfm «iPi jw 


iH c«iffi)f»i ctw^ cirif , «rt *lc»iw »ifii jiRi 

W <sm evil cinft cfiit', «w *i£»i« »tft Ji[»i «l I 


5tt c^T cniit^ ot^i', ^' §if5i-cSic^«iT -aw ^iti 

«« wtit pitsi? OT>if , «w 'W^ -sw aft I 
e I (*) s^ iif^ 1^ silfKBl' n fii ^Pi »l^ 1 

■It «Hrt »ii ilttpn' « fJi 4C1 *f^ I 

■I* "(Wits *« =iifem" « fi ■sCT ^^ I 
(>i) s* «if«t •Ht iiSimf « fj| 'SPi ^' 1 

( 924 ) ,,,,zoaB,Google 

s» wt^^l t'l iifsw" CT ft iwn »('' I 

5| sifa^ •w stfipn (A ft JlWt »ft' I 
s I sS f*? itira wftfspif « ft Jicsj?) f*« liiSl »ft^ I 

It f*? sfiT! mfifscir CI ft >ac' ft<i isSt tS' i 

»l <^!% wtts Biftrsisn" CT ft .stsi nm^ r»fl Ji5t ^ft' i 
« I (»i ijift 5f» wira "iftfiit, piw *C5|» awn f 

fft ifir iiici 1? •mftw, PI1* »t«* i»^ ! 

* ijfil «f» Wlcs mlafwl, OT» »wi! 1»»it T 
WJi atftw 
jft I'll smra •ift'ssit, c* *c»iS WW iilwt ? 

•PHI alfwl / 

itcTPW ift •iipn'rfra^ w<iftBt ^ ft ^ftOTrfcOT t 


^wim* i!V «»n'w'rM ittfira* m ft«pr »ftpiwc«=i ? 

( 925 ) ^ 

An Inttnsips Cemit 

1 1 ft CTp? cscii -flf^ »mi9ic5 c5ii I 

ft c»TC=ii a»i« I 

ft ft ctct a?w Jifti "wmrftsi ' 

ti c»tw Slim I 

ft ft C»tt^ SlIB Jlflf=I 'Wt"TO'tS=l I I 

r I ft CTftat 5ft= 11113 1'1. ^fs f» J 

ft iaft« sS* «ti!iC5 iwi, *fS r» ? 

S*C5 »tl?l', "HI 'OSl I'fl feft ^«Jt fists t<^ I 
1^ WtCTt, ^SI Jlfet si'^l f%tftOTUt f»SW ?1^ t 

•iti;ft ^% ft?'w ^c^^'iOT ft? w .«6t stM ?pf« I'll 

( 926 ) DigitizedOyGoOQlC 

Hti ilii «i* stsi cnntiSi ftf«»)R'tw ft f^ W^i 

nfl 'ft W» «I1 CBWHSl Pif»t»icfe«=i ft f* WTOKtrstt 

C115W1CT »i?i9 jfsn [iSm Wsi »ii I • . 

ciWiK^ wjts jftn ftts* Wi i*fei I 

< 927 ) 

An Inttnsiva Cmuu 

<<fi ft 8*t sitlltnctcs't ft C««J» I'fltjrasi ? 
^fi ft 5»t >n»ttt9irtcs=i ft i:*c't» 'Biiiictra< t 

i» I ft Wfltt 1lfi(fl„5 51 I 

ft 5^ IT ^tC5 W I 
ft W 8I1C1 5< I 

not ^»^=i wSsw* in *ft«S»i *ii I 
TOrt w^i ci4»l»» «« »ft«5n J»ist' I 

V«ri«tioa Drill 

i I 11? wtftilS •WI stfsprf (?I ft JCT Tf« I 

ft «i»fti ^ It mpax "nt rnftdi' 1 

* I ^ ftt? ^itrs •Iftfitt'if c* ft •iiw4*i *ft« I 
ft 'flC^^ 'ft^ ^ 1? Vf% '^IC^ VlfHf^Clf I 

( 928 ) L.a.z,i;Aj00gie 

cm* 'fw? '^"t ^f» jft iMcs snftftnt ? 

e I «iC5 »l«t, •HI >!l5t EIW »1>1 pl6lft C^m ftstil 5t» I 

«laj >*fel BTM ffl'^n f95!f« c'rtSt ff^f Sl^ «^R WtC^ff I 

I'm «n^ fn(aw"cw i 
1 I ^(i; 31^ ?ras S»l iiihflK p«ii f>i c»caj» ii'"«C5ii t 

f*! CTttS* I'sIH'W^ ^fit «H 5I»« 5*1 HlRsiHC^il f 

TraBsformatioB Drill 

«nw"ii» ^ft stsifcfesi "itifiicrt fli f« *f"twt*t»=i T 
niE«iHi* c*wc*c«i si<ir't« ^l f* *fe»ictcM ? 

■jfi "ifii "nits *»iicfe'si il 31* *Bi =t«3 flpiwfilcssi I 

^ft "IMPS C*H1HC51, 15 «I* *W «W« mflC»lf KWi ( 
C34 "l!lt5*C51 it ICTW'tJ" I 

it itn »t5ii* ifeflf Pi'rai It 116 »ftt5ifrft»i I 

it stsit* <1B!H'c3=I lis *1^Ceifl«C»1 I Li,oiizodB,GoOgle 

An /nteMiM Coutu 

I'T «nf^ fSpitstw i 
»«lf^ f^5=iwn^ c«ratc?'[sa Wra ii5i ski tifn 

fl'^l •llfst f»l1t*lH 

e5WC»W* W* all>l filf»?'«C«1 ft Ji(?IJ»t 1«"»1C5"W 

^ICt W C5t81tCft ftfUStC^'csl ft f» fifti 1'"«CM ! 
^f^ 51^ ^»3 ?^T ^*lftaic« C'Si? ft C^wi* 1 na'c^ T 

"srt n«3 6*t simtrfcsi ft celt* I'sirfraii ! 

TroaspeiitioD Drill 

1? f»« Sift a? "Wl siftmf CI ft '4PI »f^< I 
ft JI3 »f^« ?fl it f»« "SIN'S »Ht =iif«»n" I 

if» ^fs «ii5ic» Bifttwi nt* c*c«i* =i»«i ! 
pii* c»w? ifnl if? jft •n'K« mtifs^ J 

«ncii=ii» ift »pnrfrai ^Tpiral ^ 1* *fic"c«t*if 

■!?» •tHi 1=11 ji5t 61« f^Eift cwt f^5t=i 5n I 
•isij JlBl w*i ftsih C1«l f^ltl lt!i >1*R »M I 


in A.asameie 


X. Rewrite the sentences after having done the transposition 
as per the moJel g'ven below : 

("I' ijti ifii «i» w ceimcSt fHfircflt*csi fn ft fiii^ 

(1) cssiSTCitc* ?> -51* Ilia fw'siKtraa fa Jicajjt 

as'flcsrsa i 
TO anifa afii ("laacfla* tpictcasi fates si\ »i»i ■sial? 

"'ai iita ftciKcia i 

(«) at faiS ii'M alfafeit" ca fa .«a jsi f»ai >sSi »faa i 
2. Transform as pec the model below : 
Model : ^ft afii rnvvs wfafwi, HI* CJMt a»«n T>^ aht 

W »nn!5W afa ^wfw'psa »iilfiiKt ai fai ^fawrf wa » 

(a) ^'a aw imra cai» «n»ia faniticia at » * aijt a»aa 

aifawfat'sa i 

(1) it-Jfa a"* fmacata* atfltfest fali:^ JiSt sw •srIs 

ffi'ai ajifa fawttwa j 

(a) waiwtc* afa i|» iija falamcsRa la c* »?ia ^pjjt 

W ^n afii ^ai a«t (SmuSi fafesirfraa fa f* f<i(« 

I'lrtna J 

< 931 ) 


Alt Intensive Coax 

3. Change the tense of the finite verb into remote past/ 
present : 

(«I) «i1lf=i ifgkB^si cmflrt 11S1 Iff f*l ill^ I 

■wit I'ei 

'escaped, fled away* 



«tc»M ?lfs 

'clothes etc.' 

■aprjsi. ^w 





'movement, beha viour' 


'as it' 




'back, after* 


'surprising, strange* 









( 932 ) 




Tiaid, difficult" 






'this type' 


'red shirt' 




'due to happen 

Grammatical Notes 

1. Complex sentences with the finite verb in jsst condition'- 
al are introduced here. If the two past conditional 
sentences as conjoined by "^fif' the finite verb of the 
subordinate clause also shall be in concord with the 
grammatical person of the subject in the subotdinate 
clause > eg. : 

( 933 ) 

.y Google 

An Jnttnsive Cavrtt 

Unit XIII : Lesson -67 
Peviswl Lesson 

f>lf«^ ilf6!I (SI » 

« I "tfjR "ifwi" cini» Its' i^t r>i =ii? I 

wtfiilstsif (S ft jm *f'!i I 55W wiit CTtait CTcif, 5H 

»tt«IM Stfil Jlt^ It? I 5SC5 Wt^It S1J JI61 5t«» fl'^ ftjtii 
pltW f*!lla til I 

•flWf [IC5i| I "OTCS »i|t5C1 5OT 1Pll"cfr!i( I It CTtltcfcW 

is|^3c^ wTiB ^cit'ctcw I »t^ tt est ^sw si^ 'ipn- 
cti«=i I cpnt ftci "fc8i ?f"« itf'muSrei 1 

♦ I <si 1t»I ft^fim »1l HtiaWilcStW I <5? 1C5I a? ^S' 
1 I (»; ^t^ 5lt^ fw«i«i tpil'ttpsi I sts fi«^ f'BI Bn iift»it!;lcw ' 
(I) 'jfi ^fii tiirs mf^tsit pit» cni? '»it t jft <if» "inu 

CXI* Vmi fifllttCOT, S? St* T5t TOT5 <lf<IWl'»tS=l I 

( 934 ) 


In Assamese 

fasift fspits'caa I c<!Wwt» ifs st» wici fsfsitKWi ft 

i« I 55H ifsif^ Bf«fj!IC«fsW ft Jiftil titt 0»3 •BltflB'tSI I 

Substitution Drill 

( 935 ) 


An IntnsiPB CcmM 

'jft SPnim ^t« hftflt est ? 

1 1 iiifi ifwtn wm^ "flw -"m Pi ^? I 
•nipi w^ti wsw iw i« ft HI? I 


•n^Si OTrti" cwjw I'm •«i ft mt i 

^Ift ^m^Jsi cww 'ttm "wt ft sn* i 
« I 1? •tfts "W =nf«wf CT ft JiH ^5 1 

( 936 ) 


»? wft itfeaf CT ft JC=i vfn I 

41 5? r=ts litra titftfspn" PI ft ^=1 1^1 A 

ot4 f»? •itics «1f=iSi CT "ft -acH f»^ ■flSt »f^« I 

C5« r*^ iiit^ atf^tfsi c^ ft ■ac^ ^ ^f'^ I 
1 1 an c»iit piwl cireii', W'l *c"iw *tft jiri it» i 
^iw c»iit <?rsH CTC11', wl^ »tt»it^ »tft J w all , 

ifMH C»lit c^slt CUdf, Wl^ ^19 -9t»t 111 1 

Ir I !llt» »tC* 111 jX\ 51M >i'"n ftsif^ citr f^H 


c5bSw •!« Ill A Et« n'^l fistf^ i?iui f*>ns 
eta I 

C5^W wta 111 •aSt BWI "1'^ felft ctlW fwia 

( 937 ) 

Diai.zodB, Google 

An Intensive Count 


«* i'si^ W5 "IB •nftfetfejiii ! ; 

•niica •WW *«!« I'ntSrs^ i 

wfraVtSw 'Saw i»i«"w=i I 

«iHCS WW'W ^t« !l'i1C5'c«S| I 

it W?K«raJ| »f%» \5C»I «lf«5|fH"c«s| I 

art wsiH'rai »fS<''ii*l wfssiw'CM i 
i^ » <MW %"i 9c6t ^5l«R ^itftpn'R'csa I 




^S 1IP5 «W1WW Till ilM^ftltRW? I 

■jfs CTsmc^ 9nic»B« *ti Hiit5ft»i!Rra^ i 

>8 I «? 1PI ^fW ItftfsKtSil ( 

ijfi it«i jfx itfiia »n1^»itc<c5=i I 

■It IW it rf^ •tlftwfrfcs'! I 

M I ?fi Btii FvMifl 1'itwrsi I 

•nipi eiti f«»i«tfl 1' SIHCS1 1 


( 939 ) 

An Intensiye Coiaie 


•St ilif «nic! cm vmfiKu'vsi it 3i» wt snro 

c»4 WW wq aw itipw cifl!nc»i«'cs»i i 


C5« CTW »l«i »W ifiwi cuipipiR'rai I 

( 940 ) e 


Bit* pit* 3151 sw sfe^M c(i^ic»in'ts!» I 


c«wc*it»T «i5t:matcw c»iwt i^f^ft itfsi I 

«> 1 'jfn C1HtH'CS=l ff 11 5>I«"t<5a I 


^ i;ei ^ 3191 ? eiR'psst I 


'j^n «(i'*c9i ^ "9181 ^'siRrasi I 

<i I >i»pii« 4c?Bitii cuntsci « sM fsrfpw I 

. 1£«1 

"WWW iflwipi (^iWH'tw m S19I »iiSbi I 

( 941 ) 

Alt /ntenjttw Count 


irt *OT CW ^I^WOt 1 eiB'ts^ I , 

s* c»BRtB cw «»(roii n">irtt3^ . 

( 942 ) 


i^ I wt^itaw if? »pif h'w it>jfin» al ft 

jfs ift f^!?wn» !>nirt"r!i Wra ^61 «i»i I'^t 
«t ifn fM»i«w» ffr^JtOT Wre <sS\ atsi i"^ 


WfllWHf ih »I* «|«|5 tJlfii»ItR"wi fl JPl^Jt 


( 943 ) 

An Intinsive Covrie 

ifii (5K»i3i ?t!53 5»t iiWtFwrtrai caws c^ 

oi I srt sfsifa siftfei CTfiJt f>i Jifii cw CTCs 

I'^lcSw sfaifj »|f»fs»i CT »5t fi Ji's^ CTPiw 

ft c»lnt «»m 

»i'*c8ii sfeiifs siWi»i c^Mt 1 Jifti fii t»tP' 

( 944 ) 


In Assamese 

TranaformatioB Drill 

w^ w^«pi Sim ictfclw*! I 

c»pnt fsw »cSi 5f<w •nf«m'tlc3!i i 

5lf<(C5ifcfea^ ( 

5ft ffif lilts "ireci cn^ c»pit iMit t 
^ cisic<i'c«=i ^ all ?'ik'c«i 1 

wt 615 iniiftw fi«f^^ COT 5'itJra^ I 

5fi wt sw sn<(if*i«'w=i fH^Pi* cw «'»ictt55 1 

( 945 ) a 

All Inttnahn Csvsf 

«n»tf^ f»rai(C^i^ C*WW P55t ft?'p5 lilSl W^l 01'* fastft 
i« I 5JW aft w« ^«t C5t9itc5T ftfircaictcssT f*i f* f^feqctcw t 
5t r tfit^ 5ii«it5OTt '»l'i lift" I 

TranspMition Drill 

( 946 ) Digitized Oy Google 

In Assamm 

Pi jich ^< ^ It fts iMc« «fsifEm' i 
«*« "11=11 1=11 .«8i fl'^t f^Bift cntat f*ata ei>t i 

«iil i«Sl «'<! ftBlf? cmjl f»>lt=I 8lil Ilt« »|Rt I 
^fs qft V(\1fcs wipRfwi pit* c*c«t H»flT ? 
W* cipit swit 'ft jR iitt^ aiftfjsit T 

^ftl ^^ nitc^ CT1* «lt»t1 fwsitctC^'* ^f *Bt iiw?« 

at* »Bt =»"S ^ifircniVcssi 5S ift ittps cm* sdnni 

ftt*1lt^C3=I I 

«m»int» 9ft *[5ii"rft«» wiifsHS 1 f* *fc=iB'p5=i t 
"UlSroS « f» »fi;"w'rai «ic*iHt» ^fn »wfH w=i » 

CSWOTK* 1*? «'* Wbl fi|fiRI1tSr5a.f>l ajpfst 

sH'flcfosst I 

f"l JlplfSI 15'51»"CSi( C^SlKtPllC* ?(? «'» lltl 

I^WitH'ra^ I 
>iS itfi «ias 6*1 iwrwHcst fi c»wj* I'^rai r 
^ c*pii» i'»iw"ra=i iff <5H tras 8*1 m^fwiw'rM » 

t 04? ) " 

Ah Inttnaiife Course 

UnltXItI : Lesson— 68 
Test Lenoa-MAGIC 

?5flt : "Sls qj« 9111:3 H*t6i ? 

fe%5 *tfi fWW ( ♦tl»55 
•IfT ^ aire? 31 OT«IT. 

^5911 : a? !5 ci^t«i KItftffsi CI ? 

Barnali : Do you know Mri- 
dula, we had been to 
see the magic yesterday. 
Had you gone there it 
would have been better. 

Mridula : With whom did 
you go 7 

Bainali ; We went with our 
friend's father. Had 
mother been there she 
would have also gone. 
Hussain's magic is vety 
interesting. He beheads a 
girl. Afterwards the girl 
comes out from the 
audiance. Had you 
seen (it), you wouW 
have never forgotten. 

Mridula : Did you stay till 
the end 7 

( 948 ) 

.y Google 

i4l«t : silt, iifii C"i^« sjif^tm" I Batnali : No, we did not 
«(lft siantaps 5ft icflt t stay till the end. We 

left in the middle. 


Mridula . Had I been there. 
I would hrtve kept you 
till the end. Did you 
take umbrella ? 

v^ie^ : nit, «nft ilf^ fast Bainali : No, we did not take 

wi^tm <» It*! Nil c^iaT 

umbrella. Had we taken 
umbrella we would not 
have wet. Had Hus- 
sain shown the play of 
swallowing the snake, 
everyone would have 
been astonished. 

Mridula : Did Hussain show 
the magic of playing 
caids. You would have 
probably got much 
interest in the playing 
cards game. You could 
have learnt one or two. 

Bamali : Hussain had shown 
an egg play. The egg 
rolls on the ground 

( 949 ) 


An tnteitsan Comte 

^i ♦tt^'8 5^5^? IJ^ t 

from one end to the 
cthei. It relies fast in 

M.i:;u1a • Oh. that one ! 
Very easy play. Vou 
could also show. You 
will keep one leech 
inside one egg-shell. 
Atteiwards close the 
hole by wax. The leech 
inside the egg shell 
shall be tJimbing. As 
a result the eg^ also 
shall roll. Had you 
seen , you would bave 
got much pleasure- 

Test Item 

1. Give short answers : 

(^) 1% fif Its <??^?T 5'si » 

( 950 ) 

.y Google 

2 Fill in the blanks : 

(*) »^ ,iiSt< <wm ctf g^sft tat «i i 

(1) !!? wfaw ^< •nfeilra^i i 

W) "i>flc6i I'lls t»-^w I 

(«) 5ts?(it >ifj nil cwkSi c«tJtt»nfel I 

(6) cs« csui'il Ji»si1» »il5 fufpi I 

3. Substitute the underlined words by the new^ ones given 
in the brack*- ts : 

(*) It «l»itlc<!s si« 1 "(.b'm I (It, jff) 

(1) a? tuiitfes" CI* 5"i! c»f«5i« =imi5f»fSn«^ I (jpi, 

(1) ?fif «? '«ti<Kiicf:5i 3|5C*I cntfl 't xcmctcst ' 

W gi5»Fi if? mi ri1iic«it3t cwnSi cn^nwtirai 

4. Transform as per the models ; 
Model A — 1| "Wtlcsi 'Stst'n flf>rt»rfctei>l'il 1* •Hf^t'll"- 

W 11 wtcfeai iHt it»it'ttra=( I 

(<<) at tflntdrssi w sti s'nHtw i 

(1) «5 <tf iHtw (?il 511 at i<t«i«f^fntfc!=t 1 

{ 951 ) "^ 

An Itiutuive Com* 

(1) ^ 6t^ sR»tHP5"I >nceit «»! «'>IR'r»^ I 

(5) rfe p«i«'cw lift '«^ra fifsSMfR';?* 1 
Model B— «'» IS «iif»t»nn't^si, «?'«»t c^J»i ^tfi(pifctiM»t 

(<i) ^ ?f» »fl«nt6i mRPic? C51, cT'Sste ^itsftfins'ts' ' 
(?) "netting ^ ^w'ts'tsii. witfiit?^ ^ f^ »feeK» tOT 1 

(5) >lt ?fif •ttam'rfWI ^nl IWiVmsI 1 

Model C— ^ft «iiJic« ofitrfWH cm* WM •iiW««i>'jf>i "HITS 
aitftw CI* Blt^ itfifsi I 

(*) crsrcmc* «'» ^fti ftftatstsi Pi A'.f 

W) fen* =™«iik'c!si w aw 5'5it«t3ii 1 
(1) 08-5 c^alcCcsii ^ xat »'5ic?*c«il I 
(?) Ji*i?itM Ji*ipi «rawi « SHI ?'si«c«^ I 

(«) «* C»tJlH'C«1 Itfs »Ilfe«fw"t'!1 I 

5. Add the word at appropriate place ; 
(*) »rt it(s i;.« « *ft fiift I msCT 

( 952 ) 


ii) 3? 5^ ^5 •itlSin'rs!! I ciif<i(«i 
i«) «lS SiS ic"f I HI* iliiw 


( 953 ) 

An Intensivt Comte 

Unit XIV I Lesson -69 
Bubul's Reactions to Assam-visit 

One day I asked Bubul, 
"Bubul, how did you enjoy 
Assam ?' He replied, "I 
enjoyed very much father' 
X again asked, ' which thing 
could impress in your mind 
too deeply ?" He replied, 
"the Joysagar tank and Joy- 
doul (impressed in my mind. 
Both lemind me of the 
sacrifice of Sati Joymati." 
I again asked, ^ who is Sati 
Joyraati ?'' He said, "Sati 
Joymati is the wife of king 
Gadadhaisiogha. She brea- 
thed hex last in the hands 
of the loyal constables for 
tht, welfare of her husband" 

ifitai^ mc* ^ftCPi, "15", This time his mother 

»l61ii <1^, 055» f*9 TOt? «ltf^ asked, "Bubul, please tell, 

fBfS"T"555n ^cw "s|'r ^m? why did the king awarded 

1*\«l*l=i<5 *ft c"**!^ £1®1't1 ^«''.» her punishment T" Bui"" 

^^w c«l' Ji«3 at* =^r5 ^5- 

( 954 ) 


sWJW 'R?iW3 ^t^*i li'(J?\ I told, "the young king, 

•^"^ f^rf^ni* wPmI *^lt»i ♦wit^ having come to the throne, 

^'ei ^wH c^sl^T W'tif'l^ »rai^ started to wound the p.)wei- 

inc« «ttc*^ era *ftc«i, ""^ii^ 

ful youths of the royal 
family. Then Joymati's 
husband flied away to soiie 
unknown place. Then the 
king punished Joym^ti in 
order to get the whereabout 
Gadapani " The mochct 
again en quired, "what 
happened t c Jaymoti 
finally ?" Bubul told, 
"having sufferred for seven 
days, Jaymoti breathed her 
last " 

Build-up Drill 

«Rj|f5i c^^^ c*w "if^* ? 

*it ^ffH ^ift* ^ffcnt', "55;9i, »iii»t<j^ c^^ c'tH itfiq '" 

* I «m ffltfipl CH^^l I 

( 955 ) 

.y Google 

An fidmjHw Conne 

CTtacSl '^W "n't '5I1t» ' 

C»11lSt ^acs c«» 'PTS ni* "lf'6 >55llCS ( 

»t% iw't ^ftc»n*. *c*wt^ ^ma call ^a R^* Jii*5 

1? ^H ^fxiii", "1*1 •»>fSl CT1=<1?II ?' 

1^ aras^ 55i^» inn<ff t^i'*' ^^5^ i 

f^ »w, "»fi> «=ii^ "WW* istw Piai i«ft» r 

Itfg ftfjn ' 

![jjn» wji* "iniws Wi^ ifipi I 

»i'*t «n? 55^i« "iwi* »R5r»« ^^in "(ftpi I 

^1 ^C5T, "»ni wi* iww 1«l* "l!W« *wt«i 

ems f* «'fl J 

( 956 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

In Assamest 

^m ^iw> eft »ftc5i, "»w^ ci»s f? ?B ?" 

»ftO! i" 
Subuiludoo Drill 

as »frpii' ' 

sf Jiftii jj»i» an »ftt5ii', "3ti<i!i calf CTR sitfiB t" 

* I Pi %8^ fffCfl, "OII^ ^ STei ffllftel OT^ l" 

^ »pi, "ct^ 1^ W1 wfmi CT^t I" 


^1 »afpi, "CTrt ^ win siifin (j|*5t I" 

( S57 ) 

An Intensive Comie 

fi few fiilei, "csw s^ 'st'i iifiB tir8<!t " 

W CTIH^ ages c<5rt i=i« vlf ife ^wJh t 

c»Tsic5t »«ii C5W !i»ra iri* it's asstJw r 

c»HiSt ft?c5 c«t« S15 •?» ii"6 mtSa ? 
e I (?) wnif lift wsi •hct'Iw cf »"« »t» m' 6 asjrtcs i 

«itl"r <jj<ft w» «Rnirlc«i (SIM >i5f5 ff^sicj (^<ittre 


(1) wpii'w •s^ v[f trawtai CTW !H5 n't* "n'B ««tts i 

fwnfl 1»l^ It* f"H«kl C11< =H« i(i» lf6 ^51»B I 
»WW^ «IW "S!)! ^IIA Cin =l"i« kJ* •!( 5 15«I»» I 

( 958 ) L.onzodB,GoOgle 

asEn Mm 

*i (») 1*1 »5«^ isiiw iiin« tiw t^-Ttaw I 

141 Bwisl ssro» iin« fii%"5^ iisl > 

■i^ »5"ra1 S5WIB mm fjis^ •ii6ii'!l i 

Ji5l «?ira^ li^mw ?wTx^ fji«^ *nS^tff I 
(«ij ^ »5>i1 ii;i^w fwm f>K« Wtn=» I 

IS! assre't "SsfcM iii1<rt f>i»< t^^B» i 
1 1 (») c«4 "St?!" »!i«^ "ic<4ri m'^ *Wpi I 

c«4 "si*!^ s^isn fiifiira «ni iR^ft »ftfpi i ^ 

f 959 ) '^ 

An IntentitK Cojiia 
CS4 ^^ "^.ff »mi ail >i»»(i »f<fw I 

CS9 ^1^1 i;ifl^ scf Bi»ii«» PIS ail SHI »ftf»<i i 

C54 ^111^ 1!il»« «IC< 61«tl«« 51«« ail C5*Jt?fW 

f I Jit^t^ itc* ?i<r;«i, "c!!S» Pm «»H "rfa fifl^i ?"' 

jftwf **inc» 5Rot, "cal* f« wt» "nfe ftfw >" 


.sWf *»tnic* ^Ncet, "C38» P« isnt "nfis f»m t" 

>aHii >»*ic5i» as 'tefl. "esi* fw ^an ii^ tst«!" 

» I ^jpi ^£1, "'wt •nf'rt >i*iii S&5t»ti »«nt «wiSl« 

"lift! titlj" r 

"ni«8 Wsr ■" 
?^i?i »ii13l, "IHIIifi? i«I5i Sftrat^Jn ^siH mwi\* 

lifts lifPi.' 
'm 3(»i5l^J" 

"life fit"! i" 

( 960 ) DigilzodcGoOgie 

15C1 S3^ fifpi, 'iisfti fsi<i«i ift ai Spflm i^« 
HOT §«' fire". "^«fiH P(<R^ 5P1 csS ift!i 1" 

Contraction Drill 

■> ) 11% oi'na ^^» ?rircflf . "5;jJi wsiw csn c»Pi fllfw t° 
>i? Uji* ^fwm", "smi* C3H «n sitfili !" 

It ^mi. ' W=ic5iH an 1=155 Ill's ^«H« }" 

8 1 I* \«t» ?ftC11*, ""fS «W*t C»t1 C=1I l" 
si ?f<OTf , "1* "'"f^ WW !" 

« 1 fl »P1, "fS Wl^ W«» WOT ft!?^ Wh» ' 
fJl «»1, "»5S*> WH 0k« t«1<tW 1" 

» I .i«5n ICT ^lOT, "^ffl *t5M, t34» f« lUtt llf^ 

Jit^n mw ^fipi, "wS* f»5 ^«it "iif?! fifpi 1" 

( 96i ) Doi i.Ooogle 

An tiatnswe Cmaii 
lote^stion Drill 

» I CSS «ifn >iwi^ «ic< BiwlCT »ra5 ail w'h ^Vw i 

Pi 'JC*', "cs^ ^^ si\'l»n ^c«f 51«'Tt«=f 5rsa ani 

jpi*i''i *ftfi«i r 

ft Sat ftpi, "sCTtSl* •!* uiisiiti sfysni' »"lt 

^JCt Vt**, "WHil^^ fif^CW CTf«9T V^^t«l »W1? lV ' 
8 I ^»1i! Ijs|!55t imilf-R >I»W S^SI^SI »W?I» "life 

fii Sal .'iftsi, "wi» csfen wMtft^ "Wii sftni^ 

t Fill in the blanks : 

( 962 > 

Diai.zodB, Google 

(1) '(WitSt c«m SIS Af if 6 ^wtSre 1° 

in) waip?l n?TTr» iini^ fjKff i 

(S) "1J9|, »C6tiI , C5S» r»5 ^Wf "lift! ftfs" >" 

(5) TBI? ^9^W >1«ffl» "i*lW5 WlfHSI I 

(6) -^tfTn 1 C5f59t 1»ltt I'bI I 

(a) 115(1(1 fi^tM f Pi «nwwtra ??i1ii ?ftci i 

cffl, ^nl^ isiw vM ?!«« aw ii«fi ^ftM i 

2. Change the tense of the reporting verb to simple present ; 

(») "* ^3," ^ffWf , "^5.1, «isi1 C»N CTti "ifl^ t" 
(«i) fi »ci, "pni '1 «ti mfoii aim ' 

(1) fl *M fllOT, "«1W IISIB l" 
(1) "S ^NWl', "1^ "5'^ C*H Clt 1" 

«) Ji?5w m* ^fxw, "«5H ^Ji, «5» «i! f« iifa 

firfw -." 

3. Split each sentence into two : 

(?) Ill* a« »fi3i, "BssSh cm r» »'i t" 
(1) (1 »c»i, "mrti csfen »^«ti •m? n'^ " 

(1) ft ®5» fen, "•«1*te! 11^1^ Itll^ •!£< BI«IIW ?19S5 ail 
W 1? ^lH ^fipif , "TOPfl WW CTt ?' 

(«) ft »PI, "PiM W «"1 itlli fflSst ," 


( 953 ) 

An rmnutw Cevn- 

4. Join into one in the form of embadded sentence : 

C) ^. ^i"« caw c»P< fflfw • s? ^1 ^fxfii I 
(«) awiici CW "HS "h's «5«ISW i lit Ssf IlfW I 

(1) Iffr ««5S| C*M Ctt » H? ^ftCflf 1 

W "i^ »5>ra1» f« «»t? "lifts fnfJT r wc* 9r«st I 



'thing, item' ■■ 














'royal constable in the Ahom 













'youth of royal ^nuly* 


'bodily wound* 

( 964 ) 


In Assamese 


'escaped, flicd away 








'worldly life' 

»i^1 •frw 

'closed down' 

Grammatical Notes 

1. The use of direct speech is introduced here in this lesson. 
The reported verb may be in any tense : 

Cultural Notw 

•ss^^I^: In the early I7th century A. D. in between 
i60t'J603 A. D. a young king, named Suliki^a 
wanted either to kill oc to wound the piospec* 
tive princes so that he could never be dedironed. 
He foutd not do any haroi to Gadapani who 
escaped and took shelter in Kagalatid. So the 
king caught hold of his wife, Joymatl and 
tortured her to know the whereabout of Gada- 
pani. But she did never disclosed anything. She 
was biutally tortured toi 7 days and finally 
she died. 

«j[$it : Her son Rudiasinha in 1697 A D. in the 
memory of Joymati dug a big tank (76,80.00 sq. 

( 965 ) 

Am Inltmswt Oma 

yard) near the place where Joymati was 

V^tt : King Rudtasinha also built a temple in 1698 
A. D. on the bank of Joysagar in the memoty 
of his mother Joymati. This is located at the 
outskirt of the town of Slbasagar in Upper 

( 966 ) DigitizedOyGoOgIC 

Unit XIV : Lesson -70 
Id Rangpur. the Ancient Capital of Assam 

5«^ fi(fis»i c^c*^ 3i^< t'nn *iii 

Mother asked Minu how 
she felt about Assam. She 
replied that she did not feel 

C""itnn?» ^ftfl C^W cWitSt Uncle asked what items 
a^Cfl w?» «^\5 fl^W »1W c^«t- impressed in her mind 
»tTa »ftt6 I ^t ^5^ fifft" C^iCi deeply. She replied that the 
ir^ *%^r^^ «n» ^tw-Wi Rangghar, Karengghar and 
9twiti9 1 Talatalghar (impressed her 


(3tw os4c^t CtCS? I 

He again asked why. She 
replied that there were no 
comparison with the atcbe- 
tea of these These have 
been built hundred of years 
ago Still then, these look as 
if new. 

Also she enquired what 
was the opinion o^ her uncle. 
He replied that his opinion 
was also the same. 

( 967 ) 

.y Google 

An Intansive CemrM 

1t^ f% *WC*1 tcSlST t«fP5 As to why the Rang^iar 

Ipl "HCT-pf an »Rcfl I was built, the mother asked 

^!^ra Tfk TOt? ^ ^vmv cnji She told (her mother) in 

CW CWt1»l B1^(^ g^ ^ 55?5 rcplv that the Wing having 

^1 I sal in the Rangghar enjoyed 

the sports in the Rang 


wrtSJWf^ fac^^S f* ^f» The uncle asked if she 

•lt<« CI ?pl WncsCT 5f«»l I could UBderstand the 

sftwn? ma "Iim « «* peculiarity of Talatalghat 

%f» lrt« I She immediately replied 

that she could. 

Subititution Drill 

> I (*) *t» ^* ^ftfel C"C»1 I'l"!'' sm C*C=t Itfiffjl I 

>itc» *t9* ^Sm c«CT •ii>i« al** c»Pt BlfuftT I 

>nc* JlS* ^' C1P1 "TOW !!1W RC< "if^llSI I 

(>0 >itCT ^'^ ^hfw c^lOT wn<H «i»i c»Pi «nfifft<i i 
lie* "Its* ^f>(r*»i 31W "w«H <5it^ c«=i »nf«i I 

( 968 ) 

Digitized Oy 


^ I («) aft ^m fiilw c?iw 5lt^ cth ill =itfeB i 
«iS S^ ftci cflci slt« c«1 lit =itr»»i 1 

<s(t isf fin c'tpi 'Slt^ «flt I'll iilfpi I 
(«) «■? »s^ ftfpl CTCfl «Hf ca?I sill stlfifl I 

ir? *a^ ftfefl CTw 5t»» c« nit itt i 

•a I (») C11«tC9C» ^fs« CT'W WltSt ^H stl^ IIS 1 '1<- 
«tH CfXIIIW »ftC! I 

pitsitn(?f ^fVc" c'ti?i CTittft WK wt^ >iTO i»«stH 

CTBtC5t» ^f« PtCI C»tst6l a^CJ Slt< lis 1*l»»ttl 

(1) iMWnc* ^fifsii 13131 CTtitSt ?ms ^t« sira 5f#n- 
ata Claims »f«« I 

(7min;» ^fiifin ctw c»t«nBi «^h si?^ >!»■» i*i>»it« 
«<it^ra if'm I 

CTiitrat* ^Mpi «1OT wicStn^? «t?^ ii« islfsw 
CT>lt11« »flfsn I 
8 1 W* S«^ fiilpi C^WfW T«WT ♦wW* I 

«I? *W fiiti (StM <W1 *1WS<1 »t¥^t^t I 


< 969 ) * 

An Intensive Co»m 


0*8 ^'W as »f ^w c'W f« =ii¥ 1 

C5« «J14 am ^f^5 c?iw f^« 1t¥ 1 


StS §«1 fiiPI WPI OT* *¥»n> »'rsi 5^t 11* *Nrt I 

«I? S^^ ft? c?1c« C*l5 ^1^*1^1 *'tW ^111 It? »1W I 

11 1 "I ajl lilts C'W PiIcti tl^ll »?1 I 
fii^.1 iMI tSfw 

► I ?(Mi f» »wii iww ?«f»n ^ffl iit» IT a? *fipi I 

1!5? f«5 iwm is'si ^fl »U* T."^ «B *1it»l 1 
?W Tin JK»BI Sfin ^ft lit* "111 «s ^fltl I 

i!w c»ic=i "wi^fsi ^fi itw ^"rt an ^ficn i 

( 970 ) D„„o«.,Google 

»5 tm^ CmtMtf^l 

^wi^ few? ft 1% iits CT iSi ^*tnic* sM *f^c!i I 
»> I •»^t •s'niK ire iitEi ct ^sH ^f» »(iSc» i 

sit W.VII»_1I« 5I1(C" C «IS lf» 1%! I 

SI? «tiwt3_si« Sot c^ ai* ^1 ilSw I 
Traaiposition Drill 

( 971 ) ^ 

An JnUnaivi Course 

K I St? S^^ ftfii cflci w?< P5t nit itfs»! I 

«lt< Clflt 5111T =(lf»?l ^fil «1? ^^ fiffs^t I 

« I disinic* ^fiifffl (?itc<i wcSt ^« «t^» 113 1^- 

c»Hc6i «^ca wt< =|ii5 ii|^5i« CTaiits »f»;« jIJi 

C1W>CK» ^ftfw 1 

8 I «lt flatlH fsffefl CTtCT i:^^ »TC»v^1 *1»^l'? I 

V^ »1CT«« »W»I>I ? ff»l WS 11IKI=I fifftil I 

f« ji» 5% OT8 aa »f<f»i I 

4 1 31? S«» fi( V" c?iw CI? »t»»i^i rta 5»iii =115 »wi I 
(?\X ^wW* ^'p5i j»Rt 11? *rei ^f« «i? Ssi ftS" I 

** I nitc« «i? ^firfssi «ic« ciwi?wcff*i isiira f* t 
^ I ^?w f* »!iti i:bT3T ^fjpi ^fsi itc^ «ra ^ftci \ 

it:« a"!! *1^l«l C^TC^ 1v^^ f* *WC*t 1WI?t t*fS51 I 
^*? ^^aa vtei CTCW *'11« ^f? 1»1* C*»1C»W^ 5t?fffll 

( 972 ) 

Digitized Oy 


Integration Drill 

SI? S?!^ fits^ c^tc«i <'^'i »w»n't alt' lira c^iitra 

« I "1 "I wf sites dtcw Wil *'t I wt S«» 1ifft»i 1 

w? S«' f»rs<i c^w 1 "t ns' sticks ci?W ft^ «ti 

«it ?w wipn aiipirat cisow i^ (.1^ bs its i 

« 1 C54 '^^ li^ei' wc^r ai*l JW*^ *f^fB5I t ^OT ^C! I 

WW »w CTpi c»4 'Ttsil' »!i« ic«f ail 'ffl'h *ftfw r 
» I c»i=itSi !i^H c!n !|TO h'b ^?»i^e ? mSrcf !g«i* 

CT%3I c* 15fi* ?'<rc»I c'icn C»11C?1 '5a« «H 

1^1 >ii'6 ^saiSn I 

1. Convert the following direct speeches into indirect ones : 

(1) a» si'^wi* ^Tfim, "cstitt an f» 1" 
(1) ft is«i fxc", "c^w 111 ait^ 1" 


( 973 ) 

An Intanaivt Course 

W ftf^icsi W9 »W»n, "'^''tj^i Jit^tEB 1*5 cmi'm t" 

{«) C5§ *^, "^91^ ^C^ (75« tfl?^ ^59 I" 

(5) xipiiH ^, "«i=i>n »i"amt* <[^1«' i" 
(») «i? gfirl^, "wSsiS ft c*ui 1" 

2. Change the tense of the rsportini verb : 

(^) CS^ *C*9 C<t:^ C^^^ 3(1 lit ^rfs«i 

(I) C5:<ira C1IW 'MA 5«i! r* a^ i3t I 

(1) jft i^fSlI CI 5I*f< »Pr C5I1H Slil 8111 flt I 

W I? « fta =11 ouft ii~f ftjji sntoi" I 

(«) it^pi en* ^Tf^ ct (?in »ii ft T 

(s) otSsit* ifiii* i,f<il%i a 3i?4 It c«c=i SIC5 I 

3. Join each pair of sentences and reprodace in indirect 
speech : 

(i) ■!? ".ifirea? wjn an - »tt» litlcp' i 

(1) PSC>ra tm IMIC* I C311« *C»I I 
(«) C«l< 111 f* ' 6tW lfl»l»f ?f>IOT I 

4. Transform the sentences given under Q No. I into 
indirect speech using -^'1 I 

5. Change the voice of the verb in the repDtted speech : 

if) >it Tcsi" c^ ^% *tsc?t "i'ntpi »l^ itr^« I 
(>0 =?fi ?f«l6»ii, "I'll ft »^«f' cwm !" 

( 974 ) L,,zo«.,Google 

(1) fi i»fe»i, "»it?« «>i5' % ' 

(9) «ili»t ^Wssl, "jlS^» HCWJW « W =155 r 





t^'<rtit5 5f^T 






fa^tl »fT 







■peculiarity, speciality' 



^r» *ntc« 

'(he) has undtrstood' 

Grammatical Notes 

1. Indirect speech is introduced in this lesson. The tense of 
the reported verb does not change in concord with the 
tense of cbe reportin verb Any ttnse is permitted in 
the reported verb. 

2 The personal pronouns P5t^, CTtifl and 'SflC^trt in the 
repotted shall change to 'i\^. CS'^^ and C3C<3^ respectively. 

( 975 ) 


An Intensive Count 
Cultural Notes 

q^"lTtH ^im «lf51«f JlWil w^t? ^v*35 T1^ «(t¥ Wir5SW« 

Ml 5W I 

( 976 ) 



Unit XIV I Lesson -7 1 
Mr. Hazarika with His Students 

«'t*jfil ^fif c^ sit^? Student : If you do not mind, 

«f ' 4^ cmctr' 1 

t^; «T»f^*t : f* *m ? 

I would ask you one 

Mr. Hazarika : What is that ? 

: «l?t <l9fr'^3 «n^'l Student : Would you take 

iFt5 14 c^ ^^ ? the classes during the 

Puza holidays ot not ? 

<PT»S| llil '2119 


Mr Hazarika : If you come, 
I may take. Almost half 
of your course is yet 
(to be finished). 

Student : Pratul and others 
also have requested 
Phukan 'sir to take 
classes. But, he i& not 
physically well. If he 
is cured by that time, 
he will take classes. 

fit: t\9fnv\ : d9^1, ^\ ^t^if* Mr. Hazaiika : Yes, if I can 

( 977 ) 


sew ^^iflfsi C"i^ 

An Intmsivt Comae 

teach (for the whole 
of) Piiza Vacation the 
course could almost be 

: iftf C^^ I'C^ «H:il Student : If the course is 

*ni <y\^ 59, c5^^ completed before the 

lis® »nt5t *l^ fff test we can read atten- 

^f^ *ltllf I tively after the test. 

««lt5. (3^591 tt'l^ 
15^ ItW I 


Hazarika : Since you 
have requested I shall 
certainly take classes 
Of course, it was quite 
late in getting the text 
book. When Choudhu- 
ry's Economics is out, 
it was already August 
The book is gooj. Since 
that has been received, 
there may not be any 
difficulty for you. 

iU " : 55 BW, CB^^^ M- Student : Yes sir, Choudhu- 

^^ f-^gWii'R ^1 ry's Economics is vMy 

t» 51^. ^«^ 1IW- easy. But sir, Rao's 

^fs f^a5H«l=tR Political Science is very 

^fa^t«i 4f^iT I difficult. 

( 978 ) 

cy Google 

S: r«l1^*1 : ■altwas c«WC"itc» Mr. Hiizarika : In this case, 
C»WB1f^ «^^« C^f? you have to depend 

f««f «Tt st«l «5 I more on the lectures. 

Stibstitutioii Drill 

■> I ^'<jfk lift OTt itiia ^ft Ji?l cwtxf I 

Wjfsi iR 1! SUCT fit JlSt dtW' I 

^^^ ftfni 

»il<l^ «ft asufa froi *<it Ji^ CTOXt" I 

'ii'JIsi ift ws=>r« to »tt Ji5t 5f« cilcw' I 

•pm ?«« iilfii me *fti c=i ? 

•jaw w itift •isjt? c^ 1 
Oi (») c«11tWI» If* i«i, it •« lit** I 


cwicwK^ ^ft «ui, il •« itnf I 

( 979 ) 


ilii Jntnunw Comst 

CO CWnOTt* if? "Rl, 1^ "R "ttt" I 

Pl« «tlf5 lit 

CSIIlClW if? «i5t, C11^ Sllfe =11^ I 

8 1 c«Wc»it»^ »itii on •iiiiif<ir-(C9« in") mm > 

cswpim •nil ata i*c»itf»if=ira? ^^ iioi i 

c5Wcflt« itai an «itBi«<ifaB? ^«'l wits 
« I ifii 6W II «iw «nc*, c«ire SfiE »n i 

ifil 6m "tSl^ '51W 1IW, C5C1CS 3f16 »W 1 
if" 5111 11 SW Itf*, eK«K» SPtB »11 1 

* 1 W) "Jaw i^^ ifif ig^m iicii', c«i?ra»i iii cii ^i 

•HI in I 

^•11 1*^ f8513 

■pii 1*S fs^sis ifii »IB,«11 11W, 05H««1 •lli C11 

»fii »iii m 1 

W "jsn i^j i|ii •15 111 •ncif, C5H5W iii cw *fti in 


( 980 ) 



*B1 ^ 

<pH «S liK 15,51^ »WI 515. rapupi Iti CV »fi5 

^ I 

1 I (») ?f» (S* SIM "ItCI Iti (?W 55, C8^ 11*» Wfil W ft 

5f» c6^ siira "iti c-n »5, cS^i •ms »iifs 'pi ft 

•(155 *rtC5f I 

(1) 5f» (S^5 ItPI SICI lli (?n 55, c6fe< 1W5 •«& It f» 

1165 •Irt5f I 

w:5t?i f^ 

5fil CS*5 1IC1 WKI Iti C"I5 55, C6^5 IWS ift 

SWUIII f» ita 1«5l' I 
«='C5I1 IS^tH 

5ft C?*5 StCII WCI tti C15 55, C6^ 1S3 «ltl« 

SRlCTl^ 15W5 ifps llnf I 

► I 05t5tC»11CV i**t C5f35t 1' V^ *1P1? I 

C5151Cii:C* ^«I C5f«51 H? 51^15 51C5? 1 

«II«lfs( »t«i c5t«51 n? ^tB fftC5? I 


'n<lf» »t»l (?lfe51 5» »15 ^f^tS? I 

» I ^^11 Jl?5m Itij f*«tt 1t4cs* C55 «<> »'9 ( 

( 981 ) Ligz M;,Ooogle 

An Intensive Count 

«rac"n siim •nil r»jt>t •ii«c»t c^s •»>! sV i 
i" I c^i^^ s<Wfefisit^ ijifi?t sun c5f«?t Jii!i^ •ifint i 

PR<H C^m tit! filWJ OTIItlt*! «I^R<(1 =!« sitti I 

( 982 ) 


c>ii>i^ «fltlcs ta? (jsuwm i^Tvn •{fi 1W I 
c>i?«ra ««ii*« fiwj »imwi i^ftxt iw iKi i 
cfl?<i*i *«i?c* ftc5? sTa^^Bi^ «f^f?»it ^5 1 


cscsifsi jfa c»i»6m otts ft^ =H1* ®l>i i 

racawais f ftl llil f'«I1 «'W5 fsi-sl ^i»1? 53151 1 

C5tsj[irai5 5fii itij f^alli «•«« ft'Si «ft Sf6« i 
caciwss ^ft itij r«lt^ s«w« f=i€^ *iil nif n I 

Da i-M;AjlX)gie 

( 983 ) 

An tnunmre Course 
Variation Drill 

B1CT ^f» stsi 1RI, c«cira ^'6 fla I 

ili( »iB5i^ »wi m, "ni cvf *f»5 »m TO ' 

« I ift cS^i iwra ms pre 55, stft "bOTi ft i""?' "ftc^f i 
sfit c8^^ wira "ni im 'C», itS «*oti fir if?' itpf i 

8 1 cBl5*w wslftaR c^f»!ii «sin csfsn itiS tfes* i 
c^?fl^ siiilfisitii «r55t Sfets c^fsm iti^ ifia? i 

« I c>i*>R ctiit tici cf«9t c5ratt«t*' i^fain s« =itti i 
c^i ii^st CT^t csnitt»it« "i^w m^ snm i 

Traniformatioo Drill 

> I »nlft 1ft C15I Ittts «»ll JlSt OTOT' I 
"nijlst c«it iilicn ?<it JiSi phct' i 

CalTICflt* WtftCI 5» *;IB t\1 •ItMl' 1 

8 I >i:nS0' TPI Wtl *,1B CIS »5 c5Sl 1155 ^i| fil ^|J« 

Ce«f WW •nil »„1B (W 5W ct#< ma I|^ f» Ify, 

•new I 
( 984 ) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

k I PftW CIIJI ties CTf«lt CSWCSIt*^ «I^r«1 it!? ita I 

cii f N^ "W w I 

Addition Drill 

VK IfH lllfil =ft6 W « t IIS 

•IT Wis '11'^^ jftB 5M CI =i»ra ♦ 

c5^ itw wfa I'm iwf 1 11 ft 
c6*i ins «f« 11 fi( <Tf5« iTCif I 

C1*<« C1W h» CTfsit C!l1Wt« "r^ftirt 151 I Bttl 

it«i ^wiif«fisiti<H *fsi I ^r«Rt»i 

it«l ^»i1f«fiaB«(i ifsi^8| »iSj( I 

( 985 ) 


An Inttnsipe Coast 

Cai'BW «1<3 f'.-M SRI^ Wlsi ?^ I C^ 


I Fiil i« the blanks : 

W ^>lfi ^ CW ^It il8l WW" I 

(«t) «ll<J|5l «IE 1^ CT ? 

(1) ^ »1?t»l llM CI ? 

, (1) if? cS^ "iMcs c"n , ii§' itsa ifes iwf i 

W f»151»l CTfeSI C!!f%!t 111^ ifttS^ I 

2. Transfoiin as per the model : 
Model 1— ^"Jf* <ft (M =lt1t5 »1t J* c>llt<lf >'«n<lf« CWt =n»»pi 

W cststCflW lf» 1«t 1* 1? "ItCT* I 

(1) ^ BW C«fe9tt*I 11 9tei 59, CSC^CS ^15 «^ I 

(1) ift WWPIIW C=>W 1* ^15 !W 1 

Wl ^fil 5* IW, ?^1 5N W 3 ? 

(«) ^iif 55l « "WW Itt^ 5^ I 

cssfsst ^?» «<l rt I 
(<l) !i? ^«inSl *«ra? cat«re «i«9 xlssi «tft Slii i 

( 986 ) Ll,0llzodB,GOOglC 

/n Aisavme 

W) ^•I'R 'swsra Wilis >iftt»it I 

W yitfl "Rsfra n'ltcStH ■aSi flaw cfftw i 

Model 3— <?I»5I« «1« ft«^ *^? «m>c5l.)i5I^1 WfS fir*1 

<») 6H<* Nil ^<TS Sfea i 
(1) ostinpn*^ •i^fS'rt 5? iipc I 
(H) !1? ^tf» Ift6 •» iwi' c 
3. Add the new element at the appropriate place : 

(*) rawtpn* «wt, It *t6 m . iSf I 

■n) <jsnre»m» (?i»5t« «'H5 r«'»< *ii* wi w i rfs i 

Wi «rj«i#c3« sf'6 fl^ti if'cs I 5*1 6n* I 

(«) •racii '•I'M 1 ii fvsti »it^s^ oi<1 *'»! I PS I 



'does not mind 


'Puza Vacation* 






'body, physique* 


"major portion' 







( 987 ) 


Ah tntennve Cours* 




'comes out, is publi^ed' 




'difficult, hard' 



fsT^ »«t *to depend' 

Grammatical Notes 

Joining of two sentencts by 'ifH' is introduced here. 
When two scnteiKes are joined by '^fif' and the finite verb 
of the principal clause is in the future tense the finite 
verb in the subordinate clause shall be in the present inde- 
finite. e.g : 

^ 'jf*! «W it ^ t 

Digitized OyGOOQie 

< sea > *^ 

Unit XIV : Lesson— 72 
Revised I esson— Travelling in Darjeelii^ 

C?T^^ urn C«rK5 1 «ac-fj 1^31^ 

"SI'S i2(f^ iftniw c*i"Bi ^a ' ^« 

One day I asked my friend, 
"How did you find 
Kashmir ?" He replied. 
"It was not nice for me.'' 
My wife asked, "Are 
grapes, pears, apples are 
cheap there ? - Is wool 
also available there at cheap 
rate ?" 

"No, where will you get 
at cheap rate ? Raher those 
are more costly there. Of 
course, things are plenty 
there. Supply as well as 
demand is more there," he 

This time his son asked 
whether their father would 
go to Derjccling next year. 
The father replied that th^r 
won't go. 

:y Google 

Ah Intmsitte CwM 

H*1M ^W ^CW ^CB5^ The boy enquired vrhy his 

father and others won t go 
in spite of the fact that the 
Govt, grant leave travel 

TfftF^^ ^^JPS Ctwt «>t* C^ 

"irfSi^ (^W^t^f *1"B>^^ WC^ 

The mother informed 
that since the other expenses 
bfcome almost double of the 
train fare, it was not possi- 

I remarked that the 
playing on the snow and 
the climbing the ropeway 
in Darjecling was interest- 

* Perhaps Daijceling is not 
(so) costly as Kashmir ?" 
the friend having looked 
at me, asked 

''Yes. (it) is not. If you 
wish 1 can make arrange- 
ment tor your stay there. 
Oui of f ice owns a tourists' 
house there," I told* 

( 990 ) 


'^tc^ flfif |E51 «^ ^51 *J8rt- "If you wish, let us go 

^« flT^bl '« I iif^ f»^ C^ M the coming Puia Vacation. 

Hl<ttc*l CT? r ^^ C^S^ ^[PS't'l But we won't stay there^ for 

Bit »W long," the friend told ha- 
ving locked at his son 

CW5 C^ceitc* CTt* «1 »< ^Ifl Finally they approached 

(^ HIV >n^ ^K^ < me that I should also ga 

Sobfltiliitioii Drill 

> I "it ,9fw ^5W» 5r<«sil', "»MiM>H C3wn C*PI ItPW )" 

c*c= life 
< I cs^ S«i fitta, "csii '1 wi snsitf^i i' 
C34 «c", "on^ « <5t»i siwtftsi ' 
CS9 »ta, "cm « PHI ^fllfw l" 


"rat CI r 

Da i-M.>^jOOgle 

< 991 ) 

An Intensiv- Course 
Wit ^ft 

8 I sts Spii ^ *^ IRS cnn m cfff T 
'sfs Sew ^» « «^ ira c"ff T 

Sra ®OTt « >RSt5 in (3tr* ? 

«1s ^»il ^ igts •mi wf^ t 

^, c*c=itf "WW itt ? 
» 1 ^^! c>itCT« mi «fe5 I 

"wph pi^w TO «w I 


( 992 ) 

"nij ^ssc^f ate »i ir^4iti ctw 'W I 

a* I CT^Wt^ Sir fwfii'i ttOT C^^C^IT^ 511^ I 

< 993 ) 


Alt /titmiiw Coutu 

«wf!iFst (38W* f*? Hpmnffi 5i'«ir.5iw ail *R:«i i 


a^nftcsi cs^iit* f»5 itH iPl I'TOSra Wl *Rpi t 
<5«'"»irat cssSpi'* r»5 HW ^Si 5i'<R?t« ?f«pt I 

jfsi TO* «1W I 

( 994 ) L,3,,tA>ix)gie 

iitf»f>i; UmU »i"il^< »n <«s<iii:«w sw? i 

<flf»frl! t« us? »I'^« f=lf6il1 "WSilrt-W IS? 1 

»(l fill •IWf I 

if» «tc« >i=n« sS «f«^ twusmn siRst^^ »ri ft« itHi'i 
ifK sScJ l6si« >it sta^ <wniwi« v.'tifns *(i fti ♦liw' 
<» 3*5 feB« it a<«1 1»1PI»lH aU'JI »fi f«« tKV' 4 

5«> I <5tC« if* t«SI « "l«t ^»IWI It'Sl 1" I 

^tre lilt if^*1 «»t ^»W^3 n^tM ^1 1 

pS!itc«iic« ift 11*^1 151 "J^itras mit^ Wt I 


«nli f»^ wfifi ^«nt*t crt i 

t 995 J Diai.zodByGOOgle 

An /ntMstff Comru 


ilfn C5WM il'lltl Bit *£!! I 


c»ni5 ftitra CTc^t ff^cfl Of snt iw itti i 

tW5 Ww (?l1C*t iftpi o> »C!lt m? "tfl« I 
Varifltion Drill 

^ I C54 *8i fipi, "CTi^ ^^ »ti iwifti r 

CTrt ^ «15| siwifiii ii»i ai &s^ %i" I 

( 996 ) DigilzodByGOOgle 

8 I "^t?, *'« »rsTs 11^ 1" (.^^ ^fm ffitPi I 

"^1?, »'« 11^15 »rt3 ^fei c^4 ^^ flftBI I 

C1!^1;>1!3? =«5 I" 

af •!!! caltn 61* ^"Vw PW irtfilei! pOTW ^l'fll« 
St »CW1* CI Vl^fw^S ^tSH «lf^6^ ^Sr-^nifii^tii "(Its I 

i> I "«?r! <» l65i «, 151 <j«iw! miti w,° ^f»pi 
if»H raa^ •jj's^ii 61* ?wciw ales ^f? *E6t ^«, 

( 997 ) L.o.zoi;:,v,,oogie 

An Intauive Coum 

Ci>ra ca4catc» otwi x^t", "si'jft s ni iici i" 

1. Change the tense of the reporting verb to Present/Future : 

(1) '^•ta ^fic", "litfiSl! Cfl«»Cir >H6>ltt«W 1511 " 

2. Change into mditect speech : 

(») "iHil^xst CSIIW C»C1 lift" t" i» a^sa* 5 nEsii' I 

(«) "ans CTtitcfl c<% 5tr«<fis crf»" ral «a< fei . 

pi) ctSsic* S?i^ fiiSn, "«fs «1T« " 

p?) "it C«HK»lt»< tllprein tevtvs ♦ft ft« 11C«I'," s? TC»lt' I 

(«) "«nS c^Sfti autre#i ««," 'f H 'j|p5*ta 6i» »w 1 

3. Change into direct speech : 

(<c) CTWsas ^titsr ot ^icin*"!* jft »» »^ii »ftpit' 1 

( 9^^ > Diai.zodByGoOgle 

(«j sft. *« jRsra IB ^fti c«e ®w fm i 

4. Join the two sentences with '^f^I* : 

(1) "csn n •am wftsi i" ':33 §51 f»pi ' 

(n) '^sra a1» »5( >rat ca !' CTW ifriw ?f>ipi I 

rt) "JlfT. 555 " Ht »t«l* I 

(«) "«Tfa flfe'li' s|I«l1E*t c»t " ^fC5 "JCS^ifl 'PI I 

5. Join the two sentences using 'c^tcBi .* 

(1) "a^aW ap "It^atM (Tint >IH I" ra5 S«^ fill?1 1 
rtl ^"5^ S^ fifcffi, "cnw w 'Stsi al^lfflei i" 










'price, rate' 



( 999 ) 


^fi InMiMiM C4)vr9e 





ftrs ciiai ^^C56^ 

'leave travel concession' 

<\\k^\ ^^5 

'extra expenses' 


'two times' 














'stay etc' 




'tourist house' 


'let us go (non-bon)" 

Word Note« 

teave Travel Concession : Now Govt, of India and many 
Private Companies encourage the employees (with 
family) to visit some place in India once in every 
4 years. The Govt./Companies bear the full railway 
fare (to & fio;. 

( 1000 ) 


UnltXJVi Lesson-73 
Test Usson— A CIRCUS 

g^ ; ^*lBrt <9fs(c^^ T ^tt" Mridula ; Have you heard 
a^■v^ 'srei G1^& *Itf^ i Uipala ? A good circus 

patty has come hov. 

^weii ; «(' i9f=(wf 1 fe C5iS Utpala ; Oh y€s, (I) have 
■sftWC^*! W^6 I ^ 5tf«l heard. The GreaC 

^ilf« ^ Oiental Circus. Have 

you seen ? 


: aft CPW «1^ I CT^ 
^T^ Wlff *1t5, flttl 

•ntn mil . ^% ^1 c<iw 

Mridula r I have not seen 
brother. Father has 
gone on tour (He) is 
supposed to reach this 
afternoon. If he arrives 
tonight, we will go to- 
morrow. Do you want 
to go? 

^IPlt : .ii^I I 'Sfcs f=i9 ^ *lt Utpala : Yes. If you take. I 

J5(«eg ^\M I ^»it^ I'* shall certainly go. Our 

^^?W8 11? =fRI I W^ younger brother is not 

^^C^<s ^^ f^T J there indeed. He is 

very much interested 

in these. 

( lOOL ) 

.y Google 

An bitensht Com» 

?5»it ; cstc^ «'? ^il^5l? 5ft ^ Mridula : I also very much 
®181 ntCI 1 CI^C^ C^vnn like to see tfc«e. bro- 

f«5T5 >l§^ 6i^«si ^(^- thcr. That's the driving 

atc^ r ^^■<^ ^99 ^^ n^ of motor-cycle inside 

Bt^CWt I ?it^ CTsi ft?ft the globe ! Not ouc but 

fed I 'It* C^ ^^PW «»R!5 two motor-cydes . The 

91! *ftfat»i ^cSt PtiffS hairs in the body spring 

vfini -mf^ 5<W 'S'l^t* up- And that having 

^ ttC4 I built a table on bottles 

placing, the head on it 
the legs are kept up- 

^•WT : ^ttf^ CTt CT «otW Utpala : Again that game in 

*Tc^ ^ of]^ 'art .5* 
»tf^ ^ ijii *(ft ^r^ c^ 

which two persons climb 
on the two ends of a 
han^ng ladder I The 
girl catches a chain 
by her teeth. Then bodi 
of them along with the 
ladder revolve in a 
circular way. 

^5»ir : m^, ?l^» C5C=IT #w Mridula : Do (you) know. 

■enCTfit 61?c^ff| botW 

that they are said to 
have a peculiar game 
of riding (7cle on wire. 
Two (ladies) drive (two) 

( 1002) 



cycles on wire. A bk- 
mboo is fixed on the 
baclcs of the two. Ano- 
ther (girl) rides anothci: 
cycle 6n it. 

(Stlsft ; caB >It1' 6t*ire cfi (JiS^ Otpala : The game that the 

n^^rs .iiBm f«t5l» ftCP \ 
C34« c»nia 11C5 «t5i e^rt 
•m flic ■nra =iiilci I 

Great Lion Circus 
shows— one ties cloth oA 
the eyes (and) throws 
swords to the front. 
One person stands in 
the front. (The swords) 
fall on his left, tight, 
top and bottom; but do 
not touch body. 

: «f«c?C*W cKtl . 6*5 Mridula = The Oriental 
«iril' 'it^ ftVfZ" «1C I (circus) is said to throw 

swords towards the baci 
after ticing clotlies on 
the eyes. Mother says 
that magnet is fixed at 
different points in the 
planlt (It) is not con- 
vincing to me. 

tS^Irt : W •nc*, »« ! ctS«« Utpala : It might be, btothei I 

( 1003 ) 


An Intensive Courw 


•C=I 5<r5 C=T^ c»«t «^tt 

Father has said that 
the man, sh;>wing the 
game of chewing the 
blade or glass, puts 
lemon in his mouth. 
As a result a chemical 
reaction takes place 
(and) the flesh does not 
get cut. Alright wc 
win watch minutely 
tomorrow. When you 
will come, please in- 
form. I shall keep (my- 
self) ready. 

Mridula : If Bamali wants 
to come, bring her also 
with you. All of us will 
go by an autoiickshaw. 

1. Give short answers : 

(') *9ttl f^ «fTf?CS T 
<f) ?5«t» 51^ Bl^c? CT r 
(1) ®*.»15ii ^ Piij« ^[A t 
l^; W^^ fiF c*1 51? WW Itfl T 

( 10C4) 

.y Google 

(«\ §t*i«1^ f« Cf" 51% ^m •115 ? 
(6) «f^C5t^ Bl*HB-f» »5'5 CW CT^ra t 
(f ) caS "IW 61*161 •lt6ft<5 C«15I ft t 
(q) ggsill SIC* CSIll CWI 1'«1C* fs? *3 ? 
(? »16 CBIPW C«T l^t* ?t«PIW CTSW» f? « ? 
, (*) CS4 C»C«i* 61*16 6Wji1 W ? 

2. Change into indirect speech : 

i«i) 11c* ^ficfl, "Hf, swal* f*5 "ilfis f^fm f 
(1) f"ii'» »la* ?ti(t»i, "jfn t*5 <w5t* »nf5si r 
(^' ale* fit's) *fiC9', "»?5i^^ c"lT5 f* ?'ffi r 
(«) fB *t»l, "c8W ^ «1B1 nlfw ' 

(6) ^fi *ai, "c»n It «i>i =nfw " 

3 Change into direct speech : ' 

(*) cs-8 *ci ai'c") C54« w-Sliii sti =it"lf^ I 

(II (J5C«ir5 •SlCI CI C«CWW CKS«t* *lft ll^" ' 

(1) lies «1| sftfjn CI CT1siSc»cs»< TOW 1% ! 
W) 31* fiiftc?** *c»i cflpi as&^ 5W«m c?it»i i 
(«) wiiwrnw f^r^w f* if» 115^ c=i ^fi croirac* ^ficn i 

(6) W) ia6l SW^ SM f"l*H »R»rtl f»IWi"WCe|!*CW'-> - 

c!i 11* •iinfii3,j^S(c»i I 

ft. CTIIItlC* -^ftrisi CItCI C*l'CSt 1^5 W?"! ipra C1111W 




4. Transform ds p^ the model : 

(x) '(W* «m fW i" S^iii* »pi I 

W) «* 5f"(Clf CflCI »m*B »rtl«l « CTf* t 
(«) ^ ^?t catOT fm V «!•! fl? I 
(5) ^JOT *w, "»i'*w« om «I5mit sift f 
(«) it«ifi »4* « illj^ Trtli "tfe c^uiw I 

5. Fill in the blaoks : 

(1) "»fir 11^ miiiH , pspsw f6»s »ft!i f 

(5) It <ifit tiSi^ls i>»t — — jiSi 55«m ^« >«f»OT"{ir5* i 

(!) "jR ift «•.••• 6t , t* ^f^lKtOTl ? 

(■) 1^ 5f» 8»i cs^nf «>wt »w «5s »pR tiaf i 

6 Complete and rewrite the following in complete sentence' 
M pet the model : 

Model 1 :— caintP7l« ^^Sfl =»«' "JtPt 1 

(1006> DB.zoaB,Google 

In Assamese 

(1) f>i iaW» •i^Ws 116 1 

(^1 cswitflit' Jic»t ftijn^t It 1 

Model 2 : fvrv% «1^« ^% fV «t" i 

(*) itw itw ftPI ' 

(.1) ^<5 sf5 ■ I 

Vr[) c«l^ Jll^ «ICT ' 

p) f»«ti W% "WW 1 

(6) c^Weils ^ I 

Model 3 : "i^^feftaR CTfew 's'na cafen rfispi Iftcs I 

(») csfsgt (R ^fwre 

W c^fen c«S c6ii=fn w Sti csf*" T< I 

(1) i\^ tifelt "PPlil w I 

(^1 csfeit ct* "R1 fw I 

(8) e^, ijsftst 1? w ■n^'s if? ^iwt I 

( 1007 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

An Intensive Coitrst 

Unit XV : Lesson— 74 
In Search of a Servant 

m»ft^ : C5^ cs*r, -sftr C=f ? Hazarika : Haltow Deka, 
are you listening? 


: m\ 

Deka : (Pardon) sir I 

5twft^ : C^ 5t*^ (SWftw^ Hazarika : My maid-servant 
♦PJiei 1 ^ft ^m ^a5T has escaped. Could you 

f^f^ ft^ C^raiV C^ T not find out another ? 

CSVt : C^faflrt •«! "sft ml ? Deka : Since when she is 
not there ? 

?lwft^ : CTWt ^lf»W »t^I *T& Hazarika: Since yesterday. 

OTptf "511 sit^ 1 

When I was coming 
to the office yesterday, 
she was there. Having 
returned, I saw she 
was not there. 

: n? ^t* fm^n I a(tf« Deka ; Well, I shall search, 
prtf ^»l*t ^IH ^C5 I I have a little work 

^?^9i f^f*c»l 155 C*i T today. Shall it not do 

if I search tomorrow 7 

:y Google 

5t"lft*1 : C*C»ft ^f^ 1 CSW^ Hazarika : Why not ? When 
O^Wi ^l^*rt 55 f^tBtft you ^will find time, > 

frt I you will search. 

05*t : C1H ^'^fnft c«m 5tn Deka : I shall go today itself 

«iTf«H? f^5lf^ irn 5TT 1 sir. it my work shall 

Wl Ciim ♦(flin, be finished. Since she 

wic*tt5fl^ PT*^ ^?l has left you can c ma- 

1»Cpft 159 I W? *"« nage without a servant, 

a? ^»f I n^ C^ti't^tJf That I understand I 

Pi'^r .a$T r^Sif^ sitfaT i shall certainly find 
out a boy. 

5t»ff »1 : Jt^t, efw ^6t f^Biff Hazarika : Yes. it would be a 
t»C«l ^f ^l*!* ?«T ?q I great favour if you 

ift^lW C«W C*i5H find out a servant, 

^wftt* ^*f55' I C«iiT^ Wife asked me to tell 

^^T^s 053^ «itW Tv^W I you only. She has great 

faith in you. 

C5*I : 11*1;^ g|4lc5 ^?T 't?! Deka : There was a good boy 

5t*i^ *i^ *t1^ "SH c«!« 
^ ?i I nl fu^if cJiisi»i:9i 

*fic^f «t^] 'iiei »i'^T 

( 1009) 

in our neighbourhood. 
Having fallen from the 
roof his Waist was 
broken last month: 
Since then, he is unable 
to work- 1 shall, at any 
cost, find out a boy 
(servant) for you as 
early as possible. 

An /nMutw Coma 

Sabstitutioo Drill 

» I 511 "111 jiSi fwf'i ft? c^iaifl CT t 

«? WIJ JiSl fwf^ «llfiM (3HM 3 ?J 

*if«i ft >)>w! 1? licit, aft »itrs»i I 

»lft ft "BM 1^ ^^, «t? itfw 1 

»tfl ft IITO 1* fl4, «ft llfel I 
8 1 \ft h Cl|t<lf , «ft It? I 

(lolO '■^[■x'gie 


'n Assamest 


tj' ^fe WW', «t^ m* I 

S»% wft ctlf , «'t alt I 


« I C««t« carrot 5fi>(t 55 f«5tf> ft«t I 
jfi i?irs5 ? ^Uit C1UI fteift ftfl I 

» I Wt WFSW ♦Bin, WlnBH BIM >s6l !Rtqi iR» cit'lt 

"1» jcw' I 

1* IWf I 
i51» CTfsit l'«l. mclHrt Bl»^ J8t ISPlt =I5W, CTt»1t 

'»!* Cfett I'fl, »ltt1nm M« JlSt =I«"* IKSI, C1»»1t 
^ I I* (KH C5t=I Sl'^t 4il flBtfl flB I 

( ion ) 

An Intensive Comse 


fi OT? C5it n'm JlSl felf^ ft* 1 

"jfJI C*IC^ CK^ ffl'^t ^fl^ ftslf^ ftfilt t 


iifsii f>i5tf«ei aw wtat t 

> I c»w* aw f 

fts a»i t 


f^? a55 ♦ 

»■ I liiat, Bt»^ JiSl f"i6tf^ froi ^a Sww »at ?a i 

■iiat, 5t»a •s^ f?5tfa fmi »a s<wff =tfl w i 


■sal, 6l*a?t Ji^al ^Etf^ ftpi ^ *•»« ^^.w I 

( lOlZ ) r- T 


» I iftiw raiiw ««w ^iiw W»i I 

hto C5ISI* CfW' "lit* t^fsi I 
WiCT catsw firaw »"Ht^ i»fw i 

ii I C'StSl^ "Q^^ C^'S' "IIW f^'\ I 

re»w «m« c«4» S1W f'^w I 

CSIM W^<5 C<54' 1*1^ f'tl I 

je I vlin ^vs * 911 1'^ ItSi I 

•rpw «CTf5 jiSt 'SIB I'^t itfs»i I ^ 

•mw ii«ra ^Si sti I'll iifw I 


'fl'in it'Sra ■^"^ 'ti (StJWft «itf8si I 

58 I sill 1^\ •ift «l^ t^lll Stf'B I 


(1013) D„.zo,.,Google 

Am tnlnsii^ Couru 

IS' 111 ift W «f «Ifil>I I 
1WW tft «'' «ff stftfl I 

fti csf«!ii' "Wt *ti *w »ft< citsm f'l I 
ft PI? I'm "Wt ^n »i» »M citTOi s'l I 

ft CTl IW "W ^W »W *ft^ CTUWl tsCB I 

»e I s? f^siiii pm^rtn tint' 111 -aSl I'H CTirn ?1il fi("i I 
1< PBR (PltiWII IIOT' "HI .bSi 1'^ 5MIJ5 »f< f«si 1 

EzpantiOD Drill 

Adding confirmative =I»5 I 

> I am r«^"l csut!f™"ii »i»m 

( 1014 ) 


s? cifen wfTCjii wictt, w* ^fsi =R? I 

iif« C111 ini »i» «nre =i« I 

(Tin itwrift c-n s»i "nf^ra? taff ?n srej i 
t>il »«n St ^j^f i 

Addition of surprise marking OTWI^ i 

•ccinn ■s^rs c»«^ iiw Mil i ' 

»llt1i=l« WW csM X111 fWl CTWH I 

»lf^«^ WHW »"IIC* c»is«i ■ 
i(i<iH C5WH f«nw i*fw wwi I 

VarMtion Drill 

it dfna iPfsSn niwf, sit "rttpi i 
1^ if^B^si ^1 usiss sit ifsi I 

(1015) D,s,.zodB,Google 

An Intensive Cmtrse 

>ftCTR!iii®»ri"ii3. w^^i? 1 

sft Ssfe wit HISS fit m? I 
Cislilf ciRssiS ^'''(t 59, fetft fiat I 

{J!t!l« 5f«t 5C1 fWft fi« I 

pflf l"ti 1ft sn c*iin -siftm I 
sw *«t ifls «t^ c»m »tfi>i I 

>i? ftiw dW^W ilc't" liii .aSi 5i>t Wiw »ft fipi I 
ift ftsnii i?itsi*ni'»«fi "Ri Ji8i 5i'<i c'tnii *ft fii i 

•at isfen "WW iiciHR B:»< iiSi iscit siw i 
at? •tfli (Sfirai «ncmt< 6t*< jiSi ^isci? sRa i 

Traiisformatioii Drill 

> I CW C5»t, of^St CT ? 

C51t C5*t, O'-lt =ltt CS ? 

» I 'jSl »RJ JlBl fiSlft fi|« WJIfl CI ? 

^lTi »iin -sSt f^Eifit ft^ i«t d t 

« I c^ s? iftB^i aictt. w? "itfjsi I 
CTfeit SI? il^ti <(fi;#t. at? itfii t 

t^ it ncif , <st? lit 1 

( 1016 ) 


If I r*^ ■aSt fisiff ftcn S»i»w ^ ?5 1 
stw j«t ftnl^ ftOT« S«ww *<i »iw I 

5« I mwi 5}*t5 laSi ®w si'^i «nfp\ i 
•nm^ fj<t« jiSi »ni fl'it "lies I 

i» I «t"^ •«( ipi »W C»W' tflJl i 

cslsaH i^t ft »w w »ft^ "nt «'i I 
>e I rt 1=11 ^St n'^t cmil^ »ft fi("l I 
>« w JiSt »i"^t CTiii^ tff ftfci4 1 

1. Change the tense of the underlined verbs into past/future. 

( 1017 ) , = ' 3 

An tnunsivt Cotffw 

(1) >i* cm cK=t «i'=it ^6t pBift arp™ ' 

(S) 1* dC^CSCT lafet 51'^t ftBlft «tft» I 
(5) I? 1lf?6t«I CTSH 115^ •!«' ft =tl» 1 
(« <prn !«!! "H"};:! jfis BR cii ? 

2 Fill in the blanks : 

W s^N , CTCIl", Si =i« I 

(1) »nntim Bt« JlSt 15C>« I 

W) "i< c^CT Bt« ■aSt ftsiN f.fti I 

(«) lltlWW «^W C5«? f«I1 I 

tB) IfflW — — ^Si «w »l'« «t1*" I 

(») cTOisus — _ if^ 3W aifit I 

(«) f>i aifew »ts »fi^ 5'»i I 

W) 1* citwiOT ^Si '(^\ »1i M I 

(•w) cw ^nfifsi c-K sea sirsfcst im I 

3, Negate the following : 

W <1^ S6lf^ 1 

(1018) Dia,i,zodB,Google 

lit Asiamese 

(6) ^» %»WI^ !Ktt 5!1 I 

(5) «mfT^ gj*^ J)5T Sf91 51'ft WTfs?! 1 

(e) 5* j|8l ftBlft f»5 I 

4. Change into affirmative : 

(*) CTUi«tl5n 'm «t* iH f 

(«) fJI ifW *» *^« Ciiram 5'»T I 



*maid servant* 


'(I) shall search) 






•the work' 


'escaped, led away' 


'at any cost' 


'of telling' 


'words, fact' 





( 1019 ) 


An Intmaive Comst 




'in the neighbourhood" 





»n w 



'as much' 


'early, soon* 



1. Complex sentences with c^fs^ in the subordinate clause 
is introduced here in this lesson. 

Z. When the finate verb in the principal clause is in the 
future tense, the verb in the subotdinate clause shall be 
in the present indefinate; it need not be in the future 

Example : 

>!% sfir ^ c^ rjt^ c^ T 

.i 1020) DigitzodCyGOOgIC 

Unit XV : Lesson— 75 
Servant's Daily Work 

I^OTI »«tW JWl^ «CP1 1 *l?lt 

vn ««ft ^t^ '^^t *'fli I (mt^ 

After some days Mr Dcka 
found out a boy and han- 
ded bim over to Mr. 
Hazarika. The boy is very 
tendet-aged and lovely. He 
knows reading and writing 
a little and be is expert in 
shopping etc. Mis. Hazarika 
has been very pleased for 
having brought the boy and 
entertained Mr. Deka with 
tea etc The boy changed 
his garment and got into 
work after a while He used 
to call Mrs. Hazarika as 
aunt and Bubul as 'dada'. 

Gradually he became well- 
accustomed He ccmttoUed 
everything in the hous& 
Having got up in the mom- 

( 1021 ) 

:y Google 

An Intensipe Count 

srar, "It?' it^ffl ^i& fif5'. «'^ 

?5 5*q I 

ing without being instructed 
he used to do works lifce 
sweeping cleaning the utensil^ 
etc. . Removing the cow- 
dung from the cowshed, 
milking the cow. looking 
aftei the cow etc. he used 
to do for himself Buying 
m the after.iooa, tieing of 
the cow, cutting of the 
vegetables, washing the 
hands & feet of the childiea 
etc — all the works he could 
do neatly. Everyone of the 
house was charmed by his 
words and actions. 

Transfoiniflttoii Drill 
(a) To simple sentence with conjunctive - 5 I 

( 1022 ) 

:y Google 

* 1 ft fiWt 1?i fl^K «!¥ w« »ft5(^ Bsrt ins I 

ffl'^ltSlta C51silt*5*5 *1P1? m*! *I1R!S ^W« ITfll 1**1 1 

(b) Simple sentences with infinitives : 

i 1 si'HtSlcS c51»IIOTfe imw «!¥ «i»11 ♦iisra WIS •ilfim I 

a I fires CB^J^I >lt?,5'fl «¥ «l'r CStJWl* 515^1ifl tJtCI I 

9\'V CStflTffft* 515^^ ^«T5t*I fiCflB ';6l5_^*t m^^'ei I 

(c) Simple sentences with adjective clause : 

T« ^JifRt »'1tc6t c«H? sn sin I 

i I "'flcSW frit tot WW "wn WW ^ ft «»t^ t^t^ 

«tC<Bl ttt'S I 

^«rw >nt^ »ittist •nt^s ei'^irttra ift tsiis «i"»i iw 




An tnlensim Coiau 
QueadoD-RnpoiiH Drill 

em— C5^ c*feit ^t i>t stfiPi ? 

Sa^— (J5*t? s»ft»« fn^ »i'«tc6t "nfaw i 

%w— *Wi, ft»f<i»W BI«#( csiai^^^il "Will I 

•sw— »i''iuSw TOi f*»t<i ? 
®«t— I'^ttSi cscat « TOfW I 

*sf — U ft (Ml 111 111 mCT I 

iSW — ft a»t^ IHH *f^fl^#l wtca ca T 
*W— wt, ft IBM i>w »l%«t»i alci I 

eiK - fiicre 5!»f^*t? csTW c*c»i? 51511^ ^Jlcn f 

Ssf — ?!i, I'wst ^1 *!» «ra lit** - 

•sw — ft ^« f* f* ^fsi mt« ? 

Sot— ft ftcre ?twn?tf tOit ^w !i3«i* T*itwS ffti ^K8 1 

( 1024) L.a.z,i;Aj00gie 

loteSration Drill 

W U fUCB 1W 5Wt ^?t S'l I ^^1 ■l*Plt «tC» Brffl <1P1 I 
tJI enc5 ^IIC? asit^ST ^5 ^« *i»C^l *<JtC* 5^ffl "cn I 

(«i) ft "jji? Sd I csic«taii'c? WW, ii5« 5»t ««!» «w I 

(1) ft CIB'ft^ CW £1115 I tH ^rt? I It* ^<t»i froi I 
ft CTI^tf'?!^ C1t« c^^lt, It? ^1 J^tei fffni I 

(^1 ft =i'»l cststefi* stasia jai? ftra i t^fi w itsfsi 
ft sut csiai't ^rws ?;5t? ii/fl 11* itsPi f ft froi 1 




f^5'H «nf5fOT 

'have brought' 

Bl|»,? ftfCfl 

'handed over' 

*ii ^a^flt 





'writing & reading' 


a htcic' 

;W1« JRH *^t 

'shopping etc' 




■satisfied, happy' 


'tea etc." 



( 1025 ) 


Anln wu mCmme 




^one who knows & under- 





^having been not told' 


'sweeping the floor' 

^KH im 

*cleamr< the utensils' 





'd? ^ww 



To tie cow in die field by 

a long tope for grazing,' 

ft» silt 

'by himselr 

fiHtjiSI ^w 

'buying etc* 

w pnfl 



'to CTtt to small pieces' 

>pft twt 

'o get washed' 

^*OT *» 

'all woiks' 





Grammatical Notei 

1. '"TTf ' is the conjunaion and it conjoins two 

2. Verbal noun is ccmstnicted by adding -^ to the veAeteo- 
Case suffixes eta could be added to the veibal uoud. 4^ 



^+^—¥fl+ locative -'8+e— ^'flCW 
C»Wt4-^— CtOTW+locative -«-C*CTW9l 

3. Note the following typical coastructions : 
ft Wilt <'fl ^ 

la such constructions, the verbal nouns fuocttoa as the 
complement to the verb «*>i, and the above sentences carry 
the senses like 'he comes to a stage of understanding,* 'he 
comes to a stage of knowing.' 'he comes to a stage of doing,* 
'he comes to a stage of not listening' respectively. 

I J02t J DigitizedOyGOOglC 

Ah Intensive Courss 

Unic XV : Lesson -76 
A Gold-chain Lost 

CS413 wiNfBSI s|'4Tt^ ^^ 

fji*^ «ii* "ii'yi^ I wft« yica ^T* 
q<« Jlf^ Bilfjl «115'C5 ^lf«^ 

f^*l ^^tC^ ®ft,« C5W lit 1 

(lift fW5lc8l i^^ C*iaT *)t? 1 >il? 

>arn^ ^^ C11*W 51^ ifl^Pt 

The servant brought by 
Mr. Dcka is very humble 
and faithful. At times we 
all go out leaving him in 
the house. People say that 
it has not been proper to 
believe him m this way. 
Children^ mother also says, 
it has not been proper to 
leave him in this way. I 
donot pay atttntion to such 
One day one of Minu's 
gold-chains was lost. AU 
suspected the boy 1 made 
thfcm understand that to 
suspect him in this way was 
not just. 

On another day one of 
Rimjim's rings with (a) 
stone fixed disappeaied The 

( 1028) 

.y Google 

«It*to «it^ ^^*W *Wt aUt'PI I 

whole of the bouse was 
searched. But the ting could 
not be found out. 

After few[ weeks the chain 
has been found in the bole 
of a rat. Then only every- 
one's doubt disappeared. 
This time all unitedly sear- 
ched the ring. The ring was 
found amidst the cut- 
picccs of clothes on the 

SobMitfitton Drill 

^ I siic» mc» w* ^^« -af^ «n1^ «n^ni 'str?^ 'GSH'S i 
jhcw »hc» ^$tf m^ Jift ^ft i^t^itw '(tft^ wT^ ) 
cvfeaw 3t=¥ ^^ .aft ^nfii Ji^cejtw ^^ wt^ i 

( 1029 ) 


Am rHfanstov Couth 

CTfelW at* ^^ ilft ttfi 'WltW ^ft^t** ^5 I 

1*l«5IH « SI* •««{♦ Nil »w8i SSs (SW ^ I 
1*Wt« »5 Sl» «WCT f«t"i »toBi Sfts «tat it I 


i»t»ilra « w* .«:iwn f«tii »«c5t sin cwn 11* I 


CTtPM 1*5 «i* Jit=wn ftiM i»iitSi SI1 cr5t =111 1 
» I ift^ws »?, st» ^HifH ^S fnictt S» «ni m I 
•im?4i in* 

n'mttf «!*« *5, St* *ptK« Jifl ftsttSi IS* cwii lit I 

•fVt«5 TO*« *5, SI* 4Hmf Jiff fitftslcet IS* C«51 


t I 4t fitlt* *>lli<l >lt *t1 PiftS I 

■SCT fi«lt* *<lti<l lit *t1 ftftS 1 

( 1030 ) ^1 

Diai.zodB, Google 


dt» fax* »«Jii mpi "1=1 fsfira I 
« I >«fip» *!?» pii'w w Jtsm c«t«i I 

■affi inH pn'rt »w ^wi cwt^ l 
.afiR "mf CTfB »i^ ?5i"i «w I 

>rt ^Sl*» IJIrtlf CT St» Jll^HCT lew »*t8l "niB I 

^» ^iBSt» «*t a «♦ ■«iwn ■!?« *fit6i "nj» i 

1* WlSltt»;^J|1l»lf CI «» *"1H >lt"<l« »inSl ^jtt I 

» I £»* "WtpnR ins w^sw Ji'^w ^« C1W i'i I 

( 1031 ) 


An Intmave Cottrst 

csfesic! >i ^m<^ lens ciltsisi s'fl i 

C^CSt C»litc9l 6111 «I ««1 I 
CWS*«H Mil «I 5'n I 

( 1032 ' D„,.o,B,Google 

S» I f*g lis to "It* SfmW "W "M'si I 

f»? m*5i« vm fwift <?t«t ^I'si I 


^^ S1TJ ^C5 jSt »u»ii^ irfw® iiej^c^ citw i'^ I 

( 1033 ) 

An Immaivt Ctmru 
Transformation Drill 

(a) To complex sentence 

c®*lt f<ic5i ifv "Tfiifiitei, fii « fiia^»n* fT!lt>ft I 
"sr? jwiif fnw »rcBi Sfss «i5t "11? I 

«Mtr 5m5i»i Jisjw iltsrs c^ji !| »i i 

firsm 5t^ (S^n SSI csiista Ji^ii if raj c»iW i'!i i 

lb) To Negative sentence 

c3»it wfirfim B'^tcSi ftiin fii*, vw fvn^ m i 

TO« mw at* "FW 4ft «ilfi 11S13 tft^ «>|t4 1 
cfssrs SI5 WS5 4ft wtft wStm #« ctW'S I 

ItWtW *9, «l» iStl^ ftNl"! *11cSt Sfts CWJt HI* I 
CT1PI« =i«, St* JlC=lt» ft*1 WtSt 5fB« Btfl HR i 

c»*"raiww tiKsi ?«s|5i ^■s.'n •irss cwt 1^ 1 
(1034) D,o,.zodB,Google 

4 1 pi?»rt >i»CBtw iisJScSi fTOfrcfl I 

Questioii.Respoo8e Drill 

an— t®*t^ '^ifiifiw 51'^rtSt c»ct ? 

®a^ — CTK« »? c? w* ^atij* Nm »<ic8t Sfts «rai sn? i 

SKI— i^-ftCSS* Jl? >I"»IC* f>5 »5 ? 

%«1— t^'S»C» »5 CI SSI* Jiwt* ^ft r<t5t[?l ft* C5UI lH I 

««— wwi n^s ciwi'i « ! 

S«»— 55, 5W5Ifl C1T3 Cim I'fl I 

a»J— »'3 c«ifii I'l ? 

^^^ 5«S|e| C"W5 ^^1< *IH5 CliSI il'il I 

( 1035 ) 


Alt IntmmMCowM 

*«^— fptf«p« «it«JSci>i iwt nprai <iifsi i 
am— «it«Jtoft?'»»t 

«t«— wtsJStBi (?n» »■« tun ? 

ctra Vai 


1. Fill in the blanks .- 

W csflt vn 5i'»lcSi w W¥ 1 

(II <st* -ai^lf f«i Sfra cast It? I 

(1) A? f«i« witn II? »ti I 

(«) Jifm ftsfsw «ii«jScBt ("SI t 

W ItniiRS *icii« iw» c«fl5t fi'»i I 

W j«w woniM — — ni« &Si f«tftw 1 

2. Combine the sentences as in the model : 

Model : CS*tt .sBl Bl'fl nlMfel I f>l r"«!^>C3»« •»!¥»« fl'WSl 

(1036) L.a,,,A>ix)gie 

(1) "nste •ti'w 1P1W I piitjst Www I 

3. Replace the underlined phrase by one word ; 

(n) itsjto iW SSn" mt ai'si i 

(s) aw JiCTt* Jift fcultit fe^ «W al* I 
(5) est? ^firfart 9i'^1t8l ftH^ i 

4. Give negative reply r 

W «w «n« jf<i iiSra »ir?it«i in (?( t 
(1) w* ^^l* jft fitsicSt lS» i?cs CI r 
W) *i5^ Ptii rTsi" tun CT ? 
(e r«f»in itsjte .4'?ci f«ts ciPf ! 

5. Express the content of each sentence in two simple 
sentences : 

W c5?i* mfiiftn »i'ittSi ^^«i« I 

(1) CT^^ finrt teft^ 5*wit I 

( 1037) 

An Intensive Course 

W wl^ iiw flciw "lis JicSt C«l»l I 

"J ^^ 'ff^ws "tts iac^ 

(?int sn'*! 1 







'in this way' 


'accurate, proper* 


'I don't pay attention* 

cn*ff ?rt 

'golden chain' 










'people' ■ 





•tW it'lhi 

'stone-fixed ring' 





( 1038) 








'having searched minutely' 


'having cut into small pieces* 





An Intentive Count 

Unit XV : Lesson— 77 

Asking for a Loan 

CT ! «t^ ^il 'I'*! T 

Customer ; You ate weighing 
the provision yourself I 
Where has Amrit 

^ftWT : ^*? tW I ^fl m^ Proprietor : Don't tell There 

^tW =t« C^lCI fi'W 

pflwj «»iCT a^<( I 

is a saying that (danger 
does not come alone. 
(Danger) of cow killing 
is above my head and 
Brahmin killing below 
my feet. 

Custooier : Tell me in detail 
what happened I 

1 c^m^f^ftT w>i\ I ^f^flf. Proprietor : It is a matter of 

the day before yester- 
day. I beard, my per- 
mit for kerosine had 
been cancelled. I was 
ready for going to the 
supply office. It (was) 

( 1040) 


^ifsn i^ c^fs ^ i-uflf^ 

about to be 10 o'clock. 
At that time I received 
a telegram. It (was) sent 
from the servant's 
house. Since last few 
days his father was 
unwell. It has increa- 
sed since yesterday. 
Now (he) is about to 
die. I fell into a dilemma. 
Making the arrange- 
ment of sending him, 
I started. 

Customer : The weather was 
becoming very bad at 
about 10 o'clock on 
the day before yester- 

jl5tBR : ^^1, "T^M CSfelT Oitl- Prpprietor : Yes, the sky was 

art** : t^f* t^'it^ ^»t«C3l 

6^11 1 ^^^1 «ncli «flltt I 

CBCT'ri^ I 'SBC* *f1»C* 
f«lf6fll ^flC»1 til i 
^^m al*1T? W^f'' 

cloudy at that time. 
(It) was about to rain 
At times lightening & 
thundering. There was 

no rickshaw or the 
like nearby. Finding 

no other means, I used 

( 1041 ) 


An Inttttsive Cmun 

CTrt aiM ^4 ^^ I 

to run. Breathing fre- 
quently I leacbed office. 
My life was about to 

^^ ^fm*i H'(^ I 

1^ CWrtT '8tfl 1^ 

Coustomer : Having thou^t 
of telling you one 
thing I could not tell 
yet. (I) have fixed up 
the marriage of my 
elder son. You sball 
have to give the provi- 
sion of the marriage 
CO credit. 

Proprietor : Salute you 200 
times Don't approach 
me for credit. My shop 
was looted last mcmtK 
Somehow I am running 
the shop with great 

Sdwtitittion Drill 

( 1042 ) D,9,.,zedOyGoOgle 

e I »«(T .«TO "IttS IW WOT filW 1»OT s|1« I 
^Xl laSt WIS =I«I C^tPI fOT! »WPI si)H I 

1 1 c^M st»i (at« WW aw« I 
cw Sftpi cnw fifici a«« i 

f» tSCS 111 '"'ft' *««C6H I 

f* tuxa wii 'wi^ c»«ii5iii I 

{ 1043.) '^ 

An Inunsivt Cotan 

CTWt ?tfwi fit I 

1 1 ofHOTf, wrt c^c^S^l lifts ^tfwi »flw 1 

<sf=ic»it", pim c^wfR^ itW ^tfwi ists 1 
b- 1 !i? 6W^ «rt>ret»i 'stitlref I 

sit iiw^b>r «»iStsf I 
<£m^ iiwf iHCTf I 

!• I ^c«« Jilt csfsiaw ♦itpir I 

4WC« *<B 4« 'Km I 

( 1M4 ) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

JItilCS i9<H *^ 115 I 
»» I Bt»» ei'^tlSl^ ^1 •nt frjl I 

BW^il oW*W*h "w^ •Ht finit I 

BW^41 atsto1«Hlt»i iiitti 1 
« I »nf» c«?M»1sw "nt ail ^pi« 1^ I 

C1W c*?Ihi>iI^^ "W sot flpi« «^ I 
C?W 5fipWl=W *W art ^tCt^ CWW I 

>» I m^ •« csfs hw i 
•nft^ •«) oft tsts I 

*Wf?^ •W »t*I ^Dg I 

(1045) DB.zoas.Google 

An Itaensip* Course 

^fi «gr«t« tf«flf' I 

aft* l6l»rt apuBs »R «* c<iw nwf 1 

( 1046 ) L.onz;oC:,V^,OOgie 

^it, IWI c«fi»1 cwitsu I 

J»l, 'jftjl Wf^St CI7E<1I i 

^11 lint' iiRt" r 
«yi iw" iCTf I 

^^ «il^ ^^1 

«c» iw TOrt lisp «i^i I 

WW <tw <R«t WW f"mi5fS I 

«W tWCT 111^ iS^ ^w ifti 
Snra iilift w'ift^ >if«>if I 


An Intmrive Courst 

<« I Sift CT^? lf*i IKW" I 

cpif < cwf « ^f lien' I ' 

WWS CHH sflS ^4 1t4 I 
slf^s piH rffe ^i« it4 I 

itciBt? wo(t' citwf ^T«i8 ^R* »«t snt 1 


'nctts't* 8f=it4 Bf^^ ^"f^ '^' 'W =tt? I 

■iicsf itrat' 

•nttHi* mesi" iiraf ipi« iif«« "W =ttl i 

1* "I'^icStt fwi •iifscr' I, 

( 1048 ) ' ' & 

5Siar5t*«^i fw 111*'*' ' 

ii I ftsi^ ttifxri iiifi «»it» ft» itri? 1 

fisw ^Plf* ""IP '"*^* **' "^ ' 
Vf I fl*l ^Hll Iff" 1 

<» I CTwi lara (Tin wtw »JS *'«! 1 

(JIW >11«« (?IW (SWW ^ »'" I 


CT?1 1WI (?l« fflWI jf^ 5'1 I 

(Tmi mw (W ^ jf^ 5'ii I 
«♦ I wlCTtwi cawstft tit 6511? ^OB 



An /NtMjiw Comsa 

C»IPIT «W^ CWfl SHfil flf 6*« •Iter' I 
CTiCTt «*rt cwr sifn f» Bittcsf I 

Variatioa DriR 

» I »«t jm* ms i«i c?ic«i film «i»tsT mw I 

ft»B ^?c»l itR ^ ?<t >«>I1^ »ltC! iwi 1 

< I f* ?'5| wen stnt* »«»C6R I 

•Bn «t^ '^wrent f» ?'« i 

• I tSftwf, curt c*^f6M ^(58 ^fsw tscf I 

Integration Dritt 

■3 I Jicai:^ JMH ceftaW lltaif 1 B(»^ tT'TIt8t^ ^^ •nt Alt ) 

■apfs 51*^ ei'mcti^r ^^^ <wt ftst ■ii<H cSfiwi •tlpif i 

< I art yn« "1^ I jftfii, w «fi JjB I 

»tf»w •«t «m alpiw "i^ «S t«» I 
« I an iiCT» jifeit ■irt' >ic^f I n^ fBW5 •ihmf i 

» 1 WW1 csfelt PMBCT I ^^1 "iHsf ntHf r 

<«f«?i p^issn **i"n »w ^Ti •itHi" it«f I 

(1050) L,a,,,,Ooogle 

■SK^ •nnf ftWfi*! iSCTl It^iJ O^ft^ "ifltflf I 


AdditiTe Drill 

(a) Politeness marking 'c^? I 

•lih »mi "wM I 
^*1^ »ww =wf<' fit ( 

*tt=H •HI cfi< t«S I 

»tfrn •!« c^fs J«» Of? I 
<b) Confirmative *5W' I 

fj^H "rati =iw ^55 1 

CTO c»^fpn lifts ntwi i«« I 


( 1051 ) a 

A» /filmjtM CourM 

•nlj aw c«t wfsi »nra > 

fwlfrai .at*! 11? I!? I 
« I 5!CT n'^tcSH fir itfesf I 

^ I m^ >imf>ift at#lt» fw wN I 
iilfi iwl«iSi ar#lt* fiR wfiia iM I 

Qaeation-Retpooae Drill 

®8i — »ni, 's^ ^ati iits I 
S«1— »W, «I1 lOT«s«l^ I 

<Ef9_ C»fe5« 111 Wf51 atc»l»1 >(^<l f 

S«i— ^lf» C'^liliilil lit I 

as - afesi "s^ai iw» c»pi lies ? 

*S1_ .Sfs5t "i^SI Htl* ICTl" inf I 

«w— Will 151 cm infin » 
S«i— fiftit 151 (m\ "^tf^ 1 

(.10S2) Diai.zodBjGoOgIt 

%a^_ i«t«H Pl^f* fflMl 61!I1* ^fwisi I""! I 

*«i— »w cs^ ®« 1j«*=i I'm <itf%c5 1 

®W— 11*, JHtBPI ^<( flR C=lt!i™' ^fjl i»C« I 
««_ iRlacsi f« ^*| f»n C=I«1W' 1^ t»iS » 

®«i— »rti, CTiji "WW c»« cirWi ^ i5n« i 

%«_ ^51 C»S WIWIWI C»W5tf»l ft Bf»I tW I 

1 Fill in the blanks : 

(•) wns «ni 1 

i») ^ 1 

(1) ^TJ — — I 

W) lOT^ I 

(6) "ft s[ftra •itfri •m il% I 

(1053) Diai.zodBjGoogle 

Ak IittenjJM Cnove 

2. Conjoin the sentences as per the model : 

Model : 'S[* ItiWf Mvn *ftcif I st^ P(J» »* c«9 "cflf I >«t» 

i^tjn mv »ft =f» c>iia sum" i 
(») fflW wflfsM •HI* ^1 fwi »fTO i!»i wSwf I «» twit 

W sBCT 1WCT xtan "i^i"! kt mt I ci5 oift wtft^ "rt^pn* i 
(«) wnSi *4 ifii »iflt«ii' I f»s »« (?i«ti««f I 

(5) Wt<H» «*H »t«1 xf«flf I f»S ?t<» =i««w' I 

3. Change into negative : 

(X) CSWW C»t»B ^S «'»I I 
(1) C*ttflf TO! tilt 'Wf I 

(€) ^ fcr^l* ^Ct' I 

(5) CTW C»1lf6^ lifts «fwi ff'tS I 

ft) Wl ^CT« w?< I 

4. Add -CT*, -^Bti* or ^59 at the appropriate place : 

(*) "HlfH ><»« ««l* *9» I 

(1) wt Ji?t «nw diOT 5*uiSb 5«i in i 
W C»*91? f^8 « P51 IW 1 

< 1054 ) 

Diai.zodB, Google 

5. Complete the conversatioD. 

a — »ni»^ cwi fvp 1 

S — ^?fWf ^1 ' 

a— ii5'»c"i It* fti cmaicf f« f 
S— ♦)«, I 

a— i«l»* Halt «if«tn f« wiifes » 
s_ • 

a— *9s ^ti iffl f »5 1 

a - «5)»p »5ie ^nj" iic»c< f« ciitfw Sim 5'i t 

a— _ t 

a— — -! 

ft— ^r#rlw cat«a . wi,cst»i>iaW!'KHm(3iW("i^<'»i i 



Ah Intaisive Course 



'goods, provision* 


'you (n-hon.) are weighing' 


'one saying' 




'cow slaughter' 


'killing of Brahmin' 



'fltwf ^twf 

'about to be— o clock' 






'illness, sickness* 

^tw' icn' 

'about to die' 










'thundering sound' 


'near about' 


'rickshaw and the like' 



'having drawn frequent breath' 




'thinking to teir 

( 1036 ) 







'(I) have fixed" 


'many, 10 scores' 





1^5 <i'i 

'was looted" 

<.vtvs\^ fw 

'giving patches etc.' 

Grammatical Notet 

J, Cltw ; Cow slaughter is considered a serious crime. 
Idiomatically it is used to refer to a serious 
offence or commitment 

2. i3^¥( : Killing of Btahmjn is considered as the most 

serious crime. It is idiomatically used to refer 
to more serious offence oc commitment. Gene- 
rally, the whole phrase ^•i cil^f «*a'r ^s^ah is 
used to mean that one is amidst serious offences, 
danger or commitments, 

3. t?Trt »tiW« aw ^IS ^5 has its deep meanmg as (?(n ^^'9 
■ai*! ^« ^« •trgl ^« I Similarly the other phrases have 
deep meaning as follows : 

»f iTCm' ^tcm' means w« i\im\ «TC«f t^W 1 
Jjf«5T iC^f KW' means ^t%m JlCV* siwf •iff'T i»« I 


( 1057 ) 

Ah Intetmve Catrst 

Unit XV : Lesson— 78 

Test Lesson : Kamal Kumar ( — a folk ta!e> 

•il? ^alf giwt*^ ^t^ ttfsn I One king had two queans. 

1?!tif i^f^ ^'^1 •iic^ ^«'^ C'Wl Since they did not have chil- 
'Wt^ ^*fh:* Wi =lWl^f»4i I liifif^ drcn, the king dii not like 
i£vm sm7T^ f«^ ^f%3^9i ^3ftT any one of the queens. One 
^I'Ml® (TitaTffi I f«vt fif?t« c^l^f day, a Sannyasi entered inti> 
1* ^l*i>^ J1J5 ^ia«M4 ^ ^ the compound of the king 
IflTl^Ini 1* ?T^ ^Ul ^fJi^ for begging alms. Being 
^n liatfl ftf »Cfl C ■■Si v^ ^CPf charmed at the sweet be- 
>l» *t^ ir^V^ 5' ' l^q-B ft 5i'?rT haviour of the younger queen 
^*(f»3 !5H at?, •ii^ ■sir* W3 who came to give alms the 
tac»lC5 wi =iS5; fw^ci ^1* Sannvasi gave her a sweet 
•lac^ a^*J^^\f flf *ife»s1^ t«ig^ fruit to eat and told diat 
«(»1 ^^^^ »rt:5'«3 f!p»^ c*f5 if she (would) take that fruit. 
?^5tfl C»lWti1? f"ff*c*i ffi'^'CSr the younger queen shall 
?5^6W^«IW (?iiOTl*T?«Hfl^^ become pregnant. The son, 
?1tB Sl^i J who -will be bom at the 

right time, shall not die in 
fire, water or weapon; 
because, his life shall be in 
the heart-chain contained in 
the womb of big tortoise 
in the big tank. If that diain 

( 1P53 ) ' - 6 

jwifft-tps V9I <tt? i¥ ^^ca 

^W *IT5 ^"JT 5'si ^iWl ^iir< I »sifl 

^8if »Tii^ »tis« »i¥ ti"^* '£jr« 

*lf^at»i f ^C«i I cic6 CitS *»H 
jutT* »irft« Siig fsfgi Kffcs; . 

91811?^* ^t^B ^5t *^ JsitCT 
Cn? !*1PI1^* ^'% C1191 ?'«1 1 

is worn by some one, the 
boy shall loose sense and if 
It is put off, he will survive. 

Eating the fruit, given by 
the Sannyasi, the younger 
queen delivered a son. who 
had been named as Kamal 
Kumar. After the birth of 
Kamala Kumar the king 
became more affectionate 
towards the younger queen 
for which the elder queen be- 
came jealous. Silently, she 
used to find the means to 
kill Kamalkumar. 

Having grown up luxuri- 
antly, Kamal Kumar used to 
keep duck, pigeon, goat etc 
When they came to elder 
mother's courtyard, she used 
to tie up them The elder 
mother even scolds Kamal 
Kumar for this. 

iS^ i5l€^ ait* *a" f ^* One day elder mother 

5nf« ^ «HH^ »li((^ *f' *C«i, called Kamal Kumar ani 

*'c^T*li?, C«H rft?i:«T 1-'^ lies showing her love, told, "my 

vii? ^'(t ^fif *a, »i5 c®1^ 11^ St^*^ dear, if you tell me whete 

(^C^tW A\f% si't^ ." remains your life, 1 won't 

( 1059 ) 

An tn tmui^ Comrst 

"caw tfl^cBt f *« «rtC5 Wfsrcffic? 

Jlt^i^ »C»lf5 ' !51« 'ttV ^f* 

»mt* t^? ctfri 'Jii? fw ' 

»!t'4 ^ fi^*t *f^ I "sk^ 5«t 

tie up any of your pigeon, 
gcat etc. ." 

Kamal Kumar asked, 
"Why, elder Marny^ is my 
life not tlieie wiihin my 
chest ?'• 

Responding negatively 
the elder mother told, "I 
could save you when you 
would be in daDger,provided 
I could know where your 
life would remain. " 

Next day. having a^ed 
the mother, Kamal Kumar 
knew where lemained his 
life and informed the elder 
mother The elder mother 
entertained him well and 
sent bcHDe. 

Noon time. The sun m 
the month of May- June was 
very much scorching. Suddenly 
started a hue & cry. The 
elder queen l^s been atta- 
cked by bone-bieaking 




fesi CT WW. nBi, ^J^, Bit* ^ 

5'ei ffiCT SIC^ **l9t ^W atlSa 
Eft *tft»t I ^i ^1^1 cBiwua ^ 

^ffl? nf^ mf^ »^«i c^ »i* 
^•(H fi^fffR ^sjftiiet ?5§t3 

disease. The physician hesi- 
tantly told that if the 
medicine given by him was 
taken with the lever of a 
big toitoise the queen might 
survive. Hearing this ther 
king ordered that with the 
(available) fishing'^traps any- 
body by any means should 
catch the big tortoise. Action 
followed words, f' "ITic^ big 
tortoise has been caught. 
Immediately' Kamal Kumai 
fell down on the ground. In 
the trumpet of joy in the 
couttyaid of the elder queen 
the heart-touching crying 
of the younger queen became 
insignificant. Once in 
middle tcie king passed orders 
that the crying in the com- 
pound of the younger queen 
1 uld stop in a moment. 


1. Give short answers : 

( 1061) 

An Intmiiift Course 

(X) ^Ilit jsim «?«=« S^Plfe f* ' 

(1) 5t«1 m^ f» ^TOI Sfre »1W 5'si f 

(«) s«n <itc* f» T«5 wi fsm tn, ri^ itfi ^ sx^ if« 

(B) ®ISf ^lll ?k«. »I5'J is "HH 15I5.1J f<t » 

(S) PW i^s^ iw ft 1511*1 %« ? 
2. Fill in the blanks : 

(1) PI? «tWI8I C»It1Wt f*lfel B'^ltSt ?t« ll* 

(1) im iw« >i* wiica ^Si !i'it *f»w , 

W "w ^iflti <5n< iifws sis^ ^i-Jt^ iifiEsi . 

(«) "ijsn rft5[8i *'a «iin if» «? c3i^ iw «it« ii'S " 

(S) « ^tS» *f<WH - — Sw llCnW ®I«< ^lil 5lf6« I 

(•) »w, ??ij», tn f"ic!i (.licic I- i.t\ 41 »is aNi 


( 1062 ) ' ■ & 

(*) w<m 5SH "Tlfes ifm I 

(«) WI? 5J!| »ift *ftc» CI If it^' 5t*fli^ 

3. Give the corresponding feminine form ; 

4. Give the oppcsites ; 

®t«», «6», tif?, VW, lOT, Cilfs, CT«t», IPS?, ^1^, B1«W, 

itja, Sf55, >ia$, !ii5, *^^, ciram, fiji, m^l, isa i 

5 Give the other compenant to form the echo word/onoma- 
topia/semantic reduplication. 

«W ; ftSI ! S»I — — i "lit ; ifS ; 

^•« ;5I5 •;»^T ; (S»ftt ; CBI^ ;; 

Itfil i 1W ; 5»I -, '"tl ; fls— I 

6. Form verbal-nouns from the following Wjrb-roots- and 
use them in sentences : 

>iti-,»ni— , <1<i— , ^<t»icf-, 1W5M-, »w— , It—, 
C1I— , Pi« ii's , •lit— I 

7. Transform the following sentences into complex sente- 
nces using c^r^I, t^ I 

W 05*1* llftfTO »l'TO6t f«l>it I 



Am fnCMMjM ComM 

M «CTW itulicii »ir5i«re i:»iut i*b i 

Pi) "itfiic* fm{ cns^t« %>{w»:^ Ji»tf5ih «Bt itm i 

W if« "wfa =nt»i ^wt c»n=>wsfl fl>ftt» »tei =iTO<lpi I 

(«) 5tft dm trtcSi siCT ii'ftc? ^ff f»t«i I 

(6) •««« flcttn "itsii «fi" I 

8. Express each sentence in two simple sentences : 

W CTBWW St"W Ifl 1ft sn c»11» WflJI I 

(I) csM "'« 4St ftstf^ mf<t •w'f*!* CT»r* fiti I 
(1) Si cbwW'^ lilt WTO »nfii s'l i 

(«l CWtlWW C»WStf»l f» Bftl lltp' 

(5) ftsft^ "h** ?fi( »lft ti »i(a i»'C< 5-«i it*» »ci I 
(() C^C* B\» d« fiw I 

(•) iiw "It* 6i^c6i» ^<s ^ff "n8in «lw «"ii 1 

9. Replace the underlined phrases by une word each : 

(«l) C5WW BtW Jl8t «5t"t in 

(n) 05fsw< "wi *s«»^^c5raTO «'fl I 
(B) "ifwraPs =<wt w^ii iwt^ ^TO « 5« I 

( 1064) 


10. Combine each pair of sentences and express in a simple 

(1) 1^ v^ fmm ftajs! I'fi I c«3« ^usws iiiii^ ?i« f'l i 
(1) i35»tl ia5i *nw 5i'<t itfipi I csS fl'^tiSi snjft*!* 

(«) «w«ra f%irfini ^cm jfSfin i ssn >it»3 iisftcSi ciwt i'<i i 
(6) SIT i-rt^c*! ftsri =»fiiit I (?*St ISt om =11* I 

11. Split each sentence into as many simple sentences as 
you can : 

(f) ^f 5TC»« *?, SI* Jipit» Jift fimcSt f5» Wat «rt I 

(I I C1W c»<if6ii» itf58 «fei t«cs «f=i 5tsii? irTstn silwf I 

(1) ^fwsi SIW 11CT St* "nfe Ik 111K "IIIW *f* *w, 'ixtd, 

CS\^ rfl^tBl »'S ^Hf Jl? T«(t ^f^ V5, sit P81^ 11^, 5t1^ 

Jipfi ifs «t4 •" 
W pi 1?H %ft ^16=1 "wt, ^« "nt, cv^ dtsitjt ilfif »ti ^« 1 
(«) 'tis WIS t.*^ ti oiMt' ft sn* I 

(6) fwn ftflti ctrai IT ^1*1 iKsiTs ?ii; h iim*ra it ^i?It 
■aSt ^fi^ T" "ii^ii ft TW « i«* w itt"! IT r-tt I'i?* 


(1065) * 

An InUHsive Coursm 

(f) injl^Vs w <ift >w v^a m 11TO <jiSt "i«'ii tpn ffttn 

1t^ =111 lit «'»l 5tiHI f>M I 







'did not like' 




'sweet, pleasant' 










'will be born' 










'belly, stomach' 





(1066) Diai.zodByGOOgle 

In Assamese 


'having put off 






'to become jealous' 











*to tic up' 

tlft itisitt 







'to save' 



55t ^ 

*huc & cry' 









^Jv, "W, W^ 

'fishing instruments' 


'f dl down' 



( 1067 ) 


Alt Inttnsive Count 

cet^iSfl 'courtyard' 

"l«l*^ *sound of agitated water' 

?^ 'order' 

^\^ *compoitnd' 

^^^ 'moment* 

Digitized OyGOOgle 

( 1068) 



901505870 7106